Season 28 Episode 9

Sitting in My Spy Shack

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2014 on CBS

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  • So much drama - a little anticlimactic.

    Very interesting episode - just love how the teams were split at Reward, it worked perfectly for the Aparri and they had a change in fortunes or so it seemed.

    I dislike Tony's powerful idol because in the past it took two people (Terry and Yul) very deep into the game for no real reason. It is just too powerful in my opinion, however good on him for finding him and hopefully he can use it well.

    Really happy with how Trish is going - I feel like she's in with a chance to win this thing. I think the episode didn't do well for Jefra's chances though sadly. Even though she got some screen time at lest.

    All up, i would have loved Woo to go home. He is just so boring it is ridiculous. Good thing at least that Spencer didn't go. Jeremiah was expendable.

    Looking forward to next week and seeing how this unfolds.
  • Everything is going Tony's way at camp and at Tribal Council.

    Well, we all know who is in the driver's seat here. Tony accomplished a lot in this episode. He found the special Hidden Immunity Idol, one of his "enemies" was cut loose at Tribal Council, and now everybody knows another one of his enemies is vulnerable thanks to wasting his Hidden Immunity Idol. What will be interesting to see in the episodes ahead is how Spencer and the rest of the tribe can handle what is going on. However I will not say that Tony has the game won despite the fact that he is in a commanding position at the present time. We all know how things can change on "Survivor". Just all the more reason to keep tuning in.
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