Season 16 Episode 14

Stir the Pot!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • Parvati is the queen of Survivor! You gotta love everything about her! (Great finale!)

    Well this was a great ifinale episode, in which Amanda dominated the challenges, but could not dominate the Final Tribal Council. I thought both challenges were exciting and intense, and I wish Cirie was the winner of that second one, becaues she would've bene great to see at the Final Tribal.

    I was very sad to see both Natalie and Cirie go home. Natalie was my favourite fan besides Tracy and Alexis, and Cirie is just a loveable character, and it's impossible not to love her!

    The final tribal was great! Natalie's questions maed absolutely no sense, which was quite hilarious to watch! Ozzy shows his arrogance once again with the comments to Parvati. But I did realy enjoy some of the questioning!

    In the end, Queen Parvati prevails and takes the millino, sa she truly deserves! Great outcome, spectacular season, can't wait for more!

    E DIT: Also forgot to mention that I love this episode's title! Perfect fit! :P
  • Great season, terrible ending!

    Amanda should have won the million. Although Parvarti played the game, she didn't deserve to win. Most of the votes were made out of jealousy and anger towards Amanda's actions throughout their stay on the island. Cirie was so upset that she wasen't picked to compete for the million, she voted out of spite and anger. Even though Eliza is one of my favorite people (only because she bugs everyone so much), she made this episode funny with her voting abilities. Amanda lying skills should have won her the million, and once again I am disapointed because my favorite person on the island lost to a stuck up girly girl.
  • And the winner SHOULD of been....

    Amanda!! So should of won this series, "she deserves it one million times more than Parvati" to quote Ozzy. And I was going for Amanda since it started, well her and Ozzy! But no that bleeping Parvati had to win. BOOOOO!

    Anyway I was glad they got rid on Natalie before Cirie because she pissed me off, and Cirie was a good player too but I wasn't sad when she got put on the jury either.

    I think the questions could of been better, like Natalies, what in the h3ll was the question? What has what Parv does in the bedroom got to do with her winning one million dollers? I thought James was funny telling Parv off and not thinking her answer was good enough! And saying that Amanda has it in the bag cos I totally thought she did.

    And I saved the best for now, Ozzy, wasn't he funny with Parv saying that he doesn't want to talk to her and that he was pissed that he took away the chance to spend 14 more days with Amanda, and then he tells her he is falling in love with her and he never felt like this before. I thought that was so cute. Oh and when he voted for Amanda and said "Oh, Love You"...he is such a hunny!

    As for Eliza..where was her question? What was up her butt? So she got voted off first and no one liked her. I mean Prav was mean to her behind her back and thats not on but what did Amanda ever do to her? Nothing that I could think of...

    Now for my review of hte reunion!
  • Un-feared income!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! We can all quit with the clapping! You know what I'm going to say.. Why bother explaining. The episode was absolutely brilliant until we find out who the winner is.. Think about the game, who was kind, who was truthfull. (*Sighs!*), I was very disappointed with the outcome. Even more so than Flo winning The Amazing Race 3 or Kendra for The Amazing Race 6! All the challenges and tribal councils, Eliza must have made the fugliest decision in record time! Must have been her that voted for Pav, stupid outcome, what a triple waste! . .
  • One of my favorite finales.

    Ok, this is the last episode of the 16th season of the hit reality show, Survivor. The last Thursday night ep leaves off after Erik is voted out after making one of the stupidest moves in Survivor history by giving his immunity necklace to Natalie in the promise they would vote for Amanda but yet they vote him out in the dumbest, well, new dumbest move in Survivor history. Natalie, Cirie, Amanda, and Parvati are the final four. After Amanda wins the immunity challenge, Natalie is voted out. Cirie is then chosen to be voted out after the final immunity challenge by Amanda who is in the final 2 with Parvati. At the last tribal, they both give their stories and answer questions from the jury. In the end, Parvati wins Surivor Micronesia by a 5 to 3 vote count over Amanda.
  • good finale...

    Well, after the crazy season so far, it's only fit to end with more craziness. This year it was only going to be a final 2 instead of 3. This hit the close group of girls hard. I was rooting for Amanda after James left, but she really got annoying this episode. Parvati did a good job of convincing people to vote for her. I was convinced. She made the moves, not Amanda. I would have liked to see Cirie win because she was always on teh edge and made a lot of power plays also. Ozzy...well, I thought that was out of character. She took you out, get over it. The love story was sweet, for a moment. Overall, the episode was good, but I was getting annoyed at the girly happy-go-lucky attitudes. I guess I just like guys more; they're not as giddy. However, Erik is an idiot. Oh well, overall, fitting finale for the season.
  • I thought Amanda should have won, and I am so glad Cirie did not win.

    I watched this and hoped that it would be more interesting that it was. The challenges went from exiting to boring. The final challenge, who had that brain spasm. I guess they thought that their boring final challenges needed something less boring this year, with less props, I think it was thrown together in about 10 minutes in their shop. Amanda played a great game and Parvarti did, but Amanda played better and more up front. Natalie, you were out from when you did not win immunity, they were not going to let a fan win the game.
    Hey Jeff, who has told you this is one of the best seasons ever, they need to go back and watch Australia, Amazon or the one in the desert. Those were great, this was mediocre at best. The editing is lame, you focus on the politics and not on the struggle to survive which is what the title implies. Not politics 101 with a little survival to keep it interesting. When you know a blindside is coming it is not near as exciting as not knowing. Knowing what is going on is not good TV, I would rather be surprised once in a while.
    Go back and watch how little politics there were in those seasons shown on the screen and how harsh the living was.
    This will go down as the season with the stupidest move ever.
  • Survivor: Blindside Island

    Fans vs. Favorites has to be the best season of Survivor!

    Every season there comes a point where the women talk about forming an alliance... but they never do

    At some point someone rallies to blindside the strong player... but they never do

    This season the women actually took control and held on to it!

    They not only banded together, but pulled off HUGE Blindsides one after the other after the other... I still can't believe they managed to pull off voting out three people that had IMMUNITY and opted not to use it... That's Crazy!

    I do however think Cirie got screwed... she was the architect behind several key moves in the game and never really got the credit she deserved for her involvement...

    I'm also total shocked that Parv won... WHAT?????

    I thought Amanda had it in the bag... I thought that she worked way harder for it than Parv... So in the end she won second place and Ozzy's heart...

    Next they head back to Africa... can't wait to see how this season effects the way they play the game in Gabon in HD!
  • Woah nellayy! That was epic.

    Usually knowing what will happen in finales, I was excited with the final 4 because:

    1. Pleasant surprise to see the final 4 to be ladies.
    2. With the rate this season went at, there really wasn't a "winner" to make a guess for.

    I have my personal biases and wanted Parvati or Cirie to win, which Parv did and good for her. Amanda was an ok player, but she really needs to practice what she says in tribal. Everything seemed to be a parallel again to China when she was close to crying/crying after the final 4 tribal council.

    The jury questions weren't as exciting as usual, but there were a lot of forgettable testimonies, one being Ozzy who professed his love to Amanda. I was completely flabbergasted by that. I really liked Cirie's questions, and if Amanda answered it honestly she may have had a chance at winning the game. I was a very interesting season and very unforgettable. I wouldn't say this was my favorite season, but it had its great moments.
  • Probably the best Survivor Season or one of them!

    After Australia, Paula, and Pearl Islands, this is one of my favorites and that this season rocks! Four female final fours as that is a first. While I think Amanda deserved to win and that Natalie is such a mean you know what as she was a devil with a pitchfork in disugise. Five jerks voted for Pavarti to win as why is it that the mean ones won and the nice ones don't win. James won the $100,000 again. Seventy-eight days that Amanda did back to back Survivors. She made a big mistake in voting out Cirie, who she could had easily beaten in the final two and took Pavarti to the finals. That was poison! Nine backstabs, three people out over injury & quitting. More injuries than ever! An emotional tribal council! Wow!
  • And the winner of Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites is Parvati!

    I completely loved this episode! This was the greatest way to end off another wonderful series. As quite a few contestants put it, this really was the best season of Survivor yet. I'm happy that Parvati won, but I kinda wished that Amanda could have won.

    I think this season finale was a great way to actually show every side to everyone around the game. We got to see Natalie and Cirie get voted out, and I was pretty happy they didn't go to the final 2. I should have expected the final 2 instead of final 3 because of James' finger. It kinda messed up what they usually do for the whole 2 hours, so they really had no choice.

    I'm glad to see Amanda almost break down after being in the jungle for so long. But she really did have a hard choice to make, so I can see her problem. In the end, she made a great choice taking Parvati, even if she didn't win. And I'm really glad Cirie didn't win. I never really liked her.

    As for Natalie, she played a really hard game. She played her part all the way to the final 4 and stayed as the last fan of the game until it was finally time to see her go. Something I didn't know, was how series the love relationship between Amanda and Ozzy really was. And I didn't really expect Ozzy to say anything at the last Tribal Council

    In the end, I'm really glad of the outcome of this game. This really was the greatest season yet. And I can't wait for next season.
  • Season Review

    This has to rank up there with one of the best seasons of Survivor in a long time. There were a lot of injuries that took out some big players (James and Johnathan) and there were also a lot of big blindsides that made tribal council more fun than it had ever been in the past.

    This finale itself was pretty good. I was not surprised that Nat was the first to bite the dust, or that Cirie bit the dust after that. I was shocked when Parv won the title in the end. Amanda played a more controlled, slow paced game while Parv went out on a limb and screwed over pretty much everyone. I really thought this was Amandas title and I am still speechless that Parvati was able to take this home. Elizas long awaited decision ends up costing Amanda the title and that ends this season of surprises. I assumed that Amanda had this won 6-2, but it seems I was incorrect and congrats to her. the final immunity challenege was really fun to watch because I was ready for Cirie to pull through and win the most important immunity challenege that she needed to win in order to make it into the final two and likely win the entire game I think. Overall, great season with a lot of fun moments and exciting drama. Cant wait for next season.