Survivor - Season 14

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 19 new castaways are stranded on the islands of Fiji! Jeff begins stating that one person quit the game before it started filiming. That person was Melissa McNulty, a 28 year old model from Los Angeles who suffered panic attacks. Arriving on the island, all 19 survivors get to know each other. Dre decides to call himself Dreamz. When a crate is dropped out of a plane, strength is used to try and open it. That doesn't work. Yau-Man figures out that dropping the crate on its weak spot will open it and it does. They are given instructions for building a elaborate shelter. first night brings rain when the shelter has not been finished. Sylvia sees that and thinks that it needs to stop and that they need to get to work. The second day brings the completion of the shelter.
    The first challenge starts with the division of the 18 into two tribes, picked by Sylvia. After doing so, Ravu and Moto are born with 9 members each. Sylvia is exiled and will not join a tribe until sometime after the first Tribal Council. Moto pulls through to win the nice camp while Ravu earns a new campsite with the tribal council task looming. At Moto, the tribe finds new supplies. They are impressed. On Exile Island, Sylvia finds a clue telling her that a hidden idol is waiting back at her camp. At Ravu, the tribe decides on potential voting decisions. At tribal council, in a 6-1-1-1 decision, Jessica deBen, who struggled in the challenge, is voted out.
    NOTE: Sylvia joins the tribe in the second episode.moreless
  • On Day 4, Ravu is desperate as they are licking water off of the leaves. At Moto, Lisi is pleased with the luxury life they have been living. Boo injures himself while using an axe at Moto. On Day 5, Sylvia arrives at the Ravu camp, taking Jessica's place as the 9th tribe member.
    At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, it is a test of flag pole building skills. The first tribe to raise their flag after putting the pole together would win immunity. Ravu squanders a lead while Erica screams instructions. Moto wins the challenge for the second time. Back at Ravu, most bets are put on Erica being voted out because she panicked at the challenge, but Michelle wants to get rid of Sylvia. At Tribal Council in a 6-2 decision, Erica Durousseau becomes the second castaway booted off of the Ravu tribe.moreless
  • 2/22/07
    After returning from tribal council, Yau-Man vents about Ravu's past two losses. Ravu finally gets fire after Michelle prays to the sun to help them.

    At the reward challenge, Gary takes a fall and Moto soon wins the reward. They send Sylvia to Exile Island. After the reward challenge, Moto's Gary experiences breathing problems. The medical team checks it out and says that it is nothing severe.

    At the food-eating immunity challenge, Anthony loses a critical showdown against Gary. Moto is left undefeated as they win their third straight immunity challenge. At Ravu, before tribal council, many agree to get rid of Anthony if Sylvia has the idol. Syliva digs for immunity before tribal council. At tribal council, Sylvia receives the most votes to become the third Ravu tribe member to be voted out.moreless
  • On Ravu, Rocky feels upset after losing so many challenges. At the reward challenge, the tribes are thrilled to hear that one of them could win a king size bed.

    Getting back to camp, Moto is thrilled with their reward. Meanwhile, Gary can't continue in the game and tells the medics that he should leave the game. It is offical...Gary has to leave Survivor: Fiji.

    At the Immunity Challenge, Moto proves strong and undefeated and win yet again. A twist informs Moto that they can boot a member or move to Ravu's camp. They choose to boot a member. Immunity goes to Ravu for the first time.

    Back at camp, voting decisions are discussed. Many of the tribe's members want to vote for Liliana. Alex thinks it stupid to do so.

    With Moto's first Tribal Council, Liliana becomes the first person booted from the Moto tribe with a tribal council vote.moreless
  • As Ravu goes to sleep Yau-Man and Earl team up to hopefully uncover the hidden immunity idol.

    For the reward challenge, both tribes receive a catalog and select what they want if they were to win. In the end, Moto wins yet another challenge.

    On Ravu, Rocky begins getting annoyed at fashion conversations that the Ravu women are having and after losing the Immunity Challenge, voting plans are discussed. The vote comes down to Anthony and Rita. At Tribal Council, Rita Verreos is voted out 5-2.moreless
  • After tribal council, Ravu awakes on Day 16 to a bunch of bugs. Mookie slaps Rocky with his buff to get rid of the bugs. Rocky says he would strangle Mookie with the buff.

    When the Survivors arrive at a location, they are shocked that it is a tribal switch. Picks are made until one person is left. Lisi is sent to Exile Island. The two new tribes head back to camp. Over at Moto, Earl becomes exicted about the new surroundings. On Exile Island, after reading a clue, Lisi says she hates Exile Island.

    At the Immunity Challenge, Ravu and Moto were even for most of the challenge. After a series of conjestions in the course, Moto pulled away with an immunity victory.

    Before Tribal Council, the decision was between Rocky and Anthony. At tribal council, Rocky and Anthony went off at each other. By a 5-1 decision, Anthony Robinson became the first offical man voted out of the game.moreless
  • An Evil Thought
    Episode 7
    We start off with Lisi joining Ravu and returning from Exile Island. She says it was not as bad as some people thought.

    Earl notes that Moto has three old Ravu and three old Moto members, and hopes to bring a former Moto to his side.

    At the reward challenge, Ravu finally breaks their losing streak to win a reward challenge. At their reward, Ravu overindulges and a couple of tribemates get sick.

    At Moto, Yau-Man discovers the immunity idol and decides to make a fake one to replace the offical Fiji hidden immunity idol.

    On Exile Island, Earl sees no reason to get the clue. He deems the island EARL'S ISLAND.

    In the immunity challenge, Moto continues their immunity streak and wins the challenge.

    At Ravu, the vote becomes likely to go between Rocky and Lisi. At tribal council, in a 4-2 decision, James "Rocky" Reid becomes the second offical man voted out of the game. Rocky will return to be a member of the jury.moreless
  • 4/5/07
    At Ravu, while Dreamz and Lisi are asleep, Alex, Edgardo and Mookie dig for the hidden immunity idol and successfully discover it.

    Before going to the reward challenge, both Moto and Ravu will have to learn a traditional Meke, a type of Fijian dance.

    At the Reward Challenge, the judges viewed Moto's three areas good enough to be the winners of the challenge.

    Moto enjoys their reward and dance in the night hours.

    On Exile Island, Lisi has been exiled and says it sucks so much that she doesn't want to be there and thinks about quitting.

    At Moto, Earl and Michelle want to dump Stacy before the merge. At the Immunity Challenge, they use three weapons: bow/arrow, spear and blow dart. Moto scores in these three areas, winning immunity.

    At Ravu, the vote was being split between Dreamz and Lisi.

    At tribal council, Lisi and Dreamz argue. By a 4-1 decision, Lisi Linares becomes the eighth voted out and the second member of the jury.moreless
  • 4/12/07
    We begin at Ravu on Day 22. Mookie says that the idol is for himself but he will still use it with Alex and Edgardo if he needs to. Both tribes recieve tree-mail telling them to paddle to Exile Island, bringing only personal belongings. The two tribes arrive on Exile Island and climb into the hut. One of the ten castaways opens up the clue box. They discover purple buffs. New name! New color! They will live on Moto's camp. When the newly merged tribe returns to camp, the tribe is expecting to see the luxurious life still intact. But when they turn the corner, they find that everything in the camp of luxurious value has been taken away. The new tribe votes on the name Bula Bula as opposed to Boo's idea of the name: Nookie Nookie. While talking with Dreamz , Mookie accidently reveals that he has the immunity idol, with Alex close by. Edgardo is shocked when he hears this. At the immunity challenge, they are expecting indivdual challenges, but they are shocked to find out that they are competiting as teams for this challenge. The orange team consists of Cassandra, Earl, Boo, Edgardo and Yau-Man. The Green Team consists of Alex, Dreamz, Michelle, Stacy, Mookie. The green team falls behind while collecting the puzzle bags, but the green team catches up when they arrive on the finish mat. The orange team wins after a last minute switch by Yau-Man. Jeff reads a note that says the losing green team must go to Tribal Council, without returning to camp. Returning to the camp, the Orange Team induldges in their steak, vegetable and wine dinner. The five people guess who they think will be voted out. At tribal council, Michelle Yi was booted in a 3-2 decision.moreless
  • It's a Turtle!
    Episode 10
    The green team returns from Tribal Council. Mookie is upset with Dreamz because he just screwed the team. Earl wanted to bring in Boo as a possible alliance candidate. At the reward challenge, it was a test of the most common question answers. In the end, Cassandra won, getting every single question right. She sent Mookie to Exile Island where Mookie said that he would take Cassandra's alliance out one by one. Back at camp, Cassandra decides to take Boo, Dreamz and Yau-Man along. They enjoy drinks, food and fireworks on a yacht. The next day, before the immunity challenge, Earl, Cassandra and Dreamz talk. He tells them Mookie has the Ravu hidden immunity idol. Yau-Man joins in and says that he is nervous about the other hidden idol. At the immunity challenge, it was test of endurance. The challenge ended up only lasting 1 hour and 25 minutes. Yau-Man was declared the winner. Before Tribal Council, Mookie gave the idol to Alex. There was plenty of vote off deals to go around before the Bula Bula tribe arrived at its first Tribal Council together. By a 5-3-1 vote, Edgardo Rivera becomes the tenth person voted out and the fourth member of the jury.moreless
  • 4/26/07
    Returning from Tribal Council, Dreamz is glad it's over. The next morning, Alex and Mookie confront Dreamz about the betrayal. Dreamz says that he did not betray the group. At the reward challenge, two were formed. Boo injured himself, leading green to a victory. On Exile Island, Boo looks at the clue and says that he is nearing heat exhaustion. At the reward, the four Bula Bula tribe members enjoy showers, food and Alex and Earl talk in bed. The next day, the green team returns from the reward. Mookie and Alex try to blackmail Yau-Man. At the immunity challenge, Stacy wins and cannot be voted out. Before Tribal Council, it was discussed that the vote would be between Mookie and Alex. At tribal council, in a 4-3-1 decision, Mookie Lee became the eleventh person voted off and the fifth member of the jury.
  • After tribal council, Alex is glad to still be in the game. Alex and Stacy talk and Boo breaks up the conversation. At the reward challenge, the winner would receive a river rafting trip along with an advantage, while the two runners-up would join the winner. Boo won and Yau-Man and Dreamz joined him. At the reward, they enjoy a river rafting trip, then a nice lunch and finally, letters from home. At the immunity challenge, Boo's advantage allowed him to skip to the final round with Dreamz and Alex. In the end, Boo won immunity and could not be voted out. At tribal council, in a 6-1 decision, Alex Angarita, the final member of the Four Horsemen alliance was voted out. Alex also becomes the sixth member of the jury.moreless
  • 5/10/07
    Boo wants to see if he can listen into conservations by the water well by hiding while they are taking place. At the reward challenge, the Orange Team wins the first round and Yau-Man wins the second round. Yau-Man gives his car to Dreamz and exiles himself. On Exile Island, Yau-Man made the deal to out his biggest competitor. At the reward- Dreamz, Stacy and Cassandra delivered the supplies to the school and ate some lunch with the kids. Back at camp, on Day 36, Dreamz vents frustration about Yau-Man's deal. At the immunity challenge, after three rounds, Boo won. At camp, Stacy felt like she would go, but Dreamz wanted Cassandra, Stacy and himself to vote Yau-Man. At tribal council, Yau-Man played the immunity idol, making the 4 votes for him irrelevant, meaning that Stacy Kimball was booted and becomes the 7th member of the jury.moreless
  • 5/13/07
    The final five, Boo, Yau-Man, Dreamz, Cassandra and Earl return from Tribal Council. At the Immunity Challenge, Yau-Man wins immunity and Boo tries to stay in the game as he tries to persuade Earl and Yau-Man to vote out Dre. But in the end, Boo was voted out at the next Tribal Council. Earl reveals that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol, but it was not needed as nobody voted for him.

    The final Immunity Challenge was won by Dreamz and at Tribal Council, Dreamz was faced with the dilemma of what to do regarding the agreement with Yau-Man to hand over the immunity necklace. But he felt that if gave the necklace over, he would be voted out and went back on his promise. Yau-Man's agreement was broken and he was voted out 3-1.

    At the final Tribal Council, the jury had to decide between a final three, Cassandra, Dreamz and Earl.moreless
  • 5/13/07
    Live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, following the finale of "Survivor: Fiji," host Jeff Probst tallies the nine votes cast by jury on Night 39 and announces the winner of $1,000,000 and the title of Sole Survivor. All 19 castaways reunite for the first time since Day 1 to discuss their outlook of playing the game of "Survivor." Probst also announces where he and the next group of castaways will be heading for Survivor 15.moreless