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  • Sucks!

    This is just the stupidest series I have ever seen.

    Especially if you are a person who thinks too much, you can make the show seem pointless all on your own.

    All this show is about sending some people to an island and making them survive. But if you are one who thinks too much, you would realise there are atleast 7 camera men, producers, writters, etc. in that show, even though they may not show or discuss it. And where do you think they live and sleep? The producers and writters definetly don't sleep with the cast, no...but they do have a boat or there is a small village near by.
  • Who watches this crap? If you are one of them, smash your head through the tv while its playing. You may be better off.

    While I have never had the displeasure of watching this junk. I feel obligated to comment on how stupid and retarted this thing is. There is nothing real about this. A bunch of morrons running around playing stupid games and you call this surviving? About the only thing these guys have to worry about is BO, athletes foot and a touch of crotch rot. As if that wasn't bad enough, at the end you end up with a psudo, no talent having quasi-celebrity who doesn't even know why he/she is famous because they haven't done a damn thing....Enough with this garbage, stop wasting film with these things and put some real shows on or have these fools swim through a crocodile, pirahna, candiru infested pond with steaks hanging off their necks and I might watch.
  • Take this trash off the air.

    How can this be original anymore? It was shown the producers even edit the film to make it what they want. It is not reality. Reality TV needs to go away. Viewers need to stop watch this stuff. It rots the brain and is not real.

    Survivor may have been unique in is first season. Real people. But since then it has been a tribute to pretty girls shaking what they can in the smallest amount of clothes possible. What are we at like 80% participation rate that female cast members pose for gentleman publication.

    The station airing this show and all the other crummy reality shows needs to learn to program a station and stop giving the viewers this rubbish.
  • This show bores me!

    I have tried several times watching this show. So many people and news show on TV were all talking about it. Even my own Doctor said he loved it! I think it's mostly fake and they have carried this show on TV to long. I say it's time to get back to non-reality entertainment for a change! I like some reality shows,but they are just out of hand now!
  • Total waste of time, money, and resources.

    Thank god for a show like the Joe Schmo show that Spike put out to parody this kind of crap. Survivor was the beginning of the worst thing to happen to Television... 'Reality' TV, yes, reality, in quotes. I mean, how much more real could it be? Wasn't there a show called the 'Real World' that supposedly captured the same stupidity? Survivor is just a game show, with the added luxury of being in a strange place. Nothing wonderful here, but a lame game show.
  • I totally do not grasp the concept of the survivor shows. It is like the point of the show is to excel at something pointless. And, there is a good bit of luck thrown in, because there does not seem to be any one particular skill involved.

    The show seems to be about the art of negotiation, coercion, salesmanship - or subtlty.

    I am not sure about that, though. I really do not get this show.

    It seems kind of pointless. I guess part of the big deal is that they have pretty cheap sets - they don't need to rent a Hollywood soundstage - and they don't have to use real actors.

    They do have to figure out the specifics of the "games" they are going to play each episode but that is about it.

    I think that I would rather have "actor" on my resume than "Survivor contestant" or even "Survivor winner" on my resume but that is just me. As I am neither one, I think I will settle for admiring the talent of actors and actresses - rather than whatever skill a Survivor exhibits.

    A lot of people are into this series. I am not one of them.
  • This should end fashionably.

    This show has gotten old. It was fantastic the first couple of seasons but now it quit while its ahead. The show does the same routine over and over and I think its time to either freshin' it up or have one more great idea and then end it. It gets too old watching them fight on the beach over the same things and same issues.
  • I've not been a reality show watcher and probably will never be one. I tried to get into it when a friend recommended it, just never saw the point.

    Reality shows like this one are just beyond me. Don't understand the appeal. At all. I get the fact that this is a sort of "Lottery for the televsion" The idea that an 'average joe' can wash up from anywhere, land on a island and plot, lie and cheat his way to a million dollars is just to far beyond reality for it to be a reality show. It reminds me of the old game shows that had fixes in place. What's the point?

    Don't like Survivor
    Tribes of odd, deluded people
    Fighting over cash
  • this show is totally gay and should be taking off the air, a waste of air space and people who watch it are stupid. it has nothing to do with anything and i feel retarded after seeing one episode. my god people get a clue and make better shows.

    this show is totally gay and should be taking off the air. it is a waste of air space and people who watch it are stupid. it has nothing to do with anything and i feel retarded after seeing one episode. my god people get a clue and make better shows.
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  • If this keeps up I'm gone, and it's not only me saying this!

    I hate this blood vs water shows it's to overly emotional with husband &wife, moms & daughters, ect, their emotion just goes on and on, it's just to mushy, all the crying, hugging . I like it with all different faces with all their personalities clashing with each other, making new friends, challenges were fun to watch. Please no more family members competing with each other, or bringing the same old people back over and over again we want different.
  • survior 0

    This show needs new players why do the not the same ones over and over they should have players that have never been on there i wont be watching till they do
  • I'm Out

    I am a big Survivor fan, but I am really having trouble with this group. They just voted out one of the more interesting contestants, and no one else seems worth watching. So I'm going to take a leave from the rest of this series and wait for something more interesting to happen in later series.
  • Stupid

    Please take this stupid show off the air and replace it with something good!!!!!
  • Never before have i written a review

    So typically I would never take the time to make an account and write a review on a tv show but in this case it feels like it needs to be done. Last year I said I would never watch it again after an incredibly dissapointing ending. I agree with the person under my review cotton is insanely obnoxious and also the whole shows format is old and annoying in my opinion. If there does happen to be another season which I strongly hope there is not at least try to get interesting people ... (such as ozzy ) and have only people who know how to play both aspects of the game physically and strategically .
  • Done with Survivor!

    This has got to be the WORST Survivor ever!! We have been watching since the beginning but we've had ENOUGH due to Colton. He is the most OBNOXIOUS person! He seems to get way too much air time. We will not be watching anymore episodes this season.
  • I can think of other shows way better than this one!some of these people have nice paying jobs and they are getting stressed out about THIS experience?

    I think that the contestants need to grow up. And if they can't say anything nice about each other then do say it to their face. Last few episodes ago, the 4th grade principle said that she can't take that kind of drama. My first thought was "what kind of school do you work at?" because i can not think of one school wether it is grade, middle, or high school that does not have its drama if not with the students themselves then with the parents. Like i said in the summary people have a good paying job so why are you in here if you don't like the people? You can go to your original work and get the people that annoy you and guess what you don't have to worry about getting some kind of a disease!! *is shocked*
  • WTF is this ****?

    This is as entertaining as going to a picnic with your aunt Lola who is deaf in one ear & blind in both eyes (i don't have an aunt Lola). Boring, pointless, stupid, & you might even get a chuckle or two but that's that. Other than that, this show is LAME!
  • One of the most despicable reality shows to ever air on television, Survivor is the first of the sorry lot to teach values inimical to our already sick society. Most outrageous is its 'its o.k. to stab a team mate in the back to get ahead' philosophy.

    I despise everything about this show. I despise the wretched phoniness of dividing contestants into 'teams' while at the same time encouraging team members to stab each other in the back to get ahead -- while working as a team! I despise its contestants, who are examples of the worst of the greed-bloated, me-first American character. I despise the host, a pretty boy acting like a tribal god dispensing favors and punishment to the confused and desperate contestants. I despise the creators of this series on general principles.

    Most of all, I despise my country, the United Staes of America, who's values this show reflects.

    A grotesque outrage.
  • Another pop culture phenomenon that has outstayed it's welcome.

    Really, is anyone ever going to die on this show? I mean, it is reality tv, right? In real life you get lost in the desert or a national park, not some beautiful remote island. I can't emphasize how much I hate the women who MAKE my friends watch this show. None of thm like it, yet every week the girlfriends force them to watch. In the light of American Idol, realism takes a back seat to beauty and back-stabbing. The first season winner is now in jail for being to dumb to pay his taxes...great example for your kids America.
  • A pioneering show in tradition of the real world, but this time its a contest.

    This show is a pioneer of reality gameshows that are so popular today. Reality TV is now a genre of its own, something that wasn\'t thought much about when MTV\'S The Reak World came out. Despite its popularity, I don\'t like this show. One word really describes this show, it really is AWFUL!!! It\'s wasted air time, every season is pretty much just like the last, even though they do spin offs and gimmicks, it\'s just repetitive nonsense. Its true networks make money out of this, people are excited about it, i\'m not. Richard Hatch true is the first reality winner, the others are just someone that won a million bucks, that\'s all they\'ll ever be. I just hate this show. Period.
  • a horrible reality show, completly dried up

    survivor is the worst reality show ever. im writing this review because im terribly sick of it being on tv. whenever they annouced that they would divide the teams up by race. i was furious. how desperate did they have to be for ratings that they would make a stupid move like that. survivor was decent in its first season, but its going downhill really fast. they have completly ran out of ideas for this sad and sorry show that they have to rely on stupid ideas. im begging everybody to not tune in to the next season so we can get this horrid show off the air.
  • Why is this show still on??? Somebody please explain it to me...

    Ok, now this is getting rediculous! What else could they possibly do to make this show more interesting?! I am truly embarrassed that I watched even the first three series, and I am even more humiliated that our society supports this nonsense! Put an end to this rediculous reality show and come up with something more original! PLEASE!!!
  • seasons 2&3 are the only good seasons

    Survivor it is just boring. The samething over and over.
    People crying because they voted out it is just boring. I only watced seasons 2&3. They were ok but is goes on and on. They stay at one place and never move around. you sit thier and you listen to people talk. If you want a good reality show watch The Amazing race. They don\\\\\\\'t just sit around. well they sit around like at the airport but they have to go all over the world they don\\\\\\\'t have to be in one place all the time. survior spends half of time at camp. that is what is boring. The task are the only good thing about it and they last about five seconds then it is back to camp. Boring.
  • This was once a good show, now it's just garbage

    Hmmm. a lot to say about this show surely!

    It was once good but now it just deserves to be canceled or something because each new season is worse than the one before, WHY BOTHER???!!! This new series 'Survivor: China' you already know it's going to suck, we can just tell.

    THe show was good up until Panama: Exile island, that was the last good one, the ones after that were stupid, silly, dull and boring, so was Guatamala. I mean what is this show a joke? What is wrong with the producers? Where has the old Survivor gone to? Timbuktoo...??? There were only a couple of seasons I enjoyed anyway: Marquesas, Pearl Islands, Vanuatu and Palau. The rest were a load of rubbish, silly, stupid and boring. So long Survivor, namaste and baaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd luck............... Hahahahaha. Seriously, It makes me upset watching shows that were really good and then be thrown in the fire like a piece of trash! I already wrote a review like this on 'American Idol' this is exactly the same.
  • Oh, puleeeeese.

    Survivor represents the kind of back-knifeing garbage
    behavior you find in virtually every corporate environment and helps to foster and endorse it. It's the main reason why I threw over a 15 year carreer in contract engineering and drove a cab for over ten years and never looked back once. The fact that this show has become so popular in recent times is, I think, an accurate representation of what we all have become as a society...and this is to me at least, sad beyond words. There's still a touch of the radical in my soul after all these years, and if there was an episode where a contestant that was back-knifed off the island or where ever that retrived a uzi previously smuggled onto the location and used it to machine gun his fellow contestants, and jam the barrel up the nose of the master of ceremonies and grab the million dollar prize and disappear like D.B. Cooper, I'd watch that one and cheer my head off!
  • Please!

    There is an extreme outside chance that if they set this show in a seriously tough location like say, the high arctic, that there might be some merit to its titular claim and its spin about "abandoning" ordinary "Joe's" to the world's harshest conditions.
    It strikes me that these ordinary "Joe's" come from the same place as "Joe the Plumber", and are about as real.
    I might, though its not likely, tune into a show that forced participants to work together for the survival of the whole; where in the end instead of money they got...oh, I don't live??!! You know, kind of like...what do we call it? Oh yah..."reality"!
  • An embarrassing show that makes Americans look like whiny idiots.

    This is perhaps one of the worst shows ever made for television. First, these "survivors" are not anything remotely close to what a true survivor would be. Someone who actually would be worried about finding food or finding shelter wouldn't be sitting around on logs whining about how they got their feelings hurt. And these stupid little "games" they play where people are eliminated. How does this have anything to do with "surviving?" Just becuase the show takes place on a tropical island doesn't mean they couldn't film the same show in downtown Los Angeles. Just throw them all in a giant sandbox and let them whine there.
  • I can't take it anymore!

    No one can deny that, this show is the mother of all reality shows. When it first appeared on our screens, it was like a breath of fresh air. After so many years of watching soap dramas, teenage and detective's series, it was like a piece of gift, sent from heaven itself. But now, it smells more like a piece of rotten fish! Yes, we all like the back-stabbing, bad-mouthing and whinning, but after so many seasons, even all that sound kinda boring now. They tried to come up with new twist every season, but even that doesn't surprise anyone anymore. All I can say is that, they better think quick, cause the show is losing its'fans.
  • Who cares.

    Survivor is one of the lowest forms of reality T.V. It is now into it's 11 or 12th season. Sure it was fine in the 1st season when it was new and fresh, but once you get to 11 seasons of a reality series people just get sick of it. And may I say the Australian outback season was horrible. If you're going to Survivor in Australia get australians, not stupid americans.
    My Rating: Similar to what comes out of a cow, that isn't milk.
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