Season 28 Episode 12

Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2014 on CBS

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  • As Tony tries to control the game, Kass lets all hell break loose at camp.

    Trish gave us memories of Susan Hawk's legendary "Snake and Rat" speech from the first season of "Survivor" with her skewering of Kass. Definitely the high point of this episode. Seeing Tony go nuts (again) wasn't so bad either. One thing you can say about this particular season is that it has never been boring for one second. The high drama and the utter chaos has made this season one of the most entertaining of this long running series. This episode does a particularly good job of setting viewers up for the finale. The only way Spencer makes it to the end is if he makes like Kelly Wigglesworth and wins all of the remaining Immunity Challenges. I am anxious to tune in and see of that happens.
  • Very interesting, but an upsetting ending.

    This was a very good episode again - this season is overflowing with drama and it has been a pleasure towatch. I just hope it gets a great winner at the end of ti all otherwise it wsa a real waste.

    That said, my favourite will not be winning because she is out today. I was really devastated Trish is gone - loved her personality so muhc and she was really funny.

    Kass is a disgusting hideous person - she's prove n it time and time gain. Woo is boring me so much. I am happy with Spencer or Tony wilnning, so I hope one of them can do it.