Survivor - Season 21

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Young At Heart
    Episode 1
    20 castaways are divided into two tribes by age. The Espada tribe features contestants older than 40 while tribe mates on the La Flor tribe are 30 years old or younger. On Espada, Jimmy J. gives the tribe high moral while on La Flor, Shannon feels he is the leader and recruits Chase into a male-alliance. But Chase has already got into an alliance with Brenda. Meanwhile, Alina and Kelly B. find the clue to the hidden immunity idol, which may help Kelly as the other believe her artificial leg makes her a target. The younger tribe win the Immunity Challenge and on Espada, Jimmy J. thinks Wendy is the weak link which worries Holly because she was in an alliance with Wendy. At Tribal Council, Holly turned her back on her old alliance and sides with the tribe.moreless
  • 9/22/10
    On Espada, Holly doesn't think her tribe mates should eat the snails that were collected, so she tosses them out which doesn't sit right with the others. Then, after Holly sees Dan mocking her, she takes his shoes and sinks them in the ocean. She later breaks down in front of Jimmy J. and wishes she could quit. She admits she feels bad about her actions and reveals what she did to the tribe. On La Flor NaOnka is upset that her socks have gone missing so she steals Jud's and causes a scene. Espada win the Reward/Immunity Challenge by using the power of the medallion. The tribe also receive a clue to the idol and Marty is successful in finding it. La Flor returns to their campsite and the girls see Brenda as a threat and should be voted out. Shannon confronts Chase about voting for Brenda and when the girls find out, Brenda tries to turn the tables on Shannon. At Tribal Council, Shannon voices his opinion about Chase going back on his guy alliance and angers the others on the tribe.moreless
  • 9/29/10
    Over on Espada, Marty feels Jimmy J. is a bug threat because all the other tribe mates feel "star struck" by him. Jill suggests that Marty shows the idol to the rest of the tribe and when he does, the others feel much stronger with it, but that doesn't mean Marty feels like sharing it. On La Flor, Jud, Alina and Kelly B. are divided from the rest of the tribe based on the last Tribal Council. At the next challenge, La Flor won immunity and reward without using the Medallion of Power. Kelly B. and NaOnka pick up a basket of fruit that is part of their reward and they both notice a note to the idol inside the basket. Once they reach their camp, the two of them fight over the note, puzzling the other and smashing some of the fruit. NaOnka took the note and went off alone but wasn't able to figure it out. She shares the clue with Brenda, but is also unable to solve the clues. Back on Espada, Jimmy T. feels Tyrone did not give him a chance to participate. In deciding the vote, Marty makes his move to take out Jimmy J.moreless
  • 10/6/10
    The morning after Tribal Council, Espada discover the aftermath of the heavy rainfalls in Nicaragua which prevent them from fishing in their normal spot. On La Flor, Brenda thinks she has the hidden immunity idol clues figured out. After telling NaOnka, the both of them find the idol. Meanwhile Kelly B. and Alina share their dislike of NaOnka and go on their own search for the already found idol. The next day, Espada discuss strategy for their next challenge but Jimmy T. and Marty don't agree with each other. La Flor win another combined reward/immunity challenge with the help of the medallion. Espada return to their camp and lament their loss but Jimmy T. still feels like he has not been allowed to contribute as much as he can. Back on La Flor, Chase finds a clue for the idol and when he shares it with Brenda, she tells Chase that NaOnka already has it. Over on Espada, everyone is searching for sea urchins while Jimmy T.'s comments continue to annoy and anger Marty. Some of the women feel Dan is the next weakest link, but Marty tries to get the others to vote out Jimmy T. instead.moreless
  • Turf Wars
    Episode 5
    After Jimmy T. was voted out of Espada, Marty feels he is in complete control of the tribe. Meanwhile, NaOnka on La Flor is confident she is safe with her alliance. But when the tribes meet for the reward challenge, Jeff tells them to drop their buffs for a tribal switch. Jane, Jill, and Marty join La Flor while Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka are the new members of Espada. Jeff also announces that the Medallion of Power is no longer in play. The new tribes compete in the Reward Challenge and Espada win some chickens. Back at the Espada camp, Tyrone explains to the young tribe members how they do things at their campsite and comes off as bossy to Alina and NaOnka. Holly feels she can relate more to the younger members and tries to align with them. Over on La Flor, Marty tells the tribe that he has a hidden immunity idol. The next day on Espada, NaOnka starts to emotionally break down and considers quitting after feeling uncomfortable during a rainfall, but Chase talks her through the storm. After La Flor wins the Immunity Challenge, Espada returns to camp and vote to kill one of the chickens before they go to Tribal Council. Tyrone didn't want to kill the chicken but when it came to eat it, the others believed he took the biggest piece. Before the vote, some considered voting for NaOnka, while others thought Tyrone was being too bossy.moreless
  • 10/20/10
    Dan, on Espada, turns to Holly and tells her he is thinking of quitting because of the weather and while Yve is collecting wood, she feels left out of the older alliance because of the vote for Tyrone at the previous Tribal Council. On La Flor, all the younger members and Jane are against Marty and Jill, the older members of the tribe. At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants compete for individual immunity because both tribes will be going to Tribal Council. After winning one of the immunity necklaces, Jill also wins a feast for her tribe. After the challenge, La Flor returns to their camp relieved to know they will be feasting. But Brenda is not happy knowing that Marty and Jill both have some form of immunity. So "Sash" comes up with a plan to split the votes between Marty and Kelly B. while Marty lies to "Fabio" about his leadership skills. On Espada, the younger members are undecided about who to vote for, but Dan and Yve both feel vulnerable. Back on La Flor, "Sash" tells "Fabio" the plan to try and flush out Marty's idol by voting for him. But "Fabio" doesn't feel comfortable with that. Then at Tribal Council, the person voted out of La Flor comes down to a tie. After a tie-breaking vote, La Flor feasts on kebabs while Espada prepares their vote.moreless
  • 10/27/10
    "Sash" tries to get Marty to give him the idol and Jane cooks a fish for herself.
  • 11/3/10
    After the two tribes merge, Brenda and "Sash's" strong alliance gain control of the game and target Marty for the next vote because Marty has been very vocal about his voting strategies with the other men on the tribe. Then, NaOnka steals some of the tribe's food and invites Alina to join her. When the tribe found out, they all felt she deserved to be voted out. Everyone except for Brenda, targeting Alina instead. Marty then got paranoid before the vote and at Tribal Council insulted Jane hoping to gain votes for her removal. But in the end, Brenda's plan remained solid only adding fuel to the feud between Jane and Marty.moreless
  • Running the Camp
    Episode 9
    "Sash" and Brenda try to gain control of the game and NaOnka voices her opinions at Tribal Council.
  • Stuck in the Middle
    Episode 10
    While the tribe is away on a reward challenge, the campsite fire destroys all of the remaining food and the cooking supplies. Before Tribal Council, Holly and Jane initiate a move to get Brenda out and NaOnka is on board with the plan.
  • 11/24/10
    Recap episode.
  • 12/1/10
    After returning from Tribal Council, "Purple Kelly" feels left out of her alliance since she didn't know the vote was for Brenda. NaOnka, on the other hand, was glad because she felt Brenda "threw her under the bus" at Tribal. The next morning, the heavy rain returns and "Purple Kelly" and NaOnka feel so miserable because of it that they both feel like quitting, so NaOnka gives Chase her hidden immunity idol. After the Reward Challenge, NaOnka and "Purple Kelly" tell Jeff they want to quit, but Jeff wants them to re-think it and tell him their final decision at Tribal Council. Jeff then told the tribe that if one person was willing to give up their reward, he would give them a new tarp and rice. Holly volunteered since NaOnka was not willing to give up the reward even though she wanted to quit. At Tribal Council, Jeff, the tribe and the jury find out whether or not NaOnka and Kelly will really quit, and if not, it's all up to the vote.moreless
  • 12/8/10
    "Sash" is now on the outs as he realizes that Chase, Holly and Jane are in an alliance and "Benry", Jud and Dan are in their own. So the next morning, "Sash" tells the guys he will play his idol at the next Tribal Council. Chase tells "Sash" it's smart to align himself with his alliance in hopes of joining a reward. But after Chase chooses Holly and Jane to join him at the reward, "Sash" considers joining "Benry", Jud and Dan. Before the Immunity Challenge, Chase and Holly confront "Sash" to see if he is still in their alliance. Then, "Benry" thinks about siding with Chase in an attempt to stay in the game and vote out Jud ("Fabio"). After "Sash" wins immunity he feels like he is in complete control since he also has the hidden immunity idol. Jud feels he is the next to go and "Benry" says he is willing to go back on his alliance to vote with Chase. Before Tribal Council, "Sash" tells Jane that he trusts her and that he's on her side.moreless
  • 12/15/10
    The tribe gets tree mail that includes a video of a family member for each castaway. Then, "Fabio", Chase and "Sash" agree that if one of them wins the Reward Challenge, they would all go together. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways met their loved ones and after Chase and his mother win the challenge, he chooses "Sash" and Holly to go with him. Back at camp, "Fabio", Dan, and Jane were very upset at Chase's choices, especially "Fabio" who thought Chase would have kept his promise. While, Chase, Holly, and "Sash" are enjoying their reward with their loved ones, they all agree to go to the final three together and vote out "Fabio" next. But after "Fabio" wins the Immunity Challenge, the new three-person alliance of Chase, Holly, and "Sash" must now change their vote. Chase was conflicted between voting for Dan or Jane, while "Fabio", Holly and "Sash" agreed to vote out Jane. Then, while Chase, Holly, and "Sash" are talking, Jane joined them wanting to know if the alliance of four was still strong. The three of them hesitated in their answer until finally admitting that they were indeed thinking about voting for her. After finding out that she had been betrayed by her alliance, Jane let her anger known and dumped a bucket of water on the camp fire. At Tribal Council, Jane let it all out telling Jeff that she was the next to go and that the new three-person alliance will vote out "Fabio" or Dan after she is gone. Jeff suggested that "Fabio", Dan, and Jane should form their own alliance to vote Holly and force a tie. But after the tribe votes, Chase and "Sash" use their immunity idols and Jeff's proposed alliance fails to form.moreless
  • What About Me?
    Episode 15
    Coming back from Tribal Council, the alliance of Chase, "Sash" and Holly seem strong and before the next challenge, they all agree that "Fabio" is the next to go. But "Fabio" wins the first Immunity Challenge and attempts to break the alliance. He thinks Holly is a bigger threat than Dan, but Chase refuses to vote for her and later that night at Tribal Council, the alliance of three remains intact. The morning after Dan is voted out, the final four set off on the Rites of Passage, remembering their former tribe mates until they arrive at the their final Immunity Challenge. "Fabio" then wins his third challenge in a row and couldn't be happier when they return to camp. Holly and Chase admit to "Fabio" that if he had not won immunity, he indeed would have been the next to go, while "Sash" lies and says he would have stuck with him all the way. At the next Tribal Council, "Sash's" lies are exposed to the others and Holly does not survive the vote. The final three men in the game return to camp and the next morning enjoy a huge breakfast with their tree mail. They burn down their shelter and head to the final Tribal Council to answer the jury' questions.moreless
  • 12/19/10
    Live from Los Angeles, the winner is revealed, Jeff talks to the entire gang, and gives us a preview of season 22.