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  • Stupid

    Please take this stupid show off the air and replace it with something good!!!!!
  • Sucks!

    This is just the stupidest series I have ever seen.

    Especially if you are a person who thinks too much, you can make the show seem pointless all on your own.

    All this show is about sending some people to an island and making them survive. But if you are one who thinks too much, you would realise there are atleast 7 camera men, producers, writters, etc. in that show, even though they may not show or discuss it. And where do you think they live and sleep? The producers and writters definetly don't sleep with the cast, no...but they do have a boat or there is a small village near by.
  • I can think of other shows way better than this one!some of these people have nice paying jobs and they are getting stressed out about THIS experience?

    I think that the contestants need to grow up. And if they can't say anything nice about each other then do say it to their face. Last few episodes ago, the 4th grade principle said that she can't take that kind of drama. My first thought was "what kind of school do you work at?" because i can not think of one school wether it is grade, middle, or high school that does not have its drama if not with the students themselves then with the parents. Like i said in the summary people have a good paying job so why are you in here if you don't like the people? You can go to your original work and get the people that annoy you and guess what you don't have to worry about getting some kind of a disease!! *is shocked*
  • Oh, puleeeeese.

    Survivor represents the kind of back-knifeing garbage
    behavior you find in virtually every corporate environment and helps to foster and endorse it. It's the main reason why I threw over a 15 year carreer in contract engineering and drove a cab for over ten years and never looked back once. The fact that this show has become so popular in recent times is, I think, an accurate representation of what we all have become as a society...and this is to me at least, sad beyond words. There's still a touch of the radical in my soul after all these years, and if there was an episode where a contestant that was back-knifed off the island or where ever that retrived a uzi previously smuggled onto the location and used it to machine gun his fellow contestants, and jam the barrel up the nose of the master of ceremonies and grab the million dollar prize and disappear like D.B. Cooper, I'd watch that one and cheer my head off!
  • a bunch of people on a island complaining

    I cant stand it any longer how many more of these survior things can they do I really am sick of it every year they have a new one its always in the same place like some island or jungle and the challenges arnt even clever and this isnt really dangerous these people arnt really tring to survive people are there constantly so if anything does go on its no big deal it bothers me that the show goes to such lengths to be repettive a person gets voted off everyweek and the drama the people promote on the island is so lame drawn out alot of the times you can tell that there just acting for the cameras
  • This show to me is like a bad car wreck, just can't look away.

    I love Survivor when it first started. Now, I don't know, is it just me or do they seem to spoil them too much now. I mean they are no longer 'STARVING', or starting with absolutly nothing. Remeber season 1, those people started with ZILCH. No food, no water, no fire, no machette, just the clothes on their back. Now..........well hell, just give them a key to a hut. Come on, get back to basics. I still love the show, and I will continue to watch it, but I do miss how it was originally. Though I guess everything gets changed. Oh well, happy watching
  • I just want to show these guys how to win survivor.

    #1. stay under the radar and get along well with your peers in the beginning.
    #2. Before you get on the show train like a madman in stamina, strength training and brain teezers so that when its time to play for individual immunity you can win every time.
    #3. Make sure you are well liked through the entire process so that you ultimately win the million. Finally: Put me on the show this summer, I did a casting call in Nampa, Idaho. I guarantee I will win it all. I have 8 years of Military experience. I am fit and inteligent. I am likable and will raise your ratings.
  • let's change the game

    survivor should be survivor not a around figuring who you can use for your survival have a new them all off it would be every body for them build shelter to getting food.... there will be no more sharing if you don't want away with the them people don't do anything but lay around because of their challenge would be won by just 1 is the only person that would get others would have to stick their hand in a bag and draw out a colored white one is the person that would get voted one that won would not have to worry about would also get a map that would lead him to some sort of treasure weather it is a hamburger with fries and a coke or fishing pole with can share of use it for his own has become a resort survivor the show back to the first the age thing sucks half them people on there have no clue as how to do would show off every ones is SURVIVOR not a vacation with 1,000,000 at stake for who kissed who's butt
  • Please!

    There is an extreme outside chance that if they set this show in a seriously tough location like say, the high arctic, that there might be some merit to its titular claim and its spin about "abandoning" ordinary "Joe's" to the world's harshest conditions.
    It strikes me that these ordinary "Joe's" come from the same place as "Joe the Plumber", and are about as real.
    I might, though its not likely, tune into a show that forced participants to work together for the survival of the whole; where in the end instead of money they got...oh, I don't live??!! You know, kind of like...what do we call it? Oh yah..."reality"!
  • Was my favorite show - years ago - when it was real!

    Survivor was a great show in the beginning. Over the years it has become just another soap opera set on an island. Have not the slightest interest in watching anymore.
  • this show is still on?

    honestly I can't believe this show is still running. I mean who watches it? The sad thing is I know who watches it, it's all those people who are way behind in terms of tv. Lets be clear, Survivor was a show that all the teens and twentysomethings watched when it first came around (think seasons 1-3) and then stopped watching becuase of the repetitive nature of the show. It was popular, and it was common talk the day after, but it could only go so far. Then all the parents of the first wave of viewers started watching the show when they were the ones to tal their kids "why are you watching that crap?" All I can say is at least the younger generation stopped watching at the 3rd season while the older is still watching in the 17th. please get a life.
  • the final 9 onwards will be interesting and exciting, bold moves, broken alliance that we thought would never happen, and crazy stuff at tribal council

    recap episode 11 only this week coz two castaways quit back to back episode, instead of being boring, they edit it to make it something exciting to watch also after a castaway quit, that castaway had or has found an idol gave it to one of his/her unlikely alliance if you want the spoiler then here it is-- same source that leakead the winner last year and order of boot...

    sash, very smart player we will see bold moves soon and crazy tribals that would keep us on the edge of out seat... must watch! this season is as good as previous one
  • A show about 16 competitors playing in a reality gameshow, playing for a big prize, they are first with a tribe, then go solo later in the game. Great show!

    I really like this show because it is fun to watch and fun to see how the competitors react to the unexpected surprises and twists in the show. Those twists make the show a great show. I hope they never stop making the show, they should keep making new seasons until no one applys for the show, which proves my point because people would kill to be on the show and I know several people who apply for the show every year but don't make it, along with millions of other americans, so they should keep the show going to keep America happy!
  • An embarrassing show that makes Americans look like whiny idiots.

    This is perhaps one of the worst shows ever made for television. First, these "survivors" are not anything remotely close to what a true survivor would be. Someone who actually would be worried about finding food or finding shelter wouldn't be sitting around on logs whining about how they got their feelings hurt. And these stupid little "games" they play where people are eliminated. How does this have anything to do with "surviving?" Just becuase the show takes place on a tropical island doesn't mean they couldn't film the same show in downtown Los Angeles. Just throw them all in a giant sandbox and let them whine there.
  • I've just cracked the code about Survivor

    After watching Blood vs Water and Cagayan,I noticed a surprising thing,and no,it's not the snakes and spiders are real. It's always the bad guy that wins. And I mean literally win the million. Blood vs Water, every time I watch the vote and Tyson isn't voted out,I point my middle finger at him and tell him to suck a dick. But in Cagayan,I didn't care much,even though Tony won. See,they let the villains win,so they can talk their ass off so they win. Even my cousin agrees the show is rigged. A good format,but a secret idea that makes me think twice when a new season comes out.
  • Ace is out and so is Dan. Their mouths costed it.

    Who could've thought that some terrible pin-up model would be the most powerful person in the game. She hardly does anything. Kota kept on winning challenge after challenge. For once Bob cried. IT was sweet. Dan keeps running his mouth around camp about not wanting to go home. If he didn't speak up about it being conscious and all, he would've stayed. Suddenly Sugar is back in Exile Island, eating fruit and not doing anything. She gets strength and doesn't do anything at challenges. Marcus wins the barrel challenge and then he gives immunity to the bad Sugar and Ace is gone. Susie rubs Corinne the wrong way and Dan is gone.
  • I used to love this I don't like it that much!

    I used to love Survivor!!! I wouldn't ever miss an episode. Now, I don't like it that much. I think the show has lost it's touch or something. I guess after watching it for many seasons it gets boring. I loved the first 7 seasons. I loved the Australian Outback, Marquesa, Pearl Islands, and All Stars. Those were my favorite seasons. But after the 7th season, I stopped watching. It just isnt interesting to watch anymore. They need to do something to make the show more interesting. It gets boring watching the same thing over and over. The show needs fine-tuning!
  • Survivor Fan Site

    I started a Survivor fan site @ . There's a members area where you can create your own groups and forums, communicate with other survivor fans on topics and strategy. You can even get a free survivor blog, where you can blog about everything survivor. It's all free and I would love to get as many survivor fans as possible discussing our favorite game. check us out if you have time.
  • Finally the right winner is elected after 3 seasons.

    Tony was lucky to win I'll say from the start. But for Spencer and Woo he could have lost it all.

    He was lucky.

    But compared to the other people he deserved to win hands down.

    He worked more than everyone.
  • A Different kind of Survivor

    Instead of having a group of individuals, you could try something I think is new. Do Survivor couples. It adds a different element to the show. The dynamic of the couples getting along or not and then the others in the group liking or not, two people instead of one.

    I like the show and think it would be cool to try and do one, but I wanted to add my idea to the mix. :)
  • I am a true fan to the core but sadly last season left me a little disappointed!

    Let me start by saying that in all 13 Seasons of Survivor, I have only missed one episode. It use to be that this was the only show I could not miss but surprisingly I found that this was not the case for Season 13. I still watched every episode but PVRd most and did not watch them till weeks after they aired. Although, I must admit, it did pick-up towards the end and I found myself hooked yet again. Hopefully Season 14 won't be such a let down. I will give it another chance but it may be that this show has passed its prime and I feel it may be time for it to end.
  • a show about people thrown onto a country in asia or africa and that they compete in challenges and survivie by themselves for 1000000$.

    This season is definetly the best! i loved this show ever since i was little. i was on the show on season 3 with my dad in a special segment that featured survivor artwork that my dad drew. My dad's friend is Lex from 2 of the seasons. My favorite contestant this season is sugar! im very happy that randy finally left! he deserved to go home! i was amazed when bob gave randy that fake immunity idol! corrine is also a freak and so is crystal a little. I love this show and i tune into it every week!
  • this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns

    this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns it is a fun show to watch and they are sure to pick people to be on that will make the show very entertaining, recently the seadons had been kinda boring but the last season was one of the best seasons yet tying with the pearl island season i just kinda wish this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns this is the best reality show on television its very enteraing and combineses the best of brains ves brawns
  • hello my name is Owen Stordy. I come from Canada, BC. I am 19 years of age, and would like to suggest an option for your gameshow.

    Every survivor episode has been pretty close to the same. The show really needs a new spark to it, dont get me wrong i still love it. But there is nothing wrong with a little change, if you ask me. So, my idea that i am presenting is an all young adult survivor. Canadians Vs. Americans, the all time showdown. I have drempt about being on the show but there is only one problem. Im not american... its time to expand. I know for a fact that the show is very popular here in canada, and should be addressed. Please send me an email and let me know what you think of the idea. Thank you very much! Owen Stordy.
  • A group of Americans, and Jeff Probst are sent to different foreign countries to compete in challenges for $1 million. The competitors are split up into two teams with weird names, and different colors. Only one person will be left standing, and win.

    I think Survivor is the best reality show in the whole entire world! I love how people are eliminated and one can survive. I love to pick out my favorite characters and see if he/she makes it to the finals. I love the finales they are always so dramatic, and exciting. I think Jeff Probst is a great host, and is the best choice for a show like Survivor. I love the new season: Survivor: Tocantine, it is so awesome! I hope the show stays around for a very long time. In the end Survivor is the best show in history!
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  • If this keeps up I'm gone, and it's not only me saying this!

    I hate this blood vs water shows it's to overly emotional with husband &wife, moms & daughters, ect, their emotion just goes on and on, it's just to mushy, all the crying, hugging . I like it with all different faces with all their personalities clashing with each other, making new friends, challenges were fun to watch. Please no more family members competing with each other, or bringing the same old people back over and over again we want different.
  • survior 0

    This show needs new players why do the not the same ones over and over they should have players that have never been on there i wont be watching till they do
  • Why is this show still on??? Somebody please explain it to me...

    Ok, now this is getting rediculous! What else could they possibly do to make this show more interesting?! I am truly embarrassed that I watched even the first three series, and I am even more humiliated that our society supports this nonsense! Put an end to this rediculous reality show and come up with something more original! PLEASE!!!
  • A bunch of people doing totally crazy stuff for money? Pass.

    Okay, this show shows just how far people go for money. The media have seriously lost their mind. I mean, a group of people getting down one another throats during tight competition, voting people off maybe because they don't like them? Grrrrrrr. This is just a cheap way to make a TV show. To show people suffering stupid things for money and then putting it on tv. Its just as bad as fear factor, its the same thing, only they have expanded it past a point. I mean, they've been showing people suffer for money for how many years now? Cancel this show please.
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