Season 14 Episode 1

Something Cruel Is About to Happen...Real Soon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 1: Sylvester Stallone is on Survivor! Everyone has a nickname!

    Well that's something. After 13 seasons of similar gameplay, Survivor: Fiji attempts to shake things up by having one group of survivors have all sorts of luxuries, including a couch, shower, cutlery and food. The other tribe: nothing but a pot and a machete.

    It's an interesting sort of twist to the game, but I'm not really a fan. Nobody wants to watch a group of survivors have a campout. They want to watch them survive, and allowing one tribe to have an easy go of it and not the other doesn't seem all that fair. I'm sure there's the chance that they could make it so that camp is given to whoever wins reward or Immunity or something on a week-to-week basis, but I'd still be kind of bummed.

    As for the cast, there aren't many faces I can match to names. Rocky and Dreamz stand out early, if only because they're so loud and aggressive. Yau Man, the guy who grew up on Borneo, also stands out, for his resourcefulness, while Erica and Earl on the Ravu tribe stand out for their willingness to start arranging things immediately.

    As for the new Moto tribe, we don't really have a chance to figure anything out. As soon as Ravu loses, all focus shifts over to Ravu.

    It should be fun to see how Sylvia reacts to being at a crappy camp after she helped design the first one. She also has the first clue to the hidden immunity idol, but no way to find it yet. As always, I'm sure the season will grow and become more interesting as it goes along, but the premiere bored me more than anything.
  • Good start to the season!

    Strange indeed to have an odd number of castways, but what can you do with someone having to withdraw and pull out last minute. They coul've brought in another player, but I feel that the way tribes were divided and the Exile Island twist worked better with an odd number.

    Sylvia's clue at Exile was rather vague, although definitely clues will reveal more details as we get further into the game.

    Now there will be two idols though - one at each camp. Interested to see how this plays out...

    The concept of one tribe having it all and the other having northing is nice, but could it result in a Ulong-like situation? Time will tell...

    poor Sylvia will end up on the bad tribe regardless of who wins though.

    The vote was interesting - I liked the trio of Erica, Jessica and Rocky a lot - I would've liked to see them go further together. Having said that, Rita was also likeable. Sad nonetheless, although her post-vote confessional was a nice way of taking things.

    Looking forward to more Survivor: Fiji!
  • 19 new castaways are stranded on the islands of Fiji.

    I don't think this season is going to be as good as last season. I don't really like the idea of 19 people, it is better with an even number and I know that the Melissa girl left but they should of thought of a better idea. There is like no major groups yet like last seasons. They just seem like a bunch of people who are on the same tribe and don't really like each other. The orange team is like that. There was like 4 people that each got a vote. They need to get their act together or they are going to keep losing.
  • A good start to the season!

    I have to say that the last five season openers have left a lot to be desired. Not since Pearl Islands have we, the audience, had a really good chance to get to know each of the Survivors. I think the producers/editors did a fine job of getting back to the grassroots. That is, they made the first show more about introducing the characters and less about game play. At the same time, they were able to show why Jessica was booted--she couldn't complete the puzzle. Overall, I very much enjoyed the season opener and I hope the rest of the season can continue in this manner.
  • Could it get any worse

    After all these years, we knew it was only a matter of time before Survivor jumped the shark. I'm sorry to report that it appears Survivor:Fiji did not even get that far and landed smack dab in the middle of the sharks. If this episodes indicates what is to come, it is time for Mark Burnett and CBS to put Survivor out of our misery. This idea of giving one tribe all the comforts of home each week while the other has to live off the wild is just plain dumb. Maybe Mark Burnett in the next season and have one team stay at the Ritz Carlton while the other has to stay at the Westin.
  • As a Survivor nut I had found out that there was a missing castaway who quit on a website. I think some of what was going on in the first episode had a bit to do with that. They got blindsided and were trying to figure out how to deal with the situation.

    I had sent the powers to be an email some time ago that had an idea similar to what they did on this episode, starting off with no instructions and no host for a few days. Let the castaways try to figure it out for themselves. They added the twist of plans, lumber and building a shelter before picking teams, like the twist.
    I have been to the CBS website before the race and saw the individual tapes there. In a one hour show you cannot see who the people are unless you are a real character like Cowboy or Ruppert, but you will see them develop over the episodes. I saw other reviews that said no one stood out, I think that Rocky will be quite prominent, and others will have their moments. I think that Sylvia will surprise people, so will the bus driver, the man from Borneo and the gymnastics coach.
    The have and have nots is what they are already doing on the Apprentice, if they switch them up after an immunity challenge then that would be great, but it does not look that way at present.
    And the snakes, to see that many is disturbing. And what Jeff says the person sent to Exile Island has a run in with one next week.
    Do I think this season will be a classic, too early to tell. But they got my attention, I will watch at least for a while. I hated the way things went 2 years ago when Cirie should have been voted off the first week, made it to the finale, I still have not watched the last episodes, may have been good TV but not for me. This year shows promise, and maybe the Mr Miagi guy will calmly show them how to survive on the island and keep the viewers interested.
  • A decent start for the new season of Survivor, but nothing much to write home about.

    A decent start for the new season of Survivor, but nothing much to write home about. It also an episode that didn’t draw the attention of the general population like last season did. The only thing that might of drawn in the viewers is the “Have” and the “Have Nots” to see if a tribe that gets everything would have an edge over the ones that get nothing. But in this season premiere episode that divide isn’t a major factor to the constants yet, reminder we are in the first episode where things are set into motion. To see the divide in action we will have to stay tune in future episodes.

    Now on to the constants themselves, unlike last season’s constants that themselves were a bunch of very colorful characters that seem to be interesting, none of these people seem to be an interesting bunch, despite the fact that one of them is a former homeless person and another one is a survivor expert. I will kept watching this show, not because of the nature of the show, but because I am a fan of the show, but I think this show is one its last legs.
  • Episode full of surprises!

    Like one reviewer says character development in this show as the show usually opens up with the intros but didn't
    Also there are nineteen people and not an even number as they usually go by. And that for the next couple of days, they must learn to work without instructions and get no help from the Survivor crew. But then they get a map to build a shelter. Then after Jeff comes and the tribes are in place. Losing tribe goes to tribal council & lives normally like what the castaways live. But the winners live a life of luxury.
  • Survivor 14 = Awesome

    I thought the beginning of this season was great. I like a lot of the contestants already and can't wait to see the rest interact in thier different tribes. The Moto tribe is gonna get really cocky with winning and thier great camp. The Ravu tribe would have been better if Jessica wasn't voted off. I don't know who too root for. It's too early to speculate and guess what's gonna happen but it will definitely will be intersting. I'm a little disappointed with the first vote but I'll get over it. Can't wait for next week. Survivor 14 Rocks!
  • Review

    The first few episodes of all of these Survivors are all about character development and I think that the producers did a good job in letting us get to know some of the characters in a good amount of detail.

    As far as the "Living terribly" and "Living wonderful" I dont think that that change alone is going to bring to show back the excitment it has lost since Seasons 1-3. The only reasons seasons like Palau and All stars excelled was because of the amazing characters castes. I dont see the characters this time around blowing me away as far as coming back every single week just to see them. I thought that the challenge in this episode was good and fun to watch and I thought that tribal council was interesting because the votes were so utterly random. In the end, I dont think this cast is going to attract anyone who hasnt watched Survivor from the beginning. Ill wacth it every week because I always watch Survivor, but there doesnt seem to me many "gems" here.