Season 23 Episode 10

Running The Show

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • Although it was nice up to now, the real stuff starts with the next episode...


    Well the Redemption Island Challenge seemed difficult and somewhat made for Ozzy...The only one capable to defeat him and with the mental strength to hold it would have been only Russell.... Ozzy's confidence seems misplaced, as from the last season Redemption Island showed us even with surviving in it you can't win, because in top 4 you might loose the Immunity and go home...So I think Coach should consider this before he decides to eliminate Brandon who is one of the few capable of beating Ozzy in challenges...I was really impressed with Brandon on the Rice Bowl on the head Immunity Challenge...

    In connection with this episode, it made me realize that Cochran should go next...Yes he may get no votes in the Final, but the tricky part is he is a thinker...He's even more dangerous than Albert because Albert is starting to show his sneaky attitude, where asCochran just listens... So an adjusted list for top 3 for Coach would be Brandon and Rick as none of them would get any votes...The best possible elimination order should be Cochran, Albert, Sophie, Edna, Ozzy( presumably he wins the Redemption Island Challenges)...I know some might think Edna would be worth taking to the end but she strucks me as the strategic type who might pull a big move sooner than later.