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  • A pretty decent reality show. This one is where you can get voted off even if you are the best player which I don't realy like too much.

    A pretty decent reality show. This one is where you can get voted off even if you are the best player which I don't realy like too much. I think it is funny when people make allianaces and then are surprised when they get voted off. What do they think is going to happen? Do they think everyone is just going to vote for themselves and it be a tie? If it is another from their alliance that gets voted off they don't say hey, wait a minute we have an alliance. Somebody has to go home, sorry that is how the game is played. Quit crying about it.
  • Im a personal fan of Survivor but puh-lease get some new material!

    Since, season 2 I have been watching. From my persepective I find season 2 to be the best. Possibly because it was my first season watching so everything was fresh and new. Now, with all the new seasons everything is basicaly the same. They have the same challenages but just tweak them a bit. They try and make them different but any true Survivor fan knows thats it been done before. I still love the show and respect it 100% I just think they need some new material to get it backup and running.
  • One of my all-time favorites...

    Survivor is one of my all-time favorite shows which I have watched since the first season. Mark Burnett is a genius as he has created many of my favorite shows, survivor is no exception. Even now into its twelfth season they are still finding ways to shake up the game, and keep the survivors on their toes. This is one of the best shows on TV in my opinion, and I can only hope that this show goes on for years to come. So we can continue to see who outwits, outlasts, and outplays their island mates for the million dollar prize.
  • Survivor is fun to watch, but I won't cry if I miss an episode.

    I must admit that i have not been watching the show since it first came on the air and Richard flared it up with his nudity. I did see the first season. I lost touch with Survivor, when they began to commercially cast the show with big breasted hotties and CK model boys. I know sex sells, but please. The show is called "Survivor". Appearence should not matter. What really drives me nuts with the show, is the people that come on the show have seen it before. IT IS A GAME! Yes, people are going to lie. IT IS A GAME!
  • While I am a big fan of the show, I must admit the current season is a little lackluster. Most of it seems to fit into the categories of dull and boring. Supposedly; they were going to spice things up with "Exile Island."

    When they send tribe members to "Exile Island" we don't get to see enough of it. While the challenges may be tougher and more physical, it seems that most of the rewards are tasteless at best. I think for a future season they need new twists. One Idea would be a change of locale. How about getting out of the jungle and into a location such as the Pacific Northwest? Even though I believe it to be one of the best reality shows out there, I would have to give this season only 2 out of five stars.
  • A show where people are sent to a tropical island and they must outwit, outplay, and outlast the others to win $1,000,000.

    I absolutely love this show. I have seen every single episode and I remember every castaway. I love it to death. I love to root for the good people, and hate the evil people. I love trying to solve the mental challenges and tring to predict votes. I love watching every moment and I know that this show will always be a classic because no other reality show beats it.
  • dont waste your time with this just read the review

    Ok I like this show because it is full of action like one minute everybody is fine the next people are screaming and yelling and lets just say not so friendly. but I think that reality shows just never last and I think its getting sorta boring and also I dont get attached to much reality show where people get voted off cause' I get attached to people than they leave and I always get mad. but thats why I dont watch it alot. I also like to see the things they have to do though its always intresting to see wholl win.
  • This is one of the best reality shows today.

    At first I didn't think this show was good. I didn't get it. I didn't start watching it until I saw Amazing Race where Rob M. was in. Then I gave Survivor a shot. I saw a classic one called Survivor All Stars and I got hooked. Whenever it is on I watch it. Survivor Panama is getting really interesting. I go to video stores to see if they have Survivor and I basically look everywhere. I love how they put people in positions where they have to lie to get what they need. Survivor is AMAZING!!!

    ~Priest Ohm~
  • This baby's a classic!

    16 total strangers marooned on a deserted island for 39 days with no food, no water, no shelter, and no communication. They encounter various challenges and vote one of their own off. After the tribes merge, they think of a name themselves and play for themselves. If they lose the challenge, it's a fair game.
  • This is the original reality show, and gets better and better.

    "Survivor" is a great show, and it gets better every season. My favorite past contestant is Stephenie LaGrossa. She was in the competition twice, and got to the final two the second time around. She, sadly, lost, but I did like the winner, Danni, as well. Survivor has 16-20 candidates, and one person is voted off each week. The winner eventually wins $1 million, while the runner-up gets $100,000. This show is addicting, and I have watched it since it was in Palau. It's surprisingly addicting, and wonderful. I thought it was going to be really dumb, but I now really like it. A great show for reality fans.
  • Okay basically this is a show where they put 16 (can vary depending on the season) Americans out in the middle of nowhere in various places (i.e. Panama, the Outback, the Amazon) and they have challenges and try to survive.

    AWESOME! I love this show, and can\'t wait for each new episode. My favorite season was season 2 (the Outback) and my favorite castaways were Stephanie (Palau and Guatamala) and Elisabeth (the Outback). Although I don\'t like every aspect of it (such as the recent obsession with skulls this season) I enjoy most of it. It provides enough drama to entertain me, and they do good at picking contestants. Jeff Probst is great at getting things out of people in tribal council, and they do a good job picking out rewards. Survivor also has a great website, where you can read the thoughts of former contestants on each new episode, find out more about the current contestants, and more.
  • Originally coming from Robinson Expedition that was brought over to North America has turned out to be one the best shows ever. Lately, in their past season's it has gone bad but Thailand was and probably always will be the very best season ever aired on

    Originally coming from Robinson Expedition that was brought over to North America has turned out to be one the best shows ever. Lately, in their past season's it has gone bad but Thailand was and probably always will be the very best season ever aired on Survivor. And Amber Sucks
  • Whatever happened to this show???!!!

    I watched this show since season one and found it so interesting and of cause waited for the next and the next and the next season. My favourite season was the one in the Outback, Australia. I guess Mark Burnett is busy making other reality game shows but I know this one was a hit. Almost all my friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was discussing and talking about it. We even had the show aired live at "Coffee Bean" to see who wins the US$1 Million and had contests if you could guess the right winner pluss for the weekly "who gets voted out" too... Ahh what a disappiontment !
  • Amazing to watch people go mad around others that they're supposed to work with to win the prize.

    It's a simple concept. You put a bunch of people on an island, split them into teams, make sure they don't die, and eliminate them in a contest to see who gets the prize and becomes the "Survivor". Every few days, there's a reward challenge, where one "tribe" of people gets a reward when they win the challenge. The other...isn't so lucky. In another two days, an immunity challenge is done. The losing tribe votes off a member, and the game goes on until one person is left. If you watch the show, it becomes a bit more clear as to what's happening. It's not really a reality show...more like life unscripted. I give Survivor a 10/10
  • I can't take it anymore!

    No one can deny that, this show is the mother of all reality shows. When it first appeared on our screens, it was like a breath of fresh air. After so many years of watching soap dramas, teenage and detective's series, it was like a piece of gift, sent from heaven itself. But now, it smells more like a piece of rotten fish! Yes, we all like the back-stabbing, bad-mouthing and whinning, but after so many seasons, even all that sound kinda boring now. They tried to come up with new twist every season, but even that doesn't surprise anyone anymore. All I can say is that, they better think quick, cause the show is losing its'fans.
  • Fantastic - love seeing the highs and lows of the contestants journeys.

    Right from the very first show I have been hooked. It is fun to check in each week and see what challenges and complaints will be made against each other to win the money. The trahy conversations that go on bring out the characters true traits and I feel help you to determine if they are really in to win or just for the fame.
    The other thing I love is seeing the different environments they are in and the beautiful country side / islands / oceans the shows are filmed in. Having the explanation of some of the locals trends and customs have been especially interesting.
    Also love to see the particular animals in these particular areas of the world.

    Bring it on - I will continue to watch the more you create !
  • 16-18 ordinary people across the country are stranded on an island. They compete with teammates from their tribe in reward and immunity challenges. In the end, only one can win the $1,000,000.

    I didn't watch the first season of Survivor, but when everyone seemed to be in to it, I started watching it, too. I loved the concept: people stuck on an island with strangers, voting each other off. At times it could be funny, it could be sad, or it could be scary.
    I love the show, but you may ask, why a measly 8.8? Even though the season was better everytime, I found that the show seemed to be lacking. I found myself getting bored, and a boring show doesn't make good TV.
  • Thursday nights are meant for good television, not horrible reality.

    I used to watch this starting in season two, up until last year. But after 10 seasons (or something like that), of people stranded on an island for a million bucks, I think the idea is getting kind of old. Especially since they haven't upped the ante, so to speak. What about $1.5 or something that would make people a little more desperate??!!
  • Survivor

    Survivor is the best. This season seems to be awesome. I\'ve enjoyed every season very much. Every season has characters, plot twists and confrontations. I beleive every season was great in their own way. Some might have overshadowed others but if you look back and remember what made each season great you\'ll really appreciate the show. You also have to look at all the winners too. Some were dominant and some weren\'t but they won survivor. Every winner deserves the title as sole survivor. They all played differntly but thats whats great about survivor is that everyone is defferent and their strategies are different.
  • I love Survivor!

    I started watching Survivor when my friend told me about how she loved it so much, so I decided to give it a try. I watched Survivor: Amazon, and fell in love with the show! And to this day the Amazon has to be my favorite season of all time!
  • Where do I begin? A mix of physical and mental strength play a major part in this 12 season hit show. READ MORE!!

    There are three morales to this show:


    And everyone tries to win the grand prize: One Million Dollars!! Wether some people backstab, intellect around, or just plain be mean to the other competetors there is always something interesting going on.

    The variety of the people and the challenges are never the same and new twists are constantly being added. So...

    C H E E R S ! !

    for another twelve seasons of survivor!!
  • An impressive reality show. One of my favorites.

    Ok, the plot is that castaways are trapped on an island, with other people in "tribes" and have to learn to fend for themselves and have to work with the materials that they earn from challenges. However, if you lose a challenge called the "Immunity Challenge" you and your "tribe" have to vote somebody off. The last man/woman standing will earn the tital of "Sole Survivor." It is an entertaining show watching these guys freak out and seeing other members just give up. The series is definately a series that you should try. Though, I must say that it does get a little dull through some episodes when nothing interesting happens. For that reason I give it a 9/10 instead of a 10/10.
  • Fun to watch.

    Survivor, one of the first major reality shows to take television by storm. What can I say about the show? First off, even I didn't start watching the show in it's first season, (I started watching season 10 in Palau), I find Survivor to be very entertaining. I think that it is great to see what kind of physical challenges the contestants have to do in each episode in order to win their tribal reward or immunity challenges. Another thing that I enjoy about Survivor is the drama that surrounds the tribes between the challenges and tribal council. At times, I find that can be as entertaining or more so than the reward or immunity challenges. These are just a few of the reasons I enjoy watching Survivor, I hope that the show continues to have seasons that are very fun to watch, just like the past three seasons I have been watching.
  • one of the best

    I love this show no matter what anyone says and I always will, it just does not get old, every season gets me so hooked that I have a fit if I miss one.. this year seems to be heading to be one of the best.. good contestants this time around, cheering for the older men
  • i love this show rly good! It is a guilty pleasure and i just can never stop watching it i can't wait till the next week to see more and another episode i hope it stays on forever and ever i give it rly good rewiews and stuff cause itrocks!

    i love this show rly good! It is a guilty pleasure and i just can never stop watching it i can't wait till the next week to see more and another episode i hope it stays on forever and ever i give it rly good rewiews and stuff cause itrocks!
  • i love this show to me it is awsome!

    to me i love this show but they could make it more interesting like the part that makes me mad is that everytime i pick a favorite person they always get voted off and then i have to pit a new favorite.but also it is kind of funny and kind of gross is when peoples clothes fall off and like no one cares
  • Got to watch again and again

    you can never have to many shows like this one...go to a deserted island eant off the land and win new cars and money at the end ...that is if you are not voted off...i have watched since season two and haven't missed a season's like who is going to become a couple and what girl is going to slid by the shirt tail of the cute strong guy...and then you have the danger in all the shows...the suspense just kills me...i pick my favorite players after week one and i hope that they make it to the end...but when they don't i remember all the stuff that they didn't do to make it any further
  • Groundbreaking reality series, in which castaways try to outwit, outplay and outlast each other until one is left standing.

    This is a fabulous series. Ever since it began, the personalities, gameplay and situations have changed, and sometimes it makes for riveting television.
    There have been 11 series of this show so far, and all of them have had their share of action and thrills. In particular, the series set in the Pearl Islands, the Amazon and Panama have been of high standard.
    The individuals in this programme have also been outstanding, with Richard Hatch and Rob Cesterino being particular standouts. As for the ladies, Stephenie LaGrossa and Christy Smith have to stand out.
    This programme should be around for many years to come.
  • Quite possibly the best of it's genre, captivating and brilliantly thought-out.

    Arguably the best reality tv show out there and has been incredible since the first season. Some seasons may have not been as good as preferred or expected such as Thailand and All-Stars but it has remained one of the best out there and thus more seasons need to continue to be made. Jeff Probst constructs himself really well as host and generally the cast picked out is well thought out and doesn't disappoint.

    The whole concept of social adaptatiton and physical survival is brilliant and has produced some memorable characters over time such as Jonny Fairplay, Ethan Zohn, Brian Heidik and so on. . .
  • A show with great visuals & a little travelog too

    this is a great show with outstanding photography. The locations are places I would actually want to visit. Each season seems to get better and better with different twists and turns though out each episode. Just when you think things will go as planned Mark Burnett and crew find a way to scew up someones game plan.
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