Season 5 Episode 14

Slip Through Your Fingers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2002 on CBS
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The 2 hour finale begins with a 5 minute summary of the entire season in Thailand. The final four are Jan, Clay, Brian and Helen. The final four head over to the second last immunity challenge which included peices of challenges from previous episodes. Brian won this immunity and the tribe voted Helen out at the second last tribal council. As the final three give tribute to the voted off castaways, they are on route to their final challenge which is won by Brian. The final two leaves Brian and Clay and in the end, the jury votes Brian to get $1,000,000.moreless

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  • Not a bad ending for an exotic but rather boring season.

    Many consider this one of the worst seasons. I don't think it is THAT bad. And, what a way to avoid being voted out as a threat by being more trustworthy.

    Seen as the lesser of two evils, Brian dominated the game without getting an elimination vote.

    I am so glad Clay didn't win the game, otherwise he would've breaken Jenna's record for least popular Survivor winner ever.

    Of the final 2, Although the final two didn't deserve to be here, I am so glad Brian won over Clay. Clay is just too dorky, and my favorite, Jake, thought he betrayed the Sook Jai alliance. All I think Clay want is married people, married people, married people. Chuay Gahn didn't want to be with the Sook Jai people, and they probably think Tanya is too young, and they think Chuay Gahn is for married people, and married people only. Married people are TOO old.

    Yes, I'm still glad Clay didn't win it.moreless
  • Least favourite season of the bunch!

    I've seen the first four seasons of this show and from what I've seen It's been great! The first season was suspenseful, the second was had a few interesting twists but the location wasn't ideal, the third had a nice story but a bad group of challenges and the previous would've probably been my favourite because of the new twists It had to offer, the excitement and the suspense!

    But this season bored me! Thailand is terrible for one!, the challenges were silly and there was no suspense! TERRIBLE SEASON! I mean I love this show but there needs to be some improvement or else no one will watch it! All seasons are basically the same as each other with no difference except for Survivor: Marquesas which my number 1 season. But overall a real disapointment of this season. I just hope that Survivor: Amazon which is the next season is better or else this show will be put to peace in paradise from me: R.I.P!moreless
  • No wonder I agree that Thailand is the least favorite

    Out of all the Survivors, I put Thailand and Vanautu

    As my two very least favorites of the shows after

    Watching both. Vanautu though makes Thailand look like a cakewalk IMO.

    I liked Jan but didn't like Brian, Clay, and Helen at all.

    The jury didn't like either final two men.

    Boy they let Brian & Clay have it!
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Jeff Probst


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Brian Heidik

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Ted Rogers (II)

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    • Brian: This is strictly a game to me. It's about building relationships and cutting your losses to move on to the next level, to get to a certain position but the relationships that you've built weren't necessarily real. That's the sad fact of reality that this game is a little brutal. This game is dangerous. If you don't have strong skin, you're going to be done quick.

    • Helen: (final words) Well, that was a shock. Ummm, especially since I asked Brian directly if I should plan on coming back tonight and I was given an emphatic "yes". So, I guess of the three knives in my back right now, that's the one that smarts the most. So, uhh, the three of you that are left, break a leg and I mean it!

    • Helen: At this level in the game, it becomes cutthroat. It becomes "every man for himself" so the next couple days, I expect to be extremely stressful.

    • Helen: (to Brian during the final tribal council) You are the epitome of the trashy used-car saleman.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Brian won the first immunity and Helen was voted out of the final four.

    • The final immunity was won by Brian who voted out Jan leaving himself and Clay in the final two. In a vote of 4-3, Brian wins.

    • This episode filmed the week of July 18, 2002.

    • For the first time on the show the final three has one elderly man and woman and the final two were both males. Also, Brian is the first castaway to win the final immunity challenge and then win the game.

    • In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Host Jeff Probst rated this season as his least favorite out of seasons 1-9. "There was so much negativity," he said. "The final four of Brian, Clay, Helen, and Jan was the least likeable final four ever," he added. "There was a lot of hostility, a lot of ugliness, and that's not fun to watch."