Season 15 Episode 11

Ready to Bite the Apple

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2007 on CBS

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  • Finally James is Gone!

    I don't know why it took so long for the surviving Fei Long tribe members to vote James out. He had two immunity idols still in play and he had shown ZERO sign of either giving it to someone else he was aligned with or showing a good faith effort that he would THINK about giving it to one of them. As Todd said in one of the previous episodes, James hadn't even OFFERED to give it back to Todd after busting his butt to save him when he was chosen to go to the other tribe when there were still two of them. If you are going to align yourself with someone and they save your behind by not only GIVING you the idol in your previous tribe AND tells you where your new tribes idol is, at least extend an offer of giving the extra idol to the person who helped your behind out so you wouldn't go home. And honestly, I would understand if he had the two idols and nobody knew about them, but EVERYONE knew he had at least ONE idol if not two of them. And one of the people who knows HELPED him get the idols so he wouldn't be voted off at tribal when there were still two tribes. And to be honest, he WAS a big threat because like it was said, he hadn't shown any effort he would either promise one idol to someone or definitively give it to someone which basically guaranteed him a spot to the last five at the very least if he had NEVER won an individual immunity idol and used one of the idols he already had in this tribal council. Why take the risk of him throwing you under the bus if he gets rubbed the wrong way by what you said or did? This is a competition for a million dollars afterall.
  • Whoa, gravedigger gone and surprise reward. Beautiful and great season.

    Frosti was voted off and left tribal council. Jeff said, "I'm not done yet." I thought that it was going to be a double elimination when it was a surprised reward challenge. Survivor: China has so many new things available. PG wins reward and takes Erik(no duh) and Denise to go to the Shao Lin Temple. Magnificent reward and I'm glad for once PG won and Denise to experience a reward for once. The Martial Arts was amazing. The food looked so good even though some would make me sick. I would eat some. Denise was amazing. The challenge, Erik rocked and I thought PG would be gone for sure. The Gravedigger James, is gone, and declared the dumbest survivor ever. Without James, Hae Da Fung is full of small shrimps.
  • Erik won the immunity challenge. With two immunity idols, James got blindsided by his allies and was the 10th person voted off. He now joins the jury.

    It was fun. I loved the way James got voted off. Ingenious. I'd love to see how the next episode will turn out. Exciting. I'm thrilled to watch the next episode. No doubt, it was among the best. ALthough, I thought James should not have gone home. This is just how survivor should go. Haha. Pee-ghie was so vulnerable and it was thrilling to see her on the next episode. I wish she'd win the next immunity challenge. The old fei-long tribe now goes individual. Todd might be the next target. He's been controlling the fate of most of his allies lately.
  • James is stupid!

    Erik won the individual immunity idol and Phei - gee was placed on the chopping block. However, Amanda decides she wants to blind side James. It's about time. He is the most powerful of them all and has two immunity idols. They need to take him out. Anyways, it works. James is an idiot. He said he felt the vibe and he did not use it. Now, I think Amanda might become the mastermind. They need to take out Todd if they have any chance. Overall, another good episode that brings the remaining survivors one step closer to a million dollars.
  • P.G, Denise and Eric go to a fantastic reward challenge, James get totally blindsided by everyone, gets lied to, gets blase, and gets voted out!

    So, James had TWO immunity idols, there were seven left, he had a gut feeling yet he still chose to play none of them. This season is probably one of the best, but boy are there some snakes left in the game. Courtney and Todd are just plain nasty people. Amanda and Denise have my votes to win. Erik and Phei Gee are just lucky to still be there. James was the nicest, hardest working person there, and with the most integrity, yet he trusted everyone else and it was his downfall in the end. Amazing that someone with TWO immunity idols got blindsided by everyone else. We'll see though, as, without James to fish, work, cook and hunt around camp, it's not as though someone like Todd is going to step up. This decision may in fact, have turned on them already. Go Denise!
  • James should had played the idol game!

    First of all, I have to wonder what will happen to the two idols that James had as he had them. But he was dumb and digged his own grave, btw, he is a gravedigger by trade. And not playing them at all. What the heck was he thinking as he was in jeopardy but didn't play the idols. As that was a really bad mistake on his part. Erik, PG, and Denise went on a reward challenge as Denise showed off her karate skills. As she is a second degree black belt. And that Erik also won the immunity challenge as that set the state for James to be gone. Very dumb mistake on his part.
  • "I rolled the dice too many times and I just got caught up"

    True. That. Homie. I couldn't believe that James didn't play the immunity Idol. I aslo cannot believe that he never won 1 individual immunity throughout his time on the game. I saw him as being the next Tom, the next Colby, the next Rupurt. I felt that he would win over 75% of the time and would still have 2 individual immunity idols left. I would have been harder on him, but he acknowledged the fact that he made the mistake. Going into the tribal, there was no reason to think he was going. The entire first 10 minutes of the episode with Todd, Courtney, and Amanda would have cemeneted my trust with them as far as a final four goes as well. I would have done a couple of things differently I think. I would have given Todd an immunity idol, this way he doesnt flip on you later on. I think Todd would have stuck to his guns if James had given him the idol back that Todd gave him in the first place. I also would have played it last week and I certainly would have played it this week given the fact he was getting votes two weeks ago. Obviously there was more from this game that James could have gotten, he should have rolled the dice figuring one of these days he would win a challnege. Fun while it lasted though. And the episode was solid as well, James desevres his own review though. He was fun to watch.
  • WOW! This season just keeps getting better

    What a fantasic episode, not only did the guy i'm rooting for win immunity but the guy I wanted gone gone. Nice.

    The episode started out quite stupid though I was expecting another tribal council right away, but they decided to do a reward challenge oh well. Pretty cool prize though. Did anyone else notice when PG turned around to congradulate James on getting one of the answers right he completely ignored her? Does she not realize that nobody likes her. I'm not saying they all loathe her existance, i'm saying that they don't want her around. The only one who probably even slightly still needs her is Erik and that only because they were former team mates and she's a buffer zone between him and getting voted out.

    Anyway, that was one of the few reward challenges that I actually would have liked to go on myself. Those guys were doing moves that I couldn't even imagine doing. After they got back to camp the real part of the show began....the schemeing. I had a feeling they were going to try to turn the tables on James tonight, (mainly because the preview before the show said so), which I just loved. One because James is far from my favorite character on the show, and 2 because really who doesn't like twists...they're are essential to the show being good. Take Thailand for instance, after the merge there were almost no twists whatso ever, you knew who was going to be voted off every episode, which made that season pretty much suck. anyway, I was almost positive that James would win the immunity idol just to make me angry. But good ol' Erik is finally showing his skills, which could come to hurt him next episode if he doesn't watch out.

    Finally at TC I was sure PG would pull something stupid and hint that they were going to ambush James, but luckily she didn't and James got to go home with 2...count it 2 immunity idols in the pocket. Next week's episode looks alright. It's obvious it's a family episode and ol' Denise looks to be the center of attention.

    Immunity Idol: Denise, not
    Voted Out: Erik. I think winning immunity tonight hurt him more in the long run. If not Erik....PG