Survivor - Season 20

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Surviving Survivor
    Episode 1
    This special episode will take a look back at the last 10 years of "Survivor" with new interviews from previous contestants.
  • 2/11/10
    20 contestants from previous seasons of Survivor return for another shot at the million dollars. The contestants arrive on a beach via a helicopter and are divided into two tribes, heroes and villains. After the tribes meet, they participate in their first reward challenge. The heroes win the reward of fire but during the challenge, Stephenie and Rupert both suffer injuries but are able to stay in the game. The villains arrive at their campsite. Right away, Russell approaches Danielle to form an alliance to the final two and then says the same thing to Parvati. At the heroes' beach, the tribe starts to build their shelter and even catch four chickens from the wild. The next morning, the villains joke how Jerri and Coach could become romantically involved after a little flirting during the night. Over on the heroes, all the tribemates who were both on the same season before try to align with each other again. Back on the villains beach, Rob is successful in creating fire. That night, the heroes are not able to get a full night's sleep after Sugar starts annoying Colby. But the next day, they enjoy a meal of chicken soup. Both tribes get tree mail and participate in their first Immunity Challenge. After the villains win, the heroes return to camp and everyone seems to have their own opinion on who should be voted out. Sugar suggests Amanda but Colby wants Sugar out. However, Tom thinks Cirie should go, and Cirie thinks it should be Stephenie.moreless
  • 2/18/10
    On night three, the Villains can't sleep after facing a rough and wet night without strong protection from the rain. The next morning, the tribe cannot agree on how to fix their shelter. Meanwhile, the Heroes are all working well with each other but Stephenie thinks Rupert has become annoying. Back on the Villains beach, Rob starts feeling very weak and collapses. The medical team analizes Rob and decide that it will be OK for him to stay. The next day, the tribes meet for immunity and reward and the Villains win for the second time. At the Heroes beach, the tribemates argue with each other about how they performed in the challenge and James feels they did not communicate and work like a team. James thinks Stephenie is the one to go because of what happened to her in Palau. The tribe is split when Tom, Colby and Stephenie realize they are not included in Rupert and James' voting discussions and Candace is in the middle of both alliances and is unsure of how to vote.moreless
  • 2/25/10
    While the Villains sleep, Rob points out that those who are sleeping near each other are close enough to be in alliances, and singles out Parvati and Russell and Jerri and Coach. The next morning, the Heroes catch two chickens which allows them to bond more, something that Rupert had been wanting. Back with the Villains, Coach thinks Parvati is the most dangerous on the tribe and tells Russell he is spending too much time with her. That night, Russell hides the machete in an attempt to control the tribe's emotions. The next morning, Randy finds a giant clam, but no one else seems to want to eat it. On the Heroes tribe, J.T. tells Cirie that Candice doesn't trust her, which is not true, and it makes Candice really nervous about who is spreading lies. The tribes meet for another Reward and Immunity Challenge and the Heroes win their first immunity in a clean sweep against the Villains. Randy feels vulnerable because he is the oldest, but thinks Parvati is the biggest threat and should be the one to go. The women think that since Randy is the weakest, he'll be voted out, but Jerri and the some of the men think he should stay.moreless
  • 3/4/10
    After the Villains return from Tribal Council, Coach is very offended by Sandra's comments that he is lazy around camp. He confides in Tyson and tells him he doesn't feel liking sticking around anymore. The next morning, Rob apporaches Coach to try and make him feel better about his position on the tribe. The tribes get tree mail which allows them to choose the reward they want to play for at the Reward Challenge. The Villains win their reward and while investigating it, the tribe stumbles upon a clue for the hidden immunity idol. Then, when Sandra tells the others that Russell went to look for the idol, everyone agrees he is the next to go. Meanwhile, the Heroes find their own clue to the idol and right away everyone searches for it. Tom ends up finding it and when Amanda sees him take it, she tells everyone. Since Tom and Colby are not in any alliances with the other heroes, they hope the idol will change their game. The Villains win the Immunity Challenge and when the Heroes return to their beach, at first everyone agrees that either Colby or Tom should go. But J.T. wants them both to stay and thinks Candice should go instead. However, Cirie does not agree with that plan and continues to try and get either Colby or Tom out. As a result, J.T. realizes that Cirie is a pretty powerful player and thinks maybe she should go instead of Candice.moreless
  • 3/11/10
    The Heroes return from Tribal Council and Colby is happy with J.T.'s choice to go against his alliance to vote out Cirie. Rupert and Amanda, on the other hand, are not so happy about it and Amanda starts to lose her trust with him. Over on the Villains beach, Coach leads the tribe in meditation while Russell searches for the immunity idol and finds it. During the Reward Challenge, James injures his knee and is forced to sit out, but in the end the Villains win a chocolate feast. While the other Villains enjoy a swim, Russell tells Parvati and Coach he has the idol, and a new alliance is created. On the Heroes beach, James returns with a bandage around his knee and is allowed to stay in the game for the Immunity Challenge. The Villains win immunity again and when the Heroes return to camp, they scramble to talk to each other about the vote. Colby and Tom's alliance think the most logical choice is to vote out James, but Amanda and Rupert's alliance want Tom out.moreless
  • Banana Etiquette
    Episode 7
    The two tribes are surprised to learn that they will both go to Tribal Council and vote one person from their. This causes the Heroes and Villains to do some major strategy. For the Heroes, they need to decide if James is still strong enough to help win challenges. But when he loses a friendly race with J.T., it's obvious he is not as strong as he was before his injury. Furthermore, the tribe thinks James is eating too many bananas. Meanwhile, Rob leads the Villains in a plan to vote out Russell. But Russell has a plan of his own.moreless
  • 4/1/10
    The next morning as the Villains wake up, Rob says he is was really shocked by what happened at Tribal the night before. Rob and his alliance of Sandra and Courtney still want Russell out and since he is without an immunity idol, he is at his most vulnerable. Later that morning on the beach, Jerri approaches Russell and his alliance of Danielle and Parvati. They try to get Jerri on their side since she and Coach are not in a solid alliance with anyone. Later, the Heroes win a reward challenge and while they are on their reward win, a clue for a new immunity idol is revealed. They decide to look for the idol as a group. Back at the Villains beach, Russell, Coach and Jerri talk about being the final three. While Jerri believes it all, Coach doesn't. After the Heroes win the Immunity Challenge, the Villains are divided by their alliances. Rob's alliance is towards voting Russell, while Russell's alliance want Rob out. Coach and Jerri are in the middle of it all and can't decide what to do.moreless
  • Expectations
    Episode 9
    Coach returns from Tribal Council not happy with the fact that Rob was voted out and hopes for a merge because he feels the Villains will now be weaker at challenges. The next day, J.T. finds the hidden immunity idol and shares it with the rest of the Heroes. Candice approaches Amanda to see if they can work together to get rid of J.T. and the idol. Later that day, both tribes meet for a challenge and while the Villains think they will merge, Jeff tells them this is not the case. After the Heroes win a reward, the Villains argue back at their campsite. Courtney and Sandra are singled out and know they are vulnerable for the vote. So Sandra comes up with a plan to make Russell think that Coach is out to get him. The Heroes win the Immunity Challenge and the Villains are divided between voting for Coach or Courtney. Danielle wants Courtney out because she is the weakest, but Russell believes that Coach may betray him.moreless
  • Survivor History
    Episode 10
    The Villains once again return from Tribal Council and since Jerri had no idea her closest friend would be voted out, she feels vulnerable for the next vote. But Russell assures her that he doesn't trust Sandra and Courtney and that they will be the next to go. When the two tribes meet for the reward challenge, the Heroes firmly believe that there is a female alliance after they see that Coach was voted out. After the Villains win the challenge, Parvati finds a clue to the new hidden immunity idol and shares it with Danielle. Back at the Heroes beach, J.T. thinks the merge is coming and plans to give the immunity idol to Russell still thinking there is a female alliance. Then when the Villains return from their reward, Parvati and Danielle serach for the idol and find it, they decide not to tell Russell about it. But after the Heroes win the Immunity Challenge, J.T. secretly passes a note and the idol to Russell and when they get to their beach he shares it with his alliance. Sandra and Courtney know they are the next to go and Russell doesn't trust Courtney even though Parvati tries to get her to stick around a little longer.moreless
  • 4/22/10
    There are now 5 villains and 5 heroes. The Villains get a map to the Heroes' beach in their tree mail and once they arrive there, the two tribes officially merge. Once they are merged, Parvati doesn't feel welcomed by the Heroes and Sandra tells Rupert the truth about the "all female alliance". Before Tribal Council, Russell thinks the Heroes will vote for Parvati. So he gives her his immunity idol without knowing that she already has one. But the Heroes ae testing Russell to see if he is really willing to join an alliance with them. Instead of Parvati, the Heroes really plan to vote for Jerri, while the Villains plan to vote out J.T.. Then at Tribal, Parvati gives Sandra and Jerri her two idols. A 5-5 tie is avoided, and Russell is exposed as a liar.moreless
  • Jumping Ship
    Episode 12
    Russell tries to get Candice to join his alliance with the Villains thinking that Sandra might flip to the Heroes alliance. Rupert hopes Sandra will flip in order to take out Russell. At a Reward Challenge win, Danielle finds a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol and fights with Amanda for who should keep it, but Colby tells Amanda that Danielle should have it since she found it. After returning to camp, Danielle tells her alliance about the clue and she and Russell set out to find it. Russell finds the Hidden Immunity Idol without the girls noticing and hides it secretly. Then to gain her trust, Russell shows the idol to Candice in hopes that she will indeed flip alliances. Russell then tells Sandra that one of the Heroes is in the Villains alliance and warned her about joining the Heroes. After the Immunity Challenge, Russell tries to get his alliance to vote out Amanda. Candice then tells Russell that the Heroes and Sandra were planning to vote him out. Russell confronts Sandra about what Candice told him, but Sandra denied it. The Heroes then agree to vote for Parvati since Danielle or Russell could use the idol. At Tribal Council, Candice and Sandra both vote along with the Villains while Russell's nerves lose him an idol.moreless
  • A Sinking Ship
    Episode 13
    After Candice's flip to the Villains side, Colby and Rupert share their disappointment in her while Jerri worries she would flip back to the Heroes side. Rupert confronts Russell about how he plays the game, which made Russell want to vote out Rupert next for the next Tribal Council. The castaways meet for the challenge and Jeff tells them it will be for immunity. Afterwards, he read a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol to the entire tribe. When the castaways return to camp, everybody went looking to find the idol. Sandra finds it and hides it from the others while Rupert tries to trick the others that he found it by putting a rock in his pocket. Before Tribal Council, the Villains plan to wash out "Rupert's idol" by splitting their votes. In the end, Rupert and Colby are safe from the vote by sticking to their plan of voting for Candice. The next day, the tribe meets for another Immunity Challenge. Afterwards, Russell gets concerned that Parvati may be more loyal to Danielle than to himself. So he tests their loyalty by tell both girls the other is out to get them. After Parvati finds out the truth she gets Jerri to vote for Rupert but then at Tribal Council, Russell is able to flip Jerri's votes after Danielle has an emotional breakdown.moreless
  • 5/13/10
    Tree Mail is a Sprint electronic with videos from loved ones. At the reward challenge, the castaways meet their loved ones who are able to participate in the challenge as well. Jerri wins the challenge and chooses Sandra and Parvati to join her. While the girls are away, Russell tries to assure the other guys that he'll be with them in the final three as a revenge for not being chosen for the reward. Later that night, Rupert angers the others while he tends the fire and chops wood. Then, after Parvati wins immunity, Russell decides to flip back to his alliance with the girls and vote out another hero.moreless
  • 5/16/10
    The final five (Colby, Jerri, Parvati, Russell and Sandra), return from Tribal Council and Russell confronts Sandra about why she didn't tell him about her hidden immunity idol. Then at the immunity challenge, Colby knows he's next and gives his surrender speech to the tribe. But later he still tries one last chance to save himself. But at the next Tribal Council, the Villains are united in their decision to vote out the final Hero in the game. The next morning, the final four receive tree mail with instructions on their rites of passage ritual. After the final Immunity Challenge, Russell tells Sandra he will take her to the final three because he thinks he'll win, but Parvati disagrees on Russell's decision. But at the final Tribal Council, Russell follows through with his plans. On Day 39, the final three enjoy a breakfast while Sandra burns Russell's hat and the rest of the campsite before going to Tribal Council to face the jury.moreless
  • The all-stars discuss the events in Samoa with Jeff.