Season 25 Episode 12

Shot into Smithereens

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on CBS

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  • Thanks to a visit from her younger brother Lisa believes she is cut out for the game. Elsewhere Abi continues her strategy to stay alive.

    As I have said before the episodes where the castaways hear from their loved ones are my least favorite. Mainly because they are some damn corny. Please. There were other problems with this episode for me as well. First of all it was, like previous episodes, too predictable. It could not be more obvious that Malcolm would win immunity because Lisa kept mentioning her plan to vote him out. Once again Abi is alienating the rest of thre tribe. However she does deserve a little credit because it appears her strategy of lying about having another immunity idol is working. There are only two episodes remaining this season. I hope they are better than this one.
  • The theme of the season is... (Spoilers for this episode

    winning Immunnity just when they need it most! First Penner did it way back at the Final Ten, then Abi pulled it off last week, and now Malcolm did it today! Even though I like Malcolm, I wish he had lost and Lisa/Skupin could have engineered that blindside, which would've been amazing to witness, but unfortunately it was not meant to be.

    Would've expected them to get rid of Abi because most of these people have been trying to play the superhero role throughout this game, but for once people actually got strategic today - or was it just to avoid Abi's idol threats? I don't think so - if they wanted Abi gone, they could've easily split the vote.

    In other news, the loved ones were welcomed to the island today! Abi's mom was amazingQ! <3333

    Also, I loved Lisa's reaction to seeing her brother and how her brother is helping her play the game! I hope Lisa has taken his advice, and it seems she has! She is a force to be reckoned with, in my opinion!

    This season has been amazing so far, and I hope it continues that way!
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