Season 11 Episode 9

Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on CBS
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Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise
At the reward challenge, everyone learns that they will be eating a meal, but the challenge will decide who eats what. The players must throw an arrow into a bullseye, with the closest to the center eating the best meal. Jamie, last to throw, receives foruth place, but decides to take last place to make up for his behavior at the last reward challenge, but all wonder whether he did it for strategy or out of the kindess of his own heart. Judd wins the best dinner, steak and beer, and Gary gets annoyed at Judd's gluttony. At the immunity challenge, a desperate Jamie gives his all, and in the end, it pays off when he wins Immunity. At Tribal Council, Gary reveals the hidden Immunity Doll that he has found in the jungle, which throws a loop in the former Nakum team member's plans to vote him out. Forced to pick someone else, Bobby Jon becomes the victim of bad luck and earns his place as the first Guatemalan juror.moreless

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  • The idol is officiallyt introduced! What an interesting episode!

    Well for anyone who has seen some of the more recent seasons of Survivor, idols have been used to create so much drama, and ti is quite cool that this was where is all started!

    I enjoyed both challenges but especially the Reard. Eating based on your ranking was interesting and Jamie's decision was interesting, although I'm not 100% sure of the mot ives.

    I haven't yet seen Palau, but Bobby Jon was quite likeable on this season, so I thought it was sa d to see him go. But this season has been really interesting, and I can't wait to see what will happen next!moreless
  • The season is lacking something.

    I was excited with the beginning of this season. But now it's just starting to be predictable, boring to watch. I love Survivor, and I hate when this happens. It just takes all the fun from the show. Once again, my favorite characters are almost gone. Danni is the only one left. I just hope she leaves after Jamie or Judd.

    About the winner, I really don't care. I just hope Cindy wins it. She's the only person I really like in that alliance. You can't predict Survivor. And I'm hoping they make more twists in this season, because it really needs it.

    I was so shocked when Gary found the idol. Way to go! Felt sorry for Bobby John. At least you made it to the jury.moreless
  • Bobby Jon kicked out but makes the jury

    After not making the jury in Palau, Bobby Jon at least

    Accomplishes making the jury this time. Becoming the first

    member as Gary found the idol thing.

    He and Jamie are both immuned as Jamie wins the immunity challenge.

    I thought that Jamie was really brave to take upon last place after rubbing people the wrong way this episode!
  • every season has it's person who gets really hammered and it is hilarious.

    I'm writing this befroe it's over because that scene when Gary had to watch them eat and get drunk was too hilarious to forget. When he said he wouldn't look over anymore and then Judd lit up a cigar and was laughing I cracked up instantly. His drunkeness on the show made me laugh as usual, throwing up in the camp was priceless.

    The last time I laughed so hard at a drunk guy was the season where Brian (the used car salesman/soft sore porn star) won. There was a big fat black guy, Ted maybe, and he was so wasted while getting a massage, I'm glad I have it on tape somewhere.

    Just watched the ending, damn, Gary actually found the hidden idol. Wow.

    Damn, the other stupid hick is gone. After that first hick was gone I was upset, and now, damn it. It won't be as near as funny as it was. Ah well.moreless
  • Guess who found the immunity idol?

    I had strong reservations about Bobby Jon and Steph returning this season. They had their day in the sun last season. I trusted the new survivors to put them out of their misery quickly. However, the new folks were awestruck with the previous folks celebrity. Well, they finally got rid of Bobby Jon. To the extent that Bobby Jon said his goal was to make the jury, his return has been a success. Steph however has positioned herself to go a lot further.

    The respect factor here goes to Gary. This guys practices for challenges. He deftly handles attacking remarks. The big criticism of him is that he always has his game face on. What do you expect from a landscaper. However, his intelligence shines through in figuring out Judd's deception. The surprise find of the idol toppled the notion of the Magic 6 of sending him home. The producers did an excellent job of heigtening the suspence. From the moment they showed the sun coming up to the rhythm of the corn grind, this episode did not let up.moreless
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Bobby Jon Drinkard

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Gary is both the first contestant to find a Hidden Immunity Idol and to play one at a Tribal Council.

    • This is the THIRD time in "Survivor" history that more than one player in a post-merge Tribal Council has had immunity from the vote. Jamie won the immunity challenge, while Gary presented the hidden idol right before the vote. The first two times were: (1) Pearl Islands' first post-merge Council--Burton and Lill were exempt from the vote due to being voted back in as Outcasts and Rupert had individual immunity (given to him by Burton, who actually won the challenge), and (2) All-Stars first post-merge Council--Boston Rob and Kathy each won individual immunities.

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