Season 1 Episode 3

Quest For Food

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 2000 on CBS

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  • Life improves slightly for Tagi as they win much needed supplies. However at Pagong, they continue to struggle to get food.

    This episode created quite a stir when it originally aired. One reason being that the Pagongs, since they had no luck fishing, the resorted to eating some of the many rats that were living around camp. The pop culture media loved that and could not stop talking about it for a while. Another reason is because of Stacy Stillman's lawsuit that came about from the events of this episode. She for some reason or another believed that Executive Producer Mark Burnett had rigged the vote at Tribal Council. Aside from that however I did not enjoy this episode all that much. There was nothing here that was particularly memorable. This is not a bad episode by any means, I just felt it was missing something.
  • Strange

    Now, while the earlier days of Survivor were good, they still weren't as good as one would want them to be. It does get better as the season progresses at least. The reward challenge was edited out of the last episode so this is the first time that we actually see a reward challenge on the show. It's such a great and simple challenge. How has it never reappeared? This episode is mostly known for Stacey Stillman. I, personally, don't believe that there was any funny business that got her voted out. Maybe she didn't take being blindsided very well. I clearly saw the reason that she was voted out when I watched this and don't think that anyone switched their votes against her. The episode may be strange (what was with the conch shell at tribal council?), but it is still on the better side of average.
  • Some interesting and som not-so-interesting developments.

    The biggest improvement for this episode was the fact that we had separate Reward and Immunity Challenges for the first time in this show's history, which was nice to see. But other than enjoying those hchallenges, there was not much to like about this episode. At Tagi it was all about finally catching fish, while at Pagong it was all about eating rats.

    It was interesting at times, and funny at times, but very little strategy was shown, which I don't like.

    The outcome at Tribal Council was horrible. Stacey was pretty likeable now and should've stayed, while Rudy has been just irritating for the first three episodes and needs obviously to go home.

    I hope the season improves. I haven't been enjoying the very first Survivor as much as I was hoping to, so far.
  • Rich is a fisherman

    haha what the hell was the mud swimming? i guess they're losing their mind and having fun a lil bit. What can I say about that episode? Stacy is still trying to get rid of Rudy , Rudy will vote for her because he doesnt like her and he never will. Stacy is the weakest link in Tagi tribe. In Pagong , Ramona is lazy and sick. Like she said , she's a mommas girl. Reward challenge was to retrieve a treasure chest and bringing it back to shore. Tagi wins the contents of their treasure chest; a fishing spear and a mask. Rich has some fishing skills and he was the only one who can bring fishes. But Pagong was way stronger at the immunity challenge. With Gervase , Greg and Joel , Pagong had strength and speed. At the tribal council , Stacy was finally voted out with 5 votes against Rudy , 2 votes. The tribe has spoken!
  • Another average episode of Survivor, even though I have seen better, but the ending of it was way too predictable.

    In this episode Stacy got voted out of her tribe because she was too lazy and weak. It was very predictable, as the reward challenge was easily won by Tagi because Gervase could not swim. But later, Pagong rebounded to win the immunity challenge to send Tagi to tribal council. Before going Stacy tried to get her, Kelly, Dirk, and Sean to vote with her to get rid of Rudy who was going to vote for her. But at tribal council, only Kelly and Stacy voted for Rudy as Stacy received 5 votes making her voted out of the tribe.
  • Stacey really does not like rudy and rudy really does not like rudy, so of course, when tagi loses the immunity challenge, they both vote for each other. Stacey was voted out.

    I thought that Stacey deserved to be voted out and I did not like her. I like rudy though. He is not my favorite person, but he is one of my favorites. I have also noticed that if Tagi wins immunity next episode then the immunity challenge will be a pattern. If you notice the immunity went: Pagong wins, Tagi wins, Pagong wins. So anyway, I am glad that Stacey was voted out and if you don't already know who my favorite person on survivor borneo is here is my answer: Jenna:) Please do not ask me why if you do not like her.
  • Stacy trying to get money off of this?

    I will nor will we ever know the REAL, REAL, story about Stacy Stillman and the producers of Survivor.
    I wonder if she was trying to get money off of this or not.
    By claiming that Rudy should had been voted off and not her.
    Only Stacy and Mark Brunett knows because it seems as though Rudy was one of the most popular players of all time.
    Despite his being a grouch which got on my nerves at times.
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