Season 14 Episode 8

So You Think You Can Meke?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 8: Earl dances his heart out, Lisi continues to whine

    One episode after we saw Yau Man find the hidden idol on Moto's side, we see Alex, Edgardo and Mookie find the Ravu tribe idol. However, while Earl distracted everyone to give Yau Man a chance to find the idol, Alex, Edgardo and Mookie find the idol two feet away from Lisi and Dreamz, who are sleeping while they dig.

    With the two idols in play, it should make things much more interesting when the merge occurs. Depending on who Earl brings into his alliance, it should be fun to watch them figure out who to vote out and whether they need to split the vote.

    When it comes down to the vote at Tribal Council, which involves Ravu, of course, it seems ridiculous that the tribe could consider anyone other than Lisi to go home. Even if they think Dreamz is a threat, it feels weird that they'd bring someone that didn't want to be there.

    We also get a pretty fun reward challenge in the form of a Meke dance. Each tribe is taught the traditional Fiji dance called the Meke, and we end up getting some entertaining performances from each tribe. Ultimately, Moto pulls out the win and get a Fijiean feast.

    Luckily, the tribe votes out Lisi, sending her to the jury. Right now, it seems like the people on Moto might have a good shot at winning if they have to face someone from Ravu, since Rocky and Lisi both likely have hard feelings towards their tribemates.
  • Very entertaining!

    Great episode! Very entertaining!

    Oksy, I have to admit that the season has definitely become much better now. It has become quite obvious that - at this point - the bonding within the tribes has become more solidified... or has it? If you like anything about this series, you will really enjoy watching as the teams learn to Meke and perform the dance. Earl is simply amazing in this performance, and his tribe looks really fierce - so much so that even Jeff and the local tribesmen are genuinely impressed. Can anyone guess which team makes it to tribal council?
  • Buh-bye Lisi, hello Yau Man.

    What I love about this season of Survivor is that the underdogs to seem to be winning now. How many times has people made fun of Yau Man, and he keeps kicking their butt. These strong, buff guys can't throw a spear and the old man can. Made me laugh. You go Yau Man, my vote is for you. And Lisi, ug, everyone is a loser? I think the only loser is you. Didn't she say the challenges weren't that important, who was the only one not in sinc with the dancing, and who complained that nobody even tried. The only loser I saw was Lisi. Good-bye you whiner.
  • Unique!

    Nice pun on the episode title! Wrong move on the part of Lisi to tell the wrong people whom she think she could trust about the clues of the Idol whereabouts. Good job on the Ravu 3 who found the Immunity Idol! She is sent to Exile Island with no benefit since the idol was already found. And ultimately, she is sent to the jury side at the end of the episode.

    It's one of the rare times a challenge is won based on judges. Earl is a good dancer! Nice! Moto continues to win, but then, this could be attributed that they are the "well-off" tribe. And Yau-Man has good archery skills, maybe he has already experience in the past, considering that he's a Computer Engineer! Way to go, Yau! Earl, the Meke leader didn't have to have his turn at all because his team already won the round; Yau, who sat out on the Meke came out strong this time. Talk about sitting down and stepping up!
  • The world according to Lisi!

    This was an episode that showed just how out of place Lisi was in participating in Survivor. She showed contempt for the Reward challenge yet whined when she was sent to Exile Island. There are rumors that she knew little about the show prior to this season and it shows....

    Other than that, Yau-Man continues to show that he is a man that should not be dismissed in challenges despite his small stature. His thinking before the Immunity challenge led to a very impressive performance in many ways.

    This was a fun episode to watch and with both immunity idols now found, the next couple of episodes should be exciting to watch as well!!!
  • Motto continues to win challenges and one survivor consider quitting the game

    I’m surprised that people did not like this episode; I thought it was pretty good. In the beginning it was exciting to watch them look for the idol when their tribe mates where right there. I think it was really interesting that they chose not to show it to Lisi even though she told them where it was. Their decision made sense because she could easily tell someone about it if she were to get in a bad mood (which happens a lot with her). If she had stayed it would have been really interesting to find out how she reacted when she found out they had the idol. I am glad she left because she was annoying, unreasonable, and a little crazy. She was also so bad at the strategy in the game. If she had thought before she had told everyone she wanted to go home, she would have defiantly still been in the game. Even though I didn’t like her she always had a new way of keeping me entertained, and I will miss that.

    For once, I really liked both the challenges in this episode. The dancing one was good because it was original and we had not seen something like it before. It was fun to see what kind of dancing skills everyone had. I also liked the shooting challenge because I like them when they are simple and just about one skill. In this challenge I particularly loved how Yao-man dominated. I would not have expected the tribe with mostly girls to win this one, especially with Edguardo’s comments but they managed to come through. I am really surprised and happy about how well this tribe has done, although the tasks no longer seem to be that physical.
  • Average show.

    So glad that Rocky is gone first and now annoying Lisi is gone. And that it really didn't surprise me that she left. As her heart wasn't in it. Talk about not just one but two sore losers. Ravu despite having mainly men, just didn't have heart. Dreamz is now getting on my nerves and I don't care if he was homeless or not. Sorry folks!
  • Review

    All right, so once again the episode starts off with some interesting drama as Ravu is able to find the hidden immunity idol. I think that with the tribes clearly merging in the next episode, that the three men who found it might start to get at each others throats once several of them think that they may be in some serious trouble come tribal council. The episode was just pretty average for me though - nothing too amazing but nothing to horrible either. The reward challenge was entertaining to watch, with the tribes dancing. However, the Ravu tribe clearly did not have there heart in it and it was painfully obvious which tribe was going to come out the winner. I contune to be amazed at how the very powerful Ravu tribe cant seem to win a challenege. They lost immunity in this episode as well, though this time they did have the led going late into both the competitions only to have Yau-Man and his physics come into play to ruin there day. Tribal Council was interesting, though I saw the result coming from a mile away. Overall, this is a standard episode of Survivor. I think which more competivness in the challeneges, the episode could have been a bit better.
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