Season 12 Episode 4

Starvation and Lunacy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2006 on CBS

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  • Interesting again!

    Another really good episode with intense and closely fought challenges but Casaya ultimately coming out of top.

    Great work by Terry to discover the Hidden Immunity Idol - that coul d be a powerful tool to help get him further, but we shall see.

    A lot of drama at both camps but great work by Sally to manoeuvre her way out of a sticky situation and keep her flame alive.

    Sad to see Ruth Marie go home, but Sally did well, and hope she continues to do so!

    Looking forward to more! Can La Mina turn this around!?
  • good

    vey good I was shocked that they told us Terry found the Idol, but overall a very good episode... they are editing Bobby quite as the lazy guy and Shane more sane.. it seems Dan is losing power and I hope thats not the case I want Dan and Terry to go to the end.. I hoped Sally and not Ruth went but so it goes.. I hope that there is a twist on the Idol that explains why they told us
  • Great show.

    You gotta love this show, when they keep mixing things up and keeping both contestants and viewers guessing. How great that we got to see our Jet-Pilot find that Idol. Now I can't wait to see how the season plays out. I like the astronaut, but if he didn't already have the alliance he'd have been the choice to go. Definitely not great in a challenge, and I don't see him leading a bunch.

    I'm glad Sally stayed. She's a tough competitor and deserved to stay. Still loving Cerie (spelling?) if only because she's funny and easy-to-relate-to. I hope she stays around, too.
  • Casaya decides who to send to Exile Island while La Mina (the tribe of men alligned) decide which woman is their most valuable.

    Is it just me or has this season seemed like one of the more honest ones out there? It could be that Shane's behaviour rubs off on everyone, but in this episode we see Bruce and Aras having a very open and honest conversation after a bit of a tiff. Shane, as usual, says what's on his immediate mind. I'm actually finding myself liking Shane more and more, though. He actually does have gameplay, and has intelligent ideas. He's just in withdrawal. Hilarious.

    Casaya tried to pull a La Mina (when they sent Bruce to Exile Island) by sending Terry to Exile Island. This was a mistake. They should've known Bruce didn't have the Idol, but that the next clue would ultimately lead one to find it. They should have chosen Sally or Ruth Marie, knowing one of them would likely be out, and them finding it could stir up troubles there. But that's just some serious analysis. Sending Terry did seem like it would weaken their tribe, but he frigging found the Idol, something I'm sure will come into play later once they merge. This will be especially true if La Mina merges without the numbers, where Terry could use it to make someone flop to his side.

    Back to Casaya, does it seem like Courtney and Bobby already have no shot at winning this game based on their personalities? Bobby in particular is screwed. Not only isn't he in the main alliance, but he peeved off his tribemates by taking a dump in the outhouse (where they wanted to store dry firewood, a wise survival move).
    I find myself liking Cirie more and more as well. She just sits there, smiling, carefully plotting. Letting rams butt heads. Last time Casaya lost Immunity, Shane was adamant that she was next to go after Melinda. Luckily for Cirie, they won their third straight challenge, and second straight Immunity, and so that theory needn't be tested this week.

    More honesty in this season arises with the 4 men at La Mina debating between keeping Ruth Marie (more loyal when it comes to a merge) or Sally (stronger at competitions; but more likely to flop). In the end, they went with strength again, just like when they got rid of Misty. Not sure if that plan is really working out well for them. I could see this strong, male tribe going down the drain if they don't turn it around. It's 7-5 now. Next Immunity will be huge, or else Sally is gone.

    I hope they have a Mutiny and Sally flops over!
  • Last week I commented on how the men have a knack for thinking things through. This week was a good example of that.

    Last week I commented on how the men have a knack for thinking things through. This week was a good example of that.

    La Mina's options boiled down to 2 specific traits. Loyalty and the ability to compete. Both beneficial to the 4 men. But does it mean to choose one is to sacrifice the other? Well, in Ruth Marie's case, yes. To choose Ruth would have meant security but it's no secret that she's not as physically capable as Sally. To choose Sally certainly gives them a better edge competitively but does that mean they sacrificed their security? I'm not too sure about that. After Misty got the boot, this girl was sure she was next. Choosing to keep her translates into her being an asset. She should recognize this and feel grateful, and therein lies loyalty. I feel the men not only made the correct decision, but a wise one.

    On a side note, I think the biggest twist of the show came when it rained during a challenge where the objective was to fill buckets with water.
  • Nothing big but nothing small

    Well sorry that they got rid of RuthMarie
    Attention to both of the tribe
    Vote out some men rather than all the women
    Because you may need the strongest ones to take to the end
    Four women down and four to go
    Doesn't surprise me a bit that they sent Terry to Exile Island
    Since he is the leader in his respected group
    But he did find the idol and did do well
    Glad he is keeping private about finding it
    For fears that it might make the others jealous!