Season 9 Episode 11

Surprise! And...Surprise Again!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2004 on CBS

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  • Brilliant!

    This was just about the game of the season with two intense challenges - Eliza is smart and she won the huge Reward! But Ami and her loved one pulled off Immunity and I thought that would mean the end for Chris.

    Perhaps Leann wouldn't have gone home if she did not try to flip the vote from Chris to Eliza. Eliza might have stuck with the female group then. I think that was her mistake.

    It's a sham e for Ami, Leanna and Julie as I love them all, but the game sure is interesitng to watch!
  • Turning the game around

    This was the pivotal episode this season. After hitting the viewer in the head about the gender war and the women\'s domination, it should have been obvious that it wouldn\'t go down that way.

    Ami and LeAnn are running the female alliance, and Scout now is positive that they are including Julie in their their final 4 plans instead of her. Twila and Scout decide to turn the game around. But in order to do it, they need Chris\' help, as they both have burned bridges with Eliza.

    While people laughed at Twila having to get it through to Chris that Eliza joining them was key, it took his skill at Survivor to convince her to join two people she didn\'t trust. He convinced her that the rest of the women were turning on her, after his wife, at the family challenge, pulled on their heartstrings.

    Eliza realizes at tribal council that Chris was true, as the first few votes went her way. Ami nods in her direction that she\'s going home. Then the votes for LeAnn come in and Eliza returns the nod to Ami, no longer so smug. Chris and Sarge giggle with delight as Chris is saved and LeAnn goes home. Ami, saved by immunity, looks stunned.