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  • survivor 2014

    So disappointed. My family and I were "into" Survivor, but ultimately now realize it is not about those who truly should win. It is about deceit, manipulation, disrespect, disloyalty, corruptness, etc. We wanted it to be a game of smarts, loyalty, respect, fairness, and smart strategy (not "no-good strategy). Tony is of no character whatsoever. Watching him, we abhored him. Actually, he made us dislike "cops" if that is how they play the game, which is probably how they do it. Manipulation; fabrication; lying. It is disheartening to view this with family as a healthy medium. In this last contest, we rooted for Spencer or Tasha. They were smart and showed character and integrity. Plus Tasha won so many immunities. Rather it is a game about how people can use and manipulate others. That is not what survivor should be about? What is this world coming to when this is what is viewed as "winners"? Tony a winner? Really? We found him to be the most vile a characters. He used people; deceived people; vowed on his father's grave. Please... is this the message we want to sent our young people? We are back to the Roman forums. I am so dismayed as to where TV is going. Even though we were disappointed in Wu, at least we thought he showed some form of character. Survivor will no longer be on our family watch agenda, although we know it will continue to be popular since this is the state of where our morals and aspirations seem to be. As a teacher for over 35 years, I find it appalling that people would consider the "winner" to be one who lied, cheated, disrespected, manipulated, badgered, etc. Enough said.