Survivor - Season 19

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 12/20/09
    Live from Television City in Hollywood, the cast reunites with Jeff Probst to find out the winner of "Survivor: Samoa," and talk about the events of the past season. The location and theme for the upcoming 20th season are revealed in the end.
  • 12/20/09
    The final five wakes up and gets tree mail telling them to prepare for the next immunity challenge. All of the former Foa Foa members are determined to beat Brett and vote him off. But after Brett wins immunity, one member of the former Foa Foa tribe will join the jury for the first time. Russell wants to keep Natalie around and approaches her to see who should go, either Jaison or Mick. After the first tribal council, the final four are Brett, Russell, Mick and Natalie. The next morning, Russell tells Brett that he would take Brett to the final three. After tree mail, the tribe remembers all their former tribe mates voted out before them and then participate in their final immunity challenge. When Russell wins the challenge, he contemplates if Brett really should be the one to go. When the last three tribe mates return to camp and enjoy a breakfast, Russell is feeling very confident that the jury will vote for him. That night, the three face the questions and comments from the jury before they vote for the winner.moreless
  • 12/17/09
    After Monica is voted out, Russell plans to vote Brett out next as he is seen as the strongest threat. The next morning Natalie finds herself being able to relate more to Brett, something that Russel picks up on and wants to try and terminate. After a reward challenge win, Russel, Jaison and "Shambo" experience a traditional Samoan meal. Meanwhile, back on the beach, Natalie , Brett and Mick enjoy their time together and Natalie battles between friendship with Brett and loyalty with Russell. After Brett wins the immunity challenge, Jaison tells Russell he wants "Shambo" out, but Russell doesn't agree and thinks it should be Mick instead. Then before Tribal Council, Russell has second thoughts about keeping "Shambo".moreless
  • Damage Control
    Episode 13
    After the vote, "Shambo" returns to camp shocked that she wasn't told that John would be voted for. The next morning, Jaison is talking to Monica and Brett about how to persuade the jury to win the money and lets it slip that Russell doesn't need the money. The tribe then meets Jeff for a challenge, but are surprised to learn that it is for immunity, not a reward. After the challenge, "Shambo" and the other former Foa Foas are confident that Dave is next to go. But Monica tries to convince Russell that "Shambo" should go instead. The next day after Tribal Council, Russell plans his next vote, for Brett. The tribe then meet Jeff for another immunity challenge and after Brett wins immunity, Monica feels the most vulnerable for the vote. Before Tribal Council, Monica tries to put the spotlight on someone else. She angers Russell by telling him she knows the truth about his life outside of the game. Then at Tribal Council that night, the former Foa Foa alliance find out if they are still strong.moreless
  • 12/3/09
    After the vote for Laura, John explains to Monica why his vote went towards a former a Galu member. This does not sit well with Monica who says that John showed no loyalty and should be the next to go. The next morning, the tribe gets money in their tree mail for the Survivor Auction. At the auction, John buys a clue for the hidden immunity idol but when he looks for it, he can't find it and thinks that Russell may have already found it. Then, when the tribe decides to eat a chicken, "Shambo" takes charge of the cooking and argues with Dave. That night, "Shambo" has a dream that the tribe voted Dave out. She tells Russell about it and the plan to vote out Dave is born. After the Immunity Challenge, all of the former Foa Foa tribe are with "Shambo" to vote for Dave. But as Russell is talking to John, he thinks John is more of a threat and should be the one to go. Russell talks to Dave about his plan and tries to get others on board.moreless
  • The First 27 Days
    Episode 11
    A look back at the first twenty seven days of this season with never before seen clips and a preview of what is to come.
  • 11/19/09
    Back at camp after Tribal, Laura is still shocked that Russell played a second immunity idol. The next morning, Russell is back at it again looking for the new idol and "Shambo" turns to John to try and make him join the Foa Foa alliance. While on a reward, Russell discovers a clue to the third immunity idol and once he returns to camp he tells his alliance and they start looking for it right away. Monica starts to have doubts about who she can trust in her Galu alliance since Jaison approached her to join Foa Foa. Laura thinks she is probably being targeted and suspects "Shambo" of switching alliances. After the Immunity Challenge, "Shambo" tells Brett that she is voting for Laura, but Monica and the other former Galu members try to save Laura and force a tie. At Tribal Council, the merged tribe appears to still be divided until a tie breaking vote shakes things up.moreless
  • 11/12/09
    After the tribe returns from Tribal Council, Russell is without an immunity idol and without confidence for the first time as he thinks he is out next. The next morning while Natalie is out for a walk, she find a rat and kills it for meat, surpring her tribemates. Meanwhile, Russell is convinced there is another idol somewhere and is determined to find it. Then, while some original Galu members are enjoying a reward, Russell sets out to find the second idol without any clues and surprisingly, he is successful. Later that afternoon, Russell shows the idol to "Shambu" and the two of them start a new alliance to vote out Laura. After the Immunity Challenge, Kelly is the target of a back-up plan. Russell then tells Jaison about the idol and Jaison tells the other former Foa Foa tribemates. Meanwhile, the former Galu members (minus "Shambo") are all in a tight alliance of their own and all agree to vote for Russell. As the Aiga tribe heads to Tribal Council, Russell is unsure about when to use his idol and the entire tribe seems split between the old Foa Foa and the old Galu.moreless
  • 11/5/09
    Foa Foa returns to camp and make their plan of attack for when they merge and Russell is confident the tribe is united as one. Over on Galu, Laura is confident that "Shambo" does not like her and they continue to argue. Both tribes then get tree mail and after meeting together they merge into one tribe and after a feat, decide on the new tribe name, Aiga. Russell shows the hidden immunity idol to Laura and right away suggests a voting strategy. But when Laura doesn't agree with Russell's ideas, he decides to try again with Monica. Then after showing the idol to Moncia, he shows the idol to John to try and get Laura out. Then, after talking to "Shambo", Russell continues his plan to vote out Laura. But after Laura wins immunity at the challenge, the plan has to change. Erik and John discuss things with the other guys and tell them to vote for Monica. But Jaison tells his former Foa Foa tribemates to vote for Erik, and all the girls agree. Both Erik and Russell go to Tribal Council with their immunity idol and Russell uses his, but it doesn't help him as he receieves no votes, and in the end, the other idol ends up being flushed out.moreless
  • Houdini Magic
    Episode 7

    The men on the Galu tribe know that "Shambo" does not fit in with the girls on thetribe and all agree to keep her around until at least the jury. The men decide to have a vote for a new tribe leader and "Shambo" receives all the men's votes.

    At the Reward Challenge, Galu wins a lunch on a pirate ship and a tarp. "Shambo" decides that Laura will go with the Foa Foa tribe for a visit. Once Foa Foa arrive back at camp, Russell takes Laura aside and tries to gain her trust for a secret alliance once the tribes merge. Then, while Liz is preparing the fire she gets angry with Natalie for talking too much with Laura.

    After Galu wins the Immunity Challenge, Foa Foa return to camp and Russell sets his target on Jaison instead of Liz since he gave up during the challenge. But at Tribal Council, Russell's original plan comes into action.

  • 10/22/09
    Over on the Galu tribe, the castaways are enduring their fifth straight day of rain. John still believes the tribe's leader Russell made a mistake by choosing pillows instead of a tarp for protection from the rain. Meanwhile, the others think Russell is just working too hard in the rain. On Foa Foa, everyone is also trying to stay dry and warm but Russell thinks his tribemates are showing too much weakness. The next morning the rain stops and Galu are able to wake up to a rainbow across the ocean. The tribes meet for their Reward Challenge and Jeff tells them that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council. During the challenge, Russell on Galu passes out and the medical team is called in to check on him. Jeff makes the decision to end the challenge without a winner and both tribes return to their beach while Russell is examined by the medical team. When Galu returns to their campsite, it starts to rain again, and everyone's mind is on their leader, Russell. Back at the challenge site, the medics take Russell out of the game for safety reasons. On Foa Foa, the tribe is upset knowing that they are going back to Tribal Council. Natalie and Liz both know they are the next to go, but Liz tries to change things around. On Galu, all the girls agree that "Shambo" should go. But the guys think Monica is the weakest on the tribe. At Tribal Council, both tribes meet and discuss the game. Jeff then announces that because of Russell's departure, Tribal Council is cancelled and no one will be voted out.moreless
  • 10/15/09
    Galu returns from Tribal Council and "Shambo" is surprised to find out she was the only one who did not vote for Yasmine. The others comment how the campsite is better without Yas and Monica targets "Shambo" because of her vote. The next morning both tribes notice that the waves and tides in the ocean have been stronger than usual. The tribes then get tree mail telling them their next reward challenge is a food eating challenge. After Galu wins the challenge, Russell sends "Shambo" to visit Foa Foa meaning she would miss out on the reward of steaks and sausages, a decision that does not go over well with "Shambo". On Galu, everyone is ready for the barbeque and Russell can't start the fire, but Dave comes to the rescue and the tribe enjoys their steaks. Back on Foa Foa, "Shambo" shares all the clues for the hidden immunity idol with the others, but when they can't find it, Liz suspects Russell has it and that he is lying about it. That evening, it starts raining and both tribes are miserable and suffer through the rainstorm which continues on during the Immunity Challenge. After Foa Foa loses the challenge, the tribemates try to keep dry from the rain by sitting in their shelter. As a result, no one is able to talk to each other about who they are planning to vote for. However at Tribal Council, the entire tribe are unanimous in their vote.moreless
  • Hungry For a Win
    Episode 4
    After "Shambo" returns to her tribe, she comments how much she prefers being on Foa Foa compared to Galu because she fits in better over there. Erik and John then approach "Shambo" for the clues to the hidden immunity idol which she shares with them. The two tribes get tree mail which tell them to choose three members to go on a "quest". The two teams of three meet and must participate in a reward challenge without Jeff Probst. The two teams compete for a reward of chickens. Meanwhile, while the challenge is going on Erik begins his search for the idol and is successful in finding it. Back at the challenge, the reward is won by Galu. Over on Foa Foa, Russell is still unsure who should be in his real alliance, but Natalie thinks she and Russell are definately in a safe alliance. Back on Galu, one of the chickens escapes and Erik and "Shambo" are determined to capture it, but no one else seems to care, which angers Erik. At the Immunity Challenge, Foa Foa wins immunity for the first time. After the challenge, Russell and Erik on Galu feel Monica did not perform strongly enough in the challenge. But the younger half of the tribe feels that Yasmine is the laziest one on the tribe but don't feel like making Russell angry with their vote. At Galu's first Tribal Council, the tribe discuss what kind of person deserves to be voted out.moreless
  • 10/1/09
    On Foa Foa, Mick is having a hard time trying to start a fire, but Ben is able to do it without any problems. Russell realizes Ben is good around camp and plans to keep him around. Over on Galu, everyone is relaxing and doing yoga except "Shambo", which makes her feel a little alienated. Back on Foa Foa, Russell tells Ben that Ashley wanted him out the night before in an attempt to get Ashley out. Then, before the Immunity Challenge, the tribes receive tree mail containing their swimming suits. The reward and immunity is won by Galu, and as the team leader, Russell is given the choice between comfort or camping tools. Right away he chooses the towels and pillows and the women are happy with the decision, but the men are not. He also chooses "Shambo" to visit and observe the Foa Foa tribe. During "Shambo's" visit, she comes off as very friendly and approachable. While she is there, she discovers the second clue to the hidden immunity idol. But she doesn't know that Russell already has it. Meanwhile, Jaison is trying his best to get Ben voted out, while Russell continues talking to the others to try and get Ashely out. Then at Tribal Council, Jaison and Ben argue right before the vote.moreless
  • 9/24/09
    Over on the Galu tribe, Yasmin wakes up after her third night and complains about living outdoors. Meanwhile on Foa Foa, Betsy confronts Russell about not trusting him and has no regrets about not voting for Marisa. Russell feels he can trust Jaison. Then while the rest of the tribe eats lizard meat, Russell tries to look for the hidden immunity idol even though no one has been given any clues. Fortunately for him, Russell ends up finding the idol and only tells Jaison about it. Then as Betsy and Mike get tree mail, the others discuss how Mike should be the next to go based on his age. The two tribes then meet for the Immunity Challenge and a fishing gear reward. After a very violent challenge in which Ben is removed because of a violation, Galu wins. In a new twist, one member of the winning tribe visits the losing tribe to observe them at their beach and during Tribal Council before returning to their original tribe. When Foa Foa returns from the challenge, Mike is examined by the medical team. They reveal he is suffering from low blood pressure and decide to remove him from the game. On Galu, "Shambo" tries out the new fishing gear but doesn't catch anything. Back on Foa Foa, Yasmin is visiting the tribe and makes waves with her comments and arguments with Ben. Later that night, while the others try to sleep, Ben works around the campsite and makes a lot of noise. Before Tribal Council, Betsy worries she is the next to go since Mike is now out of the game. The girls then discuss their decision with Jaison and Russell and Russell is sure that Betsy is out.moreless
  • The Puppet Master
    Episode 1
    The 20 contestants arrive at the island and are already split into two teams: Galu and Foa Foa. Team leaders are chosen. Tribe Foa Foa wins the first challenge. Galu wins immunity. The first contestant is sent packing.