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  • In the beginning of recent reality TV shows, Survivor was there, and it still is. There eighteen average Americans are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth where they must adopt to survive.

    Survivor is good show, but at times, it seems to repeat itself with process of voting people off of the show in the same matter and in the infrastructure of the games and concept of the game. There is never a clear distinction between one season and another. However, it is creative because they always pick some abandoned place in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth where eighteen Americans must live for 38 days and live with some of the most arrogant and ignorant Americans. They must adapt to the settings in order to survive. However, I do question on much the contestants are really living alone in the wilderness even with the CBS Network taping it. Anyway, it can be a good show where someone could really get caught up in it because of its anarchic and unorganized behavior of almost totalitarian settings where one person is in charge and the rest are a herd of sheep. There is no consistent order. However, it can be interesting to watch people get so rash and irrational on such simplistic controversial issues where it becomes and seems very surreal.
  • same od same old

    two teams have to live of the land with no luxury itmens like soap,clean clothes etc. they can bring one thing from home . they have reward challenges . evry 3 days they have aunmity challenges and the tribe that loses has to go to Tribal Council . where they vote off one person . it was cool at first now its getting old .
  • Who cares.

    Survivor is one of the lowest forms of reality T.V. It is now into it's 11 or 12th season. Sure it was fine in the 1st season when it was new and fresh, but once you get to 11 seasons of a reality series people just get sick of it. And may I say the Australian outback season was horrible. If you're going to Survivor in Australia get australians, not stupid americans.
    My Rating: Similar to what comes out of a cow, that isn't milk.
  • Was a good show, had some good ideas but is losing interest now.

    I am starting to get sick of this show. I didn't enjoy the first series but have loved it and watched every episode since. But I think it is on just too much now. They need to have a year or two off and give everyone a break because people ar getting board of it and are losing interest in it.
  • Survivor is by far the best reality show out and still is proving itself by adding new twists and turns, this show has the makings of a show that could go 15 seasons if it stayed on

    Survivor, the ultimate game of outwit, outplay and outlast, this show is inventive with the new stuff that they come up with every season. It is a great watch for people who like to just sit around and see how others react when they are placed in living conditions that are subpar, and then forced to live off the land, in my opinion this show builds some moral character in fans that watch it frequently!
  • Dig this show!

    My wife and I have been Survivor Fans since the very first episode. I was stationed in Japan were they basicqally created Reality TV and Karaoke, while I was there! I could have been a millionaire! This is one Show that will probably go on for a very long time, like the tonite show it will have many Hosts over several Decades!
  • it was good

    last night show was great for the most part. i would of like to see bobjhon go instead of amy though. i hope he doesn't win the game. that would be heart braking. like the new buffs though. red is alot better then yellow. blue was ok. i wonder what the new tribe name will be.
  • According to previews the rules are about the be thrown out

    This season has been different than all the others. In fact, it almost seems like they are trying to shake things up in order to keep people watching. I dont think that last season was as well recieved as the others were. In the wake of The Amazing Race and Rob and Ambers wedding, it seems like their thunder is being stolen. This year they have switched teams, eliminated 2 people at once, and now(according to previews) one team will envade the other. Whats going on!!
  • I like the fact that they are in tough conditions ... but it could be tougher!

    I had always thought of what it would be like to be stuck shipwrecked on a island. Survivor reminds me of this with it's tough conditions but in recent seasons I think it has become a bit soft.
    I know I am not there experiencing it for myself but I think it would make for better viewing.
    I love how the show has interesting people from diverse backgrounds which makes for interesting watching. I love to see them interact with each other and find the best way for them to get as far as they can in the game.
  • Who watches this crap? If you are one of them, smash your head through the tv while its playing. You may be better off.

    While I have never had the displeasure of watching this junk. I feel obligated to comment on how stupid and retarted this thing is. There is nothing real about this. A bunch of morrons running around playing stupid games and you call this surviving? About the only thing these guys have to worry about is BO, athletes foot and a touch of crotch rot. As if that wasn't bad enough, at the end you end up with a psudo, no talent having quasi-celebrity who doesn't even know why he/she is famous because they haven't done a damn thing....Enough with this garbage, stop wasting film with these things and put some real shows on or have these fools swim through a crocodile, pirahna, candiru infested pond with steaks hanging off their necks and I might watch.
  • People stranded on a remote island competing for money. Gilligan's Island gone reality. Ugh!

    Okay, so the concept of this show was great. And I did watch and semi-enjoy the first couple of seasons. But here we are in the upteenth season and I wish this show would be voted of of television! Come on people, after we've seen it a gazillion times, how could it still be facinating? 18 people sit on an island, moan and complain, compete in games, and eventually get voted off. One person wins and the rest of you wasted your time and a good hour of television. Wtf? But, even though I don't see the excitement, Survivor survives and goes on and on. Appearently someone likes it, but for me, the thrill is gone.
  • I used to never watch the show, but these last two or three seasons...

    I never really got into the show survivor until about three episodes. This season I have not watched it AS much, because there are conflicting shows on at the same time, but I watch it as much as possible.

    It's a REALLY good show. :D :D I like the competetiveness of it. I dunno, it just has a nice little twist to it where you know you have to do challenges and stuff...And the challenges aren't just physical but mental as well. It's just a nice little combination.
  • Survivor is still my favorite reality TV show! This season is one of the best and here's why...

    Thank goodness Survivor is back on the air. My Thursday nights were completely boring without it. This season is gearing up to be one of the best for several reasons. For starters, I think the majority of the Survivors are likable. My favorites so far are Danni (strong and competitive), Cindy (down-to-earth), Brandon (excellent at competitions and very dependable), Bobby Jon (hard worker and makes great faces), Brian (smart and strategic) and Gary (honest). Lydia was hysterical in the last episode...I thought she had gone off her rocker but I admire her never-give-up attitude. Of course there is going to be back-stabbing (this is Survivor) but this group doesn't seem as mean-spirited as some of the past ones. Another reason this season is great is because of the challenges. So far, these seem to be some of the hardest I have ever seen. Hard challenges make the game much more interesting. The third reason I love this season is because there have been so many twists. Who would have guessed that the teams would have been shuffled up so early in the game? I wasn't expecting that at all. And there have been some surprising tribal councils too. I never thought they would vote Blake off, even though he was being completely annoying. Someone asked me who I thought would win and I am torn because I like so many of them. However, I do think Brandon, Brian, Danni, and Bobby Jon will go far. We'll just have to see who will "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast."
  • All of the Survivor series 1 through to WHO CARES should be off TV.

    Survivor is just so old. Maybe the first Survivor was okay but please stop making more of them. It's the same old garbage but new contestants. Please end the misery already. It's time to quit. There is nothing new to see. This show has never been on my TV set because it bores me to death. It's like a has- been actor. Please give it up!
  • Reality Television at its best!

    I remember that long summer of 2000 when this show first began. Life as we know it will never be the same again!

    Thanks to the success of Survivor, television viewing and creating habits have changed. Now we have reality shows on Fox, NBC, ABC and all the rest of the networks, thanks to Survivor.

    A simple premise really--16 strangers picked to survive without basic necessities with one being voted out every three days until there is 1 sole survivor. But, after watching one episode, you see that there is more to it than surviving in the wilderness. You must also survive your fellow castmates. Trick them and then you'll win the million dollar prize.

    After 11 seasons, this show still remains strong.
  • It\'s not just a\'s life.

    I have watched every single season of every single Survivor and I have yet to say anything bad about it.

    I hate certain people that play but over all it\'s the BEST reality show ever made. Even better than Amazing Race and I love Amazing Race.

    I can\'t miss it. I tape it if I do. And I don\'t want to be told a single thing unless I happen not to tape. I love watching it because people are striped down to the bare minimum of their personality. They don\'t mask things. They show their true character and then they blame it on the game.

    I love watching who is going to win...who starts early...who screws\'s a game that changes all the time. The same type of person hardly ever wins and the best part is whoever wins the car NEVER wins the game. And it has yet to be proven otherwise.

    I love this show. I simply can\'t wait for every season. It\'s wowing.
  • i really don'w know what should be written here

    the best reality show ever. the challenges just keeps getting better and better (including the great maze in season 9 with the up going maze).
    in return for those who says this show is returning itself please take a look on shows like the amazing race and etc. and they speak for themselves when it comes to old challenges and stuff. all i can say is that survivor supplies a great season every time with new suprises when you least expect it so I sure alot will agree with me about this being the best reality show ever!!!
  • Survivor was a great show for the first three seasons...

    Survivor was a great show for the first three seasons, then it started to get old. I do not watch Survivor anymore but I do see parts because my brother still watchs it.

    If CBS wants to bring people back to Survivor they need to change stuff around. Every new season it looks like they filmed in the same place as the last season. The game's are the same/the awards are mostly the same. Even the prize is the same 1 million bucks, why don't they try something different. Its always 16/18/20 american castaways. Why not let other countrys in? The US is not the only country that can speek english. Why not have a Survivor world, where one team is all americans and the other team are from other countrys.

    Thats how I feel about Survivor, If you have seen the first few seasons then you have seen it all untill they change Survivor up. This wont happen as long as people keep watching the same old stuff. Maybe some day when the ratings go down too far people might wake up and fix Survivor.
  • The best of reality shows.

    Survivor is a great show, because they juggle the rules all the time. Once there was a boy named Silas, who thought he had the game wrapped up, but Mr. Burnett introduced the tribe shuffling. In a later season, when Shi-Ann thought they had merged and started dishing the dirt on her former tribe, she found the tribes were still separated but on the same beach.

    All sorts and types of people have won and it is always exciting.
  • Played Out

    I confess to be a long time Survivor junkie, but I have to admit that this show is done. How many times can we watch the same scenarios over and over, not to mention the same challenges? What once was a cuttign edge show that pushed people beyond the bounds of their day to day lives, has now become an unscripted soap opera. Mark Burnett has tried almost everything now with bringing back two survivors form a previous season. Survivor All Stars was really the last hoorah for the show. Personaly, it was the last time that I was really excited about watching it. It becomes more and more obvious that every new survivor comes in with a strategy that has been played in the past. Now woudl be a good time to let it go while it is still somewhat loved by its long time viewers. Too much of a good thing!
  • Silly, repeditive and a complete snore!

    What's there to say really? This show at first was fresh and new and had great potential but it started to slip right after the first season.
    It was interesting at a time but now it's just the same story as the last one and it never changes only the scenery does and that's pretty well it.
    The show starves it's cast to save money and make the show more of a survival thing but it isn't really good at all.
    How can watching people starve themselves eating only rice and what they catch in the river then betraying eachother for a silly prize be worth it?
    Get a clue and take this junk off the air.
  • The show was ok to start, but now it is just getting old.

    The show was ok to start, but now it is just getting old. The producers claim to have twists, but really it's just the garbage they keep bringing up. After 3 seasons, this show was done. The only person who could enjoy this is a sociologist. It's a very educating experience to see how people would work without modern technology.
  • Survivor is a reality show. Read on...

    As the name applies, Survior is about survival of the fittest. (and also smartest, fastest, etc.)

    There are twists in Survivor so that will keep viewers and contestants on their toes. As with all reality shows, there are possiblity of an alliance. (which won't do much good in this show anyway) There should be other forms of elimination other than voting. But all in all, a great show.

  • My favorite reality show. But then again, it's the only reality show that I watch...

    I do not watch reality. I would not know if this was the worst reality show ever or the best. But I don't care. I like it.

    We finally... FINALLY get to see how the modern human deals when moving to a new place with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The best part is, we can see how pathetic this generation is- in case the fact that Catscratch got an average grade ABOVE 2 didn't convince you.

    Also, we get free feminism! The boys are all wiped out after the first episode, while the girls are just fine! Let's see all those sexist idiots try to insult females now, huh?

    Anyway, this is the only reality show I watch. And I like it. End of story.
  • I've not been a reality show watcher and probably will never be one. I tried to get into it when a friend recommended it, just never saw the point.

    Reality shows like this one are just beyond me. Don't understand the appeal. At all. I get the fact that this is a sort of "Lottery for the televsion" The idea that an 'average joe' can wash up from anywhere, land on a island and plot, lie and cheat his way to a million dollars is just to far beyond reality for it to be a reality show. It reminds me of the old game shows that had fixes in place. What's the point?

    Don't like Survivor
    Tribes of odd, deluded people
    Fighting over cash
  • lovin' it

    really a deep down and dirty episode...
    lies, mud, lot's of shots of hunky chests and
    six packs...

    hello!!!! can they push it further?

    Have to say that I think Gary is a dead man... he will be found out before long.... can't wait....
    And is it me or does bobby john seem like an utter lame-o on the team?
  • The show taht started all of the reality tv madness. The best concept for a reality show. It is definetly Mark Burnett's best work.

    16 different people with different personalities, from different parts of the country all come to the wilderness for a chance to win one million dollars. The competitors are split into two tribes that must work together in challenges to survive. The tribes compete in reward challenges where they may win rewards such as food, blankets, or letters from home. A day or so later they compete in immunity. The team that wins the immunity chalenge is safe from going home, however the losing team must go to tribal council where they have to vote out someone from there tribe. After almost two weeks the tribes merge and everybody will compete in individual competitions. The first seven peoplevoted out of the merged tribe will form the jury. The two remaining people must then return to the tribal council. The jury members may then interrogate the final two. The jury then votes for the winner and the person with the most votes will win the million dollar prize.
  • Survivor throws 16 castaways out on their own where they have to survive on their own without any human help.

    Even after 10 seasons on the air, survivor is still the best reality show out there. Every season will have some kind of twist that makes the show that much better. While many reality shows get boring after the second or third season, this one is great every season. This is a great show, watch it!
  • Dissent

    Wow. I can't believe I'm alone here, but I thought that was the worst Premiere ever for a Survivor. Talk about vast amounts of filler. Did we really need to see the contestants trekking through the jungle on their way to begin the show? Did we need the ersatz melodrama of introducing Stephanie and Bobby Jon? Terribly boring and pointless. Although I did appreciate the originality of the Immunity challenge, I think it was fairly obvious who was going to be gone at the end of the episode. Obviously the creators of the show don't want to appear to be discriminatory, but isn't it time something is done about the 'token' retiree contestant? Overall, that episode could have easily been edited down by half. Eeek.
  • Take this trash off the air.

    How can this be original anymore? It was shown the producers even edit the film to make it what they want. It is not reality. Reality TV needs to go away. Viewers need to stop watch this stuff. It rots the brain and is not real.

    Survivor may have been unique in is first season. Real people. But since then it has been a tribute to pretty girls shaking what they can in the smallest amount of clothes possible. What are we at like 80% participation rate that female cast members pose for gentleman publication.

    The station airing this show and all the other crummy reality shows needs to learn to program a station and stop giving the viewers this rubbish.
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