Season 14 Episode 2

Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on CBS



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    • Dreamz: Boo is very stubborn. He's a real hazard to himself. I can see it happenin' where we don't even have to vote nobody out sooner or later.
      (Dreamz talking back at camp to other contestants)
      Dreamz: For real dude, he got one leg, one hand, and one eye. You really ain't no good to us now, what can we do?
      Dreamz back in confessional
      Dreamz: Boo will hurt himself out of the game.

    • Alex: I just barely finished helping him with the eye situation, then next thing you know, he takes an ax and literally-the ax went through the finger, and then right down to the knee.

    • Michelle: Oh my god Boo, be careful!
      A loud bang occurs and everyone turns to see what the problem is as Boo limps to a seat.
      Lisi: Oh my god Boo, how did it happen?

    • Earl: Me and Erica? We're getting married.

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