Season 27 Episode 12

Rustle Feathers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • The members of Galang scramble to save themselves as they near the end.

    Finally, a season twenty seven episode worth watching. Just when you thought Tyson was in serious trouble, he manages to outfox the entire tribe and get the Hidden Immunity Idol back. He had the tables turned on him, then he returned the favor this time around. No doubt we will be in the final Tribal Council. As I have said this season is for the most part forgettable, but on thing that certainly is not and will never be about season twenty seven is the fantastic Tribal Council in this episode. That will probably stand out most this season barring any other occurrences this season (Which I . I like having an interest in "Survivor" again. For the first time this season, I am eager for the next episode.
  • Flawless! (Possible episode

    This was the episode of the season! I've been hoping to see rocks being drwan for ages!!! So much drama! So intense! Hayden became truly memorable for this!

    And Ciera redeemed herself for her lack of intelligence last week by making a great play!

    It was a little anticlimacitc- would've been hilarious if Tyson went home because of this, or if Ciera lost having created the tie herself. Having Katie get the white rokc was a little anticlimactic.

    I don't know what else to say! Simply flawless! Can't freaking believe it!!! Can't wait for more!
  • First above average episode in the 27th season.

    I think Tyson finally started playing in the big leagues.

    Up to know he appeared a contestant that was capable of getting to the merge.

    But now with this gamble he took by drawing rocks he showed his true value.

    I think he could easily get final 3 and win. People wouldn't hate him alot and he could win.

    The way he manipulated Ciera and being in a confortable control of the game is another plus

    for being the season MVP.

    Next episode will be tough because either Hayden or Ciera should go next and Tyson might have

    to use his idol Normally he shouldn't have to but the only problem might be that the second Redemption Island player might come. So its important Ciera gets eliminated fast, inbefore Hayden.