Season 14 Episode 1

Something Cruel Is About to Happen...Real Soon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Boats carrying 19 Americans zip toward a Fiji beach. Jeff Probst explains in voiceover that the new castaways have no idea what's in store. In fact, one player quit the game the day before it began. Jeff concludes: "39 days, 19 people, one Survivor!" This is Survivor: Fiji.

The castaways step off the boats and greet each other at the beach. They are:

*Alex, 28, an attorney from Los Angeles *Anthony, 32, an expert witness locator from Compton, CA *Boo, 34, a construction workers from Lafayette, LA *Cassandra, 42, a civil engineer manager from Los Angeles *Dre (aka "Dreamz"), 25, a cheerleading coach from Wilmington, NC *Earl, 35, an advertising executive from Santa Monica, CA *Edgardo, 28, an advertising executive from Miami Beach, FL *Erica, 27, a non-profit fundraiser from Lake Charles, LA *Gary, 55, a school bus driver from Ramsey, MN *James (aka "Rocky"), 28, a bartender from Los Angeles *Jessica, 27, a fashion stylist from Los Angeles *Liliana, 25, a loan officer from Oxnard, CA *Lisi, 36, a customer-service rep from Los Angeles *Michelle, 23, a college student from Cincinnati *Mookie, 25, a program manager from Chicago *Rita, 38, a single mom from San Antonio *Stacy, 27, an interactive Internet producer from Boulder, CO *Sylvia, 52, an architect from Ross, CA *Yau-Man, 54, a computer engineer from Martinez, CA

The players get to know each other, and some of them adopt nicknames. Dre calls himself "Dreamz," which he says is a name of "achievement." James goes by "Rocky" because of his astounding resemblance to Sylvester Stallone. Meanwhile, Erica and Jessica agree to become allies.

Jeff Probst drops a crate from a plane. After the stronger men unsuccessfully try to break it open, Yau-Man easily opens the crate by dropping it on its corner. Yau-Man interviews that he'll try to overcome his age and lack of physical strength by being smart and helpful.

The crate contains a map to a stash of supplies and instructions for building a fancy shelter, complete with a toilet and a kitchen. The group is excited to have so many luxuries, but Alex is suspicious that "something very cruel is going to happen very soon."

Sylvia, an architect, takes charge of the shelter building. The shelter starts to come together, but Sylvia is worried that the group isn't working fast enough. The tribe doesn't get the roof finished by nightfall, and they have to spend a rainy night huddled under blankets.

The tribe finishes the shelter the next day, but that night brings new challenges--namely, Dreamz. His constant chatter annoys his tribemates as they try to sleep. Rocky pulls Dreamz aside and the two get into a heated argument. Rocky tells Dreamz that he's bothering people, but Dreamz feels he's being belittled.

On Day 3, the castaways finally meet Jeff, who asks which one of them stepped up as a leader. They all agree on Sylvia. Jeff then asks Sylvia to divide the 19 people into two tribes. They end up as:

MOTO: Alex, Boo, Cassandra, Dreamz, Edgardo, Gary, Liliana, Lisi, Stacy

RAVU: Anthony, Earl, Erica, Jessica, Michelle, Mookie, Rita, Rocky, Yau-Man

Sylvia, after picking tribes, gets sent to Exile Island. She will join the losing tribe after their first tribal council. On Exile Island, Sylvia finds a clue telling her that an immunity idol is hidden back at camp.

Jeff explains what's at stake for the challenge: not only does the winning tribe get immunity, but they also get to stay at the nice shelter. The losing tribe will be forced to live on a new beach with few supplies and no luxuries.

For the challenge, two players on each team are pulled on a chariot by their tribemates, then will solve a puzzle. The race is neck-and-neck, and Ravu gets to the puzzle first. But Jessica struggles, allowing Moto to pull ahead and win.

The Motos celebrate back at camp with their couches, hammocks, and silverware. Meanwhile, Ravu arrives at its new, empty camp, determined to make the best of it. Erica, though, thinks they should be angrier. "I'm pissed off and I can't believe nobody else is," she interviews.

Rocky has joined Erica and Jessica's alliance, and they agree to target Rita, whom they see as the weakest link. But Mookie and Michelle want to vote out Jessica, who struggled at the challenge. Rocky and Erica are conflicted.

At tribal council, Rocky and Erica decide not to vote for Jessica...but they don't help save her, either. While Jessica votes for Rita, Rocky and Erica cast throwaway votes ay Mookie and Yau-Man. Everyone else votes for a shocked Jessica, who becomes the first victim of Survivor: Fiji.