Survivor - Season 18

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The two new tribes are dropped off of a truck and into the highlands of Brazil. Jeff announces both tribes will then vote for one person based on first impressions. The red tribe, Jalapao, vote Sandy. The black tribe, Timbira, vote Sierra. Both tribe mates are upset that they were the first to be singled out, but are able to skip the trek to camp and fly by helicopter. Meanwhile, all the other tribe mates have to walk in the heat to their campsite, carrying all their supplies. While they are alone at their respective campsites, both Sandy and Sierra read a letter with a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Sandy attempts to find the idol, while Sierra decides to make a shelter instead. The next morning, both tribes meet for their first Immunity Challenge which is won by Timbira. The Jalapao tribe returns to camp and many tribe mates agree that Sandy worked hard during the challenge, and that Carolina is bossy. But Sandy is not convinced that she is safe and continues looking for the immunity idol.moreless
  • 2/19/09
    While around the campfire at Jalapao, Sandy is thankful she was spared. But if things go according to Spencer's plan, she is the next to go. The next morning, the tribe is on a hunt for a meal of termites. Over on Timbira, as the tribe struggles to make a fire, Sierra gets Brendan to help her look for the hidden immunity idol. While they're searching, Debbie catches them but believes Sierra when she tells her that they are making a fire pit. Meanwhile, Candace and "Coach" argue over how to cook their rice and bean meal. Back at Jalapao, some of the tribe mates are surprised to learn who Taj is married to. The two tribes then meet to compete in the rain during a very physical reward and immunity challenge. Timbira loses the challenge and Tyson believes Sierra should be voted out. Jalapao spends the rest of the day using their new fishing gear to catch fish. Stephen labels J.T. as the tribe leader as he uses his knowledge to help with the fishing. Over on Exile, Brendan and Taj read the first clue for immunity. Back at Timbira, Sierra is still in trouble of being voted out, but when "Coach" finds out that Candace wants to vote for him, the plan may change.moreless
  • 2/26/09
    Timbira returns from Tribal and Erinn comments about the "friendship" she had with Candace, but in doing so, she angers her tribe mates. The next morning, Erinn realizes she has to step things up to keep herself in the game. Meanwhile, Jerry is struggling with stomach pain and tries not to show weakness. Over on Jalapao, the tribe tries out their new fishing gear. They struggle with their net, but are successful with their fishing rods. After losing the Reward Challenge, Timbira return to camp and "Coach" is visually angry. While they fish, "Coach" and Tyson discuss who should be voted out next. On Japalao, spirits are high after winning a tarp, chairs and pillows. Over on Exile Island, Brendan and Taj get clue number two for the hidden immunity idol and form a secret alliance with each other. Jalapao wins the Immunity Challenge and Jerry from Timbira blames himself for the tribe's loss. Timbira return to camp and discuss Jerry's sickness. "Coach" wants Erinn out and thinks that Jerry should stay. At Tribal Council, the tribe decides who should be leader and vote out another tribe mate.moreless
  • 3/5/09
    After returning from Tribal Council, "Coach" is upset that Erinn singled out Brendan as the tribe's leader. The next morning the tribe continues to talk about who should be the leader. On Jalapao, Taj puts her "Exile Island Alliance" plan into action by talking to Stephen and including him in the alliance along with Brendan and Sierra from Timbira. Jalapao wins the Reward Challenge allowing them to raid the other tribe's campsite. Two Jalapao members arrive at Timbira and take one bag of beans and a water canteen. But Sandy thinks they should have grabbed Timbira's second bag of beans instead of a canteen. She then notices that Sydney is using her charm to flirt in order to stay in the game. Timbira wins the Immunity Challenge, sending Jalapao into a frenzy before Tribal Council. Half of the tribe believe Sydney is not pulling her weight at challenges, while the other half think Sandy has gotten too annoying.moreless
  • 3/12/09
    Sierra and Brendan talk about the Exile Island alliance on the Timbira campsite, leaving Sierra feeling very confident. Jalapao wins the Reward Challenge and the tribe enjoys snacks and letters from home. Over on Timbira, Tyson finds it strange that Brendan takes Stephen with him to Exile and suspects an alliance. Jalapao returns to camp and Spencer reflects on why has not told his tribe mates that he is gay. After an Immunity Challenge where J.T. chips his tooth, Timbira wins. Back at the Jalapao campsite, everyone is frustrated. Although J.T. is upset with Spencer's performance at the challenge, Taj has an outburst and takes her anger out on her tribe mates. At Tribal Council, Jalapao has to decide to "punish" Taj for her emotional outburst, or Spencer for his effort at the challenge.moreless
  • 3/25/09
    This episode features a re-cap of what happened during the first 15 days in Tocantins, Brazil including some brand new footage.
  • 4/2/09
    Joe and Sydney are talking at the Jalapao campsite and Sydney voices her concern that she might be the next to go if all the boys stick together. But Joe assures her she'll be safe. Over on Timbira, the tribe argue with "Coach" about how to cook their beans and end up with a burnt meal. Back on Jalapao, Taj and Stephen wonder if they should include J.T. in their Exile Alliance.

    Timbira wins a reward to visit a waterfall and a meal. On Exile Island, Joe and Erinn figure out the clues to the hidden immunity idol. On Jalapao, Taj realizes that Joe will have all the clues and decides to make a fake idol. Before going fishing, J.T. finds Taj's idol and so she then decides to include J.T. in her alliance.

    After Jalapao loses the Immunity Challenge, Joe finds the fake idol thinking it's the real one. He then talks with the others and decides to vote for Taj. The newly formed alliance discuss things with Joe and tell him that Taj should stay. But then at the last second, J.T. may change his mind.moreless
  • The Dragon Slayer
    Episode 8
    Jalapao returns from Tribal Council and while Taj is relieved, Joe is more concerned about his weak relationship with the others along with his infected knee. The rest of the tribe is more worried about an upcoming merge since Timbira has more members than them. On Timbira, "Coach" starts the day with some meditation and warms up to his tribe mates. The two tribes receive tree mail and after they meet, they discover that they have now merged. During their feast they decide on a new tribe name, Forza. After arriving at the campsite, "Coach" approaches J.T. to talk about the game and creates a new alliance along with Tyson. Meanwhile, Joe and Erinn realize one of the immunity idols has already been taken and create their own voting strategy. After the Immunity Challenge, medics look at Joe's infected leg and warn him about the consequences of staying in the game. Back at camp, Tyson's new alliance plans to vote for Brendan but he tells the rest of the tribe that he's voting for J.T.. Suddenly, Jeff Probst approaches the tribe at camp and gives them news about the night's Tribal Council.moreless
  • 4/16/09
    The Forza tribe are sitting by the fire and "Coach" decides to share a story about him being captured and beaten in the Amazon. The other tribe mates find his story somewhat hard to believe. The next morning, J.T. feels confident in his alliance with Tyson that Brendan will be the next to go, meanwhile "Coach" gets upset with comments that Sierra makes about his meditation. At the Reward Challenge, J.T. and Brendan win a rafting trip with Debbie. Over on Exile Island, Stephen originally has a little trouble making fire, but eventually succeeds. The next morning, Brendan approaches his Exile Alliance about changing his original plan to vote for J.T. and vote for Tyson instead. But after Tyson wins immunity, "Coach" is targeted. Meanwhile, Tyson's own alliance continue their plan to vote for Brendan.moreless
  • 4/23/09
    Reacting to the previous Tribal council vote, Sierra realizes she may be the next to go, so she pleads her case.
  • 4/30/09
    The Forza tribe is divided and no one is sure who they can trust despite being part of an alliance since the merge. While other tribemates are at a reward, Debbie and "Coach" attempt to create a possible back-up alliance since they realize their post-merge alliance is not necessarily solid. So they approach Sierra about trying to form an old Timbira tribe bond, but Sierra isn't in any rush to join an alliance with them. "Coach" then tells J.T. that Sierra was the one who wanted to start the old tribe alliance and therefore can't be trusted. Sierra tries to show the others that she is being honest and it all ends at Tribal Council, where a previous alliance will be triumphant.moreless
  • 5/7/09
    The tribe mates receive videos from home, and one will have to sacrifice their own reward to allow comfort to the others. Debbie also turns against Coach and tries to get him voted out.
  • The Martyr Approach
    Episode 13
    After voting out Debbie in the previous Tribal Council, everyone assures Coach that they voted her out because she was the one who voted for him. The next morning, Coach, Stephen, and J.T. decide among themselves that either J.T. or Coach will go to Exile Island after the next reward challenge. As the winner of the reward challenge, J.T. is faced with the decisions of who to send to Exile Island and who to take with him on the reward. Per their prior agreement, he sends Coach to Exile Island, who sparks a confrontation with Erinn over how he'll spend his time at Exile, with no food or water. J.T. then decides to take Stephen with him on the reward, a trip to the governor's retreat complete with a shower, a bed, and a feast. At the immunity challenge, the survivors are put to a mind over matter endurance test, which J.T. wins as Coach puts on a show over the pain in his back, although he refuses to have medical look at it. That night at Tribal Council, Coach, although feeling secure with his "warrior alliance," is voted out by Stephen, Taj, and Erinn.moreless
  • 5/17/09
    The final four Erinn, Taj, Stephen and J.T. return from Tribal Council and start thinking about votes from the jury. The next morning, the final four compete in their second last immunity challenge. After J.T. wins the first challenge, Erinn tells Stephen and J.T. that Taj could win if she goes with them to the finals. Even though Taj is in their alliance, J.T. starts to believe that what Erinn says has a lot of truth to it. After voting out one member of the final four, the remaining survivors go on their Rites of Passage, remembering all the previous survivors voted out. After returning to camp, Erinn tries to make sure the guys take her to the final two. After the immunity challenge, the final three go to Tribal Council and J.T. must choose between intergrity and friendship or an easy ticket to a million dollars. Once it's down to the final two, the jury asks their questions and votes for one person to win the million dollar prize.moreless
  • Live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, Jeff Probst tallies the seven votes cast by the jury and announces the million dollar winner of Survivor: Tocnatins - The Brazilian Highlands. All 16 castaways reunite to discuss their experiences and what has happened since returning to the United States. In the end, Jeff announces where we're going for Survivor 19.moreless