Season 9 Episode 14

Spirits and the Final Four

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2004 on CBS

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  • Very good albeit predictable finale.

    The finale was interesting - I was expecting Chris to stick tight to Eliza and force a tie because he would be skating on thin ice if Scout or ETwila won final Immunity but that one didn't go the way I expected.

    The rest of the finale was kinda predictable though, with Chris beating the two ladies for Immunity. I didn't think he would take Scout to FTC and that was true. Twila surely had people who didn't like her on the jury and that played to Chris's favour.

    Am I happy with the outcome of this season? Yes I am, although I'd be happier with one of the younger ladies like Ami, Eliza or Julie winning, that's for sure. Nonetheless, Twila was a great character and Chris a great player. Congrats!
  • Only the emotional final tribal council was the saving grace!

    In probably my least favorite season next to Thailand, the
    Only saving grace in this season was the emotional tribal
    Council in which it was full of bitter and just very
    Bitter people that really thought Chris would keep and then
    Break his promise. He did look apologetic and remorseful. Though they did find him the lesser of the two evils with Twila!
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