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  • Where has the STRATEGY gone, in the game called SURVIVOR?.

    This series started off in such a big way, it had that TV show quality to reality TV. Almost like the show was scripted but it wasn't, you had clever people interacting with another and that's just how it came across. But since the All-Stars, this show has been slowly becoming more predictable. No one seems to have a single original thought but they all think they're the most intelligent person alive. What happen to stiring the pot, making things uncomfortable for those around you to get them off their game. Stealing from another tribe to get what you and your tribe needs. The willingness to lie, cheat, and backstab if it's necessary! Now we have the politically correct contestants, who think they can play this game with "INTEGRITY" or "HONESTY". Well if that's the case let me sign up. How hard is it to win a 6th grade popularity contest!?! Once the CBS network realizes that lying and cheating make for better television when it comes to "reality", we will probably start getting more interesting and driven people who are actually willing to do anything it takes to get 1 Million Dollars. Rather than just give it to the guy/girl that "the group" decides on. Until then all Survivors will be just average or fade out, probably sooner than later.
  • I used to love this show but it has gotten very old and very repetitive.

    When this show first came on I was in 3rd grade and my parents and I really liked it. But now it seems like they try to do things different but nothing really changes. All its about is sex, back stabbing, and money. Know matter how hard they try to re package it, its still the same. They have the same type of people, the same basic challnges, and the same stupid host who takes himself way too seriously, all he does is host a reality show and I saw him on Oprah saying how hard his job is. Give me a break!
  • Survivor used to be so exciting, now it's just a chore for reality show watchers.

    Survivor used to be the best. It was original and exciting. Who would go home? What events would transpire? Could there be a romance? Now, it's the same old thing every episode. Reward, Immunity, Tribal Council. Reward, Immunity, Tribal Council. The whole season is like that. The twists are predictable and the same all season (double tribal council). The votes are more of a popularity contest and the people seem to have no personality until you get to the final 4 or so, and then it's too late. Survivor tryed to turn it up this season by dividing the tribes racially, proving that monkeys must write the show. That leads to another thing. People like to watch reality shows because they're, well, reality shows! Survivor is so obviously fake I can't stand it! If you crave reality shows, try The Amazing Race or Big Brother. The people have to fight to survive and the shows are more believable.
  • Survivor was, at its peak, the mother of all reality TV shows...frankly, its not what it used to be...

    Survivor used to be a "must-see" TV staple in the early 2000s, but I have noticed as the years have worn on, Survivor just isn't what it used to be. I remember those Thursday nights very clearly...the entire family, with popcorn in hand, crowded around in our quaint family room to watch the new "reality" TV show. Those Thursday nights were always something to look forward to throughout the week, but I have found that those Thursdays are very few and far between nowadays. The Survivor that we once dreamed of being a contestant on has slowly left most of us, at least for me, as the same basic plot-line has continued itself for season after season (with the exception of Excile Island and the tribe-splits). Although Survivor is "past its prime", i have to say, Survivor is, by far, the best reality show of the decade...always a classic in my eyes.
  • reality game show classic

    from the time survivor started, it was destined to be one of the most popular and remembered gameshows of its time. some seasons, especially survivor: all stars, haven't been as good as others, but it continues on with some new twists, such as exile island and the hidden immunity idol. some challenges are interesting, some are bordering on brutal, and some are downright dumb... but all the better to watch, right? beginning with season one (the only which i didnt watch, since i was young) there have been different tactics, such as the winner of that season walking around naked allegedly to "intimidate" the other contestants. i suppose it worked, although i dont know why they wouldn't have voted out someone like that... oh well. i would say my favorite survivor has been tina, winner of the survivor set in africa (also one of my favorite seasons because it wasnt set in one of the many monotonous tropical locations, although i did predict the location of survivor: amazon- they had to go there:). i even made a sign saying go tina for the last episode... yes, i was very much into that season. but still, out of all the seasons, i think one contestant stands out solely as the one who outwitted and outplayed the very best. yes, it's johnny fairplay. his "performance" when he pretended his grandmother had died in the interest of gaining sympathy from the voters of his tribe was, although quite immoral and somewhat cruel, pure genius. i was stunned to find out he had lied. i'm sure that moment will stay in the survivor hall of fame. another much-loved contestant was rupert, who stole the other team's shoes in keeping with his season's pirate theme. however i, as many others i'm sure, was very disappointed in survivor all-stars. he was simply not the same old rupert. my pick for the winner of survivor all-stars would have been stephanie. she tried so hard to win both in that season and her origial one, where they lived in mayan temples, i believe. she and bobby jon both worked hard, but i thought stephanie deserved it. and who could forget survivor's famous romance between boston rob and his boston accent and amber. the only problem was it really wasn't much of a contest in the end, because it was either rob or amber to win and they were going to get married and share the money anyway. finally, i will only ramble on a bit longer in my comprehensive memories of survivor to this season. i would like ozzy to win, because he is strong and i think he deserves it, being the seemingly half monkey, half fish provider for the team. but as we know, in survivor the person who deserves it seldom wins. and i laughed hysterically when the guy from this season who was voted off thought he and candice were in love. all i can say is poor, delusional soul.
  • Where did Survivor Jump the Shark?

    There are so many moments its hard to pick one.

    Actually I havent watched it much since Series 3 because eventually it was like, I really dont care who wins - they are all a bunch of self centered egotistical sociopaths who lie, cheat and screw you over . Though I still couldnt help laughing when I found out one the new contestants was named Candace Wooodcock - a woman with a name like that has to be tough as nails.

    If they want me back there would have to be risk of death! Add events like actual Shark Jumping, Stringray Wrestling, Polar Bear hunt, fight the Smoke Monster, successfully raid the Others Camp and bring back the head of Ben! Oh wait, wrong show. LOL!
  • 16 player from around the US compete against each other in different tribes for 1 million dollers. Players have to form alliances/win immunities/ ect. to stay alive in the game. Last person left wins.

    Personall, Survivor has been one of the first rality shows I had started watching. Some seasons may outdo others, but I would say Survivor is clearly one of the top reality shows out there. The producers and editors do a great job in revealing the outcome of the person voted out, mergers, ect. This is why i give it a 9+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .

    Survivor is my absolute favorite reality show because I like watching all the different challanges, and also I get attached to the people in it. Right now my favorite person in survivor is Ozzie. I like him a lot, he is really good at the challanges and is very strong, he is a really nice person and i really hope he wins the whole thing. But it scared me that on the last show they were talking about getting rid of him, I hope that he lasts until the merge because if he does then I'm sure he will win the whole thing. I also really liked flicka (jessica) but she got voted out which I think is really sad but I'll get over it... lol
  • Last week was a very interesting episode.The amazing 4 member team once again won the challenges.For the immunity challenge, Raro recived a little glass bottle with a piece of paper in it.Of course it was bad.

    Last week was a very interesting episode. The amazing 4 member team once again won the challenges. For the immunity challenge, Raro recived a little glass bottle with a piece of paper in it. Of course it was bad. At trible councel, Raro had to vote out two people from their tribe. They firt voted out Rebecca for her lack of ability in challenges. Then, once Rebecca left, Parvarti was able to open the bottle that contained the little note that they recived after losing another immunity challenge. They all thought it would say, \"This is the merge, go join the other tribe\". It did not say that. It said that now they had to vote out another member of their tribe. Amazingly, Jenny was voted out, without discussion.
  • seasons 2&3 are the only good seasons

    Survivor it is just boring. The samething over and over.
    People crying because they voted out it is just boring. I only watced seasons 2&3. They were ok but is goes on and on. They stay at one place and never move around. you sit thier and you listen to people talk. If you want a good reality show watch The Amazing race. They don\\\\\\\'t just sit around. well they sit around like at the airport but they have to go all over the world they don\\\\\\\'t have to be in one place all the time. survior spends half of time at camp. that is what is boring. The task are the only good thing about it and they last about five seconds then it is back to camp. Boring.
  • Great show!

    Survivor is also one of my favorite show that is very entertaining to me and mom. I watch it EVERY Thursday. I would be very disapointed if i missed a day! This show gets very intense and right now it is! My favorite characterss right now are Yul, adam, Candace, Paverti, and Sandra! Since the tribes merged it has been VERY intense since the tribes are opposites. One works together well and gets things done and the other doesn't work well together but they do think they are kool with buff men and pretty women. Adam and Cnadace are pretty cute together too! Keep up the great work everyone!


    P.S. How are Jeff and Julia(from previous survivor episodes) doing? Just curious!
  • Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. I love the new survivor. I love how they have differnt cultures playing together and against each other.

    My favourite is the Asian Team. I think Yul is pretty hot for an Asian. he's got a hot body any decent guy would envy. The person, i hate the most is The "chick man", the man who stole a chicken from the stsrt of the show. He's funny without even trying. All the Survivior Series have been really cool, so far anyway.The finals are always the best. It always ends up with my favourite getting out of the competiton in the start though. I still watch it even though, my favourites aren't in it. It's family fun! : )
  • i luv this show

    The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8, 9 and 11 and twenty in seasons 10 and 13) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. Divided into teams, they particiapte in challenges and every three days, the losing tribe must trek to Tribal Council to vote out one of their own. Halfway through the game, the game shifts to individual competitions when the tribes merge and become one, making the game every man for himself. The game is simple: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, by winning Immunity, thus not being eligible to have votes cast against yourself. However, the players must be careful about who they send packing - after the merge, a jury of seven begins to form, and each week they return to watch the Tribal Council ceremony. At the end of the game, they vote for one of the members of the final two to win One Million Dollars. Who will become the next Survivor? Generally, each season begins with a twist - something different to surprise the new castaways. Survivor is a game of adaptation, and the final two of each season, listed below, were the players most able to adapt to their surroundings and to the people they are playing with. Survivor focuses on the people, and the social commentary that surrounds them. How can these players Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast is the question that the game revolves around.
  • A bunch of people doing totally crazy stuff for money? Pass.

    Okay, this show shows just how far people go for money. The media have seriously lost their mind. I mean, a group of people getting down one another throats during tight competition, voting people off maybe because they don't like them? Grrrrrrr. This is just a cheap way to make a TV show. To show people suffering stupid things for money and then putting it on tv. Its just as bad as fear factor, its the same thing, only they have expanded it past a point. I mean, they've been showing people suffer for money for how many years now? Cancel this show please.
  • It's too easy to survive.

    I love Survivor, but I think the Survivors seem to be getting it just a little too easy. It seems that ins so many episodes the survivors get real food. They get to the merge, they get to feast. Surivor auction, they get to eat. Reward, feast with the family. Feasts are too common on the island. Also, all they have to do is strike flint with a machete to get fire. They don't make getting water hard at all either. They are supposed to fend for themselves to survive, instead it seems as if everything is given to them.
  • i love survivor, its the ultimate challenge!

    i love the idea of being out in the wilderness & surviving on bare necessities. My favourite series is the one with the pirates theme and my favourite person is Rupert. i would like to be on survivor and try to "outwit, outlast, outplay" all remaining survivors. it would be the ultimate physical & mental challenge. being on survivor tests your abilitys to trust others, how to work on a team,how to live with mother nature & how to push yourself to the top of your game. its a game of skill and i'd love to give it a go. it would be the best opportunity for an experience of a lifetime.
  • i love survivor, its the ultimate challenge!

    i love the idea of being out in the wilderness & surviving on bare necessities. My favourite series is the one with the pirates theme and my favourite person is Rupert. i would like to be on survivor and try to "outwit, outlast, outplay" all remaining survivors. it would be the ultimate physical & mental challenge. being on survivor tests your abilitys to trust others, how to work on a team,how to live with mother nature & how to push yourself to the top of your game. its a game of skill and i'd love to give it a go. it would be the best opportunity for an experience of a lifetime.
  • A true original.

    I'll admit, I was very skeptical of the concept when I first heard about it however many years ago. People stranded on island, voting each other off? Who thinks of this?

    But as soon as I tuned in to the first episode, I was hooked. It's the ultimate game of human psychology. What do people do when they're forced to fend for themselves, with the small matter of a $1 million jackpot for outlasting the rest? It's interesting to see what some people are capable of.

    Aside from that, Survivor is just plain fun. Exciting challenges, tense tribal councils, and none of the normal cheap reality-TV stunts. I've seen every episode of all 13 seasons, and I'm still loving it.
  • I am a true fan to the core but sadly last season left me a little disappointed!

    Let me start by saying that in all 13 Seasons of Survivor, I have only missed one episode. It use to be that this was the only show I could not miss but surprisingly I found that this was not the case for Season 13. I still watched every episode but PVRd most and did not watch them till weeks after they aired. Although, I must admit, it did pick-up towards the end and I found myself hooked yet again. Hopefully Season 14 won't be such a let down. I will give it another chance but it may be that this show has passed its prime and I feel it may be time for it to end.
  • Best in class

    This show has got to change a little bit. The show is trying to come up with new things to introduce each season but coming up a little short on the exciting side of the stick it would seem. Nonetheless the show is still one of the primary Reality TV shows on TV today and is a trendsetter for all other reality shows. The way the show works is simple - if you get a good group of people, you have a good season. Seems simple, but many seasons have lost ratings simply because there was no good character development. In TV shows people can develop characters through a script, in Survivor they have to do it on there own which if harder then it seems.
  • wowww

    who thought of this
    thank you o so very much who ever did this because i got sometin 2 watch before csi on thursdays
    no but this is a pretty decent show and my whole family does
    its good
    i like the challenges to but i dont no how they endure a month and more out there
    its cool
    but they should have them scavvage a town like in the survivor allstars season
    thats creative and i like it
    yea word 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 yea
    just counting and now i am up to 93 and 95 96 97 ok byue bye
  • Survivor is the BEST reality show you can get!

    Survivor is the greatest reality show there is. There is plenty of action, and the drama always keeps you wanting more! This is probably one of my top three shows, and I have been watching it since Season 2's Survivor: Outback. Where they go is beautiful, and I wouldn't mind going on the show either! There is so much to learn from the show. Every season gets harder and harder for the tribes, and Survivor: Fiji will be one of the best seasons yet! I love how they are going to have the tribes separated with one in luxury, and the other tribe with virtually nothing. This show is great!
  • Here's a interesting review I wrote a while back on my blog, The Plugg. Jeff Probst The Real Survivor.

    Jeff Probst is best known for his khaki pants, a charming smile and of course hosting the successful “Survivor” reality show. After a whopping thirteen seasons and an Emmy in his pocket, Jeff and his TV show - “Survivor” are reaching the end of the line. I think it’s about time we talk about the biggest survivor of them all – Jeff Probst.
    Jeff is credited not only for hosting the show; apparently, he’s a writer and an Executive Producer. He has previously hosted the FX network’s original half-hour show dedicated to answering viewer letters, Backchat, VH1’s Rock N’ Roll Jeopardy, and has many more TV appearances in his arsenal. He’s written and directed an indie film in 2001 named “Finder’s Fee” starring Mathew Lilard and Ryan Reynolds. Not bad for a small time TV reporter from Wichita, Kansas.
    As the final season narrows down and we’re left with only seven more contestants, Jeff and his gang of writers have outwitted everyone. So many tricks and maneuvers, so many plot twists, one of the best seasons ever. I’m a big “Survivor” fan and I think Jeff Probst is a crucial element to the series’ success even if he’s “just” a pretty face.
    So, if I were on the jury, and I had to pick who got the million bucks, Jeff would be my choice (but I guess he’s doing alright without it).
    Here’s to – Jeff Probst, the biggest survivor of them all!
  • Survivor

    Survivor is a lame show about people who champ and play games that is all it is and nothing more it was good for the frist 3 seasons but after that it is a Complete waste of everybodys time All they do is sit a around camp and talk and talk and talk and talk the callenges are minly amesing and nothing more this is the most boring show if you every have any toruble sleeping this is better and safer then a sleeping pile. that is mostly what i have to say about this complete waste of time TV Show.
  • Best reality show!

    Come on who doesn’t love survivor. Really I just can’t put the TV down, I love watching it because it is all reality because there all real and they are all trying to win the 1,000,000 which is crazy! I have watched almost every season and it has been going strong since the first! This show has been one of my all-time favorites because it always is on and every season there are new twists. I remember on the first season where Survivor only has the basics, it has gotten a little easier over time but it is still a great show, I don’t think it will ever lose that! There is no reality show that I would rather watch than Survivor! I hope they still keep it going and have more and more twists and turns up their sleeves, go Survivor!
  • this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns

    this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns it is a fun show to watch and they are sure to pick people to be on that will make the show very entertaining, recently the seadons had been kinda boring but the last season was one of the best seasons yet tying with the pearl island season i just kinda wish this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns
  • Survivor Fiji will be the most awesome season. The Cook Islands season was awesome. Big Brother will be a show that I will watch when Survivor is not airing. It will end before or during the first month of Survivor 16. Survivor Fiji will be the best.

    The show will be awesome. I cannot wait until Thursday. Those of you who want to know read the following:

    I am writing journals for Survivor Fiji. Those of you who want to hear about them--email me at: Hope the fourteenth is just as good as the thirteenth season was.
  • Established reality television as the forefront of modern day viewing habits in America.

    While "Survivor" may not be the first modern-day reality television show (that honor goes to "The Real World"), it is can be credited with establishing reality television as the forefront of modern day viewing habits in America. While MTV's "The Real World" and "Road Rules" were the first true reality shows, "Survivor" really brought reality television to a broader audience on network TV. The show began in the summer of 2000 (along with "Big Brother") and it garnered huge ratings, which would only grow over the subsequent seasons. "Survivor" is so influential that pretty much every other reality show is loosely based off of it. People love to watch others interact in a foreign setting to see how well they'll adapt. Now in it's 14th season, it seems that "Survivor" is showing no signs of slowing down.
  • ya!!!

    i like this show i mean its not the best but i do really like it...this show is about were they take ppl and put them on and island! and the compete of the imunity(cant spell lol) and the survive off of wat is on the island unless the give them the stuff... latter in the show, the split them up into 2 groups this years is moto and something else (sry i forgot im soo stupid) and anyways the winning teeam gets a prize for winning the chanleges and the lossing team gets to go to vote and see who gets voted of the island......
  • My brother Casey and I love your show. We had an idea of sibling survivor where siblings compete against other siblings. If you think this is a good idea, please consider us as contestants. Shane and Casey Durham (479)225-8084 love2boardfast@yahoo.

    My brother Casey and I love your show and have watched every season. We feel that each season comes up with a new little twist. However, this season we think that you gave the competitors too much. We had an idea of sibling survivor where siblings compete against other siblings on the show without eating utensils, showers, beds, etc... We feel that it be a great twist to the game and hope that you think this is a good idea. If you do, would you please consider us as contestants to compete in this contest. Thank you for you consideration.
    Shane and Casey Durham
    Fayetteville, Ar (479)225-8084
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