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  • This show is a personal favourite of mine ever since it premiered in 2000.

    Survivor still is able to get my attention after 15 seasons, which is amazing. There are still enough twists and turns the show can take without getting to repetitive and boring. I have yet to see fans vs. favourites (as I'm Australian) but I really do think that it will be a good season, with enough of my favourite castaways coming back. I have had favourite castaways like everyone else. I do hope Survivor can still entertain me because it's a really good show and it's one I've followed since day 1. I think I've missed only 2 episodes since the whole run (excluding season 4, which wasn't broadcast here).
  • This show has the best clash of personality for a reality show.

    This show is just one of the best reality shows in the world, stuff Kid Nation. But does have some negatives like; lack of games and if the announcer would stop waiting to answer would put survivor even higher on the world ratings. The shows is where 16 castaways is put in a remote location in the world where they are put in two teams, there are two challenges reward and immunity. In the reward they compete in challenges to reiceve prizes e.g food and letter from loved ones. Survivor is the one of the best shows in the world but with a few enhancments of my ideas the show would be a greater success.
  • I've loved this show for as longs as I known it.

    I haven't watched every season, but I've watched enough seasons to know exactly how much I love this show. When this series premiered, I was only 6yrs. But my dad introduced this show to me and my brother and sister. Ever since then, this show has never let me down.

    Not only does every season have to have players with physical strength, but also mental strength and be able to play a lot of strategies along with backstabbing people along the way. That's one thing I love about this show. This show also lets people come together (mostly different backgrounds) and basically bond with each other.

    So overall, this show has never disappointed me yet. Just as every season is better than the last in one way or another.
  • The epic adventure that started it all, this is the Mecca of reality television upon which all other reality shows should be judged..

    Once upon a time..On an Island far far away…

    In the beginning there was 1 man, in the beginning there was Jeff Probst. From that day forward he would serve as the ritualistic overseer and naysayer of all events to come, and who better ? But even before there was Jeff, 1 man had a vision, That man was Mark Burnett the father and perhaps greatest pioneer of reality tv, and that vision was to create a show brining unique individuals together and force them survive harsh environments while at the same time compete for dominance among the group, because in the end there can be only one. What he proposed was possibly one of the biggest social experiments captured on film and would inevitable go down in annuls television history. The shows theme was simple and perfect, Outwit,Outplay,Outlast.

    His concept was brought to life starting in 1999 when 16 ordinary but interesting Americans were cast upon an island miles and miles away from civilization, stranded with only a small group of people and the elements the biggest question became how would they survive? Once rules, settings, and personalities were established, the show took on a less social nature in return for a more political one. Although strong physical aspects were well represented, curiously those with a more strategic mindset proved to have the advantage.

    Survivor soon earned its credibility and attracted a large international audience.
    Back then little did anyone seem to know how it would serve as a catalyst for the incredible surge of reality shows in the future.

    The first Season was an instant classic with unforgettable moments and a warm colorful cast. The follow up was much anticipated and failed to disappoint, as the 2nd Season reached new heights of popularity and overall outdid the previous.

    Many, many more Seasons would follow and each one delivering something new and surprising. For years Survivor would continue to dominate as one of the most well received and prolific shows of its time, winning several awards and honors.

    To this day, coming close to its 10 year anniversary Survivor remains as entertaining as ever, and the way I see it has no signs of stopping. But what really makes Survivor such a big and influential show? That's tough to say because there are so many interesting factors that contribute to its success. However, I can describe some of the key aspects that have always been a crucial part of what makes Survivor so very much worth while. Social Dynamics: Men and Women of all races and professions gathered together, struggling together, yet at the same time driven to conspire against each other. Human Drama was bound to unfold, and it has, to the utmost.

    Real Life Adventure: Surround by nothing but ocean and wilderness, all of what they once knew has left them. Instead they must find comfort and make the land their home regardless of what danger it presents. Nature displayed with full disclosure: All manor of beasts and creatures that roam freely through out the jungle are featured in their natural habitat, most common are rats, snakes and lizards, but sometimes even Bats, Spiders, Boars, Lions, Tigers, and Bears..Oh yes.

    Challenge: Survivor has always given the contestants not only a grueling physical challenge but a highly mental and emotional one as well forcing the winner to truly earn the 1 million dollar grand prize.

    Emotion: Viewers witness the entire gamut of emotions. Often these people are tested so hard that they breakdown and submit, unable to endure any more suffering. The Survival aspect combined with the political aspect really pushes them to the brink of insanity, leading to all sorts of madness. The shows display of emotion is what really gives it heart and encourages us to give our best to the ones we love. I feel like Survivor has had quite an impact on society and pop culture, and is responsible for brining the word Alliance into a greater spotlight. I also think it has effected the way people think about social dynamics overall.

    Survivor is a show that you can enjoy with just about anyone, due to its wholesome and
    Fun filled nature.

    Recently the show has become more of a treasure hunt, with the possibility of finding an individual immunity idol, adding even more exploration and suspense to the adventure.

    Survivor has definitely given us some outstanding moments, who could forget when Mike Scupin tragically burned his hands or when Johnny Fairplay told everyone his grandma died when in fact she was safe at home. There have been so many different and outlandish personalities in the shows long running history. From those you love ( Elizabeth H, Rupert, Yao man ) and those you love to hate (Richard Hatch, Jerry Manthey, Johnny "Fairplay" ) just to name a few.

    To many, Survivor might be just another game show, but to so many others Survivor represents life and its greatest ups and downs. When it really comes down to it, life is a survival but survival is always dependant upon others, just as demonstrated in the show.

    I think Survivor is really beyond great and will continue to inspire and entertain us for a long time, until someday the torch is finally snuffed.
  • I'm glad that Eric won amunity tonight. I'm also very happy that Amanda found the hidden idol. I want to see Natalie gone next.

    I am SO happy that Amanda found the hidden idol! I am really bummed that James had to leave the show because he is who I wanted to win the entire game this season. He has worked the hardest and deserved to win. Who I don't want to win is Natalie. There is just something about her that I don't like. Eric needs to continue to win amunity or he will be voted off next. If I had my choice out of the 5 people who are still playing, Amanda would be my winner!!! Go Amanda go!! James as for you, get well soon.
  • I love survivor and i cant wait for the next season. Thanks for giving us such a awsome show every week.

    Survivor fans vs favorites was one of my favorite shows. I have watched every season and only missed season one. Thanks for giving us such a awsome show. I cant wait for the next one. Jeff i think you are great and survivor will not by survivor without you. my favorite in the last season was ozzy and i was so mad when he got voted out. To all the guys hope you've learned a lesson from the other guys who got blinsided by the women. I really felt sorry for them. But i really enjoyed the show and i think it was one of the best seasons ever.
  • Survivor updates and opinions

    First of all, congratz to Parv. Survivor, best show in the world that I've ever watched. The challenges were fantastic but for some reason, the women winning, totally undeserving. I want the good guys to win. I mean I understand Tina's, Vecepia's, Sandra's, and Danni's win, but for Amber? No way. This show shows a lot of betrayal and emotions out there. 39 days with twists and turns and hardly anything to eat except greens and plantaines and fish and you have to push your body to its limit in the challenges especially in the water. No privacy no love and definitely not knowing when the worst is coming.
  • Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, and stay for a chance to win $1,000,000 but don;t vote off people so carefreely, because after the merge they join the jury, and decide who will win the money.

    One of my favorite shows of all time, and easily my favorite Reality TV show. Survivor has outlasted several other TV shows that tried to defeat it. THis is the ultimate show, it has Action, Adventure, Drama, and Comedy in most good seasons. I would say that there have been a few Undeserving winners, but that's up to the Jury. If you are a fan of anything TV, or have any interest at all in reality TV shows, you will love this show! The twists and turns keep you constantly guessing, and you never know what will happen next. It is a very common to watch a season and say "Wow, how will they top this?" just to have the very next season be the best so far. This show has average Americans fighting with eachother for the $1,000,000.00 prize, and has inspired several different countries to attempt a version of their own.The greatest Survivors ever have to Include Earl, Jonny Fairplay, Boston Rob, Rupert, Ozzy, Amanda, James, Parvati, Ethan, Lex, Amber, Jenna M, Rob C, Colby, Richard, Rudy, Yul, Terry, and many others. All around the best show on the block for a long time, and a long time to come.
  • I really loved this recent season.

    This season was so explosive, I mean all through the girls were outwitting the men and then all the men ended up voted out and stuff. Each episode kept me at the edge of my seat. I really can't wait for this next season when they do it in Gabon. But yeah, Congrats to Parvati for winning the game, playing the flirt really got her far this time. So I loved this season I hope the next season is even better.

    Survivor is one of the greatest game shows evar!!! So yeah, that's why I'm gonna so watch the next season.
  • Another one of my favorite shows and the time between seasons is terrible!

    I love Survivor! I've actually concidered going on it when I get old enough to do so. Although I probably would make it too far I would still want to do it. I love Jeff Probst. He's kinda hot. Lol. I'm not surprised that this show has gone on as long as it has. It's is an amazing show. The edits are awsome and I love the music. It's so addicitve. It draws me back every week. I can't possibly miss a week. I am the untimate fan. On Survivor: Fans Vs. Faves, they had a game that asked questions from the past seasons. I was playing along at home and got EVERY one of them right. You could say I love Survivor.
  • Better every season.

    My all time favorite show. This show really does getting better after every season. And doing so many seasons already, they shoudl be better by the season. I especially loved last season, Micromenesia. As at least one player says in every season, you have to out wit, out last, and out play everyone playing the game. That's why I love it. Its not just a game where you have to use just you head, or a game where you have to be strong for any physical challenges. It's both of those put together. You play the game physically AND emotionly.

    The best show I could ask for. And to be able to watch it with my best friend, whom I got to watch the show and he loved it, makes it all the more better.
  • my personal favorite is back bigger and better than ever!!

    By now we all know what survivor is and how it is played, so I won't go down that road. The survivors that were cast this season, so far, have been realitivly interesting with decent back stories. The tribes that were picked at first were way off balanced and one just blew the big one worse than any other Survivor tribe in Survivor history so we already have seen a tribal "mixup" or tribe change. This happened realatively early compared to previous seasons. But I think it was nessecery to preserve the competitive integrity of the game. It isn't too fun to watch one tribe dominate all season long to the merge, like the season that the one tribe lost EVERY single immunity challenge, although I did find it fairly funny. The season is young, so I really can't comment on how I think it will go other than it has been really good so far with the Survivor guru's mixing up the tribes so we don't see the same tribe dominating, which was a very smart move in my opinion. I do wish that Survivor would go back to the one hint a week deal on Exile Island. It really blows seeing the first, second, or third survivor sent there finding the idol quickly. Also maybe they need to go back to using only one idol a season. I don't like that it gets replaced if it isn't used by the Survivor that has it (obviously the idiot didn't use it if the get voted off if they have the idol). But that is a minor complaint. Overall Survivor is an old favorite that I hope never goes away, hopefully it can last as long as the Real World has (and I think it has a good chance). The Survivor producers always do a fairly good job of casting and make sure there is a great mix of personalities and people which makes the show or makes the show a bust without a good mix of casting. Although this is probably impractical because Survivor "survives" based off of skin (by that I mean very pretty ladies, and good looking men) I would like to see a cold weather season. Although because the survivors would be bundled up I don't think that is practical because of the ratings plunge it would take because some folks tune in to Survivor based off of who is on there and what they look like. Pyscolgoigally we are not going to tune into a show if the cast members are bundled up and we can not tell if they look good to our brains or not. Overall this season has been great through 3 episodes and looks to be another successful Survivor season! I definately will be tuning in every Thursday night as a loyal Survivor watcher.
  • Ace is out and so is Dan. Their mouths costed it.

    Who could've thought that some terrible pin-up model would be the most powerful person in the game. She hardly does anything. Kota kept on winning challenge after challenge. For once Bob cried. IT was sweet. Dan keeps running his mouth around camp about not wanting to go home. If he didn't speak up about it being conscious and all, he would've stayed. Suddenly Sugar is back in Exile Island, eating fruit and not doing anything. She gets strength and doesn't do anything at challenges. Marcus wins the barrel challenge and then he gives immunity to the bad Sugar and Ace is gone. Susie rubs Corinne the wrong way and Dan is gone.
  • FINALLY!!! The season kicks it up a notch, and when I mean a notch, I mean a REALLY LARGE NOTCH!!!

    Yes, this is currently one of my favorite epidoes of Survivor I have ever seen. No, I am serious. Dead serious. And this is one of my favorite seasons. Marcus going home was PERFECT!!! I hated him SOOOO much. This arrogant little pretty boy is finally glad. To bad he made the jury. Looks like we got our vindictive 'I don't vote for you because you hurt my feelings' person already. Anyway, MAJOR props to Ken and Crystal. You two are my absolute favorites and I hope you are the final two. Keep playing the way you are, cause you're doing fine.

    Hopefully, Charile, Randy, and Corrine are next. That way, the whole onion alliance will be gone. But don't worry, you onions can rot with your little leader Marcus.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next episode. Best of luck to Ken and Krystal, and also to Matty and Sugar.
  • a bunch of people on a island complaining

    I cant stand it any longer how many more of these survior things can they do I really am sick of it every year they have a new one its always in the same place like some island or jungle and the challenges arnt even clever and this isnt really dangerous these people arnt really tring to survive people are there constantly so if anything does go on its no big deal it bothers me that the show goes to such lengths to be repettive a person gets voted off everyweek and the drama the people promote on the island is so lame drawn out alot of the times you can tell that there just acting for the cameras
  • Reality TV at it's best

    This show is great! The lying, the scheming, the blind sides...the list goes on. I wish it was on every other night, instead of once a week! It is not just a bunch of people in a remote location nagging,it is so much more. Competition, out wit, out last, out play, out smart!! You get into it! Even after the person or people you were going for gets voted out, you continue to watch to see who will come out on top. It is original and fun to watch. Great family entertainment as well. My kids love to watch it with me.
  • A show about 16 competitors playing in a reality gameshow, playing for a big prize, they are first with a tribe, then go solo later in the game. Great show!

    I really like this show because it is fun to watch and fun to see how the competitors react to the unexpected surprises and twists in the show. Those twists make the show a great show. I hope they never stop making the show, they should keep making new seasons until no one applys for the show, which proves my point because people would kill to be on the show and I know several people who apply for the show every year but don't make it, along with millions of other americans, so they should keep the show going to keep America happy!
  • a show about people thrown onto a country in asia or africa and that they compete in challenges and survivie by themselves for 1000000$.

    This season is definetly the best! i loved this show ever since i was little. i was on the show on season 3 with my dad in a special segment that featured survivor artwork that my dad drew. My dad's friend is Lex from 2 of the seasons. My favorite contestant this season is sugar! im very happy that randy finally left! he deserved to go home! i was amazed when bob gave randy that fake immunity idol! corrine is also a freak and so is crystal a little. I love this show and i tune into it every week!
  • If I were not a believer in Creationism & Intelligent Design, I would say that Darwin looked in to the future and saw Survivor.

    This show, IMO, has to be the greatest psychological & sociological show in history. It is so interesting to me to watch how the "pack" will turn on the weakest, yet as individuals, they will team up to turn on the strongest. If I were not a believer in Creationism & Intelligent Design, I would say that Darwin looked in to the future and saw Survivor.

    I get a laugh out of this show every week. It has shown all ends of the spectrum such as "nice guys finish last" to "what goes around comes around" to "wow, being a good guy CAN actually get you somewhere"

    I love the show, plain and simple. It is a family tradition on Thursday evenings to go to Subway for dinner, bring it home, sit in front of the TV and watch Survivor. Could I go out there and do it? Are you kidding? I can't go 1 day without deoderant...even for $1M!
  • this show is still on?

    honestly I can't believe this show is still running. I mean who watches it? The sad thing is I know who watches it, it's all those people who are way behind in terms of tv. Lets be clear, Survivor was a show that all the teens and twentysomethings watched when it first came around (think seasons 1-3) and then stopped watching becuase of the repetitive nature of the show. It was popular, and it was common talk the day after, but it could only go so far. Then all the parents of the first wave of viewers started watching the show when they were the ones to tal their kids "why are you watching that crap?" All I can say is at least the younger generation stopped watching at the 3rd season while the older is still watching in the 17th. please get a life.
  • Oh, puleeeeese.

    Survivor represents the kind of back-knifeing garbage
    behavior you find in virtually every corporate environment and helps to foster and endorse it. It's the main reason why I threw over a 15 year carreer in contract engineering and drove a cab for over ten years and never looked back once. The fact that this show has become so popular in recent times is, I think, an accurate representation of what we all have become as a society...and this is to me at least, sad beyond words. There's still a touch of the radical in my soul after all these years, and if there was an episode where a contestant that was back-knifed off the island or where ever that retrived a uzi previously smuggled onto the location and used it to machine gun his fellow contestants, and jam the barrel up the nose of the master of ceremonies and grab the million dollar prize and disappear like D.B. Cooper, I'd watch that one and cheer my head off!
  • 16 strangers,2 tribes live where not many can.2 types of challenges,reward,and immunity.1 tribe(or person)wins immunity,safe from tribal council,other tribe vote someone out,thye live together 38 days,til final 3,jury vote for winner of million dollars.

    I personally love this show! I watch it every Thursday, never missed an episode of it maybe 18 or 19 seasons. Most people don't like this show, because they think that none of the things that they show on tv, actually happens, but in this case, I think that they show mostly what's going on really at the camps.Like the last season, in Gabon,they showed most of the people at the camps didn't like eachother, but when they had the reunion after the season ended, you could really tell that they actually didn't like each other. I just think that it's a great show to watch on a thursday night, when nothing else is on. Once you watch it, you get hooked, and can't help but watch it every thursday that it's on, for the two seasons that they have each year....
  • Love this show so much.

    Started watching this with Rupert and Jonny Fairplay and I haven't looked back. It's definitely a guilty pleasure for me, and the only reality show I have any time for. The combination of the competition aspect and scheming, alliances, and backstabbing makes it great telly. My top survivors: Rafe, Ian, Shane, Todd, Courtney, James, Cirie, Jonathon, Yau-Man, Ace, Sugar, Bob, and - of course - the aforementioned Fairplay and Rupert. Generally can't stand the young and attractive and not-much-else guys and girls - Marcus was the definition of boring television for me. Thankfully the are usually only two to four of them per season...

    Gotta say that the new cast looks fairly bland to me at this stage - only four or five of the standing out. Tyson, Sierra and Stephen could all be good. Still, I'll judge it properly when the first episode airs.
  • A group of Americans, and Jeff Probst are sent to different foreign countries to compete in challenges for $1 million. The competitors are split up into two teams with weird names, and different colors. Only one person will be left standing, and win.

    I think Survivor is the best reality show in the whole entire world! I love how people are eliminated and one can survive. I love to pick out my favorite characters and see if he/she makes it to the finals. I love the finales they are always so dramatic, and exciting. I think Jeff Probst is a great host, and is the best choice for a show like Survivor. I love the new season: Survivor: Tocantine, it is so awesome! I hope the show stays around for a very long time. In the end Survivor is the best show in history!
  • Please!

    There is an extreme outside chance that if they set this show in a seriously tough location like say, the high arctic, that there might be some merit to its titular claim and its spin about "abandoning" ordinary "Joe's" to the world's harshest conditions.
    It strikes me that these ordinary "Joe's" come from the same place as "Joe the Plumber", and are about as real.
    I might, though its not likely, tune into a show that forced participants to work together for the survival of the whole; where in the end instead of money they got...oh, I don't live??!! You know, kind of like...what do we call it? Oh yah..."reality"!
  • This show to me is like a bad car wreck, just can't look away.

    I love Survivor when it first started. Now, I don't know, is it just me or do they seem to spoil them too much now. I mean they are no longer 'STARVING', or starting with absolutly nothing. Remeber season 1, those people started with ZILCH. No food, no water, no fire, no machette, just the clothes on their back. Now..........well hell, just give them a key to a hut. Come on, get back to basics. I still love the show, and I will continue to watch it, but I do miss how it was originally. Though I guess everything gets changed. Oh well, happy watching
  • Survivor is a reality show that places 16 (or more)contestant have to survive in a remote situation, usually for about thirty-nine days.

    Survivor is a fantastic reality TV show, a show which I started by watching from the first ever episode. Some seasons, obviously, are better than others, but all I think are watchable. Survivor has included some classic characters such as Rupert, Yul, Richard Hatch and more. Survivor is a stragetic game - you never know who to trust and you never know whether you are completely safe or not - unless, of course, you have immunity, then you're fine! Everyone works to get a spot in the final 2 (or 3), and the jury of previously voted out members (usually about 7 or 8) vote for the winner, and the winner is based either on the ones who didn't betray their alliance, or on the way the played the game. Survivor is the first reality TV show I fell in love with, I've seen every season, and I love this show, and it's definately one of my top ten favourite shows.
  • I just want to show these guys how to win survivor.

    #1. stay under the radar and get along well with your peers in the beginning.
    #2. Before you get on the show train like a madman in stamina, strength training and brain teezers so that when its time to play for individual immunity you can win every time.
    #3. Make sure you are well liked through the entire process so that you ultimately win the million. Finally: Put me on the show this summer, I did a casting call in Nampa, Idaho. I guarantee I will win it all. I have 8 years of Military experience. I am fit and inteligent. I am likable and will raise your ratings.
  • Jeff Probst is awesome.

    I've watched Survivor since Season 2 and loved it ever since. The only thing I hate about Survivor is that they aren't really surviving anymore. Come on they're provided with food and fire.

    They should do a Survivor season Back to Basics where Survivor is as hard as it used to be. Don't get me wrong I still like Survivor it's just not what it used to be.

    I was so happy the season Bob from Maine won because I live in Maine. Go Bob! I hope this Season has a good cast. Hopefully someone from New England will be on their.
  • The second best reality show on TV!

    I really enjoy the concept to Survivor. I haven't seen too much of it, but I love the rivalries, friendships and strategising that can evolve in this show.

    I personally think that the challenges are well constructed and they are very exciting to watch, most of the time.

    I also love the idea of Americans stranded on a far away island, struggling to live and survive!

    This show always provides great entertainment, good drama, unpredictability and fun! It is a great show to watch and fun to follow.

    Overall, I recommend this show highly, because of the aforementioned reasons. It really is exciting, and I think it is just great!
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