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  • This is one of my favorite shows. I've watched it ever since the very first episode & I've always loved it.

    My favorite season of Survivor was Survivor Vanuatu. Why? Because it was interesting all the way through the season, even though it was ranked the worst of them all. My least favorite season was Survivor Marquesas. Why? Because I fell asleep through most of the episodes, it was so boring. My favorite character out of all the seasons was Ethan Zohn (Season 3- Winner & 8), he was the best out of everyone. I loved him so much (not literally). I also really liked Jennifer Lyon (Season 10- 4th Place) she was really nice, and pretty. But if I had to name at least one favorite character for every season well I probably could. Season 1- Greg Buis
    Season 2- Colby Donaldson
    Season 3- Ethan Zohn: Winner
    Season 4- Hunter Ellis
    Season 5- Robb Zbacnik
    Season 6- Jenna Morasca: Winner
    Season 7- Rupert Boneham
    Season 8- Ethan Zohn
    Season 9- Julie Berry
    Season 10- Jennifer Lyon, Ian Rosenburger
    Season 11- Bobby Jon Drinkard
    Season 12- Nick Stanbury, Austin Carty
    Season 13- Brad Virata, Ozzy Lusth
    Season 14- Yau-Man Chan
    Season 15- Erik Huffman, Frosti Zernow, Denise Martin
    Season 16- Favorites: Eliza Orlins. Fans: Jason Siska
  • My all time favorite reality show.

    I have been watching this show since the first episode of the first season and i have to say i have never missed an episode. Sitting down to this show has become a routine in my house. I think that they have thought of some pretty interesting challanges through out the seasons. I can not wait for the new season to come out so we can see what different types of twists they add to the game. I enjoy seeing who is going to make it to the final two and who the jury chooses to win the Million dollar prize.
  • The best is your tribe has spoken

    Survivor is the best show and i am so glad that it comes back every year i think that you will like this show because if you dont watch it your tribe will be spoken. thats what they say at trible council. it is fun to watcha ll the challenges and how the game is played. it is on every thrusday at 7pm its so cool i like that show a should watch it all the time. i have been watching it for the whole time now since they have started and therehas been a lot of cool Survivors on so watch it because it is the best tv show on Survivor.
  • And the winner is....

    8:00pm-8:80.Thank God Yau-Man won the immunity Idol.If he didn't,he would be a gonner!I still think that they made a stratigect mistake to not vote out Dreamz.He still could backstab him at the last moment!Boo was a lesser threat to everyone than Dreamz,so it wasn't a very good move.8:45 pm to 9:30pm-Too many flashbacks but I still hope that Yau-Man and Earl make it to the end.I am now against Cassandra'she really hasn't done anything productive.She doesn't deserve it.Everybody didn't think that Yau wasn't much help,he proved them all wrong!!!!And the winner is
  • Oh the craziness

    That was a surprisingly great final episode of Survivor. I'm just going to skip to my favourite part: the final tribal council. First of all, I cannot believe I didn't connect Alex being a lawyer with him being on the jury. As soon as he started talking I knew it was going to be some good television. And Lisi. Oh man, she most definitely looked like she was crazy. But the best part was when they kept showing shots of Jeff because he most defintely thought she was crazy too. Rocky, what the heck was he talking about? After I stopped trying to figure out what was comming out of his mouth, I realized it was obvious he was voting for Earl. After all they're bros and all. Michelle was sweet like always and lightened the tension. The rest of the jury was relatively normal. Yau Man took being screwed over by Dreamz really well. I completely expected Dreamz to keep his word and give the idol to Yau Man but really what was I thinking? More importantly what was Yau Man thinking? Dreamz appears to be the kind of person who bases his decisions on what is happening at that moment in time. One moment he didn't have a car, the next moment he did. Not really taking a full look ahead and discovering that he gave up his million dollars the second he took that car. Giving Yau Man the idol would get him voted out, not giving Yau-Man the idol he makes it to the final three but doesn't get any fans on the jury. Especially not a religious Boo. Okay, so after all was said and done Earl was the winner which wasn't surprising given the final three. He definitely deserved it though and it was nice of him to give half his money to his mother. Moving on to the reunion show now. The reunion always leaves me wanting more. I mean, is there/was there something going on between Michelle and Rocky? You know you saw those glances at tribal and the arm rub when Rita was voted off as hard as it is to believe. I feel slightly bad for Anthony but I mean come on, you can't take a guy Rocky seriously, especially when stranded on an island with him. I wish Jeff had brought up the fact that Rocky was parading around in a pink bathing suit top while he was reminding Anthony of his pain that was brought on by Rocky basically calling him a girl. Gotta love Rocky's fondness for Jeff though. One of my favourite moments of the season was the Jeff phone one. Overall, the season started out slowly but eventually it got better. Let's hope for a good one in China!
  • A group of Americans are stranded in the middle of nowhere, left to fend for themselves while competing to see who can outlast, outwit, and outplay.

    Back when I was around 11 or 12 I started watching the first season of this show. I fell in love, and got addicted. Then the years went by, and around the fourth season, it started to go downhill. Then another, non-reality tv show came along one thursday night(not even sure which one), and I liked it so much more. So I stopped watching. Then a couple seasons ago, I tuned back in to see what had kept this show going so long- and I found no reason. I mean seriously- what show needs that many seasons. We have seen every type of person, and every possible social issue match up. It is time for survivor to retire...
  • Well, that was stupid

    Some of the chalanges they do on that show are really silly. And Surviver says that the brutalest moment on Survivor was when some chick went to exile island rather than when the guy fell into the fire. As a burn patient that is insulting. But im getting off topic to me its mildly entertaining to watch the challanges but overall the show is a complete was of time. To me it's an insult to TV I really don't care for this show. But some of the charactors on it or very colourful and it's a good timewaster. Yada yada.
  • My favorite reality tv show.

    Survivor is in my opinion the best reality show that's on tv now. It's pretty original. It's cool to see what people would do for one million dollars. They have to go through a whole lot on the show. I don't think I could do what they have to do. I've always liked Survivor. I like how it takes average people from completely different walks of life and puts them together. They each have different strengths and skills to offer. I really like the challenges that they do. But my favorite ones are probably the auctions they do. Those are really cool. Survivor is just a great and original show.
  • This is one of the best reality shows of all time.

    Survivor is a show where average Americans are stranded on an island for 39 days. I think that this show is great and one is one of the best reality shows of all-time. The good points are that it is entertaining and actually shows the true survival of the fittest. The bad points are the interference by Jeff Probst and I feel that there are too many twists and too much " Vote out the strong people first." Despite this, the show is great. 9.1/10
  • This is a very intresting reality show.

    The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8, 9 and 11, nineteen in season 14 and twenty in seasons 10 and 13) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. Divided into teams, they particiapte in challenges and every three days, the losing tribe must trek to Tribal Council to vote out one of their own. Halfway through the game, the game shifts to individual competitions when the tribes merge and become one, making the game every man for himself.

    The game is simple: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, by winning Immunity, thus not being eligible to have votes cast against yourself. However, the players must be careful about who they send packing - after the merge, a jury of seven begins to form, and each week they return to watch the Tribal Council ceremony. At the end of the game, they vote for one of the members of the final two to win One Million Dollars. Who will become the next Survivor?
  • This is a very wonderful show!

    The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8, 9 and 11, nineteen in season 14 and twenty in seasons 10 and 13) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. Divided into teams, they particiapte in challenges and every three days, the losing tribe must trek to Tribal Council to vote out one of their own. Halfway through the game, the game shifts to individual competitions when the tribes merge and become one, making the game every man for himself.

    The game is simple: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, by winning Immunity, thus not being eligible to have votes cast against yourself. However, the players must be careful about who they send packing - after the merge, a jury of seven begins to form, and each week they return to watch the Tribal Council ceremony. At the end of the game, they vote for one of the members of the final two to win One Million Dollars. Who will become the next Survivor?

    Generally, each season begins with a twist - something different to surprise the new castaways. Survivor is a game of adaptation, and the final two of each season, listed below, were the players most able to adapt to their surroundings and to the people they are playing with. Survivor focuses on the people, and the social commentary that surrounds them. How can these players Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast is the question that the game revolves around.
  • This was once a good show, now it's just garbage

    Hmmm. a lot to say about this show surely!

    It was once good but now it just deserves to be canceled or something because each new season is worse than the one before, WHY BOTHER???!!! This new series 'Survivor: China' you already know it's going to suck, we can just tell.

    THe show was good up until Panama: Exile island, that was the last good one, the ones after that were stupid, silly, dull and boring, so was Guatamala. I mean what is this show a joke? What is wrong with the producers? Where has the old Survivor gone to? Timbuktoo...??? There were only a couple of seasons I enjoyed anyway: Marquesas, Pearl Islands, Vanuatu and Palau. The rest were a load of rubbish, silly, stupid and boring. So long Survivor, namaste and baaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd luck............... Hahahahaha. Seriously, It makes me upset watching shows that were really good and then be thrown in the fire like a piece of trash! I already wrote a review like this on 'American Idol' this is exactly the same.
  • When it's just getting a bit old..

    Being a huge survivor fan, I must admit now I am beginning to get bit bored! They have pretty much kept the show on the same lines over the years, while they could have done some major changes, to keep the fans more interested. Yes, the number of people being sent there is often different, yes they have put men and women to different teams. But is that enough? It doesn't change how the show goes. You can always predict who gets voted out, you can pretty much know who are on the final by watching few episodes. Everything is so predictable and seen so many times before. Maybe it really is time to do some major changes, to the lovely show called.. Survivor. Before it gets voted of from the tv
  • Contestants compete in various challenges to become the last survivor and win a $1,000,000 prize.

    Survivor: China is still fun to watch, but it lacks the appeal of previous Survivor seasons. Hopefully, it will improve, though. I still think that it's the best reality show out there. It's a pretty good show, and I highly suggest it to everyone who enjoys reality shows. Those of you who don't may also enjoy Survivor: China. It goes above and beyond reality TV by incorporating action and suspense into the game. Although, the Survivor series may be dieing, it will still go out with a bang. I give this show a raing of 8.5 out of a perfect ten.
  • Its getting a tad annoying!

    I liked this show at first and everything but can they be done already? Do they really need 15 seasons of this show? I'm personally tired of Survivor myself. We get it already CBS! It is the same stuff over and over again except a different location each time and different people who all think they are going to win. At least Amazing Race has some new twist in it! I think 4 seasons of this show was enough. I cast my vote to kick off this show. CBS you need to add more twist. Gosh! And give the contestants some more clothes too. Thanks. If you disagree with me thats ok we all have our right to our own opinions.
  • Still the best reality show out there...

    Of all the reality shows I've seen (I've seen a lot), this one is my personal favorite. A lot of realities shows out there are crap. They're always the same thing--nine women competing for love, people trying to be someone else, people wanting to be a rock start, etc. This one has been around for a long time (I know a lot of people think it's getting old, but honestly, I've seen every season and I'm still not tired of it) and I personally believe it's the best reality show out there. There aren't any other ones like it, it's actually difficult, there's conflict, there's tension, it's exciting, it's just an overall great show and I think I'll be watching it until it's gone.
  • Survivor is a game-show and a reality involving living on a island for almost two months.

    Survivor first aired on May 31, 2000, it is hosted by Jeff Probst. I think Survivor is a really cool show. I give Survivor a 9.5. This is a show about some people that go on an island and live on their own for 40 days. I think this show should be on the network for a while. In my opinion, it is one of the best reality shows. Jeff Probst is a great host, I hope he hosts Survivor for a long time. I don't know if I would survive on an island for 40 days with out home things like a phone, appropriate food, drink, or clothing.
  • hello my name is Owen Stordy. I come from Canada, BC. I am 19 years of age, and would like to suggest an option for your gameshow.

    Every survivor episode has been pretty close to the same. The show really needs a new spark to it, dont get me wrong i still love it. But there is nothing wrong with a little change, if you ask me. So, my idea that i am presenting is an all young adult survivor. Canadians Vs. Americans, the all time showdown. I have drempt about being on the show but there is only one problem. Im not american... its time to expand. I know for a fact that the show is very popular here in canada, and should be addressed. Please send me an email and let me know what you think of the idea. Thank you very much! Owen Stordy.
  • The best reality show ever made.

    Welcome Sky's blogs and junk fans! I will review the reality tv show hit named Survivor, in this bizzare show you will meet 16/18 average americans who must spend there time in a camp. Each contestnat are separated in two teams of 8/9 and must learn how to get along with each other, work around the camp and win reward/immunity challenges as a group. When a tribe wins a reward challenge, they get something that could help them around the camp or have a time of there lives, and every three days a new immunity challenge will be posted in the treemail. When the challenge is over and the winner is revealed, they get the immunity idol which protects them from getting voted off the island. The losing tribe will sent to tribal council, the place where the fallen ones leave, the contestant with the most votes leaves the game. After half of the contestants are gone, a merge will be made with the two teams, which is now invidual immunity. Once someone won, they cannot be voted off. During the final two/three, all of the contestants who made the merge will decide the final winneras the jury.

    Survivor, is one of the best reality tv shows around the world. I like to see the challenges and the contestants in action and there's many memorable moments that will make you "laught out loud". I truly recommend this show for everyone, as everyone can enjoy this show.
  • Survior began with a bang and since then has gone downhill each season. From time to time they have a great season but then it loses it's edge.

    This season seemed like it was going to be a great one but the drama has died down a bit and become pretty borning. We need something to spice it up in order to save the season. Hair pulling, sex, love... give us something. Everyone is so nice and if they aren't they seem to keep it from each other and hide the truth. I will probably watch this show until it is cancelled but I will defiantly DVR it rather then watching live like I do my other Favorite shows. Too bad they can't speed it up and spice it up.
  • One of the leaders still

    Mark Burnett knows his stuff. Jeff is one of my favorite presenters ever. He would go to tribal council and mention the things that you think would be a secret, challenge tribe members... Boy it is good. There was a patch that they went through bad episodes but with new twists I think it is one of the best reality shows. This is one I PVR (TEVO). Best episode was when that Guy thought he was IN LOVE. ...
    Girls: ".. we still love you."
    Guy: "AND I LOVE YOU" And then Jeff brings it up at tribal council and at the reunion show. HAHAHEHE. That was absolutely fabulous.
  • best reality show out there

    I'm extremely critical when it comes to television and there aren't many shows around that I DON'T pan. Survivor happens to be one of them. I can't get enough of this show! For me, it's really more of a game show with a mix of reality, drama and characterisation thrown in. The best part is that fact that these are real everyday people and not actors, who are thrown into a fantasy situation and left to their own devices (most of the time). I also enjoy the way certain characters grow on you and others are repulsed as each season draws closer and closer to the end. For some strange reason I particularly find the contestants more attractive when they're in their natural state and in their element than when they're back in the studio, all "glammed up" and civilised. I wonder if I'm alone in this...
  • Since its first episode in 2000, Survivor has never failed to interest me and fail me on Thursday nights.

    This is definitely one of the only two shows I watch on Thursdays. I suggest this show to everyone who is looking for some great drama and action. I love watching all those people trying to live in their conditions with less food and 15 other heads with them. Everything is real and I love watching the character development of every person throughout the season. The seasons have always changed every year with new people and new ideas, but before you disregard all of them take a peak for at least five episodes. I guarantee you that if you don't like what you see, wait for about the fifth or sixth episode when the drama REALLY begins. I love watching manipulation and betrayal. This is something I hope to do when I'm old enough. My favorite seasons are Australia, Pearl Islands, All-Stars, and Cook Islands. My favorite survivors include Colby, Ozzy, Yau Man, Elisabeth, and Yul. I suggest this show to all people.
  • Survivor is a reality television game show produced in many countries.In the show, contestants are isolated and compete.The show uses a progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off a tribe member,until 1 final contestant remains and wins.

    Survivor is possibly one of the best reality TV shows out there, and as with all Survivors they just keep getting better and better. New location's and interesting mixes of people adds to the show. Contestants compete against each other to win the massive prize of $1,000,000. Outplay Outwin Outlast are Survivor's 'motto's' and they do not go unnoticed in the game. Every episode is full of trickery, deception and lies all to win the glorious prize. From diving deep into the ocean to retrieving keys to unlock a box to solving riddles are a few of many challenges that contestants face in Survivor. For me Survivor is the best reality show ever.
  • A diffrent kind of reality TV show, interesting, yet good.

    This reality TV show is basically set in random countries, they have up to about 20 contestents who compete against there opponents for a great deal of prize money. The contestents are divided into diffrent groups, and are asked to complete numerous tasks. Every week they have to eliminate someone that means in some cases some of there own. They live on little food and set up camps doesnt that explain why it's called "SURVIVOR" It's a fun show to watch with the family, It's quite funny to sice you sometimes (if your lucky) get to see people have full-on tantrums. Im not saying what there doing is easy, because it certinaly isn't. Yes it's a good show and i would reccomend it!
  • Now its just begging for viewers.

    When Survivor first started it was new and interesting. But now its just trying too hard to get people to watch it. Every year its the same this. They get a bunch of people to go to some island or outback and do challanges. Every year! Its gets really dull really fast. I mean back in the first two to three seasons it was new and like everyone else I watched but now its just not worth the hour.
    They did a season where they separated the people by race (which was the first sign this show wont last that longer) and now this fan favorites vs. the fans. Save your self the time and bordom and just watch something new.
  • Fans vs. Faves: Faves already making alliances. James/Parvarti/Ozzie/Amanda vs. Eliza/Aimee/Yau Man/ Jonathan. Amanda/James in the same final 4 alliance? She was the one who orchastrated James' vote off. That will be interesting. Now, who will get Cirie.

    I'm a total reality TV whore and Survivor is my biggest customer. When I watched the first ep of this next season, I found myself wondering who the heck a lot of these Faves were. There are so many seasons, that I can no longer keep locations/people straight. I could still tell you all the castaways from seasons 1 and 2 and remember a lot of the Faves from the All-Stars, but it's definately getting difficult to keep it all straight.

    For example, I'd already forgotten where the last installment was. And I couldn't tell you who won.

    Yet, I still can't get enough of survivor, even if it's not what it used to be.
  • I don't watch reality shows and this plot is done so much better on Lost which has drama and characters I care about not stupid people paid to act like idiots seriously if I wanted to watch this crap I would watch American Idol which I also hate

    Well I'd say my summary sums up what I think of this and other reality shows they are pure trash and I wish people would wise up and stop watching them. I don't care for reality I'd rather lose myself in a fantasy world populated by demons, spies, vampires, vampire spies, vampire cops, lol umm you get the idea. People need to watch more drama and less reality yes I know due to the strike there's little on these days but that's the beauty of movies you don't have to watch reality tv pop a movie in and flip your tv to a black screen. Or you could always *horrors* read something. Or catch up on old shows this can be done alot easier if you have cable as they rerun things all the time. Just try to stay away from mindless garbage like this and American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and any other reality/game shows out there the only one that really makes you think are the quiz shows like Jeopardy
  • This show has always been intriguing, but the new season of Fans VS Favorites is one of the best!

    I never watched the first breakthrough season Survivor had, but I remember everyone talking about it. So much so that I did watch the second season. I loved Elizabeth, she was my favorite and I said that I would watch the show as long as she was on it. Well, she went to the end, ended up getting 4th in the final episode, so I watched it all. Not intentionally, I've watched about half of the seasons since then, and it truly is my guilty pleasure show!

    This show is a fascinating take on human nature, survival, group-think and trust. As the show continues, the players get better, or more aware of what is going on which just makes them more suspicious of each other. The strategy is always the same, and it usually comes down to one persuasive person to swing the group.

    Taken with a grain of salt, anyone can get into this show on a given season!
  • I absolutely love this show. It's action-packed, and has excellent strategy involved that keep you on the edge of your seat.

    When sixteen people are taken away from their family, friends, and pets, and brought to a remote trpical island, Survivor is where your at. Jeff Probst is probably my favorite Reality TV Show Host along with Phil ? from the Amazing Race. Physical challenges is the thing I look forward to the most. From wrestling matches to swimming for keys, to the most grueling puzzles imaginable! Reward challenges are still important because they push you to win so you can get supplies, have a good meal, or even go to a spa, but Immunity challenges are the most important. Win and you and your tribe are immune from being voted out. Alliances, allies, enemies, all part of life at your tribe camp. This is where the strategy takes place. Not following all this? Watch and you'll see.
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