Season 23 Episode 10

Running The Show

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • It really could not have been more obvious. (Spoilers ahead!)


    This was a good episode in some ways, but the eliminations were completely obvious and there was no real suspense there. The only plot to perhaps shake up the game did not take place and both eliminations were completely obvious.

    I was surprised at Redemption Island when Jeff said that two people were going home, as last season, they were being booted off one by one until the very end.

    Unfortunately Ozzy won - I was definitely cheering for Keith. Ozzy is so unbelievably arrogant - it would be terrific if he was ousted by a couple of women on the next leg - it would be exactly the wake-up call that he needed.

    I enjoyed the first Immunity Challenge - it was a great one, but it would've been more interesting if Whitney won the second one - then someone would have to go from the 'Upolu + Cochran' alliance and they wouldn't have a chance to discuss! Unfortunately it didn't work out that way = but that would've been really exciting!

    All up, I'm not gonna comment too much - the episode was pretty obvious. I rate it a 9.5 although it was obvious, because I really enjoyed all the challenges provided by this episode, compared to the previous couple of episodes.

    Can't wait for next week - things should get really interesting - and I hope either woman wins on Redemption, but prefereably Dawn.