Season 1 Episode 5

Pulling Your Own Weight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2000 on CBS

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  • Tagi's overconfidence ends up costing them tremendously as they head back to Tribal Council.

    In this episode I think we saw the beginning of what I call "The Curse of Survivor". What I meant by that is that an episode is set up in a way that makes it painfully predictable. Once Tagi learned what the Reward Challenge would entail, they were absolutely 100% confident of an easy victory. We are then shown footage of the tribes practicing for the challenge. Tagi's practice is going extremely well. Pagong's is the total opposite. Kelly openly boasting of how she will excel at the challenge because Gervase can't even swim made it all the more certain to me that Pagong would win the challenge. It could not have been more obvious if they tried. The same thing can be said at the Immunity Challenge. Despite the loss at Reward Tagi was convinced they would win with little or no effort. I hope they did not bet on that. Tribal Council was also very predictable. Through out the episode Tagi was complaining about Joel's attitude and lazy work ethic so I knew who was going to be cut loose before the votes were even cast. Unfortunately this episode set the poor standard for many similarly structured episodes to come after it.
  • Slowly improving

    We start to see in this episode just how much alliances will play a part in the game. Dirk gets voted out simply because he wasn't in an alliance. I like Dirk, but this decision to vote him out instead of voting out Sean ultimately helped the alliance in the long run. Not much of this episode was interesting besides that. Gervase does well in a challenge for a change. He beats the person who should have beaten him. But the game starts to pick up after this episode.
  • Great episode!

    This episode featured some of the best challenges seen so far on Survivor. The Reward Challenge wa s great! I am really loving Susuan on this season - she waanted to embarrass a guy on national TV, and she came pretty close! :P

    The Immunity Challenge was also great, but the gilr who does rowing couldn't outrow hthe opposition. That was a bit of a shock, and it sent Tagi to Tribal.

    Seriously, I can't believe that they continue to keep this Rudy guy around. He's useless. And Dirk could offer much more challenge-wise, and didn't seem like the type of guy to flip his vote.

    An interesting episode, and I am looking forward to more. :)
  • the christian is gone

    Nooooo , Dirk is gone? He was a good Christian guy. I know he got sick but still , he was one of the athlete of Tagi. Not pulling their own weights? At least they were trying to fish or find tapiocas. Now its over , i don't like Kelly. She's just flying under the radar and vote with the alliance. I'd rather take Dirk in the alliance than Kelly. The other tribe , Greg was still doing' his clown stuff. Pagong wins the reward challenge , Joel versus Sue at the competition of spears. They won a basket full of fruits and some chickens. Then Kelly thought the immunity challenge is going to be easy. Kelly ( the river guide ) versus Gervase ( he can't even swim ). Gervase wins really easily. At the tribal council , the tribe has spoken for Dirk =(. 4 votes for Dirk , 1 for Sue and 1 for Rudy.
  • This was a very good episode of Survivor. The challenges were good and this was the first episode with strategy in it.

    This episode was an interesting episode. The episode started with Sue, Kelly, Rich, and Rudy forming an alliance to vote out Sean and Dirk, as the Pagong tribe was still sad about voting out a member the previous night. The reward challenge was good as in the spear-throwing, Joel beat Sue to win fruit and chickens for Pagong. At the immunity challenge Pagong won their second straight challenge sending Tagi to tribal council. Before tribal council, Dirk felt confident about his placement with the tribe, but the alliance of Sue, Kelly, Rudy and Rich blindsighted him at tribal making him the fifth person voted out off the island.
  • Dirk is 5th Voted out of Survivor Borneo.

    i think they are starting to vote for the strong, but nice people now. which means that these people could go home soon:Gretchen,Rudy,Kelly,Joel,Greg,Colleen,and the people that are already gone, Dirk and Ramona. I am not even half done this blog. I am at about 45 words now. Survivor is getting really interesting, you never know who is gong to be on the chopping block the week after the one your watching now. I loved this episode though. I am still angry with the fact that Ramona is gone. She was a nice person and was ok at challenge unlike sonya. That is all... and remember who could be next for being nice, but strong also.
    Bye guys. See you later.
  • I can't believe I got beaten by a guy who can't (bleeping) swim!! LOL!

    Kelly thought that due to her being a raft guide
    She would win and power her Tagi team to victory
    It was hers as well as their overconfidence that got them
    Sent to tribal council as she best explains it to all
    "I got beaten by a guy who can't (bleeping)swim!!" Yeah Kelly go for it!
    Hate to see the Christian Dirk go but he was getting sick!