Season 15 Episode 4

Ride the Workhorse Till the Tail Falls Off

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 4: Jean Robert speaks Taiwanese, and Zhan Hu votes out the wrong person.

    Usually, I can get a good idea of who's going home throughout an episode, but for the last three weeks, the tribes have voted out the people I thought were safe. This week, Dave and Sherea both prove that they are equally annoying, in very different ways. Dave remains a workhorse and continues to irritate everyone with his leader demands, while Sherea is the polar opposite, claiming she's "protecting her body for challenges" by doing zero work at camp.

    If I were on the tribe, Sherea would be gone in a heartbeat. But appearently, the group feels they can do the stuff Dave does, and votes him out. It's a weird vote, and while Dave is annoying, I thought Sherea was just as bad.

    Also, at this point, it's absolutely hilarious how the idol clues are basically telling the people where the idol is, but nobody is understanding it. I felt like Todd was looking directly at the idol, and the camera has centered on it several times, but nobody has figured it out yet.

    It was a pretty slow and uneventful week on the Fei Long side. They continue to win, and Jean-Robert ever-so-slightly makes himself more likable by interacting with the Chinese family that visits their camp. But he's still a slimeball.
  • Great reward, but bad voting strategy for Zhan Hu. Still Survivor: China is the best season ever.

    Zhan Hu won 2 challenges in a row and Dave not pulling his weight around challenges is unacceptable. Fei Long quickly gains their winning streak in one of the most unusual challenges requiring 2 people to lift a chopstick each and fireball into the wok. One of the best challenges. As for the reward, I'm so jealous. A fisherman and his family came and Jean-Robert really surprised me when he spoke Mandarin. Everyone was surprised. The food and the way how they fished was just extraoridinary. The meal looked so delicious. Even though some of the food looked weird, I would've at least eaten some of it. Sherea definitely deserved to stay and yeah, she did work at the challenges rather than Dave, but Sherea is quicker to flip. Great installment.
  • Arguments between Dave and Sherea take place and one of them is voted out

    This episode was good but it was nothing special. The fighting between Dave and Sherea could have started to get old but it kept me entertained. The whole issue of whether you should save yourself for the challenges or not has become very interesting. I enjoy seeing different people's perspectives, although it is obvious that people should try to find the happy medium. Sherea just started to annoy me in this episode and it is fun to have someone like this to route agianst. The challenges were pretty good. I loved how they incorporated fire works into it. It was interesting to see how the meal was made and I liked getting to see another side to the professional poker player. The immunity challenge was also pretty good. I liked the armor and I was really into the challenge. I was so suprised that they got rid of Dave. I don't get why they did it, It isn't like Sherea is good at challenges.
  • Dave was being an idiot and Sherea was being lazy.

    Dave was so stupid for not changing! He knew that his tribe was annoyed with him, but he kept up being crazy Dave. I guess his tribe just felt that they could get along better without him.
    This is what I find interesting, however. In the last episode, Leslie got kidnapped, and then voted out. Now Dave gets kidnapped and voted out. The tribes must be getting a sense of power, that if they kidnap someone, the chance of them getting voted out is higher. If I were them, I'd be kidnapping their strongest physical players in hopes of weakening the other tribe.
    And then there's Sherea. Boy, that girl is totally worthless, I hate her!!! Idiot. She is so lazy, she does nothing, and her tribe sees that and does nothing. But you know that unless she becomes wonderwoman and starts doing everyone elses work, that she is the next one gone.
  • I wouldn't want to get kidnapped.

    So far most people that have been kidnapped have gotten voted off. For their own reasons though. Dave was a worker, but a touch on the weird side. Now the tribe is not for the better physically, but better mentally. My vote is still for the other tribe. I like James, he's that kind of silent, scary worker guy. That tribe seems to get along better than the other. I still don't know who I want to win, just a few I don' Chelsea, she doesn't look like she would last a few more days. I'm liking the challenges a bit.
  • a 4th person is voted out.

    I thought that this was a great episode of Survivor. I thought that it was funny that Dave found someone knew to fight with and then when the other tribe kidnapped him they all thought that he was a nut case. I thought that it was great that the Red tribe won both of the callanges in this episode. I was a little disaapointed that the yellow tribe did not vote off Sherea when she did not do anything around the camp and says she is trying to save her energy for the challanges but she never seems to do that good.
  • An Owe To Past Survivor Greatness...

    A night challenege? This episode all ready had my interests a buzzing the second I began to watch the reward challenge. One of the things I missed most about Survivor was its creativity in its challeneges. Remember the big scavenger hunt at night in season 1? Or the chained up puzzle one where Keith dropped his key and Colby came back to win in Season 2. The challenges would have been far less awesome if they happened during the day. Night challeneges are such a change of what we are used to seeing and I almost with 50% of the chlleneges were done at night. That being said the reward challenege was a blast to watch. The immunity challenege was fun too. I want to meet the person who suggested that James should be on the show. Seriously? The man is a living monster who could knock the vases over just by jumping up and down. I feel I know a lot more about the yellow team then I do the red, mainly because they have the most problems and keep on losing challeneg after challenge. Red is up 6-2 now I think. James is still my frontrunner, just because hes not really on the chopping block for the next episode if red were to lose and because the man isn't human...seriously. Night challeneges and a groundbreaking elimination make this a highlight episode of this season.
  • ok episode...

    The same old thing in Survivor land: the two tribes are still facing out against each other and tackling their own intertribal problems. Dave is rubbing his tribe the wrong way. The poker player is also annoying people. The reward was food: a fisherman's family visited and showed the tribe how to fish and cook. The poker player appreanly started rambling off in the native language. It was interesting really. In the end, Dave was voted out because of his annoying personality. Overall, very average episode. Nothing really stood out that much, but it wasn't that bad. Basically, an entertaining, mediocre episode.
  • Ding Dong the Jerk is gone!

    Dave, despite being hard-working, really irked everybody with his arrogance and condescending, sexist ways. As he did rub the women the wrong way with that. And in the end, he paid for it big time by getting voted out of his tribe as really, it was the women that have had enough. The red tribe won again after losing last time. They got to enjoy a feast where the natives of China cooked them fish and veggies. When Dave was kidnapped to the other tribe, the team acted like they were more relaxed. Despite losing but was really upset at that Cecilia or however you pronounced her name, lack of work ethic. As she didn't seem to care one bit. You are a team player both in the challenges and in working around camp!
  • When your sanity is questioned by both tribes, it's not a good thing.

    From the opening moments of the series, Dave's behaviour has been erratic, to say the least, and tonight's episode showed it quite clearly.

    Rather than trying to get along with his own tribe, Dave continued to snap and fight with anyone within earshot. He gets "kidnapped" after his tribe loses the reward challenge and the other tribe quickly concludes that he's a nutcase. Given this kind of stuff, it wasn't a huge surprise to see him being voted out at the end of tonight's episode.

    All in all, a solid episode and for me, the highlight might have been the Chinese fisherman demonstrating the unique way he uses to catch fish. I'd heard of it before but never seen it until tonight..very cool!