Season 17 Episode 13

Say Goodbye to Gabon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2008 on CBS

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  • Glad that a nice guy won!

    Glad that a nice guy has won and also he is the oldest person to ever win. At 57-years old, Bob Crowley really was underestimated. And everybody thought that he would be gone. Due to his age. But he gave others the feeling. That age is just a number. Because older people are voted out first of all. But Bob, also gave us the Arts and Crafts show with Bob. Pulled off two fake idols. Proving that indeed a nice guy can win. Hate it that Corrine, the witch, said that to Sugar. Glad she didn't say that to me. Because if she did, I would jump up and really let her have it. Sugar had a lot of class with that. Wouldn't mind if Matty would had won as he is a nice guy too. Susie was underestimated. But getting her to the final three. Made the predictable unpredicatable.