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  • Too cool for school

    Why is it that Survivor has evolved into a show with contestants that are very young, mostly pretty? All of the shows of this quality have become that and I can tell you that I am love Survivor, The Amazing Race and Big Brother but am really tired of seeing all young and beautiful contestants as are my friends. When all of these shows started, they had a great mix of every age but now there is just a token person around 40 and they are voted off immediately in most cases. Older people have proven time and time again that they can compete and win these games. I have many friends in my age group that have tried to play and have not even gotten close while they watched kids go ahead of them. Be fair or you will lose in the end because even most young people that watch know that they won't win against the jocks or the models so you will start losing viewers.
  • Twin vs Twin

    I think it would be a great show with twins on opposing teams to start and see how many stay for the merge to reunite. Not all twins are identical and have different values. Having them play against each other could be interesting. Bringing back past contestants is getting a little old.
  • Survivor is Surviving Greatly!

    I really like survivor, but i'm afraid that always going back to the Pacific Islands is just going to make the show tired. I mean, lately they have been bringing back past contestants and they are filming at the Philipines again! But it still watchable and it's still a great show
  • Survivor

    It would really great if there was an age appropriate survivor. Like 50 to 60 year olds, 30-40 and then the pretty ones that are 18-30, so that they can compete. Survivor used to be about surviving, now its about the pretty people. Have you noticed that all the women are model types with maybe one homely one and the same with the men. This is not reality tv anymore. Used to love the show but now its all just easy challenges and they get food and machetes right away. They used to have to earn those things. Oh well.
  • Challenges

    I am a huge Survivor fan. However, it would be nice to see some different challenges and the puzzel are so getting old too. Change it up! So many more things they could do to make it fun and interesting. I think they should do away with the immunity idols. Also I think in a Survivor situation you have to be smart as well as strong. Make them use their Brains, Let's see who has the knowledge to Survive.
  • Review of the entire series

    I love survivor! Although not all seasons are good. In recent seasons they have had a poor selection of contestants which either have dull personalities, or only want to win. The best survivor seasons are the ones with controversy and the last two seasons has lacked that a lot! No effective use of hidden immunity idols as they have been introduced too early into the season's and too easy to find (they can put them in water, you know!).

    I rated it 8.5 out of 10 because I believe the show is awesome with a perfect host! But they should be better in their choices for contestants.
  • Returning users

    Please do not allow Colton to return. He was extremely racist and very cruel.
  • Last show i will watch this season

    I have watched every survivor since the first one and have watched EVERY episode. Tonight is the last night I will watch this show, since troy was voted out. I cannot stand any of the people that are left.. This has been the worst survivor ever, except when that obnoxious Colton left. I have never seen so much disrespect, in my life. These women are the most hateful, distasteful and conniving bitches I have ever seen. People seem to have forgotten how the Kinky headed one belittled Christina, along with that queer Colton. I realize the show is outwit and outlast, but these people give it a complete new meaning. I did not write this for any comments, only to let CBS know how i feel. I really feel sad.
  • last episode for me

    The remaining cast sucks....especially that obnoxious, fat Alicia
  • Love the show

    Sorry for his medical problems but sure am glad Colton is GONE
  • love the show

    I love this show and to the survivor people I want to know if you can make a celebrity show with
  • Never before have i written a review

    So typically I would never take the time to make an account and write a review on a tv show but in this case it feels like it needs to be done. Last year I said I would never watch it again after an incredibly dissapointing ending. I agree with the person under my review cotton is insanely obnoxious and also the whole shows format is old and annoying in my opinion. If there does happen to be another season which I strongly hope there is not at least try to get interesting people ... (such as ozzy ) and have only people who know how to play both aspects of the game physically and strategically .
  • Done with Survivor!

    This has got to be the WORST Survivor ever!! We have been watching since the beginning but we've had ENOUGH due to Colton. He is the most OBNOXIOUS person! He seems to get way too much air time. We will not be watching anymore episodes this season.
  • Carson Daly, Tater Tots, The Wunderlick, and a Little Person. Odds at winning Survivor

    I put a % chance on each survivor to win the game. Let me know what you think!

  • Tired of Rob & Russell bring back the injured

    I would like to see a season of the show with the people that needed to leave due to injuries. Along with them I want a season of all the first people voted off. Give them a chance.

    If I see Rob or Russell one more time on this program I will NEVER watch this show again. I would like to suggest having a season off all the first time voted off players go head to head. Irregardless of age/sex give them a chance to 'redeem' themselves. Have a special that shows more of the after effects of what happens to them before and after the show, a kind of behind the scene type show. Show what is needed to be a contestant, what shots are required (for health purposes) what happens revolving the weight loss. Insect bits, health issues, what does this show really entails?
  • Can't wait for Survivor: South Pacific!


    Survivor is definitely one of my favorite reality shows of all time. Every season is completely different to one another. The challenges, contestants and twists are different every season. Jeff Probst is always going to be (IMO) the best host on tv! Every year I always look forward to watching two seasons of Survivor, one in the fall and one in the spring!

  • I can think of other shows way better than this one!some of these people have nice paying jobs and they are getting stressed out about THIS experience?

    I think that the contestants need to grow up. And if they can't say anything nice about each other then do say it to their face. Last few episodes ago, the 4th grade principle said that she can't take that kind of drama. My first thought was "what kind of school do you work at?" because i can not think of one school wether it is grade, middle, or high school that does not have its drama if not with the students themselves then with the parents. Like i said in the summary people have a good paying job so why are you in here if you don't like the people? You can go to your original work and get the people that annoy you and guess what you don't have to worry about getting some kind of a disease!! *is shocked*
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  • Should of stayed with Season 1 then stopped there.

    What is it in reality telivsion where there are more then three seasons which Survior should only have one. Survior should have stuck with season 1 due to its a show which 16 or so which I don't know now or much at all but it would have been remembered if one person would have survived a certain amount of weeks. But now its not going to be remembered because of so many seasons for a show where you really have to survive. Im hearing that there is an old football player; I guess Survivor is turning into that stupid VH1 show (The Surreal Life).
  • reality show (sigh)

    I have to admit i watch the first two seasons (every single episode), but season after season the show has been the same thing after same thing, the challenges are the same as the first seasons but with a small change. I really don't understand what appeals this show to people anymore, like 90 percent of reality shows out there this one needs to go. And how could they call a show that they have to be provided with food, survivor. With this being said I would recommend anyone to watch this show or any other show like this one.
  • WTF is this ****?

    This is as entertaining as going to a picnic with your aunt Lola who is deaf in one ear & blind in both eyes (i don't have an aunt Lola). Boring, pointless, stupid, & you might even get a chuckle or two but that's that. Other than that, this show is LAME!
  • How did this crap survive this long

    Can they come up with anything more stupid. There is no way I would do what those people do on the show. They need to knock this show off the air it has survived too long. They waste to much money on this show. As I have said before in my reviews for "Big Brother" and "The Amazing Race" either give me the money or give it to a place that helps people or animals. I gave this show an extra point because it can teach a person some things aboutlife in the wilderness. Ohterwise it just sucks, I hope they get rid of crap like this.
  • why watch???

    This show has no point?I mean we are gonna leave you on a island and put you to cangles,you have to find your own food and live for your self,I mean you go on the show and you are famous! with out really trying?Can some one plez tell me the point? I never really liked it i seen it a cuple times and hated it. It is sooooo stupid!
  • Survivor? boring....

    Survivor seems to be getting worse and worse every year! Not to mention more boring.Why'd they have to ruin such a good show with all of these spin offs? The first season was great, but how much can its viewers take? After awhile I've just thought, haven't I seen this before? It's the same game over and over with little, tiny changes that mean nothing. I think that all of the new spins on it are just weak attempts to try and keep this dying show kicking. Well, it's not working for me. I just wish that CBS would put this show out of its misery. Its dying fast and pretty soon will just be remembered as a bad show.
  • Survivor is a relity tv show that takes average peple and putes them in a remote location and has them do tasks and every so often they put it to a vote to see who will be voted out.

    Two words REALITY-RETARDATION,whoever came up with the idea of this..this fine example of Americas downward spiral that is the reality tv show should be put in a room and be forced to watch re-runs of not only his/here show but re-runs of all of the other pointless reality tv shows.This show,that airs on the abc network,should not only be cancled but all copies of the show should be illegal in all 50 states and be burned so that the contents of the recording canot not only ammage Americas already reality-tv-washed braines any further but prevent any distruction of further generations.For 4 sesons Americans gave glued their eyes to the tv sets and watched it poison the semi-clean brodcasting network.
  • In 10 more years.. \"Survivor Mars\"

    This show has had its run. it should have stopped right after all stars. This show better be over within the next 4 years. Its getting boring!!! Nothing exicting happens we see the same thing over and over again.The 1st 5 seasons were awesome. I was a fan now with all of this crap coming out I have lost interest in this \"Reality show\". I don\'t understand how this show is getting good ratings for it to be on its 14th season.

    They should have 3 more plain seasons than 1 more All Stars and then be done with it. No more Survivor ever!!!!!
  • Is anyone else as sick of this show as I am?

    I admit, I did watch the show occasionaly the first few seasons or so, but now I can\'t even tell you what is going on, or anything about it. I guess I am just sick of this show, and I am willing to bet, that I am not the only one who feels that way. How may times can you put 20 people on an island in the middle of nowhere? Yeah this so called \"reality\" show (and I say so called because, even though it is dangerous, and waivers have to be signed, CBS is not going to let anyone get killed) had it\'s moment, but I think it is time for CBS to come up with something else.
  • One of the most despicable reality shows to ever air on television, Survivor is the first of the sorry lot to teach values inimical to our already sick society. Most outrageous is its 'its o.k. to stab a team mate in the back to get ahead' philosophy.

    I despise everything about this show. I despise the wretched phoniness of dividing contestants into 'teams' while at the same time encouraging team members to stab each other in the back to get ahead -- while working as a team! I despise its contestants, who are examples of the worst of the greed-bloated, me-first American character. I despise the host, a pretty boy acting like a tribal god dispensing favors and punishment to the confused and desperate contestants. I despise the creators of this series on general principles.

    Most of all, I despise my country, the United Staes of America, who's values this show reflects.

    A grotesque outrage.
  • Another pop culture phenomenon that has outstayed it's welcome.

    Really, is anyone ever going to die on this show? I mean, it is reality tv, right? In real life you get lost in the desert or a national park, not some beautiful remote island. I can't emphasize how much I hate the women who MAKE my friends watch this show. None of thm like it, yet every week the girlfriends force them to watch. In the light of American Idol, realism takes a back seat to beauty and back-stabbing. The first season winner is now in jail for being to dumb to pay his taxes...great example for your kids America.
  • Its been on too long.

    Well its just the same old format every season so i dont see why it had such a big following. This beat Whose Line is it Anyway and I cant belive this beat Whose Line in the ratings. Survivor is just dumping some retards on an island so you can watch them make asses out of themselves for money.
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