Survivor - Season 24

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 2/15/12

    18 contestants are divided into two tribes, one with males (Manono), and the other with females (Salani).

    On the way to their beach, Alicia creates an alliance with four other tribe mates. Salani is the first to arrive at their beach and realize they will live with Manono on the same beach. When the men arrive, they try to help the women catch two live chickens. After the women catch both chickens, they try to negotiate with the men since they stole an item of theirs at the drop-off.

    While the tribes are working, Colton feels more comfortable with the female tribe and on Manono, Matt feels confident in his own alliance of men. Later, when Manono is the first to get fire, Salani try to get the men to trade a chicken for some fire, but are unsuccessful. That night, Monica and Christina steal a hot ember while the men are sleeping, but by the next morning, their fire burns out. When Christina tries to negotiate with the men again, Alicia thinks she is becoming to friendly with Manono and wants to vote her out first. Later, Sabrina finds the hidden immunity idol, but cannot use the idol on herself or her tribemates, so she gives the idol to Colton.

    At the Immunity Challenge, Kourtney injures herself, forcing the challenge to end prematurely. Since Manono was in the lead, they decide not to finish the challenge and send Salani to Tribal Council.

  • Total Dysfunction
    Episode 2

    The Salani tribe vote Sabrina as their leader and divide the chores. But Nina feels she, Monica and Christina are left out of the comradery between all the younger females. Later, both tribes receive tree mail and participate in a "Do-It-Yourself" reward challenge. Manono win a tarp and set it up right away, but Colton doesn't help out. Colton continues feeling more comfortable being with the women, but Sabrina is annoyed to have him around their campsite. Colton pleads with Salani to let him stay with them, but the women prefer he stayed on the men's side of the beach. But later that night, Colton tells Troyzan he has an immunity idol and a new alliance is born.

    At the Immunity Challenge, Monono win and Salani must return to Tribal Council. Some of the women are embarrassed with Kat's performance at the challenge and consider voting her out, while the others feel Nina shoud be the one to go.

  • 2/29/12

    The Salani tribe have a cold, rough night after deciding to tough it out through a huge rainstorm. In the morning, the women warm up under the Manono shelter. Later, Salani win the Reward Challenge and arrive on their beach to more horrible weather. The women approach Manono to share their shelter again to stay out of the rain. But after the men help Salani out, they don't think the women are reciprocating enough. The next morning, Salani use their reward to catch a few fish and win their first Immunity Challenge after staging a huge comeback.

    Some of the men are looking forward to the vote and Colton wants Bill voted out, but the other members of Colton's alliance think Matt should go first. When Jay appraoches the Colton alliance, he knows the alliance has more votes than Matt's and considers voting with them. Later, Matt talks to Troyzan in an attempt to get him to switch alliances and when Colton hears of this, he jumps on board with the plan to vote for Matt.

  • Bum-Puzzled
    Episode 4

    The men return from Tribal Council and Tarzan feels his alliance is solid and thinks Bill should be their next target. The next morning, Jonas approaches the women to use their net in exchange for half of the catch, but Salani reject his offer. Later, the women win the Reward Challenge and take a tarp back to their shelter. After the challenge, Leif lets it slip to Bill that Colton wanted to vote him out at the last Tribal. Michael tells Colton he suspects Leif and Bill are friends which leads Leif to confess to Colton what he told Bill.

    The two tribes meet for the Immunity Challenge and when Manono win, Alicia is blamed for Salani's loss after being unable to complete their puzzle and laughs it off. Over on Manono, Bill wants to discuss things with Colton, but Colton does not want to talk. Instead, Colton comes up with the idea to give up their tribe immunity and go to Tribal Council to vote out the guy he doesn't like.

  • A Bunch of Idiots
    Episode 5

    When the two tribes meet for the Reward Challenge, they are shocked to learn that the tribes will be shaken up. Afterwards, the newly reformed Salani arrive on their beach and Sabrina is happy to see members of her previous alliance on the tribe. But over on the new Manono beach, Colton and Alicia are not so happy with their new tribe members. Back on Salani, the tribe members enjoy a meal of chicken and crab while Jay feels comfortable siding with the women on his tribe in preparation for a merge. Manono are also thinking of the merge and Alicia wants the girls (and Colton) to stick together, but Jonas sees Colton as a possible threat to the male alliance.

    Before the next challenge, Kim finds an idol on the Salani beach and shares it with Chelsea but vow to keep it to themselves. At the Manono beach, Colton feels that Monica and Christina need to be voted out next and Alicia agrees to vote his way.

    Then, after Monono lose the Immunity Challenge, Monica and Christina are told that the vote is for Tarzan, but Alicia and Colton spread the word about voting out Monica, something that the other tribe mates agree with.

  • 3/21/12

    When the new Manono tribe return from Tribal, Alicia considers sticking with the guys on her tribe rather than the women and Colton isn't shy about insulting Christina and telling her that she is the next to be voted out. The next morning on Salani, Kat wonders if a dream she had about Alicia has a meaning of some kind.

    Salani win the reward challenge, an opportunity to enjoy an ice cream parlour, while on Manono, Christina approaches Leif and Jonas to try and save herself. That night, Colton feels ill and Christina comforts him. The next morning, Tarzan thinks Colton has the symptoms of appendicitis. The medical team later inspect Colton and decide he needs to leave the game. After the removal of Colton, Jonas feels that now is the time to vote out Alicia.

    Later, Salani and Manono receive tree mail and find out that both tribes will go to Tribal Council. Before leaving for Tribal, Tarzan tries to persuade Leif to vote for Christina, but Leif would prefer to vote out Alicia. When both tribes arrive at Tribal Council, Jeff informs Salani about Colton's evacuation and announces the merge.

  • 3/28/12

    The newly merged tribe wake up and decide on the new tribe name, Tikiano. Tarzan fears that the guys are not part of a solid alliance so he approaches Michael to get him on their side. Although Michael agrees, he's not being truthful with Tarzan. Later, half of Tikiano win a reward of pizza and a secret note. The note reveals that there is still an unclaimed hidden immunity idol. Chelsea fears that someone from the former Manono tribe has an idol because she wants the old Salani to prevail. Jonas later approaches Tarzan when he learns Michael knows of the male alliance. Tarzan doesn't appreciate Jonas' comments and decides to take himself out of the alliance.

    Early the next morning while the others are still sleeping, Troyzan successfully finds the hidden immunity idol. Afterwards, the tribe participate in their first post-merge individual Immunity Challenge. The pre-merge Salani alliance seem tight and Jonas is the target for the vote. So when Troyzan tells Jonas their plan, right away he does damage control, repairing his alliance with Tarzan and establish a last minute plan to vote Kat out. But a conversation during Tribal Council may change everyone's plan.

  • 4/4/12

    The tribe participates in a reward challenge and after half of the tribe enjoys soda and steaks, Kim talks to Sabrina to stengthen the female alliance and vote Michael out. Meanwhile, back on the Tikiano beach, the girls are also talking about voting Michael out which worries Jay. Afterwards, bad weather causes the tribemates to strengthen their shelter and Chelsea accuses Tarzan of chopping wood they needed to improve the shelter.

    Later, Kim makes Troyzan believe that Michael wants him out, angering Troyzan and creating a reason for him to vote for Michael. After Jay wins immunity, he wants to vote out a girl and plans for Christina. Before Tribal Council, Kim isn't sure if she should stick with her female alliance and vote for Michael or side with Jay for the vote.

  • Go Out With a Bang
    Episode 9

    Tarzan and Troyzan know the girls want to vote out the men one by one. The tribe later get tree mail and participate in another do-it-yourself Reward Challenge. While on reward, Jay is suspicious of future blindsides by the women after the vote for Michael. Kim is confident with the female dominance but Chelsea doesn't want to betray Jay and Troyzan's trust and Sabrina doesn't want any cracks in the female alliance. Meanwhile, Jay and Troyzan want to split up the girls and plan a vote for Alicia. Jay approaches some of the women to get them on his side, and although they agree, they aren't being truthful.

    The tribe return from their Immunity Challenge and the women plan to spread out their votes between Jay and Troyzan. Both Jay and Troyzan approach the women and are told they will not be blindsided, but Troyzan doesn't believe them and brings his hidden immunity idol to Tribal.

  • I'm No Dummy
    Episode 10

    Troyzan knows he is the next to go and feels he has the right to be angry even though the women tell him not to. Later, Tree Mail prepares the tribe mates for the Survivor auction, but no one is prepared for Troyzan's outburst after he buys a note for an advantage to the Immunity Challenge. After the auction, Troyzan starts looking for a new idol and the women are disappointed that Christina did not outbid him for that note.

    At the Immunity Challenge, Troyzan wins and causes the female alliance to come up with a back-up plan for the vote. The women feel that voting out a male is the best decision, but Troyzan approaches Leif, Tarzan and Alicia to try and get them to vote against the dominant female alliance.

  • Never Say Die
    Episode 11

    Kim feels her female alliance is strong and Troyzan knows he needs to win every immunity challenge to stay in the game. Later, Kim wins the reward challenge and takes Chelsea and Alicia with her, signaling to the others who is higher up in the alliance. At the campsite, Kim's decision allows Troyzan to try and make the other women think they are in danger of being the first ones voted out of the alliance. Then, during a rainstorm, the tribe discover a wild pig roaming around on their beach, but are unsuccessful in catching it. After the Immunity Challenge, Kat feels frustrated that Kim is running the show and planning the votes for tribal. The women are unsure if Troyzan has an immunity idol so they plan to split the votes.

  • It's Gonna Be Chaos
    Episode 12

    When the tribe returns to camp, Kim is relieved that Troyzan is gone and Alicia feels she has all the power. The next morning the tribe receives video tree mail and a chance to spend time with loved ones at the Reward Challenge. During the reward, Kim feels taking Alicia and Kat to the finals is her best bet to win the money. Back at camp, Sabrina feels Kat made a selfish decision in not choosing Tarzan and Christina for the reward. This allows Chelsea to plant the seeds for a possible vote for Kat at the next Tribal Council. However, Kim feels that Sabrina should go next because she has the biggest chance at having the most jury votes. After the Immunity Challenge, Alicia feels that Kat should go because of her competitive nature, but Kim still wants to vote for Sabrina. At Tribal Council, there is a blindside and feelings will be hurt.

  • It's Human Nature
    Episode 13

    After returning from the last Tribal Council, Tarzan tries to persuade Kim to keep him around until the final four. The next morning, Chelsea feels the tribe is divided, three on three, so she tries to get Christina on her side. But when Christina tells the other women, it automatically makes her a target.

    Chelsea wins the reward and takes Kim and Sabrina with her on a yacht. Back on the beach, Alicia and Christina are angry with Chelsea's pick and hatch a plan to vote her or Kim out and invite Tarzan to join the vote. But after Kim returns from the reward, she tells Alicia and Christina that Tarzan is out to get them, when in reality he is not.

    Before Tribal Council, Alicia tells Tarzan that she is on board for voting out Chelsea, but isn't sure if she should believe the things that Kim tells her.

  • 5/13/12

    The final five return to their beach and Alicia is confident that her alliance with Kim and Christina will hold. The next morning, Sabrina and Kim get tree mail and discuss the options for a final three.

    After Kim wins the first immunity, she tells Sabrina that the vote will be for Alicia and then tells Alicia and Christina that the vote is for Chelsea. At Tribal Council, everyone believes Kim is on their side.

    When the final four return from Tribal, Christina realizes that Kim had been lying to her the whole time while Chelsea is thankful for Kim's loyalty. The next morning, Christina knows she needs immunity to stay in the game. After receiving tree mail, the women participate in the Rites of Passage ritual and head to their final Immunity Challenge.

    When Kim wins the last Immunity Challenge, Christina wants to blatantly be told if she is the one to go. As a result, there is no last minute scrambling before the final Tribal Council. The next morning, Sabrina wakes up in the final three and is emotionally overwhelmed to be where she is. Afterwards, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina enjoy a big breakfast and face the jury later that evening.

  • 5/13/12

    The contestants of One World discuss their experiences in the South Pacific.