Season 5 Episode 14

Slip Through Your Fingers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2002 on CBS



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    • Brian: This is strictly a game to me. It's about building relationships and cutting your losses to move on to the next level, to get to a certain position but the relationships that you've built weren't necessarily real. That's the sad fact of reality that this game is a little brutal. This game is dangerous. If you don't have strong skin, you're going to be done quick.

    • Helen: (final words) Well, that was a shock. Ummm, especially since I asked Brian directly if I should plan on coming back tonight and I was given an emphatic "yes". So, I guess of the three knives in my back right now, that's the one that smarts the most. So, uhh, the three of you that are left, break a leg and I mean it!

    • Helen: At this level in the game, it becomes cutthroat. It becomes "every man for himself" so the next couple days, I expect to be extremely stressful.

    • Helen: (to Brian during the final tribal council) You are the epitome of the trashy used-car saleman.

  • Notes

    • Brian won the first immunity and Helen was voted out of the final four.

    • The final immunity was won by Brian who voted out Jan leaving himself and Clay in the final two. In a vote of 4-3, Brian wins.

    • This episode filmed the week of July 18, 2002.

    • For the first time on the show the final three has one elderly man and woman and the final two were both males. Also, Brian is the first castaway to win the final immunity challenge and then win the game.

    • In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Host Jeff Probst rated this season as his least favorite out of seasons 1-9. "There was so much negativity," he said. "The final four of Brian, Clay, Helen, and Jan was the least likeable final four ever," he added. "There was a lot of hostility, a lot of ugliness, and that's not fun to watch."

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