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  • No Longer A Great Show

    Survivor has gradually become a predictable and boring show to watch with this season being the worst season yet! It is touted as the best of the best, but should be titled the tagalongs and the bully.

    The truly great players are voted off leaving mean and under the wire players.

    Gone are the true survivor seasons where players actually had to survive, find food, make fire, build shelters, work hard, had tough challenges...

    Now it is a food, reward, and puzzle game. They eat large amounts of food, are given spices, knives, tarps, chairs, pillows, blankets, decorations, fishing spears, snorkeling gear, boats, and more. Add in helicopter rides, boat rides, spas, and showers...

    After last night's tribal, I will not watch the rest of this season. Jeff Probst should apologize to Malcolm. A gang up on one person by two tribes was awful. What did you think would happen Jeff! A weak player would be voted off!

    That won't happen!

    I used to watch it with my kids, we loved the challenges, but now it is just mean-spirited and showcases bullies and disloyalty. Who needs to watch that. Enough of that stuff in the real world to deal with.

    Sandra is a bully with her mean look on her face, her cussing, her antagonizing and threatening others, and the calling of herself Queen. She is the worst style of Survivor player. I will not watch her. Tai is the second worse with his disloyalty to a true friend and teammate. You rooted for him last time, but this season he has shown his true inner self and it is ugly.

    Very disappointed. You've lost a from the beginning Survivor fan!