Season 12 Episode 6

Salvation and Desertion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Interesting!

    This was an interesting episode I feel, because a nice twist shook up things at La Mina and allowed one of my favourite players to stick around into the merge.

    Dan was not someone I liked - but he was likeable in his final episode and took his departure gracefully, although I do wihs he fought for it a bit more.

    Casaya is such a trainwreck and I love it. The tribe is complete chaos and they seem clueless and it's hilarious most of the time. Baffles me that they keep winning tbh.

    Looking forward to more!
  • An interesting twist saves one castaway from certain elimination, but overall one of the season's weaker episodes. La Mina's loss also sets them up for annihilation. If a merge were to happen, they'd be down 6-4 and only Terry could change things.

    *Spoiler* In retrospect, this is a vastly important episode, as it sets La Mina up like bowling pins to be knocked down by a surprisingly tight Casaya tribe. Had La Mina won, this game would've been a lot of different at the merge with Terry's Idol breaking the 5-5 vote and taking the numbers 5-4. Another great example of the importance of Immunity.

    What deducts marks from this episode is the fact that you knew before Tribal Council who would be going home. I hate when that happens. It doesn't happen often; usually the producers give us something to make us second guess ourselves. Not this time. It was clear that Astronaut Dan was leaving.
    However, that wasn't clear until after the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, where we learned that, TWIST, the winner of the challenge would send one person to Exile Island, where he/she would be IMMUNE from the vote. Casaya played this perfectly. They knew Sally would likely be the next gone, so they sent her to Exile, forcing the men to turn on themselves. I found that very interesting and worthy of high marks, but the way it played out was rather boring.

    What made this episode interesting was the exploration of Terry's character. I think Terry is very selfish, and maybe a little bit dumb. He gets rid of his number one ally in Dan. I sympathize with Dan and also feel that Terry should have forced a tie, forcing a challenge that would have let the "best man" win. Instead, the tribe scapegoatted Dan for their loss and didn't give him the chance to redeem himself in an invididual challenge (assuming that that's what the tiebreaker would be). Bad on Terry. He lost my favor with that move. At least Dan knew he was going and there was no sneaky stuff. If I were Dan, I'd have fought a lot harder to stay, ultimately 'forcing' Terry to make it a tie so I could have a chance to fight it out, man against man. Oh well, Dan's loss.

    Over at Casaya, Shane's had enough of his alliance. He wants out. The fascinating thing about all this is that he only wants out with Courtney and Danielle. Apparently he has nothing against Aras. It's fascinating because Aras was the one who wanted Bruce out (instead of Bobby), while the women approached Shane to get out Bobby like he originally wanted! Yet he goes off on them being overly emotional or something. Love that guy. He sure makes this season watchable. .... .... ....

    Ah, Cirie. I love how she's lasted so long. She's the last remaining player from the Older Women's tribe. And she's at it again. Courtney didn't sleep in the tent and thus didn't hear Shane's late night rantings against Danielle. But of course Cirie approaches Courtney to let her know Shane wants out of the alliance. Well done, Cirie. You bidded your time perfectly, and are now in a pretty damn good position. However! Casaya wins the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge and actually seems to bond again during the reward. Shane and Danielle make up. And Cirie ain't happy about it! LOL. She's great. Another great cast member this season that really hasn't had that many standouts.

    Oh, and Shane finally gets a cigarette! How epic was that scene!
  • Pretty boring episode

    Really boring episode as nothing exciting happened besides from Shane's usual bickering which wasn't even that explosive this episode.

    I don't know why they put the reward and immunity challenge together. I wonder if the producers saw what was going on with Shane and didn't want them to throw the immunity challenge so they lumped them together so Casay would have something worth fighting for.

    I would have loved to see them throw the immunity challenge and then get rid of Shane. But we all know the most controversial person on a reality show is what people usually find the most entertaining.
  • Quite a predictable outcome. Shane gets on everyone's nerves, Casaya wins challenge, Dan sent packing.

    Am absolutely stoked that Sally was chosen to be exiled to 'Exile Island' and thus given immunity from tribal council. Would have rather Shane be kicked off, I seriously can't stand the guy.

    And swearing on his son, didn't the guy watch the season where Twila swore on her son? It didn't have a pretty ending.
  • power continues to shift in favour of Casaya. And the astronaut is sent packing.

    Thank god I no longer have to look at that frightening creature of a man. Seriously he was a creapy man. And I would hate to have him in an alliance only becuase he has absolutely no control over his facial expressions. it's just terrible.

    In general I am really enjoying this season. The exile island thing is great, because it gives the winning tribe so much more power and livens up the game. For example keeping Sally was a very good idea since it breaks up the alliance at the boys camp.
  • It is survivor, but without much surprise.

    Not my favorite episode. I like Dan so I was sorry to see him go. There was not much surprise to the storyline as you know who was going. I like this edition to survivor because I like the exile island part. Tonight showed just how that played a key part. I love survivor.
  • This was not a very exciting episode.

    I was really hoping that Shane would end up going home. His split personality is driving me crazy. One min. he is complaining, the next apologizing. I simply want him gone.

    I was disappointed Dan got sent home. But when Sally got sent to Exhile Island, I knew he was a goner. Terry has the immunity idol so if he ends up in the bottom two or three it will not surprise me. He will use that idol to his advantage. My guess is come merge time is when he will need to use it.

  • so upset Dan is gone I loved him

    I almost cried when I realized dan was gone, he was my 2nd favorite, behind Terry I wanted a Dan Terry top two, almost got mad at Terry for what he did.. but as always Dan was great, a gentleman... Shane is totally crazy, who knows about Casaya, they win alot but are all nuts
  • Will miss the Astronault!

    I will miss Dan the astronault
    It was such a shame that he messed up the reward and immunity challenge
    At least that Sally was immuned
    Despite having to live there alone
    She didn't have to be a target
    Sadly Dan sounded like a nice and interesting guy that went through three space flights
    I wonder what will happen now since his former team might be kicked off one by one
    Well, Terry has that immunity idol with him.
  • Adios Dan Fuego! :(

    Well, tonight's episode of Survivor, was different so say the least. The whole thing where the Casaya tribe visited the Panamian Village to enjoy a barbeque and give toys to the children there. That was very nice, though it had an Amazing Race feel to it. And after 15 days of cold turkey, Shane finally gets a cigarette. Very peculiar to me, that they allowed him to do that.

    Then Casaya's decision to exile Sally. A very strategic move, with her on Exile Island, she was exempt from the vote at TC in which La Mina's four man alliance would have to be broken. Then the moment comes at TC....

    Jeff: Dan, the tribe has spoken

    Daniel T. Barry, the former astronuat, became the sixth person voted out for being the psyhically weakest member. Sorry, Dan, you will be missed!