Survivor - Season 22

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Sixteen new castaways arrive on a beach in Nicaragua and right away are surprised to learn that previous players Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz will be joining the tribes. The two tribes then learn about another big twist. After they are voted out of their tribe, they will go to Redemption Island. After another tribe member is voted out, the two will duel which decides who will go and who will stay for a chance to join the tribe once again. Once the Zapatera tribe arrives at their camp, Russell approaches Stephanie to persuade her into an alliance. But the others realize what he is up to. Meanwhile on Ometepe, everyone praises and idolizes Rob. Everyone except Christina, who thinks Rob is too dangerous to have around, so she goes to Phillip and Francesca to try and get Rob out. But after Ometepe lose the reward/immunity challenge, Phillip jeopardizes the alliance after revealing their secrets.moreless
  • You Own My Vote
    Episode 2
    On Ometepe, Phillip tries to repair the damage after his outburst at the last Tribal Council. So he tells Rob that he will do whatever and vote for whoever he says. Later, Rob sees Matt with Andrea and plans to break up the duo knowing how powerful a couple can go. Meanwhile on Zapatera, Ralph sees Russell trying to look for the idol, so he does a search of his own and is able to find it. Then, when the tribe wins the reward/immunity challenge for the second time, Ralph knows that Russell found the clue for the idol and confronts him about it.moreless
  • Keep Hope Alive
    Episode 3
    After Tribal Council, Rob approaches Phillip and includes him in his alliance with Grant, Natalie and Ashley. The next morning, both tribes receive tree mail. Each tribe must send two members to Redemption Island to witness the duel between Francesca and Matt. Back on the Ometepe tribe, Rob assures Andrea she is safe, but she doesn't believe him and is still upset that they voted Matt out. On Zapatera, Russell doesn't feel safe without an idol and continues looking for it. Instead, Stephanie tells Russell to pretend they have an idol to make everyone paranoid. Later, Steve thinks the tribe should throw the next challenge in an attempt to vote Russell out, but Julie doesn't think it's a wise decision. Ometepe win their first reward/immunity challenge and when they return to their beach, Rob finds the hidden immunity clue. On Zapatera, Russell suspects his tribe lost the challenge on purpose. Stephanie approaches Julie to get her to join Russell's alliance and vote Ralph out. At Zapatera's first Tribal Council, the tribe discuss the apparent 6/3 alliance .moreless
  • 3/9/11
    The morning after Russell is voted out of his tribe, Krista and Stephanie are now on their own, especially after Ralph shows his hidden immunity idol to the others. Meanwhile, the Ometepe tribe members continue to feel annoyed with Phillip. Later, on Redemption Island, Russell loses the duel and manages to get Ralph to spill the beans on the immunity idol that he has, allowing Kristina and Phillip to learn this new information. Back on the Ometepe beach, Rob goes on the search to find the new hidden immunity idol and is successful in finding it and keeps it a secret. Afterward, Zapatera win the reward/immunity challenge and are excited to enjoy a large feast. Meanwhile on Ometepe, the females of the tribe feel very strongly about voting out Phillip, but some of them are suspicious of Kristina.moreless
  • We Hate Our Tribe
    Episode 5
    The day after Ometepe's Tribal Council, Rob feels that Phillip would take some of the attention off of him if he were to stay around. On Zapatera, the tribe feels confident that Krista and Stephanie are no longer a threat without their alliance with Russell. But while they are at the Redemption Island duel, they allude to Rob that perhaps the two of them would be willing to join an Ometepe alliance once they merge. Back at the Ometepe camp, Andrea finds it hard to relate to the other girls on the tribe which gives Phillip an opportunity to socialize with her. Phillip tells Andrea that if Matt were to return to the game, they should make an alliance to vote out Rob. Then after Zapatera lose the reward/immunity challenge, the tribe feels it's an easy decision and choose to either vote out Krista or Stephanie.moreless
  • 3/23/11
    On Ometepe, Phillip is very vocal about Ashley and Natalie's lack of effort around camp and Rob has to try and get him to tone it down. Over on Zapatera, Sarita is weakened by a toothache which allows David to try and remove the negative attention that surrounds Stephanie. Meanwhile on Redemption Island, Krista receives a bible, her luxury item, which ends up strengthening the bond between her and Matt. Later, Ometepe win the reward/immunity challenge and while on their reward, Phillip notices that Rob tries to hide the hidden immunity idol clue from him which has him questioning Rob's loyalty. Before Tribal Council, Zapatera have to decide if they keep someone they trust or someone who will keep the tribe strong.moreless
  • 3/30/11
    On Zapatera, everyone is now aware of a tribe division after David's vote at the last Tribal Council which really worries Sarita. On Ometepe, Phillip continues to question his loyalty to his alliance with Rob, something that Rob picks up on when they both volunteer to witness the Redemption Island duel. Later, Phillip argues with the women for some crispy rice after they insist the rice is for Rob. Ometepe win the reward/immunity challenge and enjoy a picnic on an active volcano and when Zapatera arrive back at their camp, David is immediately a target for the vote. But before Tribal Council, the men on the tribe think Sarita may be a better choice.moreless
  • 4/6/11
    When Sarita joins Matt on Redemption Island, the two talk about her tribe's dynamics and Matt starts to consider a Zapatera alliance. The next morning, both tribes receive tree mail telling them they will all witness the duel. Before the duel starts, Jeff announces that whoever wins will re-enter the game. Matt wins the duel and he and everyone else are given new tribe buffs, officially confirming a merge. When the tribe arrives at their new beach, they are welcomed with a feast and Rob suggests "Murlonio" as the new tribe name. That night, Matt tells Andrea he is considering a big move in order to eventually vote out Rob. The next morning, Rob sees Mike, Matt and Andrea reading the bible and says he wants to break up that camaraderie. After the Immunity Challenge, Matt confesses to Rob that he had considered joining a Zapatera alliance, but that his faith in God led him to stay with his former Ometepe tribe mates. Matt's confession leads Rob to tell his alliance to send Matt to Redemption Island again. But Mike comes up his own plan to vote Grant out.moreless
  • The Buddy System
    Episode 9
    As the merged tribe wakes up, David and Mike applaud Rob's blindside at the previous Tribal Council while Julie sympathizes with Matt's return to Redemption Island. Ralph then approaches the women of Rob's alliance wondering if he's the next to go. The former Ometepe alliance seem to be strong when Grant wins the next Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Rob is paranoid that David might find another hidden immunity idol after seeing him digging around the tribe flag. Then later at Tribal Council, David and Mike know that being from the former Zapatera tribe means that they will most likely be the next to be voted out. After the tribe returns from tribal, Rob feels that Phillip has proven his faithfulness to the alliance. The next day, the tribe meets Jeff for another immunity challenge and the chance to eat cheeseburgers. The former Zapatera members continue to be at risk of being voted out after Andrea wins the challenge. When Ralph catches some fish, Rob tells the others not to eat any of it, a sign of the power he has over his alliance. But all Rob is thinking about is who should be the next to go and who could potentially give him a jury vote for the win.moreless
  • Rice Wars
    Episode 10
    On Redemption Island, Matt, Mike and David are all wondering what their fate will be and how the jury will work out. The next morning on Murlonio, the former Zapatera members are eating a large portion of rice that belong to them. This angers Phillip who steals some of the rice for the former Ometepe members. Later at the Redemption Island "truel", Jeff announces that two people will stay in the game, while the third will join the jury. The tribe returns to their beach and Andrea finds maggots in the Ometepe rice supply. When Steve denies Andrea's request to put their clean rice in the Zapatera container, Phillip confronts him suggesting it's a racial issue. After the Immunity Challenge, Julie buries Phillip's shorts, forcing him to go to Tribal Council in his underwear. While the three former Zapatera members plan to vote out Phillip, Rob is unsure whether to consider Phillip for the vote.moreless
  • A Mystery Package
    Episode 11
    After returning from Tribal Council, Steve wants to reconcile with Phillip, but after doing so, Phillip doesn't think it was genuine. Rob then says he is protecting Phillip in an attempt to take him to the end. The next morning, Phillip says he had a vision telling him where his shorts are and after a short search, he is able to find them. On Redemption Island, Matt confesses he is reaching his breaking point but continues to have strong faith that he is there for a reason. Later after returning from the redemption duel, Andrea feels that Matt may be angry with her for assisting in voting him out. After the Immunity Challenge, Jeff gives the tribe a mystery package that they aren't supposed to open until they get to tribal. Back at the beach, Rob suspects that the twist may be that two people will be voted out. Rob tells his alliance that if this is the case, they will vote for Ralph first and Andrea second since she is the closest with Matt.moreless
  • You Mangled My Nets
    Episode 12
    Steve shocks everyone on Redemption Island after Ralph's arrival meaning that the majority of the jury will be from the Zapatera tribe. The "Ometepe Six" then return from Tribal Council and Natalie bursts into tears after feeling a mixture of homesickness and the realization that now the tribe has no choice but to turn on each other. The next morning, Tree Mail has everyone emotional while they watch videos from their loved ones. After being the first to win the Redemption Island duel, Mike gives up the chance to spend time with his Mom in order to allow family time for all the members of Murlonio. The tribe returns from an exhausting Immunity Challenge and they all seem to agree that Andrea is the next to go. But after Phillip starts to annoy the other tribe members, Rob is thinking twice about who to vote out.moreless
  • 5/11/11
    Ashley and Natalie celebrate the blindside at Tribal Council and that they are the remaining women in the game. Over on Redemption Island, Matt reacts to Andrea's arrival. The next day at the duel, Andrea says she felt betrayed by her tribe because she trusted them. Later at camp, Rob and Grant discuss strategy and Phillip argues with the women leaving Rob to deal with damage control. That night, Ashley suggests the next vote should be for the strongest player, but Rob's alliance with Grant seems to be very strong. Before the Immunity Challenge, Rob reassures Natalie that she'll be safe from the vote. But when Ashley wins the challenge, Rob's plans must change.moreless
  • 5/15/11
    The season finale.
  • 5/15/11
    Live from New York City, the cast talk about their experiences in Nicaragua and on Redemption Island. Jeff also gives us a preview of season 23, "Survivor: South Pacific".