Season 11 Episode 9

Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on CBS

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  • Guess who found the immunity idol?

    I had strong reservations about Bobby Jon and Steph returning this season. They had their day in the sun last season. I trusted the new survivors to put them out of their misery quickly. However, the new folks were awestruck with the previous folks celebrity. Well, they finally got rid of Bobby Jon. To the extent that Bobby Jon said his goal was to make the jury, his return has been a success. Steph however has positioned herself to go a lot further.
    The respect factor here goes to Gary. This guys practices for challenges. He deftly handles attacking remarks. The big criticism of him is that he always has his game face on. What do you expect from a landscaper. However, his intelligence shines through in figuring out Judd's deception. The surprise find of the idol toppled the notion of the Magic 6 of sending him home. The producers did an excellent job of heigtening the suspence. From the moment they showed the sun coming up to the rhythm of the corn grind, this episode did not let up.
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