Survivor - Season 23

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • I Need Redemption
    Episode 1

    18 new contestantsare divided into two tribes and are joined by 2 returning players. Everyone on Savaii is thrilled to have Ozzy join them, while those on Upolu are much more hesitant to have "Coach" on their tribe. The two returning players then participate in a reward challenge specially designed for them. With the help of a very vocal tribe, Ozzy wins the challenge leaving "Coach" feeling rejected by his new tribemates.

    Savaii arrive at their beach and right away the tribe start to get to know each other. When Ozzy suggests to go for a swim, Cochran is very hesitant but ultimately dives in. Over at the Upolu beach, the tribemates take advantage of "Coach's" prior experiences while building the shelter. But while everyone is working, Christine starts her search for the hidden immunity idol. That night, "Coach" feels more comfortable and welcomed by his tribe as a new alliance of five bond under the stars.

    The next day after Savaii wakes up, Dawn has a rough morning and needs to be consoled by Ozzy. Later that day, the tribes meet for their first immunity challenge which is won by Upolu. When Savaii return to their beach, Dawn hopes that an argument between Semhar and Jim will keep her safe. But Ozzy feels that Semhar should stay and that Cochran lacks the physical strength needed.

  • He Has Demons
    Episode 2

    Savaii return from Tribal Council and Cochran is thankful to have been spared and promises to change his way with the tribe. The next morning Ozzy searches for the idol on his own and successfully finds it. Later, during a fishing trip, Jim wants to create an alliance with Keith and Ozzy.

    On Upolu, "Coach" and Edna share a bond and solidify their loyalty for one another. Later, while the two are alone, Brandon tells "Coach" that he is Russell Hantz's nephew now that they are in an alliance with each other. Meanwhile, Christine continues her search for an immunity idol clue and eventually finds it, but she isn't sure if she should share it or keep it to herself.

    Then, after Upolu lose the Immunity Challenge, Brandon wants Mikayla out because he feels uncomfortable around her, but Coach feels differently.

  • Reap What You Sow
    Episode 3

    The morning after Tribal Council, both tribes choose two people to see the Redemption Island duel and when Christine sees "Coach", it gives her motivation to compete. After the duel, Brandon feels huge regret about lying to the others in order to try and vote Mikayla out. Brandon doesn't want to lie anymore and reveals to everyone on his tribe about his connection to Russell Hantz. But when Brandon argues with Mikayla in front of the others, the tribe start to wonder how similar he is to his uncle Russell. On Savaii, Ozzy feels Keith is a strong ally and tells him he has the idol. Keith then tells Whitney to try and gain her trust.

    After Savaii lose the Immunity Challenge, Cochran and "Papa Bear" know they are the outsiders of the tribe and that either one will be voted out. After Ozzy tells Papa Bear that Cochran will be voted out, Papa Bear knows that's a lie andgoes on a desperate search for the idol. Although he doesn't find it, he makes a fake idol and tells everyone he has it. But Ozzy knows the truth since he already found the real idol.

  • Survivalism
    Episode 4

    On Savaii, Jim sees that Ozzy and Elyse are spending too much time together and knows that a couple is dangerous. So he approaches Cochran for a plan to get rid of Elyse to which Cochran jumps on board. The next morning on Upolu, Brandon regrets losing his cool in front of his tribe and goes around apologizing to his tribe mates. He also tells Edna that she is not part of the tribe's main five personalliance and could be next. Edna later tries to beef up her social game, but starts annoying all the women on the tribe. Back on Savaii, before Jim leaves to witness the Redemption duel, Ozzy mocks him, telling the others he is thinking too much about strategy. Before the Immunity/Reward Challenge, Jim and Cochran don't think they have the numbers in order to vote out Elyse but find out that Dawn is interested. But their plan will have to wait when they win the Immunity Challenge. Upolu return to their beach after the challenge and Stacey is confident she performed well, but is still on the outside of the five person alliance.

  • Taste the Victory
    Episode 5

    Stacey arrives on Redemption Island and tells Christine that "Coach" is in charge of the tribe. At the duel, the two competitors spill the beans to the spectators about Benjamin's control at Upolu, refusing to call him "Coach". Albert and Mikayla return to the tribe and tell everyone about theduel and what Stacey said which angers "Coach". Albert also feels worried after Stacey's comments, so he goes on a search for the idol after finding a clue. Albert reveals the clue to "Coach" and Sophie and after another search,"Coach" eventually finds the idol.

    On Savaii, Elyse feels strong about the alliance she is in, but when Ozzy finds out that "Coach"is in charge at Upolu, he lets it slip that "Coach" should vote out a strong player next. Jim picks up on it and plans to warn Keith. Later, after a fishing trip, Ozzy is proud to be the provider of fish for the tribe.

    Upolu arrive back at their beach after winning the Immunity/Reward Challenge and enjoy a nice salad and meat from the challenge. Over on Savaii, Ozzy thinks Cochran is the weakest link and should be next. But the secret alliance of Cochran, Dawn and Jim approach Keith to try and vote out Elyse, but Keith doesn't want to lose Ozzy's trust.

  • Free Agent
    Episode 6

    Savaii return from Tribal and Ozzy feels betrayed by his alliance so he announces that he is no longer in an alliance with anyone and tells his tribe he has the immunity idol. The next morning, the tribe thinks Ozzy should apologize for throwing a temper tantrum. Over on Upolu, Brandon looks for the immunity idol not knowing that "Coach" already has it.

    After the Redemption Island duel, Sophie finds Christine very bitter about being voted out and thinks she has no allegiance for the Upolu tribe. Meanwhile, Edna tries her best to strengthen herties with "Coach" to stay safe. Back on Savaii, Ozzy apologizes to the tribe and approaches Keith in order to stay in the game.

    At the Immunity Challenge, Savaii start off with some trouble, but ultimately win. The tribe spends time together at a natural water slide which unites them after such a rough morning. On Upolu, the tribe is figuring out who should be voted out next, Mikayla or Edna since neither of them were part of the original alliance of six.

  • Trojan Horse
    Episode 7

    After witnessing the Redemption duel, Ozzy thinks it would be a smart move to purposely vote out a strong player in order to eliminate Christine. Ozzy approaches Cochran about his plan and suggests that he could be the one to go. On Upolu, Coach calls upon his religion to lift the tribe's spirits and find the idol as a group. When Coach returns to his tribe mates with tree mail and the idol, the entire tribe rejoices.

    When Savaii lose the Immunity Challenge, Cochran felt confident in Ozzy's plan to send himself to Redemption Island, but when Ozzy voices his frustration at the loss, he begins to think otherwise. But the next morning, Ozzy interprets a dream he had and tells the tribe he is willing to be voted out afterall, but the others on the tribe don't agree with the plan.

  • Double Agent
    Episode 8

    Both tribes meet to witness the Redemption duel between Christine and Ozzy and after the winner re-joins the game, both tribes merge. When the merged tribe is at their beach, Cochran plays the double agent and lies to Coach about being treated badly by his tribe. But Coach doesn't believe him. After the Immunity Challenge, Cochran and Dawn are faced with the decision to stay loyal to their respective tribes, ending in a tie and a possible vote by a rock, or join an alliance of the opposing tribe.

  • Cut Throat
    Episode 9

    The merged tribe return from Tribal and everyone from Cochran 's former tribe, confront him in anger about voting out one of their own. This allows the former Upolu tribe to take Cochran under their wing.

    Before the next Tribal Council, the former Savaii members are outnumbered and Ozzy knows he may be the next to be voted out. But then, Jim approaches Ozzy with a plan to save him and persuade the others to vote out Cochran

    The next morning, Ozzy enjoys fishing during his stay on Redemption Island while the merged tribe meets for another Immunity Challenge. During the challenge, Cochran and the former Upolu members send a message to the others by sitting the challenge out and enjoy baked goods. Afterwards, Jim knows he is the next to go and pleads his case to Sophie and Albert, but Albert and Coach feel like Dawn could potentially be more dangerous.

  • Running The Show
    Episode 10

    Although Cochran is friendly with Coach, after talking with him during some yoga, he doesn't feel any safer. Later, the merged tribe witness the Redemption duel, where two people join the jury.

    Afterwards, Ozzy enjoys himself on Redemption Island as he has the entire place to himself, allowing him to keep his strength up. Back on Te Tuna, Cochran considers siding with Whitney and Dawn to take down the former Upolu alliance. After the Immunity Challenge, Dawn feels she is the one to go, so Whitney approaches Albert in an attempt make a big move. Albert considers a new alliance and approaches Cochran and Sophie, but Coach soon starts to suspect Albert.

    Then at Tribal Council, Jeff announces a twist...a double elimination.

  • A Closer Look
    Episode 11

    Re-cap episode.

  • Cult Like
    Episode 12

    The former Upolu return from Tribal Council, and celebrate the fact that they have voted out all of the former Savaii. But Cochran knows that since he is not an original Upolu, he'll be next to go. The next morning, Sophie is frustrated with the way Cochran has played his game. Cochran later gathers the entire tribe and pleads his case to stay in the game. Coach agrees that perhaps they should keep Cochran around and discusses it with the others.

    After the Redemption duel, Albert thinks he shouldn't have to doall of the housework around the campsite, some of the other tribe members pick up on this and complain that Albert doesn't do enough work. Later, Edna fights for her position on the tribe with Coach because she knows she will be voted out after Cochran goes. But Coach thinks nothing is certain.

    Before the challenge, Coach takes Cochran aside to do some tai-chi in the hope of winning immunity. Later, Albert wins immunity and gives up a massage reward to Cochran. Afterwards, Albert and Cochran discuss a plan to vote out Rick if Edna and Coach agree to go along with the vote. Coach now has to choose if we wants to stay with his original Upolu alliance or go with Cochran's plan.

  • Ticking Time Bomb
    Episode 13

    Edna feels completely deceived and doesn't feel that she is part of the Ta Tuna tribe after hearing Brandon's comments at the last Tribal Council. Then, while Edna tells Coach how she is feeling, Brandon comes in with tree mail with messages from home.

    After the Redemption duel, Ozzy chooses Coach, Brandon and Albert to spend time with their loved ones on Redemption Island. Once there, Coach takes the opportunity to speak with Ozzy and says he wants totake him to the finals. Meanwhile, Brandon tells his Dad he doesn't want to win the million dollars, so Brandon's Dad approaches Coach to make sure he takes Brandon to the final three.

    Back at the campsite, Sophie and Rick feel Brandon was rude during the challenge by singling out Edna. Later, knowing she is the next to go, Edna approaches Coach, Sophie and Albert to consider voting out Brandon based on all his emotional outbursts.

  • 12/14/11

    The merged Te Tuna tribe now consists of the five member alliance from the original Upolu tribe. Albert thinks Sophie is becoming more of a threat and feels he is better off taking Rick with him to the final three.

    After the Redemption duel, the tribe starts scrambling to figure out who should be voted out of the alliance. Brandon makes an agreement with Albert to vote Sophie out, while Sophie tells Coach that Brandon should be sent to Redemption. Later, Brandon interrupts a private conversation between Coach and Albert and on top ofthe previous comments made by Brandon's father, Coach thinks Brandon should go. But when Brandon wins immunity, there must be a change of plans. Albert becomes an easy target after some of his lies are exposed to the tribe, but Brandon is willing to give up his immunity and forgive him.

    Before Tribal Council, Coach is conflicted as to how his vote should go.

  • 12/18/11

    When the tribe return from tribal, everyone confronts Albert. Sophie tells him he should have returned the immunity necklace and Coach tells him he is sick of his lies.

    The next morning, Ozzy joins the Te Tuna tribe after winning the final Redemption duel. The tribe return to their beach and it seems that the entire tribe is 4 against 1. But Coach takes Ozzy aside and tells him he still wants to take him to the end. Coach feels confident because he thinks everyone on the tribe will take him to the final three. Later, the tribe participate in an Immunity Challenge and when Ozzy wins, the four remaining former Upolu members decide who will become the next member of the jury. Albert and Coach think Rick has a good chance of winning jury votes but Ozzy tells Albert he should vote out Sophie.

    The next morning, it's down to the final four, Ozzy, Coach, Albert and Sophie. Coach then confronts Ozzy about revealing his plan for final three at the previous Tribal Council. After resolving the issue, the final four compete in their final Immunity Challenge.

    When Sophie wins the second immunity, she is unsure if Coach is on board to vote Ozzy out. When Coach and Ozzy discuss the vote, Coach considers a tie but is ultimately still unsure of how his vote should go. The next morning, the final 3 have their breakfast and prepare for the final Tribal Council and the jury's questions.

  • 12/18/11

    The contestants meet to discuss the game.