Season 27 Episode 2

Rule In Chaos

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • Enjoying the strategy behind it!

    While I thought the whole loved one concept would break down strategy and render the season boring, it has actually added a whole new element to it. Tribes can vote people out and potentially weaken the opposing tribe by doing so.

    And a whole lot of this added strategy came through in today's episode. It was pretty fascinating to watch actually, and I loved it!

    Really happy that Marissa and Candice survived on Redemptin Island! Absolutely love Candice, and I get nothing but positive vibes from Marissa so far. But I was disappointed with the Tribal Council because Rachel was a person who could've been really interesting had she gone further. I am going to have a tough time choosing who to cheer for next week!

    My favourite remains Monica (by a mile)! She was my favourite or second vavourite pre-merge boot out of all the seasons I have watched and I love seeing her back! I'm also really loving Kat and Gervase. Nobody on Tadhana gets me excited - the only two I really liked have already been booted lol. I want to like Ciera and Katie, but I really hate their mothers over on the other tribe so I find it hard to cheer for them lol.

    I do love the alliance of five that developed on Galang, although I wish they had Kat instead of Tina. Nonetheless, things are shaping up to be interesting!