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  • How did this crap survive this long

    Can they come up with anything more stupid. There is no way I would do what those people do on the show. They need to knock this show off the air it has survived too long. They waste to much money on this show. As I have said before in my reviews for "Big Brother" and "The Amazing Race" either give me the money or give it to a place that helps people or animals. I gave this show an extra point because it can teach a person some things aboutlife in the wilderness. Ohterwise it just sucks, I hope they get rid of crap like this.
  • why watch???

    This show has no point?I mean we are gonna leave you on a island and put you to cangles,you have to find your own food and live for your self,I mean you go on the show and you are famous! with out really trying?Can some one plez tell me the point? I never really liked it i seen it a cuple times and hated it. It is sooooo stupid!
  • Survivor? boring....

    Survivor seems to be getting worse and worse every year! Not to mention more boring.Why'd they have to ruin such a good show with all of these spin offs? The first season was great, but how much can its viewers take? After awhile I've just thought, haven't I seen this before? It's the same game over and over with little, tiny changes that mean nothing. I think that all of the new spins on it are just weak attempts to try and keep this dying show kicking. Well, it's not working for me. I just wish that CBS would put this show out of its misery. Its dying fast and pretty soon will just be remembered as a bad show.
  • Survivor is a relity tv show that takes average peple and putes them in a remote location and has them do tasks and every so often they put it to a vote to see who will be voted out.

    Two words REALITY-RETARDATION,whoever came up with the idea of this..this fine example of Americas downward spiral that is the reality tv show should be put in a room and be forced to watch re-runs of not only his/here show but re-runs of all of the other pointless reality tv shows.This show,that airs on the abc network,should not only be cancled but all copies of the show should be illegal in all 50 states and be burned so that the contents of the recording canot not only ammage Americas already reality-tv-washed braines any further but prevent any distruction of further generations.For 4 sesons Americans gave glued their eyes to the tv sets and watched it poison the semi-clean brodcasting network.
  • In 10 more years.. \"Survivor Mars\"

    This show has had its run. it should have stopped right after all stars. This show better be over within the next 4 years. Its getting boring!!! Nothing exicting happens we see the same thing over and over again.The 1st 5 seasons were awesome. I was a fan now with all of this crap coming out I have lost interest in this \"Reality show\". I don\'t understand how this show is getting good ratings for it to be on its 14th season.

    They should have 3 more plain seasons than 1 more All Stars and then be done with it. No more Survivor ever!!!!!
  • Is anyone else as sick of this show as I am?

    I admit, I did watch the show occasionaly the first few seasons or so, but now I can\'t even tell you what is going on, or anything about it. I guess I am just sick of this show, and I am willing to bet, that I am not the only one who feels that way. How may times can you put 20 people on an island in the middle of nowhere? Yeah this so called \"reality\" show (and I say so called because, even though it is dangerous, and waivers have to be signed, CBS is not going to let anyone get killed) had it\'s moment, but I think it is time for CBS to come up with something else.
  • One of the most despicable reality shows to ever air on television, Survivor is the first of the sorry lot to teach values inimical to our already sick society. Most outrageous is its 'its o.k. to stab a team mate in the back to get ahead' philosophy.

    I despise everything about this show. I despise the wretched phoniness of dividing contestants into 'teams' while at the same time encouraging team members to stab each other in the back to get ahead -- while working as a team! I despise its contestants, who are examples of the worst of the greed-bloated, me-first American character. I despise the host, a pretty boy acting like a tribal god dispensing favors and punishment to the confused and desperate contestants. I despise the creators of this series on general principles.

    Most of all, I despise my country, the United Staes of America, who's values this show reflects.

    A grotesque outrage.
  • Another pop culture phenomenon that has outstayed it's welcome.

    Really, is anyone ever going to die on this show? I mean, it is reality tv, right? In real life you get lost in the desert or a national park, not some beautiful remote island. I can't emphasize how much I hate the women who MAKE my friends watch this show. None of thm like it, yet every week the girlfriends force them to watch. In the light of American Idol, realism takes a back seat to beauty and back-stabbing. The first season winner is now in jail for being to dumb to pay his taxes...great example for your kids America.
  • Its been on too long.

    Well its just the same old format every season so i dont see why it had such a big following. This beat Whose Line is it Anyway and I cant belive this beat Whose Line in the ratings. Survivor is just dumping some retards on an island so you can watch them make asses out of themselves for money.
  • May the best man/or woman win...does not apply to this show!

    I used to watch this show religiously. After watching the person who allied with a dominant teammate fly under the radar and win almost every time I lost interest. Several times the winner was not the person who outwitted and outplayed the others. Instead it was the person who made an alliance with the person who outplayed and outwitted the others. The person who did all the "playing" of the game usually got second. An example of this is Rob and Amber. NOBODY before in the game of Survivor had come close to playing as well as Rob(whether you like him or not) did, yet Amber still won. Again and Again this happened, because the people who are in the jury are not judging based on who has "outwitted", "outplayed" and "outlasted" the others. They are judging based on "who hurt their feelings" which should be saved for an appointment with "Dr Phil" and not used as a factor to determine who played the game better them. Anyway, this being said I do not know why this show still has so many faithful viewers?
  • just a show of survival.

    i dont really like this show anymore. the very first season was great but now, i dont know but it isnt as good as it once was. i cant really put my finger on it, but if anyone out there is the same way, then you understand what im saying.

    i think the producers r trying too hard after the first seasons. i dont know but thats how i feel. a n d i really dont know of ANYONE who would want to be on that show. u practically starve to death and what if u get into the final 2 and au dont win. u just spent weeks in agony without enough food. someone please explain to me y anyone wants to go through that.
  • A pioneering show in tradition of the real world, but this time its a contest.

    This show is a pioneer of reality gameshows that are so popular today. Reality TV is now a genre of its own, something that wasn\'t thought much about when MTV\'S The Reak World came out. Despite its popularity, I don\'t like this show. One word really describes this show, it really is AWFUL!!! It\'s wasted air time, every season is pretty much just like the last, even though they do spin offs and gimmicks, it\'s just repetitive nonsense. Its true networks make money out of this, people are excited about it, i\'m not. Richard Hatch true is the first reality winner, the others are just someone that won a million bucks, that\'s all they\'ll ever be. I just hate this show. Period.
  • a horrible reality show, completly dried up

    survivor is the worst reality show ever. im writing this review because im terribly sick of it being on tv. whenever they annouced that they would divide the teams up by race. i was furious. how desperate did they have to be for ratings that they would make a stupid move like that. survivor was decent in its first season, but its going downhill really fast. they have completly ran out of ideas for this sad and sorry show that they have to rely on stupid ideas. im begging everybody to not tune in to the next season so we can get this horrid show off the air.
  • There are MANY races in the United States. One that is MOST often FORGOTTEN is the Native American. To be fair to ALL races, where is the Native American Group?? I honestly believe that every one forgets that the Native Americans.

    It is so interesting, we talk about how the Asians, Blacks, Mexicans and whites are all in the USA. What about the Native Americans?? Everything is about these other races, what about it, who is representing them??? No ONE! I honestly believe WE are being discriminated against again. What do u have to say about that, show producers??? I wonder what a class action suit against cbs survivor would do?
  • Alrighty then, we're going to segregate the five major races of America (and yes, for some reason, people totally ignore the Native Americans, who were once the only race of America)and pit them against eachother. How will this pan out?

    I'm black, with white brother in laws and many friends of other races. This race thing seems kind of idiotic to me. I mean, we are just now understanding how to get along with those of different races, what's up with throwing us into a heated competition for money? And don't get me started on the audience reaction! I mean, how would I feel if my white friend or my brother in law were watching this show with me, and then I said, "Oh, the black people are totally kickin ya'lls butts!" or, "Oh yeah! We're beating you now!" That would be incredibly akward.

    I'm still going to tune in this season and watch, but I would feel so akward. Like, what if the black team won and I was really proud? Would I be dancing in front of my Asian friends and going, "ya'll lost! Blacks are superior!" Hopefully not, but what if some people do? Or what if "my" team loses? What does that illustrate/prove? Will it be used as evidence that stereotypes or racist beliefs are true about us? All I hope is that this goes well and without the drama I'm expecting.
  • This show will be around for a very long time. I predict it will stay around for at least another 5 seasons.

    I think it will be around a lot longer than 5 seasons but i think 5 minimum. it is now a classic and everyone watches it. and even if you dont watch it all the time if there is nothing else on you can always count on survivor. It is a show you dont really have to watch every thursday to know what is going on. there are always going to be chanlenges and someone will always go home.other reality tv shows come and go but survivor is a is classic Television now. There is nothing stoping it, it is here to stay!
  • Folks are not happy about the new twist the show is taking.

    I know a lot of people are not pleased with the direction Survivor 13 is planning to take. When the new season starts the teams will be divided into 4 ethnic groups. African-American, Caucasian, Latino, and Asian. Now at first I had the eye brow up when I first heard. I know I was not pleased when it was rumored The Apprentice was doing a Caucasian against African American themed show. However, as an African-American woman I’m not upset about the twist. In fact I happen to find it refreshing. Season 11 there were only Caucasian contestants. No blacks, no Latinos, no other ethnic race. I found that rather interesting. I also took a look to past seasons of the show to see the breakdown. For the most part the contestants have been “mostly” Caucasian. Here is the breakdown of each season.

    Season 1 2 African-American Contestants
    Season 2 2 African-American Contestants and 1 Asian Season 3 2 African-American Contestants and 1 Latino
    Season 4 2 African-American Contestants Season 5 2 African-American Contestants and 1 Asian Season 6 1African-American Contestant and 1 Asian Season 7 2 African-American Contestants and 1 Latino
    Season 8 1 African-American Contestant and 1 Asian Season 9 1 African-American Contestant Season 10 2 African-American Contestants Season 11 All the contestants were Caucasian
    Season 12 2 African-American Contestants and 1 Asian So to date we have had 240 contestants appear on Survivor

    Of the 240 21 have been African-American
    5 have been Asian
    2 have been Latino

    Which means there have been a total of 212 contestants that were Caucasian.

    For season 13 we get 5 of each, I like the idea of the diversity. The show has always struggled to have a diverse group of contestants. This season we finally get it and people want to complain. I’m a huge fan of the show, and I plan to watch it. I feel as long as the show does not stoop to “stereotypes” for the ethnic groups, I feel the show could be very eye opening.
  • I can't wait to see this show. The one and only Survivor : Cook Islands

    I keep hearing rumors that the new "Cook Island Chalange" is going to be racist.
    I believe that each season brings something new, fun and exciting. I think people need to look at this show as if it were a different version of the Olympics. With four different ethnic backgrounds coming together, competing against one another, both physically and mentally, and eventually merging into one unit to see who is the fittest survivor is not what I would call racist. I think this will be a very well liked season and open peoples minds that it is just a game as if they were different countries competing against each other.
  • The concept of survivor is absolutely brilliant. From the first episode that aired I knew that they had hit gold. But the creators need to make sure that the gold doesn't turn out to be "fool's gold."

    To keep this brilliant idea from turning into a boring overdone gameshow, the writers and concept creators need to tune in. They need to find ways that will let the show evolve naturally so that it will remain new and fresh. Every system requires maintenance oterwise there is the everpresent tendency toward chaos. They are trying new things this season but I am not sure if they are trying the right things. I watched the first episode set on the Cook Islands and I have to say that several moments throughout the episode made me extremely uneasy and gave me an intense creepy feeling. But, despite the creepiness and feelings of unease, I am on board to see where this new season takes us and them.
  • Great Show. Glad it's lasted so long

    Survivor is one of the best reality shows of all time. The players are real and the setting and pain is real. It is really exciting to watch the tribal council at the end. I wish the show had 2 hour episodes. I also wish there were 10 seasons a year. Not quite as good as The Amazing Race, but it is still good. They are now on the 13th season I think and I am not getting the least bit tireed of it. I would recommend it to anyone who has never watched it. This season is especially good because it is split up into 4 races. It makes it very intense and interesting.
  • Survivor 2nd episode.

    What were they thinking? Throwing a challange just to get rid of poor Billy! But in defense of his tribe members I think he was a little off the wall when he announced at tribal his love at 1st sight for Candace. Anyway all the other tribes seem to holding up quite well. I love that long-haired guy on the Asian tribe that tells politically incorrect jokes and cures everyones headaches he's a trip!
  • Survivor, a show that is retty much every man to himself.

    I wasn't into the first season of this show. But when the second season came out, I was really into the show. And after that, (for the next few seasons) each season got better and better. But then it came old to me and I stopped watching it. Just reciently I have started watching it again, when the newest season started (Cook Islands). So far the season is pretty decent and I am liking it. I'll probably watch the whole season.
  • Why is this show still on??? Somebody please explain it to me...

    Ok, now this is getting rediculous! What else could they possibly do to make this show more interesting?! I am truly embarrassed that I watched even the first three series, and I am even more humiliated that our society supports this nonsense! Put an end to this rediculous reality show and come up with something more original! PLEASE!!!
  • Survivor is one of the best shows of all time. Watch it now.

    Survivor is a show like no other. It started the reality show craze because of how quickly it caught on. There would be no American Idol or America's Next Top Model without Survivor, not to mention Survivor is a much better show than both of those. It is the ultimate human competition comparable to the Olympics. You must combine your physical and mental strengths to be a master of the show; it is not very probable you will win if you lack one or the other. If you think the tribal divisions for Cook Islands are prejudiced, you're sadly mistaken. The contestants couldn't care less and this season already is turning out to be a great one.
  • I love this - one great, big socio-psychological experiment. I watch this show knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt I wouldn't even make it off the boat.....I'd be voted off the island in the middle of the ocean...and subsequently thrown off!

    16 people on an island - lots of fighting and backstabbing,
    feelings getting hurt, a handful of people doing all the work and the rest lying around the beach like a bunch of dead fish, and the main guy, Jeff Probst (very yummy, thank you) sounding sarcastic and incredulous.....when did they make a television show about my family????
  • i watch it but... i mean...

    I love Survivor and if i miss an episode i get mad... it's fun to watch these people go behind each others backs and try hard to win the money
    it reminds me of real life with all the back stabbing! it reminds me of schools plays... everyone stabs your back becuase they think they are better then you and deserve a part of you no matter what

    I usually have a favorite... or a few favorites... now i am more into the groups... i dont have a favorite yet becuase it seems like so many of them really want to be there and deserve to win at this point

    it is the same every season...
  • Where has the STRATEGY gone, in the game called SURVIVOR?.

    This series started off in such a big way, it had that TV show quality to reality TV. Almost like the show was scripted but it wasn't, you had clever people interacting with another and that's just how it came across. But since the All-Stars, this show has been slowly becoming more predictable. No one seems to have a single original thought but they all think they're the most intelligent person alive. What happen to stiring the pot, making things uncomfortable for those around you to get them off their game. Stealing from another tribe to get what you and your tribe needs. The willingness to lie, cheat, and backstab if it's necessary! Now we have the politically correct contestants, who think they can play this game with "INTEGRITY" or "HONESTY". Well if that's the case let me sign up. How hard is it to win a 6th grade popularity contest!?! Once the CBS network realizes that lying and cheating make for better television when it comes to "reality", we will probably start getting more interesting and driven people who are actually willing to do anything it takes to get 1 Million Dollars. Rather than just give it to the guy/girl that "the group" decides on. Until then all Survivors will be just average or fade out, probably sooner than later.
  • I used to love this show but it has gotten very old and very repetitive.

    When this show first came on I was in 3rd grade and my parents and I really liked it. But now it seems like they try to do things different but nothing really changes. All its about is sex, back stabbing, and money. Know matter how hard they try to re package it, its still the same. They have the same type of people, the same basic challnges, and the same stupid host who takes himself way too seriously, all he does is host a reality show and I saw him on Oprah saying how hard his job is. Give me a break!
  • Survivor used to be so exciting, now it's just a chore for reality show watchers.

    Survivor used to be the best. It was original and exciting. Who would go home? What events would transpire? Could there be a romance? Now, it's the same old thing every episode. Reward, Immunity, Tribal Council. Reward, Immunity, Tribal Council. The whole season is like that. The twists are predictable and the same all season (double tribal council). The votes are more of a popularity contest and the people seem to have no personality until you get to the final 4 or so, and then it's too late. Survivor tryed to turn it up this season by dividing the tribes racially, proving that monkeys must write the show. That leads to another thing. People like to watch reality shows because they're, well, reality shows! Survivor is so obviously fake I can't stand it! If you crave reality shows, try The Amazing Race or Big Brother. The people have to fight to survive and the shows are more believable.
  • Survivor was, at its peak, the mother of all reality TV shows...frankly, its not what it used to be...

    Survivor used to be a "must-see" TV staple in the early 2000s, but I have noticed as the years have worn on, Survivor just isn't what it used to be. I remember those Thursday nights very clearly...the entire family, with popcorn in hand, crowded around in our quaint family room to watch the new "reality" TV show. Those Thursday nights were always something to look forward to throughout the week, but I have found that those Thursdays are very few and far between nowadays. The Survivor that we once dreamed of being a contestant on has slowly left most of us, at least for me, as the same basic plot-line has continued itself for season after season (with the exception of Excile Island and the tribe-splits). Although Survivor is "past its prime", i have to say, Survivor is, by far, the best reality show of the decade...always a classic in my eyes.
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