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  • (Looks over shoulder) I am a survivor addict.

    When this show first came out, it was immensely popular. I remember signs hanging out in front of bars rooting for Rudy to win.

    Now that more time has passed, that kind of popularity for the show has passed too, but there are still some hard core Survivor fans out there.

    So what is this show? It's a reality show that takes place in very severe/primitive environments.
    People are given little or no food, they must "survive" during the course of the 38ish day game.

    In stage 1 of the game, you take an initially large group of people, split them up into two teams. Every 2-3 days you have a physical contest of some sort between them. The winner's get to stay in the game. The loser's must vote out one of their team member's from the game. There are also contests for "reward challenges". Where a team is rewarded with usually convenience items or food. These challenges are pretty much like immunity challenges but for rewards instead of immunity.

    In stage 2 once you get to down to roughly 9 people total remaining in the game, you merge the two teams together, and now challenges change from team based to individual based challenges. The winner of the individual immunity challenge can not be voted out at "tribal council". Anyone who is voted off becomes one of seven jury members who votes for the winner at the end of the game. Again, during this stage there are reward challenges as well. The winner often gets to pick 1 or 2 people to share the reward with. This often reveals alliances to the other players and causes a lot of in-game scheming. Frequently the 4th place person wins a car in a reward challenge here.

    In stage 3 of the game, you have 2 people who made it all the way through the game. They present their cases to the 7 jury members on why they should win. The 7 jury members either make statements or ask questions of the 2 final people.
    Then the 2 people make their final statements.

    The seven people vote for the winner, and the winning person is revealed in a special live show that takes place months after the show is initially filmed. The winner wins $1 million dollars. Personally, I liked it better when the winner was announced at the final tribal council in the last game. My feeling was that the winner deserved to know right away after that gruelling experience. But I think the live show was a way to show all of the contestants at their best, after they had time to recover, eat food again, and look more normal.

    Most every season of Survivor puts a twist on the rules I just mentioned above. For the most part I have found every twist to be extremely interesting, and every twist has affected game play greatly.

    So why would you watch this show for more than 1 season? A lot of people simply don't, but I find that people who become addicted to the show have discovered that there is a lot more depth to the game, than you might think initially.

    For example, in one game everyone who is thought to be "strong" is voted out real fast. After all, they would be a threat in the individual immunity challenges wouldn't they? But the last game, Palau, the strong were thought valuable to the team, and kept.

    Basically people who watch the show have become contestants in the show, and that means that strategies to win in the past do not necessarily work again in later games. A really good example of this is in All-Stars. A lot of winners were in that game, but apparently anyone who didn't win thought the winners were a threat, so all the winners got voted out fast (even though they all had their winning strategies from previous games).

    So beyond the mechanics of the game, what else is there to watch? Well, the social scheming, the alliances that form between people, the backstabbing, the lying. Although all of these elements exist in every season, how it all happens from season to season is unique, and interesting.

    Also, what used to be merely a contest between the contestants has branched out to be socially capable of handling the remarkable host, Jeff Probst, who has the amazing ability to read body language and ask questions of people in tribal council that they don't want to answer. Being able to manage Jeff in tribal council is a key skill to winning the game.

    To add even more depth to this show, is another internet show add-on called "Survivor Insider" on that adds a whole new dimension of depth to the experience by interviewing for an hour the last person voted off and letting people call in with questions. I find this to be a great idea for a reality show, adding in fan participation by letting them ask questions to the contestants on the internet. For those really into the game, you can play an on-line version of the game, guessing who you think will win the game.

    All in all, given the exotic locales, the interesting physical and mental challenges, seeing what starving people will do for simple food rewards, watching all of the social conniving, makes this show an extremely guilty pleasure to watch.

    If you are into outdoor adventure, but don't want the guilt, you might want to try watching Mark Burnett's other great reality/adventure show, Eco-Challenge.
  • Survivor has been on for 5 years now. It has deffinetly changes. After going to 9 locations, the seasons just keep getting more and more interesting. Survivor is a show that even though most people say its fake, we all know its entertaining and real!

    Survivor(or Survivor: Borneo, Pulau Tiga) premeired in May 2000. After a huge success it went on to The Australian Outback. It was known as the best season ever! Survivor Africa came on and even though not the biggest sucess, still good. Survivor: Marqueses didnt have the best season, but once again, good! Survivor: Thailand was very good at all. It had some interesting things though. Survivor: Amazon had some great people and pretty good moments. Survivor Pearl Islands boosted up Survivor. IT was an amazing season, and showed us an outcast twist. It was then time to bring in the All-Stars. We got to see our favorites battle off and in the end, we had a new engaged reality couple, who ended up running an amazing race. Survivor Vanuatu wasnt the best either, it kinda brought the Survivor season to a new low. It made up for an interesting Survivor Palau!

    So as you see, Survivor has went through alot. It is a great show that brings us entertainment. We see 16,18, 20 people on an island trying to compete. People need to believe this isnt fake, it is totally real. Yes, weve had some dumb seasons, but think of all the good season. Its renewed up to Season 12 and Survivor: Guatemala "The Mayan Empire" will be coming this September for its 11th season. How far will Survivor go? Who knows! It will be nice if its on for a few more seasons. We can only wait and find out. If you havent seen Survivor, its not too late. Try it, and maybe you can buy the 3 season DVDs out right now! HAVE FUN!

    Pat.. OUT

  • Sucks!

    This is just the stupidest series I have ever seen.

    Especially if you are a person who thinks too much, you can make the show seem pointless all on your own.

    All this show is about sending some people to an island and making them survive. But if you are one who thinks too much, you would realise there are atleast 7 camera men, producers, writters, etc. in that show, even though they may not show or discuss it. And where do you think they live and sleep? The producers and writters definetly don't sleep with the cast, no...but they do have a boat or there is a small village near by.
  • Interesting Concept, drowned out by copycats.

    Reality tv shows may be dying off, but the one that started the explosion is here to stay. Survivor, is consdiered a "reality" tv show, but Mark Burnett (series creator) dosen't like to think of like that. He takes people (who he openly admits are cast like tv characters) who he think will interact interestingly when placed in the given scenario. The given scenario is a survival situation, where the contestants must survive the wild, and survive each other. Survivor is a very high stakes game: 1 million dollars is given to the winner. And that is where things get interesting.

    At the start of the game, contestants are divided into two teams, or tribes. They live with these people and must find and provide their own food and shelter, being given minmal supplies (varies by season). The tribes also participate in challenges together, of which their are two types: reward and immunity. A reward challenge will provide a team with a creature comfort (usually food or shelter, or a means to provide them). If a team loses an immunity challenge, they must go to tribal council that night - where everyone must vote to kick someone out of the tribe (and game). While formal deals to split prize money are strictly prohibited, players are free to make unoffical "alliances" within their tribes. An alliance is simply a term coined in the first season for a group of players who work together, coordinate their votes and look out for each other until A) they are the only ones remaining B) the alliance dissolves early; usually resulting in one of the members being voted out. Option B is much more frequent and enjoyable to watch than option B.

    After the tribes have been whittled down from immunity challenges, they merge into one single tribe. The game takes a drastic turn at this point. There are still reward and immunity challenges, but they are played out slightly differently. Immunity is achieved by only one person. They are safe at tribal council, and still get to attend and vote. Rewards challenges are possibly more important, however. The rewards become drastically better, yet (usually) only one person wins. They are usually given the chance to bring a fellow tribmate or two along, and this is where the politics of the game really change. Not only can you see what favorites are being played, time away from camp is free time for scheming to be done behind your back.

    The last (and most interesting) component of the game is as follows: The 9th place contestant (voted out when 9 people remain), becomes the first person in the jury. While they cannot win, they must come back to each tribal council and watch the vote. When only 2 people remain, there will be 7 members of the jury. The two remaining contestants attend the final tribal council to face their peers: each jury member votes for who will recieve the 1 million dollars. This is where the true nature of the game comes into play: not only must you survive to get to the final two; you must play politics and recieve the votes of those who you beat out. Or, at the very least, you must make yourself the lesser of two evils to recieve the 1 million.

    People confuse Survivor with other "Reality" tv shows when they shouldn't. The "Reality" (and enjoyment) of Survivor isn't seeing people out in the wilderness (as you might be led to believe), but really the people, and their quest for the money decides who wins. The game is about the social aspect, the wilderness setting (which at times can get trumped up, but oh well) is just a backdrop that can bring out the best and worst in people - more than one person has been voted out for not helping out around camp.

    In my opinion, Survivor is the ultimate game show. You don't win by just answering quiz questions, you don't win by getting luckly, you win by being social and making the right moves at the right time (and okay, a little luck never hurts).
  • Wheee!!!! SURVIVOR IS THE BEST!!!!

    Wheee! Survivor! It\\\'s probably, no, THE BEST SHOW EVER!! I just wish the age limit would lower a bit... What if I never get to play because when I turn 21, there won't be no Survivor anymore? Well, I Know I'll be watching and TiVo-ing all the episodes! Muahahah! Hehe!
  • Survivor is one of the best shows on TV. It's part of history!!

    Survivor started in May of 2000, and took america by storm. It's watched by over 20 million viewers a week. I hope that this show last long, or at least until i turn 21 and go on it. I watch this show every week! I hope that they bring more seasons on dvd.
  • cool & Basic survival skills

    its a great show & how to survive on an island Without Food & water How To find food Build your own shelter know about island life & The People & Race & Culture its battle of The sexes man & woman get to know new friends and 1 Castaway & Who Will Be The ultimate survivor
  • The best reality show of all times. HANDS DOWN!

    This show broke the mold for reality tv and has not look back. Survivor is a show that perfectly pictures mankind. Everyone lies, Everyone is scandalus in some way and that is what the game is all about. The only bad thing about being a castaway is that you know these things are coming, so it makes it even hard to beleve anyone in the begining of the game. That is the beauty of survivor.
  • Why is this still on?

    Why? Why is this show still on?

    It was mildly entertaining for the first two seasons. Now its just plain boring. Things havent changed all that much and it seems to be less real and more staged than ever.

    The reality tv fad has got to end soon, or atleast come up with good ideas for new shows, like 30 days, and get old crappy shows like Survivor off the air.
  • Sixteen (or possibly eighteen or even twenty) people are marooned in a remote location, where every three days one of them is voted out of the group. Can they survive the elements of being stripped of luxury? More importantly, can they survive one another

    Survivor was the first of it's kind, and a show that began the enslaught of reality television (whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, I'm not quite sure). It's jazzy and cool premise caught the eye of many occasional viewers, and hooked everybody in for it's first season where Richard Hatch took the crown. Five years later, Survivor is still going strong, on top of the ratings, and though it's sizzle has become a mere smoky feeling, Survivor is still one of the most watched and known shows around. It's arguable that Survivor has past it's prime (and it might be true), but regardless, Survivor is still an awesome week-to-week show that will (hopefully) have more seasons of enjoyment to come!
  • UHHHH wow

    My best friend Survivor we meet again I think that the show is awsome !!!!!!!!! stranding 16-20 people on an island it is a really cool idea. To cancell this show now would be HORRID its the only thing CBS has going for them now that every body loves RAMONd is gone but thats just my POV
  • Ten seasons, Nine loctions, Ten ultimate Survivors! (Excluding Rupert)

    Five years and ten seasons has had many changes to the format but the game stayed the same. OUTWIT, OUTPLAY AND OUTLAST! Twists and turns make the show interesting, but for all that to work, the people make the show what it is. Some we love, others we love to hate.
  • Unlike most reality shows, this show ACTUALLY delivers something entirely new each season but still keeps it's orignal format intact.

    What is there to say about 'Survivor'?

    It is hands down still the best reality show out there. Each season brings something completely new.

    What's also amazing is that it's impossible to predict the outcome of the show. Who the hell knew that Richard was going to with the first season? Who the hell knew Lill was going to make the final 2 in Pearl Islands? Who the hell knew Ulong would loose every single immunity challenge in Palau?

    With the exception of Vanuatu (which was incredibly boring), this show is always exciting and a must see for all reality-tv viewers.
  • Good concept plus top notch editing

    10 seasons and still loving it!

    What I like about this show is seeing how people interact under not so comfortbale situations. I also like the challenges and tribal council drama. However not all seasons are good, my personal favorites are Pearl islands and Palau and my least like will be the All stars
  • It was really good in the begining but enough is enough!

    I don't know what happened but after Survior All-Star it went downhill fast.
    Survivor Vanuatu was so boring and I only needed to watch a few episodes of Palau to know that this show was dead to me
    My all time favorites were Australia, Marquesas and Amazon.
    But the ones I hated outweigh the ones I did like
    for example: Survivor ...... Africa, Thailand, Vanuatu and Palau
    And the ones I hated made more of a mark then the ones I did like

    But to be simple this show is past it's prime, in my opinion this show is way too repetetive and
    the twist and turns, most of the time, are predictable. I can't believe CBS keeps on renewing this show.
    Honest to God I'd rather see another CSI.

    I can't wait for this cheap reality show era to end.

    Enough is Enough, Time to bury the casket
  • If you seen one episode you've seen them all...

    I actually liked the first season back when. Watched most of the season and half the second but come on already put it out of its misery already. It probably might have been a bigger hit if not for the barrage of reality shows that it spawned. The only thing still going for it at least they don't have to eat maggots on a regular basis just to stay on the show...
  • Survivor is, in my opinion, the best show that has ever been aired in tv history. Everybody should keep watching.

    Each season has something new and the people are always great. With all of the places Survivor can go and all of the great people there are in the world, Survivor should be on for very long. I think it will, too. The Real World has never been this popular and it has been on for over a decade. Hopefully, Survivor will follow these footsteps.
  • Total waste of time, money, and resources.

    Thank god for a show like the Joe Schmo show that Spike put out to parody this kind of crap. Survivor was the beginning of the worst thing to happen to Television... 'Reality' TV, yes, reality, in quotes. I mean, how much more real could it be? Wasn't there a show called the 'Real World' that supposedly captured the same stupidity? Survivor is just a game show, with the added luxury of being in a strange place. Nothing wonderful here, but a lame game show.
  • How long till Survivor come's on?

    That's a question I ask myself often. During the seasons, I'm always figuring out how many day and hours till the next ep.

    During the off-season, I'm literally counting the days till the new season comes on.

    This show is great to watch, interesting to talk about, and just overall a cool show.

  • Survivor is a pretty good show. While not the best reality show out there, I never miss an episode.

    Survivor: Pearl Islands is the first Survivor I saw and since then I've been hooked. I even bought the first and second season DVDs (the first season sucked but the second season rocks). Survivor is definitely not my favorite reality show. The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, Wickedly Perfect, and The Scholar quickly come to mind as reality shows I enjoy more than it. But it is still definitely worth watching. I don't care for Jeff Probst that much (especially since I heard that he's dating a woman half his age). I find it disgusting that they cast such "beautiful" people. That's not reality. Men don't all have bulging biceps and women don't all have perfect tans. But there always are a few likeable people and they make the show worth watching. I absolutely hate the disgusting food-eating tasks and I think they should eliminate those from the show. Overall, Survivor is a good show that I enjoy watching.
  • Great Show.

    Survivor is a great show. You get to watch people fight each other to win money. I mean they're stuck on that island for a month or two and for what? A few thousand dollars? But what about the people who get to the final four and then three of them lose and go home with what? A very interesting experience? A few new friends? Enemies? Everyone is just sitting at home watching these poor saps battle it out and laugh at them knowing that they are going to get voted off because they weren't friends with the right people. The tribe has spoken!
  • Richard, Tina, Ethan, Vecepia, Brian, Jenna, Sandra, Amber, Chris and Tom are all millionaires thanks to a little show called Survivor. This is their story, along with many other colorful characters that made this show the success that it is.

    In the Summer of 2000, America witnessed a bold and daring leap into the new era of television. \"Survivor\" is the show that lead the way, not only did it lead the way but it also demanded the attention of the viewing audience by captivating viewers with real people in a real situation.

    Now five years, ten seasons, and one-hundred and fifty castaways later, \"Survivor\" still remains one of the most watched shows in primetime. Such tenure of the reality genre certainly requires a minimal respect among it\'s critics.
  • An God-awful, unbearable crapfest!

    At first it was 'bearable' but lately it's all about pringles and home hardware. It's not as much a reality show as it is paid advertising. If you ever watch it, just look in the background, sponsors, sponsors, sponsers. Once I tuned in for about fifty seconds and they were competing for beer. Also - if you'd ever read a interview with any of the 'cast,' you should know the whole thing is a terrible scam! Don't bother yourself by watching this. And for those who like Survivor, I pity you.
  • Survivor is the granddaddy of reality T.V. Started in Summer 2000, this show intended to show the lives of 16 Americans forced to live with nature and each other captivated the hearts and minds of its audience...

    Sure, there were shows before it. Real World, Road Rules, etc. But when Survivor debuted in Summer of 2000, everyone was watching. And I mean everyone.

    About 50 million people watched Richard Hatch become the first winner of Survivor, and 9 seasons later, Survivor is still a top 5 show. We've seen people fall in fires, lose all their food, alliances flip flop, friendships bond and then break. Heck, we've even seen a small-screen romance and a dude lie about his grandmother dying!

    No matter what season is on, you can guarantee that something's going to happen that you've never seen before. The game has evolved from the simple survival/social game it was in Borneo to a complex, multi-faceted game full of shifting alliances and constant twists that keep the game fresh and innovative. In Palau, we saw a game start with 2 people being automatically eliminated, and we saw the complete domination of a whole tribe. You can say that Survivor has "jumped the shark", that it's become dull and predictable, but if you do, then you probably aren't a true fan.

    When the dust settles, Survivor is the best of the best in not only all of reality television, but just plain television.
  • I'm so tired of Survivor!

    I am so tired of Survivor. Sure for the first couple seasons it was somewhat interesting to watch. It was the show that started the whole reality tv thing (is that a good thing?). Now it is just kind of getting annoying. Everything is pretty much expected now and there aren't any huge shockers that come about. I think if they can get some new ideas for this show it might be interesting again but otherwise I'm tired of it.
  • This should end fashionably.

    This show has gotten old. It was fantastic the first couple of seasons but now it quit while its ahead. The show does the same routine over and over and I think its time to either freshin' it up or have one more great idea and then end it. It gets too old watching them fight on the beach over the same things and same issues.
  • Awesome and Addictive show

    This show is soooo addictive! At first I had no desire to watch it but after deciding to check out one show during the first season I haven't missed an episode! I think that survivor has been kidda criticized or not liked because people are sick of similar reality shows that have sprung up since survivor which is sad because survivor was the original!
  • What would I be without Survivor? -read if you never seen survivor-

    Survivor is one of the best shows ever made. More commonly known as the granddaddy of reality television, it most certainly is.

    But just remember that it's not for everybody.

    If you enjoy seeing strategy, mental and physical challenges, and everything in between. Survivor is the show for you.

    With 10 seasons and going strong, the most recent is probably one of my favorite, Survivor shows no signs of stopping. With the endless amount of exotic locations Survivor is a great, great, great show. Check it out when it premiers again in Guatamala this September (2005), give it a chance if you've never seen it. You might just like it.
  • Does Tom deserve to win?

    At the very beginning I was hoping for Tom to win. But after seeing how he got there, I just don't know if he deserves it. Unlike Tina and Amber whom I don't think should have won, there's no question that Tom really worked for it. But I believe that every one should go to tribal council when the group is seperated into two tribes. Now Tom and his tribe only went once and it was because both tribes had to go. If his tribe had lost one immunity challenge maybe I would consider him to be a deserving winner.
  • I absolutely LOVE this show!!!

    I Am looking forward to watching it from the beginning of Season 1. I never thought I would get the chance to rewatch them knowing who one.
    My favorite season I think is the All-Star one and the one in Pearl Islands. I really loved Rupert. He was so big that you couldn't help but think that he might be the first one to go. Way to go Rupert!
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