Season 13 Episode 4

Ruling the Roost

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 3: Aitu thrives, Raro dives

    Whereas last week focused on Aitu, this week, things swing over to Raro, who loses both challenges, which forces players to start aligning themselves with one another. It's another strong episode that sees players flip-flopping all over the place.

    For Raro, . ends up putting a target on his back by being lazy around camp and giving orders to people without doing anything himself. In a way, "sloth" has been the deadliest sin during this season of Survivor, as Sekou and Billy were both eliminated in previous episodes for their lack of effort.

    After Raro loses, it looks like Stephannie is going home, because of her poor showing during the fire-making section of the Immunity Challenge and she blames herself in front of everyone back at camp, all but saying she should be voted out.

    However, similar to last season, when Shane said that he wanted to go home and then quickly changed his mind, Stephannie realizes her mistake and tries to rally people around her. Since there are five women and four men, Jenny, Rebecca and Stephannie realize they can easily swing things over to their side, but in order to do that, they need Parvati, who has sided with the guys up until now. As a back-up plan, four of the girls approach Brad to see if he'll vote with them. When it comes time for Tribal Council, . is voted out, and the women gain the upper hand.

    The interesting thing is this: everyone but Nate voted for including Adam. We got no indication throughout the rest of the episode that Adam was leaning towards but that just goes to show you that the cameras can't show everything.

    With Aitu, we didn't get much. We got to see Ozzy step up his game and make himself more valuable than others in the tribe, and we got a weird scene where Cao Boi knocks over a bird's nest with a baby bird still in it. It was random, but kind of nice.

    For two consecutive weeks, we've had entertaining episodes that show underdogs scrambling to avoid being voted out. Hopefully, the show can keep things interesting.
  • Really good!

    Terrific episode of Survivor! And the first time we see Parvati colluding with a group of women ot take control of the game - something I absolutely love seein in later seasons of course!

    The blue tribe looks the stronger but the tribe lost back to back and I think they had a great choice to take out the overconfiednt and lazy JP. Good move.

    Love Rebecca a lot! She's a great player!

    The incident with the baby bird was just sad and crazy. Bizarre...

    Looking forward to more Survivor!
  • Guys are so stupid sometimes

    This ep got two of them.

    JP got blindsided, and rightfully so. He got a cocky and acted like a chauvinistic pig. And I don't really think he was that great at challenges. Ozzy just killed him in the swimming. I love it when the arrogant ones are forced to leave.

    The other guy who could use a brain-check is Nate. His trusting Parvati? Please!! Doesn't he see that she really is just a big crawling slime waiting to eat you alive? I'm sure she'll backstab him soon...
  • Cao Boi and the baby bird incident plus He never saw it coming....

    I have to address the whole incident with Cao Boi and the baby bird. When I saw this I felt so bad. I just couldn't believe that man didn't have the brains to think that maybe that bird had a baby in that nest. A big BOOOOOOO to Cao Boi who up to now had been a favorite of mine just because he was different and didn't apologize for it. What he did in this episode was just awful.

    J.P got too comfy. Laying about like a lazy a$$. He had my vote to get gone. Anyway, J.P. seemed a little bit full of himself and I didn't like him much. I didn't find any of the challenges to be that great but to see J.P. get it more than made up for it. Hope next week is a little better. I scored it a 9.3 instead of a 7.0 purely for the look on J.P.'s face when he got the boot.
  • The season is now getting in gear.

    I love the fact that J.P. got blindsided by his own tribe. Seriously, there is nothing better than seeing the uber-confident, and dare I say "cocky," get the boot but his or her tribe. J.P. thought he had the vote in his favor, but, alas, he was the one to go. On the other hand, maybe it wasn't the best move to get rid of one of your top players at such an early stage. That tribe is in trouble because if they cannot win with J.P., how can they win without him? And, you don't want to go into a merge with your tribe down in numbers.

    Overall, a good show. The season is getting better. It was good to finally see two challenges in one episode.
  • Nothing better than watching the overconfident be blindsided!

    Two of the things that always seem to get people voted off early in this show are overconfidence / arrogance and laziness. Both of which are traits shared by our Survivor voted out this week. Always great to see someone be totally blindsided by his tribe, the look on his face was priceless and was worth a couple rewinds just to see and laugh at it again. Obviously, this was not just a girl thing as he received 7 out of 9 votes, including his own. In the parting words of JP, "Damn, You guys outwitted me big time. That was pretty good.”

    The rest of the show was mostly solid with some interesting challenges; I still wonder who comes up with all these ideas. In addition, the Cao Boi incident with the baby bird still has some blogs and forums talking.
  • The women finally realize that the men are being lazy and demanding!

    I think J.P. is the worse of the men. It seems like he is the one that orders everyone around the most. It was bugging me that the men weren't doing anything and I wasn't even there.

    I can't believe that the guys thought the women weren't mad about having to do all the work. They were getting way to comfortable in their position and I'm glad the women came together and knocked them down a notch or two.

    Now on the other side ... Cao Boi's stupidity might of gotten a newborn bird killed. This was definitely a sad moment in the show. I'm glad the little bird was still alive after that fall, but most mama birds don't accept the babies after they've been touched by a human hand. I'm a little worried that maybe she abandoned her baby after that little incident. I noticed she was back on the nest when Cao Boi put it back up there so I'm hoping she accepted her baby back!

    Personally, I would of thought it was mean to take the eggs in the first place. Birds have feelings too ya know.

    I'm not saying that I'm a vegetarian or anything. I like meat just as much as the next person, but I'm not the type of person that can go out and hunt for my own food!
  • Finally the women get a clue...

    After watching season after season of survivor, finally the women go for the gut early. They voted off J.P., totally blind-sided him. I was not a big fan of his after this week but I am sad to see the only "eye-candy" go home :) Parvati's flirting wasnt as annoying this week, by god maybe she is getting the hang of it. She acts like all she does is flirt to get what she wants in life, but she really sucks at it. I was glad to see the "red" team win both challenges (sorry I can't remember the tribe names yet) They are who I am rooting for so far in the game. Ozzy is showing how much he is needed in camp, and I'm really liking Jonathan. Flicka is still an annoying mess, but I don't think she will make it too far, I hope not anyway. Pretty good episode though, I love it when someone is blind-sided at tribal. *Poor little birdie, I hope he's OK!*
  • Cao Boi is the man of the moment!

    No wonder why I am loving Cao Boi each and every second with his unorthodox ways. Raro really got overconfident and cocky as the women were working very hard with the exception of Pavarti whom I found to be lazy. While the rest of the men were being lazy. JP I never liked at all as I am beginning to like Ozzy as he is trying to change his ways like catching fish and being a strong swimmer.
  • Raro tribe members begin to notice that the men are relaxing, letting the women do all the work. Parvati, for one, claims that they need the men, but that J. P. needs to be less demanding. Raro loses an immunity challenge, and J. P. goes home.

    This episode was solid, although the tribal council had little drama. When Raro loses an immunity challenge, Stephanie showed her vulnerable side, but ultimately takes back her statement. J. P.'s demanding side causes the women to align against him and vote him out. Most pivotal in this episode, although more subtle, was the development of Cao Boi as an essential tribe member, as he singlehandedly wins an immunity challenge with his unorthodox fire-building methods. The only improvement possible to this episode would be more drama leading up to the vote, since we KNEW that J. P. was heading home after the women received enough votes!
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