Survivor - Season 5

Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered May 31, 2000 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 9/19/02
    The tribes trek through a Thai village divided in men amd women thinking that they will be divided along gender lines, but when they meet Jeff, they are informed that in Thai traditions the eldest are given more respect and advantages. This means that the oldest man and woman, Jake and Jan, are to pick the tribes. At Sook Jai, Robb and Shii Ann have an argument on building the shelter, and Stephanie goes skinny dipping, while at Chuay Gahn, Tanya is feeling sick, and Helen and John argue while finding the water pit. At the first challenge Chuay Gahn takes a lead but a mistake proves fatal and costs the tribe Immunity. John's friction with his tribemates earlier appears to be enough to get him ousted, as he becomes the first to leave Thailand.moreless
  • The Great Divide
    Episode 2
    The Sook Jai tribe is divided with Jed, Stephanie, and Robb alienating themselves from the group. At Chuay Gahn, Tanya is feeling even more sick. Sook Jai wins a 60 foot fishing net as the first reward. The Chuay Gahn tribe celebrates Helen's wedding anniversary. Chuay Gahn loses immunity and is forced back to tribal council. They vote Tanya off because she's too sick to continue.moreless
  • Family Values
    Episode 3
    At Sook Jai, Shii Ann & Robb continue to argue. At Chuay Gahn, Ghandia says that Ted grinded her in his sleep and tells Helen and Jan about it. Ted hears about Ghandia's accusations and says it was an accident. Helen says that she believes Ghandia, while Clay says that he knew Ghandia was trouble from the beginning. Jan realizes the tribe is split between men vs. women. At the Reward Challenge things heat up when Robb strangles Clay and gets disqualified. Robb, Jed, Ken and Stephanie all get disqualified helping Chuay Gahn win Reward. Back at camp, Robb gets mad and calls Clay names. Shii Ann and Jake purposely throw the immunity challenge, helping Chuay Gahn win. At tribal council, Shii Ann receives 3 votes, while Jed receives 5 votes and is voted out.moreless
  • Gender Bender
    Episode 4
    Lingering tensions and accusations spill over, pitting the men against the women.

    One castaway hopes never to see another castaway again...forever.
  • 10/17/02

    One Survivor gets attacked by a stingray. Two unlikely tribemates forge a tentative alliance, but neither is sure whether the other can be trusted.

  • The Power of One
    Episode 6
    Robb feels paranoid and vulnerable after his friend Stephanie was voted out. He questions his tribe's loyalty to him and lashes out at Penny and Ken.

    A reward feast brings the Sook Jais together, and Robb apologizes for his previous behavior. He says he has learned a lot about himself during his Survivor experience.

    Chuay Gahn knows it needs to win immunity to even the tribe numbers, and they come through. Sook Jai is sent to tribal council, where they vote out Robb.moreless
  • Assumptions
    Episode 7
    The two tribes move to the same beach, but when they find out they're not merging into one tribe, a player realizes she has made a big mistake.
  • 11/7/02
    The Chuay Gahn members learn that the Sook Jai tribe has voted Shii Ann out of the game, and all are surprised to learn that there is no reward challenge. However, the survivors are rewarded with fins and a snorkel. Sook Jai loses the Immunity Challenge, and winds up voting Erin off of the island. At Tribal Council, Jeff makes the observation that Sook Jai has run out of members and out of luck but have not run out of hope.moreless
  • Desperate Measures
    Episode 9

    The two tribes finally merge into one.

  • 11/21/02

    With only two members of Sook Jai remaining, one betrays the other in an attempt to save themselves.

  • A Closer Look
    Episode 11
    New footage highlights a recap and a review of the first 21 days in Thailand.
  • 12/5/02

    After receiving tree mail, the tribe meet Jeff at the reward challenge, where he unexpectedly brought each Survivor's loved ones from home to compete in the challenge.

  • 12/12/02

    With five of the original members of the Chuay Gahn Tribe in the final five, competition becomes more fierce.

  • 12/19/02

    The finale with the four remaining players competing in immunity challenges and hoping to ultimately be named the winner of Survivor: Thailand.

  • Survivor: Thailand - The Reunion
    Live from Television City in Hollywood, Jeff Probst tallies the jury's votes from Night 39 and reveals the winner of "Survivor: Thailand." The 16 castaways reunite to talk about their adventure with Jeff, who eventually reveals where "Survivor VI" will take place.