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  • Survivor has withstood the test of times to be the show that started a new genre in television: genre. But how much longer can it last?

    I have watched Survivor ever since the first season when Richard Hatch set up the basis for how the game should be played: alliances, manipulation, and doing whatever it takes to win a million dollars. Every season has its perks and its not so great moments. Things I will always remember as being great are: the victory of Richard Hatch, the first blindside (which I consider to be Kelly Goldsmith of Survivor: Africa), intense tie-breakers, Boston Rob's All-Star story, loveable underdog, Rupert, the crumbling of the Women's alliance in Vanuatu, the crumbling of Raro on Cook Islands, Erik giving up Immunity, and Russell's comeback in Samoa.

    Things not so great: Ted/Ghandia of Survivor: Thailand, (in fact, everything except Brian of Survivor: Thailand), Amber's victory over Boston Rob, the purple rock, Dreamz Herd of Survivor: Fiji, and the downfall of Russell in front of the jury.

    Survivor has had more good times than bad, but just how much longer can it last? After 20 seasons, over 300 different contestants, and soon to be 20 million dollar winners. Just how much more money can Survivor afford to deal out?

    How many more great players are there out in the world that can really bring change to the game of Survivor? How many more heroes like Colby, Rupert, Boston Rob, James, Ozzy, Ethan, Amanda, Jenna Morasca, Yau-Man, Stephenie, Yul, and J.T. are there out there? And others we love to hate like Richard Hatch, Jerri, Lex, Rob Cesternino, Queen Ami, Jonathan Penner, Parvati, Coach, and, of course, the infamous Russell Hantz. (Sorry if I forgot anyone!)

    I love the show. I think it would be cool if we got to season 40 and I was showing my children what Dad was watching when he was growing up. But then I think about the impossiblity due to ratings getting lower or the less interesting people that might get on Survivor. Plus, there are only so many places to go. What's next, Survivor: The Moon?

    For me, it's a ticking clock that makes me wonder just how much longer Survivor has? I've heard about two more seasons after Heroes vs. Villains, but how many more? Will Survivor make it to 40 seasons and be a 20-year-old show? Or are we soon going to see the end of a generation?

    I guess that's up to two people: us and the producers of the show/CBS. If you wanna see Survivor live to be 20, keep on watching it. I know for a fact that I am going to watch Survivor until its own torch is snuffed by the words "The people have spoken."
  • This season is the best of all. I hope continues for another 10 yrs. Survivor is the best television since Star Trek. Congrats to all those who appeared on the show. I tried and almost made it through auditions.

    This is the BEST Survivor game ever ! I hope Russel wins this time. The jury is now composed of players who appreciate good competitors. Although I didn't much care for Parvati, she's a heck of player and she knew it. Rupert was terrific, same character as before. I didn't see a game change in him, he's honest, and played with integrity. Quite opposite of Russell. What a contrast ! These two would make a great TV show themselves, like Superman vs Lex Luther. Upon watching the finale, I just can't believe how ticked they are at Russell. He simply outplayed him, yet in the revenge sweet ?
  • Survivor is a fantastic show, and i hope it continues, but i dont really like this season

    Personal preference: Not really that good. As a fan of survivor, I was expecting something more, something with more bite to it as compared to what this season has provided. It does not seem that good as previous seasons of survivor. Let this season end quickly, start a new, better season. Let's have better characters, better personalities, and more power. New ideas are pretty decent, but i do not like the way this season of survivor is playing out. It is too predictable and I am not a fan of this season. This season might be saved by the strong ratings of criminal minds, and I hope that the next season is a better one :)
  • the final 9 onwards will be interesting and exciting, bold moves, broken alliance that we thought would never happen, and crazy stuff at tribal council

    recap episode 11 only this week coz two castaways quit back to back episode, instead of being boring, they edit it to make it something exciting to watch also after a castaway quit, that castaway had or has found an idol gave it to one of his/her unlikely alliance if you want the spoiler then here it is-- same source that leakead the winner last year and order of boot...

    sash, very smart player we will see bold moves soon and crazy tribals that would keep us on the edge of out seat... must watch! this season is as good as previous one
  • Get a new casting director!

    Fan of the show since the early days, pretty much seen every episode. Didn't care for Rob on the Marqueses but liked him in All-Stars and was cheering for him in AS2. Flat out P.O'd when his plan blew up in his face thanks to that skinny dude and Russhole and Poverty stayed on.
    Have to say though this iteration is almost unwatchable. Rob is playing the game he has played 3x before. He does have the experience to draw upon that gives him an advantage but seriously could they have conjured up a worse supporting cast?
    Phillip is nuts, however of the Omatepes (other than Rob) is the ONLY one with some kind of plan, however delusional it may be, to WIN!
    Grant, Natalie and Ashley are all hell bent to go to the Finals with Rob as discussed, their plan to beat him in front of the jury is what? Loyal Foot Soldier?
    Rob hasn't created a great deal of animosity that Russhole was guilty of in the past, why wouldn't the Zapateras vote for Rob? Rob-Phil-Natalie in the finals how is that not the most clear cut 9-0-0 vote ever?
    The only fly in Rob's ointment is one or two of the R.I people getting back in and making the Finals, if that happens Rob's $1M might be gonzo. Otherwise cut him the check and FF to the end of the season.
    Regroup CBS, cast better, mix the game up better, do forego th F-U reward challenges that painfully expose the pecking order, don't be afraid of shuffling the teams, and for God's sake put another Immunity Idol in play! Why has there not been one replaced, other than trying to green light Rob to victory I don't see a good reason not to add that as a potential game changer...
  • How did this show last 18 seasons if nothing changes?

    I'll admit it; this show was moderately interesting and exciting when it debuted. The concept of sticking people on an island for a little over a month and watching how they would interact with each other and the environment of "nature" seemed creative and entertaining enough. After a couple seasons, though, I found the show to be more of the same: people trying to make alliances, lots of lies, deception, backstabbing, etc., at least a couple people complaining about the other castaways or the living conditions, the immunity challenge, and the oh-so-intense tribal council, where a person gets voted off. If there's nothing else on, the show is enough to keep you from being terribly bored, but I wouldn't make it a point to devote yourself to watch it weekly.
  • The best looking season yet with HD video and widescreen aspect-ratio. The Dummiest tribe yet in all the seasons, I've not seen more dummer tribe yet with 3 mom's and the first out is the strongest in the tribe! One wouldn't want to be at the MOM T

    It is hard to get better season than the last one. With Fans and Favorites, all those blindsights, it was fun to watch. Survivor Cabon in other hand is the best looking survivor yet. With nice HD quality video and widescreen aspect-ratio. One can now really admire the beauty of the wild. The landscapes in Survivor Cabon, which subtitle is earth's last eden is spectacular. It is very clear after the first screen, that the land hasn't been touched much. And in this globalized world, those places are hard to find.

    Although Cabon is one beautiful place. I can only wonder where they found the people to the other tribe, the MOM tribe.. When Jeff gives you privilege to choose any gender, which doesn't happen often and the other tribe chooses only middle age women or elderly at first.. I could only laugh and then they vote their strongest out. Bunch of idiots. It is quite obvious how the start of the season will turn out, when tribes are like night and day!

    But anyway the survivor is the best, can't wait for the next episode! =)
  • An embarrassing show that makes Americans look like whiny idiots.

    This is perhaps one of the worst shows ever made for television. First, these "survivors" are not anything remotely close to what a true survivor would be. Someone who actually would be worried about finding food or finding shelter wouldn't be sitting around on logs whining about how they got their feelings hurt. And these stupid little "games" they play where people are eliminated. How does this have anything to do with "surviving?" Just becuase the show takes place on a tropical island doesn't mean they couldn't film the same show in downtown Los Angeles. Just throw them all in a giant sandbox and let them whine there.
  • Reality at its finest!

    This has been one of my favorite reality shows since I began watching it in its 3rd season. This reality show is full of adventure, excitement, intrigue, logic, and it really makes you think. The challenges, which are the best part of the show, are original, fun, and exciting. Tribal Council is intriguing, and it really gets your mind working about who is going home and when someone gets backstabbed, you get either excited or very worried. This show was one of the first great reality shows, and set the trend for its competitors. You get really attached to the players, every season, and you really get excited every time something good happens to them. This show is fun to watch, mainly to see the new ideas that the show can come up with. Overall, this should be one of those shows that you look forward to every week, I highly recommend it :D
  • greatest show ever

    the first reality game show ever, it's still the best and nothing comes closer to this. mark burnett's creation is now a classic. ever since the first season, this show continues to entertain me. watching this again and again really makes my day. i watch it with my mates and we all have a very good time with it. i can't recommend this show enough, it's so good. i can't get enough of it. jeff is a very good host, did i say handsome, he is the best. i love jeff. each week is so much fun, i just love this show so much.
  • I could take it or leave it

    When this show first came on I was in 3rd grade and my parents and I really liked it. But now it seems like they try to do things different but nothing really changes. All its about is sex, back stabbing, and money. Know matter how hard they try to re package it, its still the same. They have the same type of people, the same basic challnges, and the same stupid host who takes himself way too seriously, all he does is host a reality show and I saw him on Oprah saying how hard his job is. Give me a break!
  • I'm Beginning to Hate you Rocky!

    Finally the tribe mix-up, i think the tribes are very evenly matched. It was kinda cool to see a complete guy tribe. I pushing for them to win, hoping that Anthony would make it to merge where he might stand a chance. Very interesting immunity challenge, i'm glad they still have a creative side to them. Very close race that had me on my feet cheering.
    Anyway, on to Rocky...possibly the biggest jerk in the world. You don't treat people like that, just cuz he doesn't stand up for himself doesn't mean you need to rub it in his face. Oh yeah, look in the mirror next time you wanna talk about people being social, just cuz you talk alot doesn't mean you're social...everyone on your tribe thinks you're annoying.

    anyway...i'm done....oh yeah...Lisi is really dumb...i mean it she's not very bright
  • The Cook Islands season of "Survivor" was the best season ever!

    I had kind of lost interest in "Survivor" during some of its last few seasons. Guatemala and Exile Island were pretty good, but the Cook Islands season completely sucked me in. From the very beginning, I wanted Yul, Becky, Ozzy, and Sundra to do well (and I was happy to see the four of them come together in the latter half of the game), and after Jonathan and Candice mutinied to Raro, I was all about the Aitu Four. Ozzy dominated in every challenge and due to that, the Aitu Four was able to chip away at Raro, which at one time had twice the amount of members as Aitu. Yul and Ozzy are so easy to root for; you just want to see them do well. Sundra and Becky, too--I love rooting for an underdog, and these four were certainly underdogs while Raro had the numbers. Ingenious season--it also had a villain who was easy to dislike--Jonathan. And Candice wasn't all that likeable following the mutiny, either. And I just found Nate and Adam annoying. For me, Parvati was the most likeable from the Raro tribe. So happy to see that the Aitu Four also made up the final four. Yes, the fire-building challenge was embarrassing and painful to watch, but I still love Sundra and Becky. For the first time, the person I wanted to win (Yul) actually won! Both he and Ozzy deserved it. Becky and Sundra, probably, too--according to Yul, they were instrumental in making decisions and they all made strategic decisions as a group. Not that they got credit for it. After that Tribal Council, they will probably forever be known as the two girls on "Survivor" who struggled to build fire with matches.
  • this has will b a survivor no one will ever forget.

    i think all in all this season will b the best for them all cuz its action packed and the view is awsome. this will be the most intence seasons yet. well so far i had to say season 6 and 9 are my favorites because both had a person with a disability. with season 6 it was christy who was deaf. in season 9 it was chad who is an amputy and is also a survivor of cancer wat an insiration to all cancer survivor and people battling it right now. he reminds me of terry fox.
  • Survivor is about 16 american castaways, or in some seasons 18/20 who set out of their lives in order to get 1 Million dollers, they have to beat the other contestants by not getting voted out, by doing this you have to be social with people and work hard

    Survivor Is one of my favourite show's, why? well i liked other seasons better before exile island, alot of the seasons were fairly interesting, and I love reality tv shows. It's interesting to see who get's voted out, and with the new survivor, cook's islande, tribes being divided by race it seems that it will be very interesting to see how things play out, this show inspires you to set out and do something, and if it was for canadians i would definetly try out for this show, it's hard but in the end it's rewarding whether you win or not. I like most survivor seasons, the one's i hated was the recent exile island, i just couldn't get into it, and Survivor Thailand, but the others seemed pretty good and fairly interesting. This show is good and i recommend it if you've never watched it.
  • I liked survivor it was a completely different kind of game show.

    I thought the original survivor was deffinately the best. It was like no other game show that you have ever seen before. But now that they have made so many not as many people watch the show. I like the first three survivors. and after that I will watch like one or two episodes from the other ones and I never seemed to like watching them any more cause they are just to alike with the orginal. Now they are trying to change how they play and it isn't working either cause the series needs to just end all ready. It is over with.
  • One of the Best Reality Shows out there

    This is perhaps the King of Reality Shows and it is immensly interesting which highlights human survival in a harsh unforgiving world both mentally, socially and physically. The producers never fail to mix things up with constant twists and mamanges to find a crew of dysfuntional and cunning people where personal disputes are abundant. This is a great watch and i would definitely recommend it!
  • The best reality show ever. That's why they've had 13 seasons.

    The division among race is a little controversial, some of the people with different ethnic backgrounds were singled out before like Shii Ann in Thailand, Ted in Thailand, Rory in Vanuatu, etc. But once you think about it, the division among race creates buzz, good or bad, which makes people want to tune in so they can see what happens, which mean more people tune in, which means better ratings for CBS and Survivor. I read in People magazine a while ago when Guatemala was still on, and they said then that there is going to be at least 3 more seasons, so there's going to be a Survivor 14, also.
  • It Is Exciting to see who will get booted from the Island Next.

    This Show is Great.
    I wacth it every week.
    I Own the 3 seasons of it and plan to get more.

    I Find it a very exiting and Intense show.I Am Glad that it is still on after 12 seasons.Then Again Who Woulden't Be!!!

    I Like the Challenges and find it amusing when two people get in a fight.
    Even Though people I want to win never end up winning it is still exiting to see how long they last.
    The Host is good and The Contestents you never know what they will do.
    It is One Of My fave Reality show (Then Again I Love Alot of Reality shows) but definatly gets 4/4 stars.
  • Its really fun to see what people will do for money.

    Survivor and Fear Factor are great shows. People doing strange stuns or activties for money. The object of Survivor is to last the longest with out getting voted off the island. If your team looses the the person who failed to most of the players will go. The prize a millian dollars.
  • Survivor should stay on air forever!

    What more could you ask for? Tropical exotic location, a different set of characters every season from all over the world (well really the United States for the US version), some really cool music, a really good looking host, some really nice editing, and a different ending that no one will be able to predict at the end of every episode? Although actually I think it's time for Jeff Probst to go, I think he has run his course on this show and I was a little shocked to see that he re-signed with Burnett to do another three years or something.
  • Pretty Good

    I like to follow shows, and this show does'nt always strike me as interesting. I love to watch the stunts that they perform. The rest of the show is kind of boring. I like in the end when they vote off people. This show is not one of the all-time greats.
  • I used to love this I don't like it that much!

    I used to love Survivor!!! I wouldn't ever miss an episode. Now, I don't like it that much. I think the show has lost it's touch or something. I guess after watching it for many seasons it gets boring. I loved the first 7 seasons. I loved the Australian Outback, Marquesa, Pearl Islands, and All Stars. Those were my favorite seasons. But after the 7th season, I stopped watching. It just isnt interesting to watch anymore. They need to do something to make the show more interesting. It gets boring watching the same thing over and over. The show needs fine-tuning!
  • Survivor is amazing

    survivor is one of the best reality shows. It was the show to make reality T.V. popular to the U.S. I hope that they never stop coming out with new seasons of survivor because i will definately keep watching it. I love this show and i suggest that everyone watch it;)
  • Survivor is awesome

    Survivor is my favorite reality show. Ive been watching it ever since my teacher in 5th grade got me hooked on it. This was in the Austrailin Outback season. I offically started watching it religiously in the 3rd season which was survivor africa. My favorite season would have to be Survivor Pearl Islands. I dont understand why everyone loves Rupert though. I thought the best part of Survivor history was when Jonny Fairplay lied to his tribe about the death of his grandma just to win the reward challenge and spend some time with his buddy. I hate the way survivor All Stars ended. Rob and Amber make me sick.
  • The pioneer of reality shows.

    If you like reality shows, you should watch Survivor just to pay homage since it is the pioneer of reality shows.

    The thing that makes this show for me is the challenges. The fact that anyone can even think of these challenges is cool enough, but the fact that they can build them for people to do is absolutely amazing!

    However, there is one thing about this show that prevents me from giving it a 10 and this is the time between the challenges and Tribal Council. I hate seeing people argue, lie, and backstab. This actually caused my mom to stop watching this show. Personally, I would like to see the losing tribe in the Immunity Challenge go straight to Tribal Council. That would make the game WAY more interesting.

    For all the reasons listed above, I give Survivor a 9/10.
  • sixteen starngers try to survive on an island to win 1,000,000 dollars, while competeting agains't one another.

    Okay this show is freaking awesome. I love the person that came up with the idea. I absolutely love this show, it is really cool and fun to watch. I t always keeps me well entertain and I can never get enough of it. I hope to one day be on this fantastic show. I love all of the challenges, that they have to do, and to win 1 million dollars would be a dream.
  • 16-20 people marooned on a deserted island fighting for survival.Backstabbing,lies,deceptions are all the foundations to trust nobody.Outwit Outplay Outlast for the million dollar prize.This show is the pioneer of great reality television.Truly amazing!

    What a fantastic show!! I love the challenges, rewards, locations ect. It is quite addictive to watch. The concept of it is fantastic and it will always keep a big audience entertained. My main concern about survivor is that the show might get boring later as the seasons continue. There are only so many twists you can bring to the concept of the show. Hopefully there are still many seasons to come because it doesn’t matter how boring it may become, I would always watch it. :-)
  • It's Ok for me.

    I was with it from the second season of the show on wards till today. I must admit, it is very good story line. Have 16 people stranded on an island; have them play games to win money. Pretty basic show, EXCEPT for what’s behind it; strategy. You could be the strongest, you could be the weakest, and it doesn’t matter. In the end when it all comes down to it, you have to be the one who knows that you didn't piss of many people on the jury and has been honest for most,(maybe all)of the game.

    I like the series a lot, but I really think they need to start to add more in it. Don't get me wrong, this season was a real up lifter in that aspect, Exile Island, hidden immunity idol; whole nine yards. Still, the episodes need more people that are two-faced whose lies mix up the teammates and makes you surprised when you find out who the winner is. I hope the next season will have more behind it then there is already. Though even if they don't, I'll still continue to watch and be a constant fan of the series.

  • omg this is the best reality show in the history of forever

    ever since the first episode of the first season i have been hooked on this show. i have watched every single season and have loved them all. Even when friends made fun of me for watching it season after season i have refused to give up one of my favourite shows on tv. i still have some friends who remained faithful to survivor over the years and every episode we have a bet where every one puts 10 dollars in the pot and they shoose who they think will win, if their person gets voted out first, they get their money back and if their person wins they get the whole pot! it's a really good way to get a bunch of people interested in survivor
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