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  • Love the show

    Sorry for his medical problems but sure am glad Colton is GONE
  • Returning users

    Please do not allow Colton to return. He was extremely racist and very cruel.
  • one problem

    One real problem I had with the reunion show... prior to this, if you quit the game you weren't invited back to the reunion. But this season, Colton, who quit... and who Jeff suggested faked his injury the first time he left, was invited back on the show. When he left this season Jeff Probst made it pretty obvious that the appendicitis wasn't real and that this was Colton leaving a second time? So how does he rate an invite back? Was it the only way to get Caleb back?? Did Probst say something he shouldn't have about the first "medical evacuation? Or did they simply not want it to look like they didn't invite back part of the only homosexual couple in the show??

    whatever the reason, I didn't think he deserved to be there.
  • This was once a good show, now it's just garbage

    Hmmm. a lot to say about this show surely!

    It was once good but now it just deserves to be canceled or something because each new season is worse than the one before, WHY BOTHER???!!! This new series 'Survivor: China' you already know it's going to suck, we can just tell.

    THe show was good up until Panama: Exile island, that was the last good one, the ones after that were stupid, silly, dull and boring, so was Guatamala. I mean what is this show a joke? What is wrong with the producers? Where has the old Survivor gone to? Timbuktoo...??? There were only a couple of seasons I enjoyed anyway: Marquesas, Pearl Islands, Vanuatu and Palau. The rest were a load of rubbish, silly, stupid and boring. So long Survivor, namaste and baaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd luck............... Hahahahaha. Seriously, It makes me upset watching shows that were really good and then be thrown in the fire like a piece of trash! I already wrote a review like this on 'American Idol' this is exactly the same.
  • Get Back To The Original Survivor!

    I have to agree with a lot of people saying that survivor is getting stale. In my honest opinion it is because the show keeps bringing people back to play again. When Survivor first started airing I looked forward to seeing the next cast of new characters. Then, they started bringing people back to compete again. The ultimate goal is to win the 1 million dollar prize. So, why are you bringing people back who have already won? Give others a chance. Keep the show fresh with new faces. It seems now all you want is drama. Example, "Co_ton the Quitter" should have never been allowed back. There are millions of people who genuinely want to play, so let them. Let's bring back the "Survivor" people really fell in love with!
  • last episode for me

    The remaining cast sucks....especially that obnoxious, fat Alicia
  • Done with Survivor!

    This has got to be the WORST Survivor ever!! We have been watching since the beginning but we've had ENOUGH due to Colton. He is the most OBNOXIOUS person! He seems to get way too much air time. We will not be watching anymore episodes this season.
  • To a few reviewers below me ...

    Why are people still crying about Survivor bringing back returning players? Agreed, they used to do it often, but you do realize that 3 of the last 5 seasons were all new players, don't you? Including the last 2 seasons. And that in 29 seasons, only twice has there ever been a full blown all stars season. You need to quit recycling the same complaints, and stop being a sheep in regards to just voicing others' opinions.

    People had those opinions years ago, when Survivor actually WAS bringing back returning players at an alarming rate. They no longer are, so it's time to grasp that fact because your argument is no longer valid.

    Breaking down the numbers alone, the last 9 seasons, 168 people have played. Only 27 were returning players, 141 were new. And 20 of those 27 returning players were in 2 seasons alone. Which means that only 7 returning players have competed in the other 7 seasons.

    So the "over and over" point, and the "sick and tired of watching old players" point, is pretty silly. Plus, why threaten to quit watching. Just quit. I enjoy whatever format they use. I prefer new players, and I think the majority of fans do as well. That's been reflective in the ratings the last 5 seasons, and in the shows willingness to start doing seasons of all new players again.
  • Challenges

    I am a huge Survivor fan. However, it would be nice to see some different challenges and the puzzel are so getting old too. Change it up! So many more things they could do to make it fun and interesting. I think they should do away with the immunity idols. Also I think in a Survivor situation you have to be smart as well as strong. Make them use their Brains, Let's see who has the knowledge to Survive.
  • The best looking season yet with HD video and widescreen aspect-ratio. The Dummiest tribe yet in all the seasons, I've not seen more dummer tribe yet with 3 mom's and the first out is the strongest in the tribe! One wouldn't want to be at the MOM T

    It is hard to get better season than the last one. With Fans and Favorites, all those blindsights, it was fun to watch. Survivor Cabon in other hand is the best looking survivor yet. With nice HD quality video and widescreen aspect-ratio. One can now really admire the beauty of the wild. The landscapes in Survivor Cabon, which subtitle is earth's last eden is spectacular. It is very clear after the first screen, that the land hasn't been touched much. And in this globalized world, those places are hard to find.

    Although Cabon is one beautiful place. I can only wonder where they found the people to the other tribe, the MOM tribe.. When Jeff gives you privilege to choose any gender, which doesn't happen often and the other tribe chooses only middle age women or elderly at first.. I could only laugh and then they vote their strongest out. Bunch of idiots. It is quite obvious how the start of the season will turn out, when tribes are like night and day!

    But anyway the survivor is the best, can't wait for the next episode! =)
  • Richard, Tina, Ethan, Vecepia, Brian, Jenna, Sandra, Amber, Chris and Tom are all millionaires thanks to a little show called Survivor. This is their story, along with many other colorful characters that made this show the success that it is.

    In the Summer of 2000, America witnessed a bold and daring leap into the new era of television. \"Survivor\" is the show that lead the way, not only did it lead the way but it also demanded the attention of the viewing audience by captivating viewers with real people in a real situation.

    Now five years, ten seasons, and one-hundred and fifty castaways later, \"Survivor\" still remains one of the most watched shows in primetime. Such tenure of the reality genre certainly requires a minimal respect among it\'s critics.
  • More real for home viewers

    Not a review but a suggestion, during each episode display the temperature on screen so we are aware of what they are experiencing. In blood vs. water it didn't realize they were playing in 110 degree temperature humidity level would be good too
  • survivor 2014

    So disappointed. My family and I were "into" Survivor, but ultimately now realize it is not about those who truly should win. It is about deceit, manipulation, disrespect, disloyalty, corruptness, etc. We wanted it to be a game of smarts, loyalty, respect, fairness, and smart strategy (not "no-good strategy). Tony is of no character whatsoever. Watching him, we abhored him. Actually, he made us dislike "cops" if that is how they play the game, which is probably how they do it. Manipulation; fabrication; lying. It is disheartening to view this with family as a healthy medium. In this last contest, we rooted for Spencer or Tasha. They were smart and showed character and integrity. Plus Tasha won so many immunities. Rather it is a game about how people can use and manipulate others. That is not what survivor should be about? What is this world coming to when this is what is viewed as "winners"? Tony a winner? Really? We found him to be the most vile a characters. He used people; deceived people; vowed on his father's grave. Please... is this the message we want to sent our young people? We are back to the Roman forums. I am so dismayed as to where TV is going. Even though we were disappointed in Wu, at least we thought he showed some form of character. Survivor will no longer be on our family watch agenda, although we know it will continue to be popular since this is the state of where our morals and aspirations seem to be. As a teacher for over 35 years, I find it appalling that people would consider the "winner" to be one who lied, cheated, disrespected, manipulated, badgered, etc. Enough said.
  • Enough already!!!

    Am I the only one who is sick and tired of watching old contestants over and over again? I swore during the last one that if they continued to do it I would stop watching, and I will. And i think there is something wrong with the format when swearing on the life on your children that your are telling the truth when you are lying to someone's face is ultimately rewarded. I thought that was the lesson of Russell. You could only go so far without some attempt at honesty. Tony's win has changed that dynamic as well, making the show lacking in moral tension. I used to love this show, but I feel like I'm watching reruns. Enough already! Bring in some new blood!
  • Last show i will watch this season

    I have watched every survivor since the first one and have watched EVERY episode. Tonight is the last night I will watch this show, since troy was voted out. I cannot stand any of the people that are left.. This has been the worst survivor ever, except when that obnoxious Colton left. I have never seen so much disrespect, in my life. These women are the most hateful, distasteful and conniving bitches I have ever seen. People seem to have forgotten how the Kinky headed one belittled Christina, along with that queer Colton. I realize the show is outwit and outlast, but these people give it a complete new meaning. I did not write this for any comments, only to let CBS know how i feel. I really feel sad.
  • I don't watch reality shows and this plot is done so much better on Lost which has drama and characters I care about not stupid people paid to act like idiots seriously if I wanted to watch this crap I would watch American Idol which I also hate

    Well I'd say my summary sums up what I think of this and other reality shows they are pure trash and I wish people would wise up and stop watching them. I don't care for reality I'd rather lose myself in a fantasy world populated by demons, spies, vampires, vampire spies, vampire cops, lol umm you get the idea. People need to watch more drama and less reality yes I know due to the strike there's little on these days but that's the beauty of movies you don't have to watch reality tv pop a movie in and flip your tv to a black screen. Or you could always *horrors* read something. Or catch up on old shows this can be done alot easier if you have cable as they rerun things all the time. Just try to stay away from mindless garbage like this and American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and any other reality/game shows out there the only one that really makes you think are the quiz shows like Jeopardy
  • Where did Survivor Jump the Shark?

    There are so many moments its hard to pick one.

    Actually I havent watched it much since Series 3 because eventually it was like, I really dont care who wins - they are all a bunch of self centered egotistical sociopaths who lie, cheat and screw you over . Though I still couldnt help laughing when I found out one the new contestants was named Candace Wooodcock - a woman with a name like that has to be tough as nails.

    If they want me back there would have to be risk of death! Add events like actual Shark Jumping, Stringray Wrestling, Polar Bear hunt, fight the Smoke Monster, successfully raid the Others Camp and bring back the head of Ben! Oh wait, wrong show. LOL!
  • May the best man/or woman win...does not apply to this show!

    I used to watch this show religiously. After watching the person who allied with a dominant teammate fly under the radar and win almost every time I lost interest. Several times the winner was not the person who outwitted and outplayed the others. Instead it was the person who made an alliance with the person who outplayed and outwitted the others. The person who did all the "playing" of the game usually got second. An example of this is Rob and Amber. NOBODY before in the game of Survivor had come close to playing as well as Rob(whether you like him or not) did, yet Amber still won. Again and Again this happened, because the people who are in the jury are not judging based on who has "outwitted", "outplayed" and "outlasted" the others. They are judging based on "who hurt their feelings" which should be saved for an appointment with "Dr Phil" and not used as a factor to determine who played the game better them. Anyway, this being said I do not know why this show still has so many faithful viewers?
  • Never before have i written a review

    So typically I would never take the time to make an account and write a review on a tv show but in this case it feels like it needs to be done. Last year I said I would never watch it again after an incredibly dissapointing ending. I agree with the person under my review cotton is insanely obnoxious and also the whole shows format is old and annoying in my opinion. If there does happen to be another season which I strongly hope there is not at least try to get interesting people ... (such as ozzy ) and have only people who know how to play both aspects of the game physically and strategically .
  • a horrible reality show, completly dried up

    survivor is the worst reality show ever. im writing this review because im terribly sick of it being on tv. whenever they annouced that they would divide the teams up by race. i was furious. how desperate did they have to be for ratings that they would make a stupid move like that. survivor was decent in its first season, but its going downhill really fast. they have completly ran out of ideas for this sad and sorry show that they have to rely on stupid ideas. im begging everybody to not tune in to the next season so we can get this horrid show off the air.
  • Love Survivor, BUT

    I am very disappointed that Survivor executives allowed Missy to continue to stay in the game and not do challenges. If a player cannot participate in the challenges, they need to lkeave the game. I have watched every show, every season since Season 1.
  • If I were not a believer in Creationism & Intelligent Design, I would say that Darwin looked in to the future and saw Survivor.

    This show, IMO, has to be the greatest psychological & sociological show in history. It is so interesting to me to watch how the "pack" will turn on the weakest, yet as individuals, they will team up to turn on the strongest. If I were not a believer in Creationism & Intelligent Design, I would say that Darwin looked in to the future and saw Survivor.

    I get a laugh out of this show every week. It has shown all ends of the spectrum such as "nice guys finish last" to "what goes around comes around" to "wow, being a good guy CAN actually get you somewhere"

    I love the show, plain and simple. It is a family tradition on Thursday evenings to go to Subway for dinner, bring it home, sit in front of the TV and watch Survivor. Could I go out there and do it? Are you kidding? I can't go 1 day without deoderant...even for $1M!
  • just a show of survival.

    i dont really like this show anymore. the very first season was great but now, i dont know but it isnt as good as it once was. i cant really put my finger on it, but if anyone out there is the same way, then you understand what im saying.

    i think the producers r trying too hard after the first seasons. i dont know but thats how i feel. a n d i really dont know of ANYONE who would want to be on that show. u practically starve to death and what if u get into the final 2 and au dont win. u just spent weeks in agony without enough food. someone please explain to me y anyone wants to go through that.
  • Survivor? boring....

    Survivor seems to be getting worse and worse every year! Not to mention more boring.Why'd they have to ruin such a good show with all of these spin offs? The first season was great, but how much can its viewers take? After awhile I've just thought, haven't I seen this before? It's the same game over and over with little, tiny changes that mean nothing. I think that all of the new spins on it are just weak attempts to try and keep this dying show kicking. Well, it's not working for me. I just wish that CBS would put this show out of its misery. Its dying fast and pretty soon will just be remembered as a bad show.
  • I used to love this show but it has gotten very old and very repetitive.

    When this show first came on I was in 3rd grade and my parents and I really liked it. But now it seems like they try to do things different but nothing really changes. All its about is sex, back stabbing, and money. Know matter how hard they try to re package it, its still the same. They have the same type of people, the same basic challnges, and the same stupid host who takes himself way too seriously, all he does is host a reality show and I saw him on Oprah saying how hard his job is. Give me a break!
  • Dissent

    Wow. I can't believe I'm alone here, but I thought that was the worst Premiere ever for a Survivor. Talk about vast amounts of filler. Did we really need to see the contestants trekking through the jungle on their way to begin the show? Did we need the ersatz melodrama of introducing Stephanie and Bobby Jon? Terribly boring and pointless. Although I did appreciate the originality of the Immunity challenge, I think it was fairly obvious who was going to be gone at the end of the episode. Obviously the creators of the show don't want to appear to be discriminatory, but isn't it time something is done about the 'token' retiree contestant? Overall, that episode could have easily been edited down by half. Eeek.
  • It was really good in the begining but enough is enough!

    I don't know what happened but after Survior All-Star it went downhill fast.
    Survivor Vanuatu was so boring and I only needed to watch a few episodes of Palau to know that this show was dead to me
    My all time favorites were Australia, Marquesas and Amazon.
    But the ones I hated outweigh the ones I did like
    for example: Survivor ...... Africa, Thailand, Vanuatu and Palau
    And the ones I hated made more of a mark then the ones I did like

    But to be simple this show is past it's prime, in my opinion this show is way too repetetive and
    the twist and turns, most of the time, are predictable. I can't believe CBS keeps on renewing this show.
    Honest to God I'd rather see another CSI.

    I can't wait for this cheap reality show era to end.

    Enough is Enough, Time to bury the casket
  • Its been on too long.

    Well its just the same old format every season so i dont see why it had such a big following. This beat Whose Line is it Anyway and I cant belive this beat Whose Line in the ratings. Survivor is just dumping some retards on an island so you can watch them make asses out of themselves for money.
  • Was a big fan... that's over!!

    Where has this show gone... I agree with ember301 below. This show used to be about real smarts, clever maneuvering, building of alliances, strategy and tactics and has gone the way of totally premeditated deceit, lying, swearing on your fathers grave, wife and children and ignoring all of that and for the producers to now be promoting some life saving story for Tony the totally twisted cop with no values or moral base has all become too much. They come on your show knowing now one thing and one thing only, they must be dishonest from the start no matter what and the more they are the more likely they might win. And what another piece of fabricated / staged show business to try and make him seem better and your show through that "life saving" story and stunt as well. And you present in the reunion portion a bunch of children to further bolster your vain attempt at trying to make your show still seem like it is ethical or virtuous???? You are creating and developing some terrible role modelling for young children and audiences. Promoting the Survivor concept of openly cheating, lying, deceit, swearing on family members lives and graves with total disdain and with no regard for the effects you will be having on so many that are not even realizing what you are really pulling off, you should know better. Tony should have been eliminated episodes before last night and you should introduce some guidelines / rules for the sake of your especially younger susceptible audiences. Your show may be still getting some numbers and bringing you the almighty - no matter what $$$$$, but your obvious lack of regard for any values and terrible promoting / encouraging of such despicable behaviour should be reviewed by some higher authourity in television or media and your program should be either banned, regulated or brought back to what is once was a refreshing reality show of human survival and not some "social experiment" or "its a game" as you call it, which is just another attempt at somehow justifying your crooked and warped current production. Please think about what lessons you are bringing to the many young audiences and the effect that will have in the future. And stop bringing back people who have already been on before who clearly have an unfair advantage over others and often behave even worse than the first time. Tony should not be allowed to be a cop much less win for the way he did it. And to orchestrate a Lieutenant to be at the reunion and speak to his character and so obviously staged what are you all thinking??? He is totally undeserving of any praise or recognition and should only be seeking out professional help for what are obviously some deeply rooted mental and emotional problems to have behaved the way he did! Tony is a bully, plain and simple, something we are all actively trying identify and eliminate more in everyday society and you promote it? Your show has lost it and Jeff, you are a great guy but this is on you as well. You are an EP and seem to have some good common sense, smarts and values but to let this go on and keep promoting it as you do under the guise of being something good or amazing. Please get a reality check on yourselves. You are promoting and encouraging the lowest, meanest and basest levels of human behaviour. Its over for me and many of my friends.
  • reality show (sigh)

    I have to admit i watch the first two seasons (every single episode), but season after season the show has been the same thing after same thing, the challenges are the same as the first seasons but with a small change. I really don't understand what appeals this show to people anymore, like 90 percent of reality shows out there this one needs to go. And how could they call a show that they have to be provided with food, survivor. With this being said I would recommend anyone to watch this show or any other show like this one.
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