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  • An impressive reality show. One of my favorites.

    Ok, the plot is that castaways are trapped on an island, with other people in "tribes" and have to learn to fend for themselves and have to work with the materials that they earn from challenges. However, if you lose a challenge called the "Immunity Challenge" you and your "tribe" have to vote somebody off. The last man/woman standing will earn the tital of "Sole Survivor." It is an entertaining show watching these guys freak out and seeing other members just give up. The series is definately a series that you should try. Though, I must say that it does get a little dull through some episodes when nothing interesting happens. For that reason I give it a 9/10 instead of a 10/10.
  • Fun to watch.

    Survivor, one of the first major reality shows to take television by storm. What can I say about the show? First off, even I didn't start watching the show in it's first season, (I started watching season 10 in Palau), I find Survivor to be very entertaining. I think that it is great to see what kind of physical challenges the contestants have to do in each episode in order to win their tribal reward or immunity challenges. Another thing that I enjoy about Survivor is the drama that surrounds the tribes between the challenges and tribal council. At times, I find that can be as entertaining or more so than the reward or immunity challenges. These are just a few of the reasons I enjoy watching Survivor, I hope that the show continues to have seasons that are very fun to watch, just like the past three seasons I have been watching.
  • one of the best

    I love this show no matter what anyone says and I always will, it just does not get old, every season gets me so hooked that I have a fit if I miss one.. this year seems to be heading to be one of the best.. good contestants this time around, cheering for the older men
  • i love this show rly good! It is a guilty pleasure and i just can never stop watching it i can't wait till the next week to see more and another episode i hope it stays on forever and ever i give it rly good rewiews and stuff cause itrocks!

    i love this show rly good! It is a guilty pleasure and i just can never stop watching it i can't wait till the next week to see more and another episode i hope it stays on forever and ever i give it rly good rewiews and stuff cause itrocks!
  • i love this show to me it is awsome!

    to me i love this show but they could make it more interesting like the part that makes me mad is that everytime i pick a favorite person they always get voted off and then i have to pit a new favorite.but also it is kind of funny and kind of gross is when peoples clothes fall off and like no one cares
  • Got to watch again and again

    you can never have to many shows like this one...go to a deserted island eant off the land and win new cars and money at the end ...that is if you are not voted off...i have watched since season two and haven't missed a season's like who is going to become a couple and what girl is going to slid by the shirt tail of the cute strong guy...and then you have the danger in all the shows...the suspense just kills me...i pick my favorite players after week one and i hope that they make it to the end...but when they don't i remember all the stuff that they didn't do to make it any further
  • Groundbreaking reality series, in which castaways try to outwit, outplay and outlast each other until one is left standing.

    This is a fabulous series. Ever since it began, the personalities, gameplay and situations have changed, and sometimes it makes for riveting television.
    There have been 11 series of this show so far, and all of them have had their share of action and thrills. In particular, the series set in the Pearl Islands, the Amazon and Panama have been of high standard.
    The individuals in this programme have also been outstanding, with Richard Hatch and Rob Cesterino being particular standouts. As for the ladies, Stephenie LaGrossa and Christy Smith have to stand out.
    This programme should be around for many years to come.
  • Quite possibly the best of it's genre, captivating and brilliantly thought-out.

    Arguably the best reality tv show out there and has been incredible since the first season. Some seasons may have not been as good as preferred or expected such as Thailand and All-Stars but it has remained one of the best out there and thus more seasons need to continue to be made. Jeff Probst constructs himself really well as host and generally the cast picked out is well thought out and doesn't disappoint.

    The whole concept of social adaptatiton and physical survival is brilliant and has produced some memorable characters over time such as Jonny Fairplay, Ethan Zohn, Brian Heidik and so on. . .
  • A show with great visuals & a little travelog too

    this is a great show with outstanding photography. The locations are places I would actually want to visit. Each season seems to get better and better with different twists and turns though out each episode. Just when you think things will go as planned Mark Burnett and crew find a way to scew up someones game plan.
  • Survivor needs to stop now

    Survivor is on the decline. The first seasons were awesome and remarkable, because we didn't know what would happen, it wasn't predictable. Now all of the games seem the same, same problems same, blah blah blah. They need something crazy like no merge or team Survivor or something. I think they should do Survivor: Antartica. That would be new and crazy as well. If not it should stop now and be happy with its succeses!
  • Right now, it's in it's prime.

    I love Survivor so much! A loyal fan since season one every week I am amazed at how the routine of the show is tweaked and changed to bring about truly awesome episodes!! I could watch this show for another 5 Seasons over Fear Factor. Just don't watch all the banter before tribal counsel and it's all good.

    I cannot believe that this is still going on! I hate this show! It is so stupid. Who would willingly go on an island in the middle of God Knows Where and starve or eat dang bugs!!! I mean---come on! I would not go on this show! Everyone is deceitful and liars.
  • great show just needs to have less commercials!!!

    could not wait sometimes to see the next show....
    i really like the parts were you showed the families at home while they are on a break. i hope you keep this up and add other things like that so we can see more of the contestance family and how they are holding up with out them...
  • Good show but is is going downhill. Fast!

    I love this show! or atleast I did until it started to go downhill. The producers have dragged it on too long and it gets boring! The same exact things happen every season will a small change. With the superlatives from last season gone the show is going downhill. Bringing back Stephanie and Bobby John might have been exciting but it ended up being stupid and boring. We had enough of them last season. Also the "Never before seen on Survivor" bit is getting old fast. The producers should give the show a makeover or have an extrememly big twist next season.
  • Totally hooked!

    This show rocks, period! Each season gets progressively better! I'm glad Jeff Probst signed up again for next season. It just wouldn't be the same without him!

    I try not to miss any shows and if I have to I just tape it and watch it when I can be home.
  • Some guys into an island, making some probes

    The show that made reality tv mainstream, created by the master of this kind of shows producer Mark Burnett. Inspired in the movie "Lord of the Flies" (yeah the movie not the book as told by show host Jeff Probst) it exposes the life of a group of people trying to survive (as the title of the show says) in an island without any sign of civilization; they got to overcome some challenges done for them to continue on the show or to receive a reward that varies depending on what the staff believes they need to fulfill their needs
  • Ahead of the Pack

    As far as reality shows go this is clearly Number 1.

    There is a lot of reality TV crap nowadays (the ones starring celebrities are the worst) But survivor has kept on producing one entertaining series after another. I think its into double figures now too.

    Some seasons I haven't tuned into because the characters seemed boring. But there seems to be no end in sight, there are plenty of harsh places they have never been and people still want to go on this show.
  • omg i cannot believe you guys dont like this??

    i love this show its completely awesome yea okay its gotten a bit boring coz like they wont end it but personally i loved the first season it was the best but who couldnt they had better people on it and like the people they have today is boring and rude so i dont like them but the show is awesome!
  • Big Win, Big Decision. Big Mistake?

    Episode: Big Win, Big Decision. Big Mistake?

    Comments on preview upcoming episode; it's hard to tell if Rafe, Lydia and Danni will wise up and get Steph voted off while they can out vote her! I believe the bond between Rafe, and Danni will force her off. All I can say is -- she better win ammunity again, but if you look at the odds, she wont!

    My prediction - Steph is next to go.
  • I don't prefer to watch reality shows, but if there isn't anything better to watch...

    One of the better reality shows. That's not saying much, as reality shows are not reality at all. This one is better than some others I've seen, but even it seems like it gets worse each year. I find myself watching this show less and less. Unless there is nothing else even remotely interesting to watch, I pass this one by.
  • Surviror is getting really old, really fast.

    I'm disappointed with the show. I loved the show the first few seasons, and thought it was ok other times. In the past two seasons, however, they have been completely unorigional. All of the challenges have been done before, and all of the rewards have already been gotten. They need to work harder on better ideas.
  • I totally do not grasp the concept of the survivor shows. It is like the point of the show is to excel at something pointless. And, there is a good bit of luck thrown in, because there does not seem to be any one particular skill involved.

    The show seems to be about the art of negotiation, coercion, salesmanship - or subtlty.

    I am not sure about that, though. I really do not get this show.

    It seems kind of pointless. I guess part of the big deal is that they have pretty cheap sets - they don't need to rent a Hollywood soundstage - and they don't have to use real actors.

    They do have to figure out the specifics of the "games" they are going to play each episode but that is about it.

    I think that I would rather have "actor" on my resume than "Survivor contestant" or even "Survivor winner" on my resume but that is just me. As I am neither one, I think I will settle for admiring the talent of actors and actresses - rather than whatever skill a Survivor exhibits.

    A lot of people are into this series. I am not one of them.
  • I didn't get into Survivor until All-Stars...but I absolutely loved the show once I did. The production and editing is flawless, exciting, and very tight. The latest season, Guatemala, isn't quite as exciting as previous seasons, but it still gets both

    Survivor is one of the most enjoyable "reality" shows out there because of the "outwit" part of the game. I love watching deception and manipulation unfold for real on camera. Because the show does such a great job of letting its characters develop themselves, you very quickly find yourself invested in seeing certain people succeed or fail based on your ability to relate (or hate) particular players.

    Jeff Probst, the show's host, does a spectacular job overseeing the competitions and subtley interrigating the contestants at tribal councels where one survivor must be voted off each episode. The show's producers do a great job at setting up varying challenges that allow all players to shine (as they test memory, logical skills, accuracy and balance as well as brute physical strength and teamwork). I've been very pleased to see how the show has evolved from a fairly rough production to a finely polished 1 hour suspense fest.

    Of course, each season is very dependant on its players. If the contestants aren't inherantly interesting, then the show suffers slightly for it. That said, the editors do a fine job of highlighting conflict and creating suspense when the players are more subdued (or quietly plotting). I've never watched one survivor episode and been bored...I usually wish the show would just go on and on (which is why the dvd's are great).

    Finally, if you are a fan of the reality game shows...Survivor is easily the best one out there and will hopefully maintain its crown into the future. Even if you don't particularly enjoy reality gigs...give this one a chance...I did...and I haven't looked back.
  • No longer fun....

    When this series started…it was incredibly unique and actually fun to watch. But now, as time has passed, and the players know what to expect, it’s dull.

    What makes this show so hard to watch now is that the players are hollow. Almost empty, since they know what can happen regardless if they win or lose. Getting voted off can actually be beneficial. So their “performance” while on the show can make them a star. And with that, their behavior is phony. Unlike when the show started, no one knew the potential of the show’s popularity; they acted within their personality.

    Now it’s fake, dull and frankly boring. I’ll give it a better than tank grade, only for the fact they invest so much in trying to make sure the players are real people…but it’s the players that kill the show now.
  • Survivor is a great reality show.

    I love survivor! I have watched it every thursday night since it started. Except, i didnt watch the survivor: marquesas. My all-time favorite survivor is rupert. my friend hannah and i decided we are going to get problems so we can go see rupert (he is a troubled teens mentor) lol. well anyways, this guatemala season has been very tough. jeff is NOT going to have the next season be so tough. Even thought I would never go on survivor, I love to watch it, and i have Eliza's (from survivor:palau) autograph. my friend's dad's friend works with her.

  • My Thursday night guilty pleasure and time out to just relax with my husband and enjoy some down and dirty backstabbing!

    Okay, I admit that I love Reality tv. Not more then other tv mind you, but it is my guilty little pleasure.

    At the top of that guilty pleasure is Survivor. I was not a fan when the first season began. I heard about it from co-workers and on the radio. I was pretty much convinced it would suck. Who wanted to watch people on some island compete for money? It had to be boring.

    How wrong I was.

    I happened to be flipping through the channels on my rare night off work and nothing was on. Low and behold, I stopped on what I didn\'t realize was Survivor. I watched for awhile, and started getting into the show. Then came the commericals and I found out what I was watching. Needless to say, I had the episodes taped for when I got off work for the rest of the season.

    I will say that I haven\'t liked all the seasons thus far. Seasons 1,2,6-10 (and now 11) are the ones I have tried to watch. 3-5 just didn\'t have players I could root for.

    I hope to see future seasons coming back a bit more to the first 2 seasons (more so 1 then 2) where not everything was a reward and they had to work for what they got (and not just through challenges). I get excited when I hear that they\'re going in with nothing and its going to be the hardest Survivor yet..and then a week later they have fire and corn/rice and what not.

    Overall, I like the show. There\'s much that could be done to spice it up some and much that could be done that hasn\'t been done. Lets see if that comes to light soon.
  • In the beginning of recent reality TV shows, Survivor was there, and it still is. There eighteen average Americans are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth where they must adopt to survive.

    Survivor is good show, but at times, it seems to repeat itself with process of voting people off of the show in the same matter and in the infrastructure of the games and concept of the game. There is never a clear distinction between one season and another. However, it is creative because they always pick some abandoned place in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth where eighteen Americans must live for 38 days and live with some of the most arrogant and ignorant Americans. They must adapt to the settings in order to survive. However, I do question on much the contestants are really living alone in the wilderness even with the CBS Network taping it. Anyway, it can be a good show where someone could really get caught up in it because of its anarchic and unorganized behavior of almost totalitarian settings where one person is in charge and the rest are a herd of sheep. There is no consistent order. However, it can be interesting to watch people get so rash and irrational on such simplistic controversial issues where it becomes and seems very surreal.
  • same od same old

    two teams have to live of the land with no luxury itmens like soap,clean clothes etc. they can bring one thing from home . they have reward challenges . evry 3 days they have aunmity challenges and the tribe that loses has to go to Tribal Council . where they vote off one person . it was cool at first now its getting old .
  • Who cares.

    Survivor is one of the lowest forms of reality T.V. It is now into it's 11 or 12th season. Sure it was fine in the 1st season when it was new and fresh, but once you get to 11 seasons of a reality series people just get sick of it. And may I say the Australian outback season was horrible. If you're going to Survivor in Australia get australians, not stupid americans.
    My Rating: Similar to what comes out of a cow, that isn't milk.
  • Was a good show, had some good ideas but is losing interest now.

    I am starting to get sick of this show. I didn't enjoy the first series but have loved it and watched every episode since. But I think it is on just too much now. They need to have a year or two off and give everyone a break because people ar getting board of it and are losing interest in it.
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