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Season 14 Episode 2

Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on CBS
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On Day 4, Ravu is desperate as they are licking water off of the leaves. At Moto, Lisi is pleased with the luxury life they have been living. Boo injures himself while using an axe at Moto. On Day 5, Sylvia arrives at the Ravu camp, taking Jessica's place as the 9th tribe member.
At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, it is a test of flag pole building skills. The first tribe to raise their flag after putting the pole together would win immunity. Ravu squanders a lead while Erica screams instructions. Moto wins the challenge for the second time. Back at Ravu, most bets are put on Erica being voted out because she panicked at the challenge, but Michelle wants to get rid of Sylvia. At Tribal Council in a 6-2 decision, Erica Durousseau becomes the second castaway booted off of the Ravu tribe.moreless

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  • Ep 2: Ravu can't pull out a win, Earl fights off some snakes

    I really like the Ravu tribe. I've mentioned in my previous reviews for other seasons that I'm a sucker for underdogs, so watching the Ravu tribe struggle makes for a compelling episode of TV. Watching the Moto tribe suffer nothing is not interesting. Not only do we barely know that tribe (save for Dreamz, but more about that later), but they're not really going through anything interesting.

    On Ravu, after three more days of no fire or water, they have another Immunity challenge and almost win it. However, a puzzle screws them over, and they once again have to face voting someone out. Rocky and Mookie, who seem to have control of the tribe at this point, want Erica gone, because they're already looking down the road and see her as a threat. Anthony vehemently disagrees, saying that Sylvia needs to go because her bossiness is bad for the tribe.

    It seems for awhile that the vote is going to be split, or be very close to a split vote. However, the tribe rallies to Rocky's side, Erica is voted out, and Anthony is left hanging. It's too bad, because I like Anthony's attitude more than Rocky's, even if Rocky is fun to watch.

    Earl is the Ravu member sent to Exile Island, and I have to say, he's the man. Part of me hopes he'll make it to at least the merge so I can watch him put up a fight. Then again, we're two episodes in, so we'll see.

    There's not much to say about Moto, other than that we're being given a lot of Dreamz scenes (and some pretty dumb Boo scenes). Dreamz is an interesting player, in that he has a crazy background, so I hope we get more Moto scenes soon.

  • Poor Ravu!

    Feeling very bad for the Ravu tribe while watching the other group living it up in comfort.

    I really like Earl and Erica so far, although for one of them, their game is about to come to an end sadly. :(

    The challenge was interesting and I feel like they exaggerated Erica's mistake far beyond and blew it out of proportion.

    Sad to see Erica go home - she was a nice girl and I wanted to see her go far! Having said that, I also like Sylvia, so it was tough either way!

    Looking forward to what the next episode brings!moreless
  • injury, humor, anger

    This episode is a classic Survivor happening. Boo set the stage here. All of it happened in one episode. The guy hurts himself and later does some slapstick humor to top it off. Someone gets voted off, because of their control issues. It looks like Boo is the serious underdog, but we find out it isn't really the case later on in other episodes. I couldn't blame someone for having an outburst in a challenge, but this may have just been an excuse to drop someone when there wasn't much to go on this early in the game. They will have at least two clips to show from this one.moreless
  • The Orange team is tired and hungary and they have no water. They lose the 2nd challenge and Erica is voted out.

    Will this season get better? The last 2 seasons were great but this one is falling down hill. I like Survivor but I think it has been running for too many seasons. I think this one should be the last. They are running out of ideas and doing the same challanges sometimes. Orange team just need to get their act together because next episode I heard that the lose again! Both of the challanges! I have no idea whats with them! They made a little improvement than last episode but not much. I like the people from the other season better than this one.moreless
  • One tribe gets it easy while the other is have problems.

    I thought that this was a good episode for a new season. I really liked that most of the episode seemed to be based on showing us what each tribe was going through in the first few days. I thought that it was really funny to see the Ravu tribe searching for food while the whole time there was pineapple like 20 feet away from there camp. It was evan funnier to see the guy on the Moto tribe keep hurting himself. I was totally surprised with how the tribe voted but i totally seen it coming because of the way she acted durning the challange.moreless
Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst


Erica Durousseau

Erica Durousseau

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Sylvia Kwan

Herself (Season 14)

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Gary Stritesky

Himself (Season 14)

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Liliana Gomez

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Rita Verreos

Herself (Season 14)

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