Season 17 Episode 13

Say Goodbye to Gabon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2008 on CBS

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  • I liked the winner, but I would have preferred it to go the other way...

    Congrats to Bob! He was such a great guy and I loved watching him play! That said, he was my fourth favourieste remaining castaway - only ahead of Ken - and after Ken went, he was actually my least favourite, but I still loved him!

    The house of carsd was so tricky!! Susie winning it was epic! I was glad that Bob was going, but little miss Sugar had other ideas. I thought it was just dumb to force a tie, but I still love Sugar! She had a better chance to defeat Matty in the Final, although not mby much...

    Congrats Bob! The finale was great, with two epic Immunity Challenges!!! Can't wait for more!!!
  • Glad that a nice guy won!

    Glad that a nice guy has won and also he is the oldest person to ever win. At 57-years old, Bob Crowley really was underestimated. And everybody thought that he would be gone. Due to his age. But he gave others the feeling. That age is just a number. Because older people are voted out first of all. But Bob, also gave us the Arts and Crafts show with Bob. Pulled off two fake idols. Proving that indeed a nice guy can win. Hate it that Corrine, the witch, said that to Sugar. Glad she didn't say that to me. Because if she did, I would jump up and really let her have it. Sugar had a lot of class with that. Wouldn't mind if Matty would had won as he is a nice guy too. Susie was underestimated. But getting her to the final three. Made the predictable unpredicatable.
  • Finally a winner that made me happy to watch the show. It has been a long time since they had a winner I liked.

    Bob won, he played the game well and when everyone around him was overconfident about their position in the tribe, Bob just kept working to stay alive. I must say that Sugar played a good game, Susie was so far under the radar I thought she was going to pull a Panama style from nowhere victory.
    Bob, was the only member of his tribe left, he made two great fake immunity idols, and both were better than the real thing that Sugar found. Bob was creative around camp, got fire, fished and made himself a part of any tribe he was with.
    When he went on to win 5 challenges in a row to tie Colbys record that was beyond impressive. Colby was a stud, Bob is a thin Physics teacher who looked like he was a prisoner of war.
    He outplayed and outlasted the others. It was only fitting that the guy who got burnt by the fake idol would cast the deciding vote for Bob, over Susie and the cookie.
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